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The VG Resource - https://www.vg-resource.com

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  • 12/17/17--16:04: Monster Super League Models
  • I ripped the Astromons and Scenarios as well from Monster Super League.

    Here are some screenshots:
    [Image: 2307e580ccd0d06e0a8675b6c31284f4.png][Image: 38c1ff8b55dfaaa788633cb24233c2a7.png]
    [Image: a6ecab6706a447efcf2589017b6dc91e.png]

    These are screenshots directly on Maya, i just deleted some stuff for the screenshot, it was some kind of joint for rigging however I can't say for sure the models are completelly rigged because if you try to move some stuff it gets weird. The trees and some other things that are 2d in this game keep this strange looks that I didn't even tried to fix because the purpose was the Astromons models.

    I hope I got every Astromon from the game because I didn't checked all the files. Probably there is some garbage files that I didn't see it and let it in the folder without the intention of it.

    Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w2w6mutlxb1rz...lnqDa?dl=0

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    Had a question and was wondering if anyone can answer it for me

    I wanna rip models from drakengard 3
    specifically the DLC, not the models on disk

    Those files are accessable and can be transferred from pc, if I'm correct

    Does anyone know how to go about doing that?
    also does anyone have any idea what the file type for those model files would be? 
    would I be able to open them in noesis?

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    The Soulcalibur Character Creation Thread is where you can discuss everything about Character Creation as well as sharing ideas, interests and characters you've created from previous Soulcalibur games (III-V) Smile

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  • 12/18/17--23:46: i neeeed serious help!!
  • I need someone to help me extract models from the Marvel Avengers Academy characters

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    Hello! I've been quite the lurker here on this website, and I finally decided to share some of my work here!
    I've been spriting for about 4 1/2 years now, and I want to believe I've made progress.
    I don't quite understand this website's posting settings so I might have to make a giant wall of images, so sorry!
    Fire Emblem
    [Image: large_by_droe747-dbwv476.png]Robin
    [Image: large2_by_droe747-dbwv46a.png]Azura
    [Image: large_by_droe747-dbx64rq.png]Lucina
    [Image: mnfcorrinlarge_by_droe747-dbx64z7.png]Corrin
    Doki Doki Liturature Club!
    [Image: doki_doki__by_droe747-dbx26dx.png]
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    [Image: woods2_by_droe747-dbwv2ya.png]
    [Image: roobi_by_droe747-dbwv1hy.png]
    There is a lot more than just these, but these are my best work IMO
    Constructive criticism appreciated!

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  • 12/19/17--10:23: Injustice 2 Mobile Models
  • Hi, im new here and i really need help...
    How can i extract models from Injustice 2 Mobile ?? specifically Ezra Miller's The Flash from the last update (2.0)

    .png   Sin título.png (Size: 496.18 KB / Downloads: 5)

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  • 12/19/17--10:28: Hello!
  • I'm easily fairly new here, but it's not my first time visiting this page tho, haha-

    So well um, I guess I'm someone who's always on the lookout for models that I can rig for MMD (MikuMikuDance).
    I'm no good with other 3D modelling programs after all, lmao-

    Pleasure to meet y'all and oh, I'm a JoJotard.

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  • 12/19/17--14:55: Mario Party Top 100 ripping
  • So, I'm trying to rip Top 100's models, and it leads me to a format .zdata

    Inspecting the hexs shows mentions of stuff such as:

    And so on. Anyone have any idea how one would rip these files or get to them in any way?

    Can post pictures if nessesary.

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    Hello, after Iyenal successfully ripped 400AF Academia from Final Fantasy XIII-2 for me as a commission, I may develop a website catering to many 3D maps e.g VGMaps by the all amazing Jon Leung.

    We are ripping on a regular basis and I'll probably be starting the website a little into the new year.

    More info here:


    I'm just gauging interest to see who would use such a thing? What are everyone's thoughts?

