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    I need the sprites of this game for a test ... But I could not get just by extracting, the files seem encrypted .. Could anyone? The name of the game is Naruto x Boruto ninja voltage

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    does anyone know how do it since 3ds max wont open up pmdl files? Unimpressed

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  • 01/09/18--15:47: hi
  • after like 4 years i matured and i edited my everything
    im an artist i guess. hi. i sometimes make games and 3d models

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  • 01/09/18--17:37: Rippin' More Mickey Mania
  • so... I want to rip more of mickey mania, because right now we only have some characters. i submitted one of the rips, but i have few more. my focus is on level objects and backgrounds, but maybe some icons, and the font too.
    here's my current progress (i just started)

    .png   creditspicture.png (Size: 4.56 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   steamboat willie rips.png (Size: 3.47 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   mickeymanialogo.png (Size: 5.21 KB / Downloads: 0)
    have fun

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  • 01/09/18--18:39: ENC extention
  • I was trying to rip the sprites from the Highschool DxD 3DS rom. but I can't open the enc extension files. Example: BU_RAS_000.enc 


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    For any one who needs extension rippers or converters for files like data files or model files, here are some rippers and converters from trusted sites.
    [Foreign discs for those wondering are discs that cant normally be read on a PC without special equipment and operating systems.]

    Fallout 3-4 BSA file viewer and extractor. (These files contain most of the data. Sorta works like VPKs from Source. Have not tried with console files!!!)

    Fallout 3-4 NIF file converter to OBJ. (These are model files for the games. Ditto on console files!!!)

    DDS viewer/extractor/importer


    Crowbar / SOURCE engine model decompiler

    QuArK (Steroid model Converter)*

    Source Modeling Tools (Blender Modeling Software)

    PS2/PSP Data File rippers (Little tricky. Needs a HEX editor at times)

    Wii GameCube File ripper (Needs to be done via Wii especially a Wii that's compatible with GameCube games)
    First you need the HomeBrew Channel app which can be done on the instructions they provide

    Second you need this bad boy right here! Self explanatory in the instructions. Takes files from GameCube Discs. (Why even have a micro disc tray if it doesn't read?)

    *Fun story about this one. This is from an old site that hasn't updated since 2009. Looks home-brewed so explains why it hasn't disappeared after almost a decade 

    More might come later. If I find any, I'll be sure to post it here. If you have any questions, feel free to message me online or in discord. 
    Discord name: Security Officer The Fonz

    Feel free to post some yourself!

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  • 01/09/18--22:05: super monkey ball
  • it's been 5 years since i uploaded the beginner stages so i might as well continue
    Advanced (no extras yet)
    [Image: f2e86Zz.png][Image: GSvrTBo.png]
    Objects and Backgrounds are all stuffed in 1 model for each theme (jungle, underwater etc) will separate them later
    [Image: z2aUxjY.png]
    [Image: 3lkb3GD.png]

    will share some more stuff soon

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    I'm trying to extract some textures from Quake III Revolution that are in the .SSH format, and I can find little to no information about doing it. I've seen people can and have done it, but apparently trying to do it myself is always a big no-no, and it pisses me off to be so close to finishing a project, only to be stopped cold in my tracks.

    I've heard that EAGT (Electronic Arts Graphics Tools) can do it, but whenever I try extract a texture, I get an error:
    "Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range", and EAGT crashes

    Does anyone know what to do? I've tried contacting TCRF's HsienKo who has seemingly done so successfully, but I've heard nothing back yet...

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    A few days ago me and my friend decided to make a game. I have coding skill and my friend is a good scriptwriter. We caught ourselves in a thought that we need someone in our group to be designer of the game. Somebody creative, excited and modern  [Image: smiley.gif]. Somebody ready to work as a team!

    To understand our project's direction, you should watch a few videos attached (One of each category will be enough!):

    • "Fargo" series trailer (to understand atmosphere):
    • Superfighters Deluxe gameplay (to understand graphics):

    Events unfold in the frosty Minnesota US state, in winter. We are planning to unite perfect "Fargo" atmosphere and eccentric Superfighters' graphics in one exciting, remarkable and unique game. 

    New unique game, friendly team, shared revenue. 

