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  • 01/04/18--20:17: hi
  • yes lets let it be a secret who i am for now :v 
    i am an oldier member 

    but i will be nice

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    [Image: Capturar.PNG]
    does this is good?tips to make it better?

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    So, I've finally ripped the Banjo model from the first BK. It was annoying to get right, but it looks like this:

    [Image: MGUo530.png]

    This model is in .dae format. And I've NEVER had good luck with dae. Either the textures are missing, or the vertex shading goes nuts.

    Anyways, I've provided a download below for testing. I have no idea what the standards for vertex shaded models like these are for approval, but if it's in a state of being approved, then I'll upload it.

    EDIT: And yes, texture clamping needs to be fixed manually, I think?

    EDIT 2: Misnamed one of the textures, I'll fix this on the final upload

    .zip (Size: 342.8 KB / Downloads: 1)

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    Hi Big Grin. i was trying to rip models from dragon ball fusions, first i had to extract the files from a .cpk file, then all folders with textures sounds, ui, etc were extracted, but the 3d models (or textures, im not sure for now) are in .jmdl files and i dont know how to extract them Blank . anyone know how to Thinking ? Thanks! Smile (leaved an example file)

    .zip (Size: 31.4 KB / Downloads: 0)

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  • 01/05/18--19:36: hello everyone
  • hey i guess i'm here
    oh also can anyone tell me how to rip sprites?
    i'm a lazy boye.

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    i wanna rip owaf stuff so can anyone give me some help?

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    Right now, this is a .blend file, and I haven't baked a texture sheet for it yet (it's still in the colored materials). But, packed in the .blend file is the reference sheet (capped from the "Brian Griffin: In Memoriam ...Sort of" featurette found in the Family Guy Season 12 DVD). The model isn't yet rigged, even though it's in the T-Pose.

    Maybe the model will be updated soon, maybe not, but we'll see.

    Let me know if there's anything else that needs to be done.

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    Hello. I am new here and I would like to tell you all that I have never found the sprites for tears in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth's sheets on TSR. So I'm deciding to rip them myself. It will be easy but time-consuming knowing the fact that the sprites are stored in image files but there are multiple variations of the tears. How does that sound, everyone?

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    I love the game, Tornado Jockey by WildTangent and it was a really fun game. i was trying to figure out how to extract the wkz file. the files are like this "sfx_tornado_loop1.wav.wkz" it looks impossible...

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  • 01/07/18--06:36: BGM Resource?
  • Should there be a BGM Resource page?
    It could be combined with the sounds resource, but I'm not sure how that'd work. Maybe a category of some kind?

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    [Image: 555.png]


    I've made a free software that detects visually any Japanese text in a running game and copies it to the clipboard. It is then possible to use a 3rd party software such as Translation Aggregator to display the furiganas (Kanji readings) or even a translation!

    The requirement is to provide a profile for each game including a pixel perfect matching font.

    The font is a collection of .bmp files + an UTF8 .txt file, that should look like this:

    [Image: 556.png]

    [Image: 557.png]

    FBCR works well with PC games as most use standard fonts like MS Gothic / MS Mincho, but for console games the font need to be extracted from the ROM or BIOS - though multiple games can use the same font.

    I'm looking for help extracting fonts. I've started building the font for Surging Aura on MegaDrive just from screenshots, but it is very tedious and would be hard to complete like this. I think that extracting the font from the ROM would be faster and more complete. Can anyone help?

    I'm also interested in the Dragon Knight series on the NEC PC-Engine CD. I believe that the font is in the BIOS, but have no idea how to extract it.

    Of course, feel free to try my software with any game that you like. I would love to build a font collection covering many untranslated games!

    Download and more information on the official website:

    Here's a few usage example:

    [Image: 561.png]

    [Image: 562.png]

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  • 01/07/18--14:54: Catherine sound ripping
  • I have the files, was able to extract the main game music and a few sounds however the rest seem to be in a format called "Csb". I'd like to try and figure out how to rip these, if anyone can help that'd be most appreciated!

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  • 01/05/18--21:55: Let's Kill Some admins
  • People Of The VG-Resource, Today Is The Day To Protest Over The Admins Such As Random Talking Bush And Petie. 

    They Are Selfish And Useless From The Faces Of The Game Ripping Community, They Closed Threads Over Models, Textures, etc. 

    They Bring You High Warnings To Punish Those For Their Misdeeds. 

    Get Out Your Zappers Or Blasters And Start Weeding Out Greedy Admins.

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  • 01/07/18--19:57: Ripping Assets from Warhawk
  • Hello!
    I'm a long time lurker but only just signed up!

    I've been attempting to extract some 3D model & texture assets from the 2007 game WarHawk for PlayStation 3 with little to no success.

    All the game data has been extracted from its respective .psarc, however the files found within the .psarc are rather baffling.
    The file formats i'm being shown are:

    .dat (of which are used for things like 'contents' & 'externalpaths' and consist of very small file sizes)
    .twk (Guessing these are some kind of tweak file)

    I've been doing my research, but everything seems to come up blank thus why i'm here asking for help on the off chance someone knows something!
    Has anyone here had any experience with these file types before?

    All help is greatly appreciated! 

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    I have started ripping Ratatouille: The Video Game and came across the main source of data. The maps and models are stored in .DGA files as well as textures. These .DGA files are an unknown format and might be a compressed archive but maybe not because I couldn't find the file directory in the hex text. They are confirmed to have textures and they seem to be more of a 3D scene file with multiple 3D models, similar to .mb (Maya Binary) or .blend (Blender Scene File). The .DGA files are located in two separate folders WORLD which probably contains the map data (scripted sequences, moving platforms, entities, etc.) And the DATAS folder which seems to contain other stuff, like models, textures and sounds. The all files in the WORLD and DATAS folder can be downloaded here as samples. 

     Help me crack this format and keep me posted please.

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  • 01/08/18--04:43: MameUI ripping help
  • I am using the latest version of MameUI v.1.8.2 and I have been having trouble getting the sprite viewer to show up.

    I tried googling around and most of the websites mentioned pressing "F4" when the game is running and then "Enter" key to switch between different viewers.
    I tried pressing "F4" and it shows up the gpu:palette viewer just fine. However, I am unable to switch between the sprite viewer and tile viewer when pressing "Enter" key

    I am not sure if it only works in certain versions of the Mame but is there a way to fix it?

    Best Regards,

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    I have initially tried using the Mame emulator sprite/tile viewer but the games do not seem to support the feature, hence I ended up extracting the chd content and ended up with some weird files...
    Would be wondering if someone is able to look into these file formats...

    .zip (Size: 24.05 KB / Downloads: 0)

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  • 01/08/18--12:48: saint row 4 ripping help
  • what the best tool for ripping saint row 4 assets because i am so confused and i am new to ripping.

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    Hello! I see that there are many models from Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 on the Models Resource. I would like to know how to rip models from this game, as I need them for a Mario Kart DS modding project I am doing. If anyone here knows how to rip models from Mario Kart Arcade GP 2, please teach me how to do so. Thanks in advance.

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  • 01/08/18--21:35: r6aven's rips!
  • jsdjhsds ill just post random stuff here,,
    currently im working on splatoon 2!

    edit: just in advance, my porting is mainly so i can use the models in mmd, so most pictures i upload will have been made in mmd! if that has any signifigance

    to start the thread off, here's the cute tied up hair (ft a cute inkling wearing it!)
    [Image: e2XjZjD.png]
    sorry the image is so big jdjds

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