    Map will be posted on the link above as a GDrive download. Sometime today.

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    There is a general rule of thumb of VG Resource:

    If it isn't a Japanese RPG, anime game or retro (style) platformer, don't expect it to ever be ripped.

    I check out games like COD, GTA V, TLOU, Batman Arkham, Borderlands,  Overwatch etc. and well, there's like 2 major character models at most with disappointing filler in each.

    I find it so sad. Such popular games are completely neglected while obscure JRPGs like Digimon and Neptunia have hundreds. Not sure how that works.

    I find this site will erupt even more in popularity with the SFM, modeler and artsy crowd if way more AAA Western stuff gets ripped. The state the site is atm isn't ideal for the gamers who appreciate this stuff (like myself). I'm quite open with what I like but there needs to be more outside of anime/platformers.

    I love you guys but I'm slightly disappointed.

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    Dear all,

    When you want to use a level-map like this example from Castlevania Rondo Of Blood you'll notice it is built up by many identical tiles. It would be much more efficient for your game development to extract the tiles, however when you don't know how but using graphical software like Irfanview, PhotoFiltre, The GIMP of whatever, it will be a lot of work.

    I thought I found the solution and maybe it is a good solution. I discovered Tile Replace from the website of Shiru. (Shiru is mostly known by his software VGM Music Maker.) The name of TileReplace allready suggests what you can do with it: change the level map by swapping tiles. However it also automatically creates a tile map. The level map has to be a BMP-file with 256 colors (8bit file) or less.

    You cannot export the tilemap, however you can of course make a screenshot and save it with any kind of graphic editor. The tiles are enlarged by factor two, so you have to reduce the size of the capture and make sure you will not use an interpolation-filter by that like bicubic or whatever. If you are familiar with using grahhic software you know what I'm talking about and then it must be a piece of cake for you.

    However something doesn't go right. Maybe there's something wrong with the file I am working with (I spent many hours to prepare it and checked many thing to ensure the tiles can be ripped as meant to be.) However looking at the generated tile map some tiles are not ripped correctly.

    So do you have ideas for me? Many thanks in advantage!

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    Well this pixel art has not yet been accepted in the spriters resource, I do not know why. so I came here to listen to people's opinion about my pixel art, good as you can see is a pixel art of the Project Dream (Wonder Boy Version)

    It's a totally "original" pixel art made by me and has no stolen sprite here, I assure you, although yes, I have customized the sprites, but I simply customized it, did not steal it from anyone, well, that's it, bye!  Wink 

    [Image: project_dream__wonder_boy_version__by_do...bxaj8e.png]

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  • 12/20/17--20:47: Pocket Camp Model Help
  • Hi again VGR!

    I managed to get all of the villager data out of Pocket Camp, and I want to help upload the currently MIA villagers. Unfortunately, I don't have much experience with 3D rendering/Blender and ran into a couple of issues. For one, the models are natively rendered without their shirt texture, which I manually added via UV mapping. However, doing this somehow made the texture grainy, for lack of a better term. Turning the model breaks how the texture displays. This is what I mean:

    [Image: 3iYGKsr.png]

    Additionally, I want to make sure I'm exporting the .dae with the textures properly, but the .dae I exported of the model I'm working on right now doesn't have the image tags used in the tutorial. Is there another way to make sure they're there? I don't know if this could be causing it, but I'm using Blender 2.76 because the add-ons I need won't work with the current version.

    Thanks for helping with some really silly questions! Once I stop being lazy, I'll organize and submit the villager photos/icons I'm sitting on.

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  • 12/20/17--21:48: more Avatar ripping help
  • I have tried to rip from the Avatar Wii (rom) game with no luck so I wanted to try with the PC version (has FAR better models anyways) but i'm not having any luck.I have tried Ninja Ripper and 3D Ripper DX and I got nothing,I think it might have to do with it being a disc?
    I have been able to rip from the ninvida demo but the models where in torn pieces!

