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The VG Resource - https://www.vg-resource.com

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  • 12/08/17--08:01: Sonic Sprites
  • So, this has been a sprite sheet i've been working on:

    [Image: euCzu4V.png]
    I haven't modified the sheet at all. I want to see your feedback and what you would like to see added/edited.

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  • 12/08/17--20:31: Streaming Tomorrow
  • Hello, all!

    I'm planning a "hide away from the snow" all day stream tomorrow, since it's supposed to snow like it's the apocalypse over here.  For the morning, I'm going to do some RPG Maker mapping tutorials, but after that, I'm going to toss around a few games.

    I could use help deciding what games to play.  If you all don't mind chirping in what you want to see from my game list, it'd help me out.

    My Twitch is right here.

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    Hi, I've got some problems to rip sprites from this Wintechno arcade game: I'can't find or I don't know where the sprites are pressing F4 with Mame in gfxdecode.
    Is anyone can help me please? Thnaks for all! Smile

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  • 12/09/17--04:07: The French touch and there!
  • Hi Hi!
    The French touch and there!
    I live in France in Toulouse.
    I am 46 years old and I am single.
    I am working on the design of a pinball table for the arcade-themed Future Pinball software. That's why I'm writing on the forum to find the "material" to design the table.
    You can discover one of my creations from this link.
    I hope to meet french to help me in my steps on the forum.
    In order to communicate I use the Google translation software. I hope my message will be understandable.


    Salut Salut!
    La touche française et là !!!
    J'habite en France à Toulouse.
    J’ai 46 ans et je suis célibataire.
    Je travaille a la conception d'une table de flipper pour le logiciel Future Pinball sur le thème arcade. C'est pour cela que je m'inscript sur le forum afin de trouver de la "matiere" pour concevoir la table.
    Vous pouvez découvrir une de mes création à partir de ce lien.
    J’espère pouvoir rencontrer des français pour m'aider dans mes démarches sur le forum.
    Pour pouvoir communiquer j'utilise le logiciel de traduction Google. J'espère que mon message restera compréhensible.


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    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    Who is looking forward to Soulcalibur VI? Big Grin

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    Hi Guys,

    So I'm hoping someone here can help me with trying extract the models from this game and possible meshes and animations too as I'd like to make a sort of compendium of the heroes and monsters with animations and costume variants etc, similar to what has been done with League of Legends.

    So far I've managed to obtain all the .unity3d files 
    [Image: GqJZo]
    [Image: HeDeWYZ.png]

    At this point I've been using unity studio to extract bundles which got me the folders seen at the top such as "Creature_Boss_darkElfCrescent_Animation etc" Using this folder as an example  I then got a file called CAB=Creature_Boss_Darkelfcrescent etc which I opened with "load file" in Unity Studio and Extracted all assets. At this point I had two folders, "AnimationClip" and "AssetBundle" which had the following files in that order:

    [Image: JVbSGDX.png]
    [Image: kCJj8CH.png]

    At this point im pretty much lost as to how to open these and view the files. Really hoping someone here has the expertise to guide me further and point me in the right direction. I can also provide any files I've extracted thus far to help in that regard! Thanks!

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  • 12/09/17--15:36: Helpful Suggestions
  • Any Suggestions On How I Could Post This Onto The Site?

    .png   Super Sonic In Sonic 1.png (Size: 16.55 KB / Downloads: 0)

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    There are a few models I'm interested in ripping, mainly the Station Square models, but there's one thing about them. The many image textures. When converting models from Blender to Unity I doubt that all (if any) of the images will automatically appear in your Unity scene.

    This is a question for those of you who use Unity 3D. Is there any way to compromise this? Such as applying different images and textures on these models?

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    I'm attempting to rip the sound files from Art Style: light trax for the Wii.

    In the file containing the sounds are three folders: BRBNK, BRSEQ, BRWAR.

    BRSEQ are sequence files. They are 'hooked' to BRBNK files.
    BRBNK are bank files. They assign sounds from BRWAR files values to be used in BRSEQ files.

    However, I haven't found any information about .BRWAR files, let alone a method to extract them.

    Is there a way to extract from these .BRWAR files?

    Thanks in advance

    (there's a certain user on this site who asked about games from this series before. I've never ripped from a Wii game before)

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    hi everyone, i am new here,names's Prakash. if i am posting on the wrong forum please reply and i will gladly remove it. so the point, i want to rip models of an android game. i can easily extract most games made with Unity, but this one is made with Unreal Engine (i saw libUnrealEngine3.so after extracting the apk file). I cant do it, so I need your help, please if anyone has any experience with extracting from games made with UE, help me please, and its an android game which I cant find tools for. Have a good day.
    And here's the link to the game I have my stupid eyes on:
    see ya

    please give it a try Wink

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    So recently I have started on a quest to rip Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. So far I have managed to rip my own copy, and decrypt and rip down to the directories. Of course this is where I have become stuck.

    So far I have discovered 4 types of Files in the dump so far:

    .BNK Files
    Fairly simple: Sound files, But when I try to convert them they throw me an error:

    [Image: qjWpQCm.png]
    Beyond there, no progress on conversion has been made.

    .DATA files
    These appear to be the main container files for the game, which I imagine hold models, textures and animations, and more. So far, with me being a complete novice and have no idea what he's doing, I have made little progress on attempting to convert these.

    [Image: 1MaPw9X.png]

    [Image: Yu5KREw.png]
    Any help with this, should you happen to be or know someone who might have some idea of what to do beyond here, would be greatly appreciated.

    I am completely clueless beyond here.

    .DICT Files
    These appear to be some kind of debug or I'm guessing dictionary file?...

    Not sure if these will really be touched on much.

