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The VG Resource - https://www.vg-resource.com

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    Hello again, I've found another file extension that I don't quite know what to do with. I tried googling and using things I found online for other games that use some of the extensions, but so far none of them have worked. I'll upload a couple of samples if anybody wants to try. I know most things I found to try were Noesis scripts, even if they didn't work for this specific game, so maybe that information will be useful. I tried to be more varied with the samples this time.

    Any time spent trying to help me is very much appreciated! Big Grin

    .zip   Samples.zip (Size: 1,021.14 KB / Downloads: 0)

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  • 12/02/17--05:27: Extracting .ARC files
  • Hello, A few days ago, I've extracted the data of Super Mario Galaxy.
    But there's a problem, I can't extract the .ARC files ! I've tried rarcdump and yaz0dec, but there was nothing.
    Can somebody explain me how can I extract these files, or extract them for me ?

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    Hello alls,

    I have CV5 tool (extractor files image from game diablo 1 and 2)

    cv5 ... running on D2 not change colors But only blue blue and blue colors. though, I loaded the pallet "diablo 2 PAL"

    watch vidd please.


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  • 12/02/17--16:40: Red Hood DC Legends Help
  • Hello everyone, well as the title says, I've been looking for the Red Hood files of the game DC Legends for android, but the problem here is that I only found the legendary and I want the normal one, I do not know if I explain myself ...
    I know how to extract models, but the game does not download all, those who know the game know that it is downloading content when new characters appear and I could only face a legendary red hood ...
    Does anyone have a model that can facilitate it?

    .png   Sin título.png (Size: 495.39 KB / Downloads: 3)

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  • 12/03/17--01:53: Ed,Edd,Eddy Ds
  • i downloaded the rom and used Mario kart ds modifier to veiw the files then i found out that all of the games files(exept the music and sound effects) are in a file named img.bin so how do i get in to img.bin to rip the models,etc?

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    Hello. Tongue

    I'm facing a small issue : I've seen that no one seems to have ripped Link's digging sprites from A Link to the Past. So, I've made it, thinking it could be usefull for a lot of people. However, here are two things : 

    • First, I've done it on a SNES rom. But the thing is that they are incomplete in this version : developpers only created sprites for 2 directions instead of 4. Why this ? I think we will never know. ^^ The fact is that if you dig while facing to the north or south, it will use a side sprite.
    • Because of this, I though it would be better to do it on a GBA rom. Indeed, they are complete in this version ! 
    So, where is the problem ? Well ... In fact, I don't know how to configure the emulator to have proper colors. See : 

    [Image: sans-titre-538c0f7.png]

    Sprites are good, but the palette isn't. If you compare to  Link's sprites from the SNES version, you will see that every colors are different. 

    Does someone knows how to recolor these, so they match with the real palette ? I guess that would be the easiest thing to do (instead of re-ripping everything).

    Maybe the issue comes from my PC, I don't really know.

    Thanks. Big Grin

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  • 12/03/17--08:04: hi
  • Hi, I'm Sackboy! I'm a fan of a lot of video game series, including Burnout, Kirby and LBP. Also being a person working on a 3D Smash game, I thought I might as well make an account on these websites. So now i'm part of this nice place. And yes, I set my location as Antarctica.

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    I just found the Mario Party: The Top 100 HUD Font! I have it in TTF form, but there are not enough images online to be able to 'rip' it.

    Font name: @FOT-Rowdy STD EB

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    Hi, i manage to rip all the sprites and art work from the game but i need help organizing and making the sprite sheets for uploading.
    is more of a clean up and organizing.

    here is the link:

    metal slug attack (04/12/2017)http://www.mediafire.com/file/j47g9s1486...M_PNGs.zip

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  • 12/04/17--20:18: Taking a short break.
  • I just need to take a break from things, as I need to focus more on IRL stuff for now.

    I'll probably be back by January or so.

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    Presenting (drum roll)  Gromit!

    .png   Gromit.png (Size: 20.54 KB / Downloads: 5)

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    I've been searching quite a bit for a way to import Megadimension Neptunia VII's models into Blender, other than the ones posted here. The moderator Random Talking Bush has a 3DS Max import script for the game's *.ism2 model format. Seeing as I don't use 3DS Max, but rather Blender, and having a background in Python scripting, I decided to research Blender's scripting API and try and rewrite his import script for it.

    MaxScript's syntax seems fairly straightforward. Most of the time, I need only look up what a function does in Autodesk's API reference for it if I don't understand the use of some function call. However, there is something that doesn't make sense to me at all, something that should result in a script error for referencing an out of scope variable I'd think, but maybe MaxScript is obtuse with what I've come to expect with coding languages and scoping rules.

    There is a variable called 'SectionType' that is repeatedly referenced throughout the script code, but from what I see, the variable is defined in a for-loop, with no definitions elsewhere for a variable with that name. I'm not sure if the script code works, but I'd normally assume MaxScript would get confused outside of that for-loop, not knowing otherwise what 'SectionType' is. If this script is indeed functional, then I would have no idea what value 'SectionType' has outside of the for-loop scope. My best guess is the value of the last loop?