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    First of all, we're just a few days away from entering 2018, so I imagine someone's got an answer to this and we don't have to use those outdated method tutorials found elsewhere?

    Anyways, What the title says. Does anyone know a way to load the palette colors from a Gen/MD rom on YY-CHR? I know how to flawlessly do this with NES roms, but despite my best efforts, I didn't find anything about Genesis anywhere... and that's a headache, considering we live in 2017... I'm not trying to make palette changes to the games, I'm just trying to rip these tiles with their proper in-game palette. The tiles load on Ok like expected, I just need an answer on how to do this and done...
    If any one thinks/knows this program won't work for this, mind telling me what other way there is to rip every single tile in a Gen game, including unused ones with their proper palette?

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  • 12/21/17--08:32: What went wrong?
  • I was wondering what went wrong with this simple edit of Mario:

    .png   NESMSMB2LL.png (Size: 1.51 KB / Downloads: 9)

    Unsure   I hope you enjoy, and don't be afraid to leave a comment or two for feedback reasons.  Wink

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  • 12/21/17--12:37: Crying Child Identity
  • This thread was created in early preparation for a big discussion about my first sprite sheet.

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  • 12/21/17--17:22: Duel Tactics (Working name)
  • Im currently working on a card/board game and after a few test on handwritten cards, i think its ready for the next step.
    But first, lets explain a little bit how it works: 
    The premise of the game is to represent the combat of 2 warrior with very different fighting style (martial artist, swordman, magician..) and how they manage their ressource (Stamina, Mana,Ki,Equipment) and position depending on their fighting style. You could say is a mix between Magic The Gathering and Final fantasy tactics with a big focus on positioning and reacting to your opponnent.
    At the start of the game, both players choose a class and a character card,  which determine the type of cards/actions your character will be able to do in the duel. For now, there are 3 classes and between 13 and 15 different actions per classes and each player make a deck of 30 cards ( maximum 4 copies) out of those. Characters have differents statistics and passive abilities slightly modifying the deck/class playstyle.

    Without going too deep into the rules, there are 3 types of actions, Attack, Buff and Reaction and Rock-Paper-Scissors style, each one is countered by the other: Attacks are countered by Reactions, Reactions are countered by Buffs and Buffs, by Attacks. ( there are of course exceptions)

    So, ive begun to create some assets to print them and maybe even program it.
    Warning, im really not an artist.
    Reaction Card mock up, without text
    Attack card mockup
    Attack card mockup with text indicator 
    Pink rectangles are where the text goes, Green is where the card arts goes. None of those are final, mainly trying to get the proportions correctly.
    I wanted to show an example with text but im still working on a font, anyone has experience in creating custom fonts(.ttf) that has multiple colors? I want to make something similar to This but the inside filled up white.
    Ive tried with some script with gimp that allow you to "write" with a series of layers as your font, however it gives you no option on the interpolation so its always blurry.

    TL;DR Making a card game, having trouble making a font, check the links for shitty art Wink

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  • 12/22/17--12:29: The Shroom Project
  • [Image: logo_tsp.png]

    The zombie apocalypse is nigh! The world is in utter chaos, and death is commonplace. A malicious group is responsible for all of this destruction, and is busy at work on a dark scheme known as The Shroom Project. Play as one of two characters, join a rag tag team known as The Resistance, and fight back against a mysterious, yet, familiar face!



    [Image: tsp.png]

    [Image: tsp2.png]

    [Image: tsp3.png]

    [Image: tsp4.png]

    Download Game

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    i have PS2 RWS from Ultraman (PS2) files i need converting/extracting

    i have been able to extract textures from the RWS files via Magic TXD
    but not the meshes. does anyone know of a tool or application
    that can extract the meshes from RWS files and convert them to a more
    frequently usable format like DAE etc?

    i hope someone can help thanks in advance =3

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