    .CONFIG Files
    Fairly self explanitory, these contain configuration for Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, proving that basic modding is possible if one were to repack the game after have done the modding.

    [Image: QvRUuaY.png]

    [Image: 84LSSXp.png]

    For now, this is all that I've found, And I have no idea where to go from here in the ripping process. If anyone can and decides to help, thank you.
    As in regards to sharing files if you do decide to, I think I can get away with sharing individual game files, though I'm not entirely sure, so clarification there would helpful.

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    Hello.I game developer and always need good high-quality sound effects.I use some good packs, and want to share with you :
    If you know good sites with free sound effects,pls share with me .

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    I'm not the best at explaining things but here we go, I also like to use images.

    Grab Umodel
    Keep in mind that some parts of the game might not be compatible so check here and if the game isn't on that list, it may still work.

    1. Exporting Models, And Textures

    Open up Umodel

    Find the games location and set it in the "Path to game files" text box, or click the button with 3 dots to find it another way.
    Some games might require you to select the "Override Game Detection" option and find the Unreal Engine version it uses and selecting the specific game or engine version, or disable some of the "Common Classes" as somethings might not be supported for example: Contrast's Static Meshes aren't supported yet, so you'd have to uncheck "Static Mesh" or it will crash trying to load any files with them.
    Now once you've done that click "Open" or double click it and you will see all the game files, usually with the extension .u, .upk, .umap or .xxx, click one of these to open it in the viewer
    Now that you have it open you can view Models, Textures, and Materials press CTRL+X to export any of these, if you export a model it will export the textures it uses, but sometimes it won't get everything so double check. (Some of the stuff from Techno Strike didn't export the emission textures)
    Once exported go to Tools > Open Export Folder what you exported will be in a folder named after the file you opened.
    Once there grab Noesis to convert the PSK/PSKX to DAE if your preferred program can't open PSK's, or the importer for it doesn't work properly(Blender's is quite buggy last time I used it). You will need to select "FlipUVs" when converting with Noesis. The textures will be in TGA format, and you will need to convert all the textures to PNG before submitting them to the site. I personally use XnConvert to mass convert images.

    2. Sounds

    Follow the first 2 steps from step 1, but this time uncheck all the "Common Classes" and check the Sound under "Export-Only Classes"
    Then just select the .u, .upk, .umap, or .xxx
    and click the "Export" button
    And like before it will be in the export folder named after the file you exported it from, some games may use some proprietary audio format, which you would need to find a converter for those ones.

    3. Encrypted files

    Some games have their files encrypted, for this you would need to wait for umodel to support said encryption, or find someone who can help with a quickbms script, or by other means to decrypt them.


    I have no clue about sprites or IOS ripping.

    For Android games it's the same, however most of them use OBBs which aren't zips in disguise like Unity Engine OBBs are, and need to be structured in the folder in a specific way. Root Folder > Android > obb > then the obb should be placed into Game's Internal Name
    You'll have to find a way to dump your obb from your phone or emulator's cache.

    If i missed anything let me know, or want to add something just say so.

    Congrats! Now you (Hopefully) know how to rip from Unreal Engine games!
    [Image: Uh1XLNu.gif]

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    1.- where do I post requests? when I want to comment somewhere it says that hte comment section is not the place to post requests and that I should go to the forums to do it, now that I'm here I STILL don't know where to post requests Cry

    if this IS the place to do it then I have... 3, yeah, 3 requests

    1.- someone please rip the sounds from Sonic and the Secret Rings, perhaps not all of them but just Sonic, Darkspine Sonic, and Shaara

    2.- Sonic Lost World's Sonic Wisp forms (when Sonic has transformed with a wisps power, like Drill, Laser, Eagle, etc) and the wisps themselves, (unless of course they are just textures) whether is 3DS or Wii U I don't care, but preferbly Wii U

    3.- Lucario in Sm4sh, Wii U preferably

    hope this doesn't seem like a lot and thank you for reading this Big Grin

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
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    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    Greetings! I'm looking for someone to rip 3d and 2d maps for me on a paid, regular basis.

    Mainly modern PC games but with a touch of Nintendo

    Only requirement needed is just a decent knowledge of ripping.

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  • 12/11/17--03:10: Soccer Discussion
  • Any Sport Fans here watch Soccer?

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  • 12/11/17--09:49: Pokemon Emerald Ripping tool
  • Hi there,

    I've recently created a ROM hacking tool for pokemon emerald, which could offer some content for this site (tileset animations, all maps as PNGs, field animations like grass etc.). The source is on github and can be found here:

    There also is a demo to see the tool in action:

    The code in the demo can easily be extended to test further features of the tool.

    If you have no ROM file on hand, there is also a screenshot:
    [Image: 68747470733a2f2f696d6167652e70726e747363...772e706e67]

    Happy ripping!

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    There's good news and bad news about this game. Good news is the sprites are on PNG texture atlas sheets. Bad news they're really chopped apart.
    Here's an example, anyone know and easy way to reassemble them properly?

    Example Image

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  • 12/12/17--01:09: Shadow's Texture Place
  • The Textures Resource is the least used site out of all of them, that's a shame.

    Anyway, I decided since I won't be ripping textures as much as sprites I might as well make one of these showoff-ery threads because it will be much easier to keep track of.

    Starting off we have Power Rangers

    Pink Ranger
    Pink Ranger
    Red Ranger
    Red Ranger
    Green Ranger
    Green Ranger
    Yellow Ranger
    Yellow Ranger

    For some reason the Yellow Ranger is missing a texture that all the others have, very odd.

    Next up is South Park. 
    School Bus
    School Bus

    I'm probably going to get killed for not ripping the rest of the main 4

    Egh, the less we need to discuss Quest 64 the better.

    Anyway join me next time when I rip the Glover 2 prototype or something.

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
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