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  • 12/22/17--17:06: parappa 2 ripping
  • when i import the model from pcsx2 it does not show anything but on the outliner it says its there
    Please help

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    I made some custom Sonic sprite art! Take a look if you want.

    I, Hans have made a classic Sonic sprite sheet! I need some criticism on this to help improve it!
    [Image: Fl2QvIy.png]

    .png   12 17 2017 W.I.P Classic Sonic Ultimate sheet vg resource oneoff.png (Size: 21.01 KB / Downloads: 0)

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    Hey im greeno, you might know me for spriting a flower pot and then leaving

    after cornering the market on sprites of flowerpots i decided it was time for the next big step in life. lately ive been chipping away at a yet untitled action platformer/run and gun that's largely inspired by Treasure games but it has a tiny bit of megaman in it too


    [Image: CW38fR5.gif]

    you shoot rapid fire projectiles but, in a similar vein to Alien Soldier, you can "parry" by double tapping the shoot button. this, if timed right, can neutralize enemy projectiles and turn them into health pickups. mario turning blue is a "strafe" mode you can switch on and off manually.

    [Image: l2qmKBq.gif]

    pressing down will allow you to guard against attacks and take half damage with no knockback, and pressing down + a lets you do a dash maneuver. like Alien Soldier it's more of an evasive maneuver than a speed maneuver and allows you to get on the other sides of large obstructive enemies but you have to be careful where you end up because there's a short cooldown

    [Image: tumblr_p1ebx7seHm1w9g3eko1_500.gif]

    akin to megaman but mainly inspired by the likes of viewtiful joe, you accumulate points from the enemies you defeat and can use those points to buy subweapons at a shop inbetween levels. you switch between these weapons on the fly in a pause menu but i plan on making it so you can cycle through them with the shoulder buttons. subweapons are more powerful than your default but they use up a special meter which is not programmed yet hahoo

    you mightve guessed but the mario sprites are actually placeholders and this game is intended as an indie game with original characters and stuff. meet Molly Jones

    [Image: tumblr_p0pig0qt3o1uq8tj8o1_1280.png] [Image: tumblr_p0pig0qt3o1uq8tj8o2_500.png]

    caster for a pirate news station who gets into some hot water when she sneaks into the research facility of an evil scientist and gets her camera girl/best friend captured. fortunately she manages to find a mech suit and fights her way out from the inside in search of her friend. shes about the only character ive designed at this point though

    I also plan on doing all the music myself, thus far ive done this thing intended for the first stage. lacking any semblance of guitar chops and trying to play hammy 80s synth metal is going to be hard but hopefully a learning experience

    i could probably handle this whole game myself if all the characters were flowerpots but as it stands im really in need of a spriter or two. if anyone wants to help me with that and thinks they could get a cheesy early 90s anime PC Engine CD sort of look it would be much appreciated

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  • 12/23/17--05:03: YYH models request/help
  • Hi im a scrub who really wants some yu yu hakusho models desperately, ive tried ripping models from "yu yu hakusho forever" which worked fine, but for some reason texmod doesn't work for me ive tried for several days and can't get it to select textures. It constantly just says "no textures selected" and ive tried even switching my settings even tho they were correct. Ive also tried using 3 different PCs and still no luck. So if someone can help me or rip the textures for me that amazing Smile Smile Smile p.s. im willing to pay tbh lol

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    Hi I’m willing to pay 50$ for someone to rip a couple textures and models from this game for me I can’t seem to get them. If you can t-pose them to that would great.

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    I've recently found out how to extract .psk files from Unreal Engine games, but I have no idea how to apply the textures to them. The .psk format doesn't work with Blender, so is there any way to apply the textures using Noesis, or umodel? I've searched everywhere but I can't find any tutorials for texture application that aren't for Blender, 3DS Max, or Autodesk, and I'm hoping someone here knows how to texture .psk models. Also I feel I should ask if .psk models are accepted to this site, or if I should convert them. Also is there anything else I should know when working with these models?

    I have a sample model here in case it's needed, I also included the textures, and materials with it.!UbhjEazS!sap9OGPI4Rpkt...Z2dWd1Qh0M

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  • 12/24/17--17:21: where's my sprites?
  • I posted a sprite sheet and ive been waiting for an update and its not been posted yet. Why?

    .png   1514069555.png (Size: 47.95 KB / Downloads: 3)

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  • 12/25/17--09:09: Havok Engine
  • Has their been any quickbms scripts or anything to rip models from havok engine games for Xbox or ps2 games?