    We are looking for all the pixel designers, but especially those who can create art in style as in the photo attached here ->

    If you are interested, tell us know - scratch to our email -  Smile

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  • 01/10/18--12:11: Puzzle Fighter (mobile) rips
  • Hey, I'm trying to rip the 3d models on the android version of Puzzle Fighter and I can't seem to find them. I'm using Unity Studio to look for the files and all I'm getting is gem models and textures. I think game models would be located in a resources asset file, but I haven't seen one. If anyone wants to give it a go then I'll link the game and what I used.

    Puzzle Fighter:

    Unity Studio:

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    As the post says, I have been trying for several hours with every setting on both ninja ripper and 3d ripper DX and can get nothing to show up...Specifically the models I have been trying to acquire from the steam version of the game are those of the playable characters and the 3 forms of trillion, specifically it's final form... but the only thing I can ever get to appear in the dirrectory is  TrillionWin.exe.log.txt
    I have never done this before by the way.
    What am I doing wrong here? Or how did any one else manage to get what they did from this game?

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    [Image: banjo_kazooie__nuts_n__bolts_model_downl...bzlgh5.png]

    I can't figure out how to upload onto the Model Resource so I have it on Deviant art

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  • 01/11/18--19:47: How to Ripping game "blood"
  • hello dudes, 

    How to Ripping sprites sheets of game "blood" ? (Monolith) 

    anyone tool ?

    [Image: blood.jpg]

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    Hey, once again. I'm here to show you the first one of my rom hacks, and it's a Streets Of Rage 2 character hack. It's a bit absurd on the surface, but it's just something I did on my free time. It's Mickey Mouse (with sprites from World Of Illusion, thanks to Yawackhary for the sprite rip) (but he's named "MICKY" because of space limitations.) He replaces Skate (but not his Character Select name for some reason...) He also has modified stats and hitboxes. This was made with Pancake 2 (first time using it), along with sprite separation by ASU. Feel free to give feedback on what needs to be fixed, made, or added to.
    Download here:

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    Hi folks,
    I'm trying to get the red harlow model from the Red Ded Revolver (PS2)

    I tried 3D Ripper DX, but this software failed to rip the model

    I tried ninjaripper, using D3D11 wrapper and my PCSX2 use DirectX11, it worked, but there is problem the texture is blue and the model shape is really bad and the face normal is really bad too (please see the image below)
    [Image: cR9Awre.png]

    Can someone help me fix this model? (I've no experience with ripping model and using 3d software like blender or 3ds max)
    I have attached the ripped model and texture (red harlow model is, &, its texture is

    Thank You

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    I ask because i've tried to google similar similar sites and get nothing also i've used brawlvault extensively for skins n whatnot on project m and can't rly tell if they post models or the models, textures etc. are all just in packages for specific characters. While i love that sites like this are happening im having a real hard time finding any others because while this site is pretty extensive most games won't have all the character models or the ones im looking for haven't been added yet. Also im super addicted to adding skins whether its project m or VR Chat so if anyone could help me out it'd be appreciated.

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    Heard through the comment gripevine that no Avatar clothing models r going to be ripped, and that makes the fans sad Sad  What also makes the fans sad is the Death Egg Robot Sentinel models not showing up. This ain't a request, per say, but a complaint. The laziness and discord over this is breaking the one important rule: Give the masses what they want. Hope u learn wisely  Angry

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    I've been trying to rip the model for Super Vegeta from DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 but nothings working, I've watched a few videos but it all just doesn't work. If someone could help me that'd be great!

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    Been working on it and rigging it for the past 48 hours, it started off as a rip then made it a personal project to completely overhaul it to be more modern.
    Then created a texture for it, no bump mapping or anything fancy just a standard texture.
    Couldn't add much detail to the skull part without it looking a little off and the feathers are pretty simple.

    [Image: B3qbUsD.png]

    Looking for feedback on what I should improve upon or any ideas that I could use on the model.
    Probably not gonna distribute until I feel it hits perfection for me.

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    Holy cow, hey everybody! Don't know who's still lurking here and what not but I've returned from a long hiatus for some advice and possible links to guides on spriting in an Isometric view. My degree hasn't panned out for me, and having the free time I've had the past few months I've been developing ideas and I'm looking to get back into form. I'm struggling to even to begin creating characters though, I mostly did sprites for platformer type games/ideas so this is pretty new for me regardless. Anyways glad to be back, whether I recognize anybody or not!

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