    Here's a little snippet to illustrate:

    -- line 156
    for b = 1 to SectionCount do(
    SectionType = readlong f #unsigned
    printDebug("SectionType: " + SectionType as string)
    SectionOffset = readlong f #unsigned -- defined here, no other var by this name outside of this loop
    append SectionType_array SectionType
    append SectionOffset_array SectionOffset
    -- ...
    if SectionType == 76 do(
    -- ...
    if SectionType == 91 do(
    -- ... etc, etc

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    Hello everyone. I want to know if I could get help with altering a Python import script for decrypted .MLX files for blender? I am part of a mod team working on a mod for running with rifles ( a link to the mod pictures. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561...=imagewall )
    and we have nothing that can open the .MLX files we need to bring into blender to alter them. we have a script meant to open a larger .MLX file of the same type but for some reason when it tries to open the smaller 32 byte .MLX the script fails. would anyone be willing to extend a helping hand? The file is a Binary model file. I believe the problem has something to do with Byte Alignment.

    I will include the import script in an rar file as well as two example MLX, my team and I would be eternally grateful for any help.

    My team and I have been on hold for weeks now, we are getting desperate for any kind of help we can get.

    The VALWRF MLX will open with the import script into blender it is a working file the SMG is not working it is the ones we need to open.

    MLX files https://www.dropbox.com/s/kc38ktgowwdoa3...t.rar?dl=0

    Import Valkyria Script (this is the working blender import script) https://www.dropbox.com/s/rmclitbg8kck6k...6.zip?dl=0

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  • 12/06/17--13:59: Injustice Gods Among Us
  • help! export sound from CHAR_Name.xxx I found a way to export from SND_Name.xxx but this is not the limit

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  • 12/06/17--23:36: Secret Santa 2017
  • It's time for...

    Secret Santa 2017!

    Once again this is later than it should have been. And once again, thanks to Demonlemon for reminding me! If it weren't for him I swear this would have just been forgotten altogether  Shy

    A little tutorial on how this Secret Santa works: each person is assigned a gift recipient who they have to make a gift for, but nobody knows whose recipient they are. The gift can be pretty much anything. Traditionally most people make drawings, but it can also be a song, animation, video, even a game. It doesn't have to be amazing either, as long as you made it yourself, put some effort in, and have fun!
    Once you're done you PM the gift to me, and at the end I'll reveal all the gifts and who they're for (but not who made them).

    This thread is for signing up to the event; just post here saying you want in! You might also want to give a little list of your interests or things you like, to give your Secret Santa some ideas for how to theme their gift.
    Please sign up only if you're confident you'll actually be able to make your gift in time. It's not nice to get a gift without making one! Because they didn't complete their gifts last year, both Gors and vleize aren't allowed to participate this time around.

    Since I'm a bit late with this, like last year, the sign-up date will be the December 11th, 3am PST, and the deadline for the gifts will be December 30th, 3am PST. I will then reveal them later on at 6pm on the same day. (If people want we can change these dates around a bit.)

    People who have signed up (names linked to their post):

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  • 12/07/17--03:19: ria pc game 06.12.2017
  • Ria PC game EN | RU

    platform: PC Windows

    genre: quest, mini games, love story, sci fi
    engine: fle game engine

    [Image: ria_pc_game.jpg]

    Genres of the game: quest, visual novella, love story, sci fi, mini games

    Ria has become a true innovation in the world of computer games in 2017.
    Before you start to master it, let's get acquainted with the storyline,
    it is uncomplicated, but, at the same time, fascinating.

    At the heart of this Russian-language game is the story of a girl named Ria. This
    figurine red-haired beauty in sexual dresses will not leave anyone
    indifferent. She left her hometown, and came to a new, completely unfamiliar
    for themselves the situation, to get a decent education in the university.
    In addition to gaining knowledge and mastering subjects, Riyu is waiting for new acquaintances
    with interesting people.

    A girl is not so easy to get used to a new place and her new life, but she
    does not despair, because in this city there lives her aunt Casey, who will support Riya and
    will help her in any situation.

    She, at last, will begin not only to cope with problems and affairs of the big city,
    but also with his head plunged into the pool of colossal opportunities. Understand that it
    is special, capable and extremely talented.

    Start playing in Ria right now! Help the newcomer to realize dreams,
    conquer new peaks with it! You can download the game for free,
    so do not waste time!

    [Image: ria_run_3_3.jpg]
    [Image: ria_pc_game_s3.jpg]
    [Image: ria_3_2.jpg]
    [Image: ria_3_3.jpg]
    [Image: ria_3_4.jpg]
    [Image: ria_2_1.jpg]
    [Image: ria_3_5.jpg]

    download free version 29.11.2017 or get updated version if donate project

    For those who do not know: I develop the game ON FULL ENTHUSIASM and alone. I. E. On me
    lies all from the concept, the plot and dialogues to programming,
    Drawing graphics, creating sounds and music, promoting, in general, all all.
    The engine uses its own fle game engine, I develop it since 2006.

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    Now I'm aware of these 3 threads above after reviewing them, but as far as generally importing unzipped objects/models onto Blender (safely), what are the basic guidelines for doing so? I know it's a few step process. I just need those few steps to remind myself. Thanks.

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    ??? HOW I DO RIPPING SPRITES OF GAME :  Arcanum_Of_Steamworks_and_Magick_???


    [Image: windows-3066-21328509041.jpg]

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    Does anyone know how I could go about getting the other face textures for Sora in KH2(FM)? The model on the website has just his default face, but it doesn't include his face when he takes damage, as an example. I'd like to get all the textures for his face if possible for a project I'm working one.

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  • 12/07/17--18:49: YO YO YO YO YO

    I am a meme god and I make mods for various games. I like making mods. But sometimes I need sprites from other games. Thanks to The Spriter's Resource, I have them. But sometimes I want to comment on things. Thanks to this account, I can.

    so yeah thats it thx for reading

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