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    I ripped digimon cyber sleuth game .anim files, .skel files, .geom files , .navi files, .phys files.
    WHAT i need to do to view/open or import it to unity or blender or 3ds max or maya?
    i dont know how i can open this files 
    from cyber sleuth!
    Pls help me!

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    I ripped digimon cyber sleuth game .anim files, .skel files, .geom files , .navi files, .phys files.
    WHAT i need to do to view/open or import it to unity or blender or 3ds max or maya?
    i dont know how i can open this files 
    from cyber sleuth!
    Pls help me!

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    I asked about this a while ago but I never uploaded any files.

    Anyways, the Wii version of Mario Power Tennis contains .sbn files, which I believe are the character models/court models for the game.

    Here's one of them:

    I can't extract it from ntcompress.exe or BrawlBox.

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  • 12/26/17--14:07: Death Egg Robot Sentinels
  • It's been some time, since I posted in the Sonic Forces model thread, and I'm still waiting for the Death Egg Robot Sentinel models (low, medium and high poly). Can u guys please get back on it, cause it would really help the community pretty well. Thank u.

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    hi i need help with DS ripping, specifically with two games

    Kaiju Buster and Kaiju Buster Powered

    i can open the iso, but all i find are 'lz' files which i guess are the models
    and/or textures. i can extract them but... what do i do? [Image: sad.png] 

    how do i get the models?

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  • 12/27/17--08:42: Ahoy VG!
  • Hey guys,my name is BitSurfer.
    I´m from Europe.
    My interests are:

    I am a friendly guy who loves to talk.

    I joined ´cause of really liking your site.

    Hope it will be nice here!

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    I want to get my hands on the models from this survey in this video for shenanigans. 

    The problem is that I can't track down a working example. I have tried making an account on Smeet but haven't found anything.

    Any ideas?

    Can somebody who is a better social engineer than I am visit their website and get them to give you a sample? I tried this a couple of times but they didn't believe my fake details.

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  • 12/27/17--13:13: Megaman: Robot Master Mayhem
  • On behalf of Myself, The Robot Master Mayhem Team, and Infinity, I'm proud to Present The First Release of Megaman Robot Master Mayhem.
    This project has been developed over the last Ten Years. This is the first full game release from the Robot Master Mayhem Team.
    The on screen starting roster consists of 14 fighters. Take control of your favorite Megaman characters to stop the Evil Dr. Wily from conquering the Earth.

    [Image: gmBNWNb.png][Image: iVJA1G7.png]
    [youtube]Z5-hgEDEbk8[/youtube] [youtube]-7VFBjdGKuE[/youtube]

    Longplay by OldGame


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  • 12/27/17--17:12: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
  • I'm not sure if this goes here or in the General ripping section but I think it will get more attention here so I'm posting it here.

    A few months ago, I tried to rip from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon using Hex2Obj and was able to manually rip some models but it was really tedious and took a long time to do. I'm leaving a link to a zip file with some information I was able to pick up as well as some sample files for someone to look at. I don't know if it's lack of interest that's keeping people from ripping from this game but I'm hoping this is enough to encourage someone to maybe write a script? I tried to learn how on my own but I was too difficult.


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    Hey all. I'd like to request that someone please help me improve this model.

    I think I've met the limit of the Collada DAE format's capabilities and I just want to be sure I haven't missed something since this is a complicated submission.

    [Image: 2FGzWVQ.png]


    • Has an in-built scale of .025 (metric).
    • Contains vertex colours overlaid with textures.
    • Contains 281 frames of vertex animation converted to morph targets (shape keys).
    This model is only compatible with Blender so far. To make it compatible with 3DS Max I would need to split the model into groups of 100 frames.
    Should I submit this model split into different animations or as a whole?

    In order to preserve accuracy without the cost of increased file size or redundancy, I have not baked the vertex colours into the model.

    Materials need to be manually fixed after import, so I'm deciding whether to include a Blender scene file, or a Blender macro script that automatically makes those fixes.
    I'm hoping that I've just missed something and the materials can be properly applied on import.

    Thank you for your time.

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  • 12/28/17--00:56: composer
  • Hi! I'm a French composer of music for sci-fi and horror atmospheres.
    You can find some of my musics on my Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube pages.
    You can even download them for free and use them under Creative Commons license.
    I'll be glad to hear my musics in your video games !

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    Here you can listen "Le Village Endormi" ("The Sleeping Village"): an acoustic music in a medieval style with dogs and crows sound effects, and you can freely download it here:

    on Bandcamp:
    on Soundcloud:

    You can use this music under CC BY-NC Creative Commons license (
    Do not hesitate to ask me for any use of my musics.

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