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    I ripped models from Wallace and Gromit in Project Zoo (PC) with ninja ripper but the uvs are messed up, can they still be accepted with fixed uvs?

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    Hello i'm workin on a project about restoring
    a "old" model to "new", in this case, renewing a rusty boat to a new boat, editing some "ruined" elements
    and repaint the texture as new.
    For the model part, i have some experience, but for the texture part... Im not so good.
    So i search for someone that have texture esperience and can edit the textures as a new.
    You can make it from new images, but have to look as the same of the "old" version.
    You can also upscale it, if you wish.
    I attach a sample of what i mean, it's a try i do,
    (Maybe someone here can do better also that texture)

    Here the pack with the textures i want to restore:!9NJ3HL4J!zt3ywjzLxuB_D...pMmvxL1is0

    (Png textures on a 17mb zip file)

    .jpg   Sample.jpg (Size: 473.13 KB / Downloads: 6)

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  • 01/15/18--22:19: G'Day
  • G'day everyone,
    My name is Sarah and I go by the name MyFrozenSanctuary (please feel free to shorten it down to MFS) ^.^
    I'm not usually very good at introductions and stuff so I apologise in advance for any future mishaps.
    I am currently working on a Visual Novel series and hope it complete the first one sometime before 2020.
    Apart from that, I have also stated dabbling in extracting resources to help with translations/patches.
    I own two psvitas; a fat one that's of a certain status and a slim one that is always up to date. This tag team combo has allowed me to play both new and old games with little problem, I am however limited because of my two 8GB cards. With new advancements in mods, this will be of little consequence in the future ; )
    Anyway! I've probably gone on for too long.
    I hope you all have a fantastic day/night and I hope to speak to you all soon~

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    Original Size.
    [Image: attachment.php?aid=7937]
    [Image: attachment.php?aid=7936]

    Comments and criticisms appreciated, this is something I'm kind of doing out of my spare time and I'm rusty with raster based graphics.

    .jpg   persona-5-main-pixel-portrait.jpg (Size: 37.47 KB / Downloads: 12)

    .gif   persona 5 main pixel portrait.gif (Size: 2.54 KB / Downloads: 11)

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  • 01/16/18--14:49: S2HD Help
  • So when i was trying to see if the dlls of s2hd had sprites but i got a bin instead a binary file so how can i access a hd binary file

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    .png   kagura.png (Size: 60.86 KB / Downloads: 3)
    I tried to replicate the pixelated Kagura we see in the tapir virus arc. It sorts of look like her. Somehow.

    [Image: gV0WyA1.png]

    I had to modify the frames a bit because well even with the best resolution, Kagura's pixelization happened fast and it was too small to see any important details. Not that it matters with that style of "animation".

    Give your thoughts. You may also burn me for shamelessly ripping off gintama or burn me for being a fan of gintama. Either way works.

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  • 01/16/18--23:55: Adult link High poly
  • Since no one has bothered to post this model anywhere ill post it here.

    .zip (Size: 93.02 KB / Downloads: 1)

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  • 01/17/18--04:13: Kid Icarus: Uprising Project
  • I decided to start ripping KIU's models since I haven't seen much on the site. I only have one issue regarding to the models' textures: they're separate.
    Sure, it's easy to set them back to its original model but what program is recommended to extract them. I use SPICA for extracting them (which seems like the best option) but I'm not sure if SPICA exports them well.
    I compared Magnus' textures in the site with my extraction and they pretty much look the same. Just want to make sure SPICA is a good program for that, thanks!

    PS: I will slowly post stuff here and there, wasn't able to do much in the meantime due to hurricane Maria.

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    So i wanted to download the pokepark quagsire model and i succeeded but when i opened it in paint 3d (or any other 3d model viewing application) it won't show the textures, i have no idea why it does this so how can i fix this?

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  • 01/17/18--18:55: Ar tonelico Battele sprite
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  • 01/17/18--20:30: Disgaea D2 [DLC] RIP
  • I've been waiting for quite some time to get the rest of the sprites for the DLC character for Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness. However I've noticed that people move on from those old games and leave some of the spriting sheets incomplete. So I've take upon myself to try and rip those sprites... However I have no idea what I'm doing. I managed to get my hands on an isolated .pak file with only the DLC content. I managed to rip everything out of it and Acquired a few archives. Most of them are Sound related due to the folders they are found in. That leaves me with two files to try and get the Sprites from. 

    The first is the EBOOT.BIN file. I'm pretty sure it holds all the graphic bulk of the game as well as code. I really need help on ripping this one.

    Second suspect is the START_7.dat Which could also be the sprites as it is isolated from all other labeled archives. I really need all the help I can get. I hold volo on high regard as they were the person who posted most of the sprites. I really need a hand and some guidance here.

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    Hi. I'd like some help with this format/

    I'm interested in ripping Davy Jones' model for a revised skin mod for SSB Wii U. But I'm not 100% sure how to open the EDB files. A search on Google turned up empty. I WAS able to extract the Filelist.001 container, which resulted in these files and I've come to a roadblock.

    I DID find a QuickBMS for EDB but it finds nothing.

    The sample:!wtETnBhC!nRljdrUc4mFnM...eFPw8uQva8

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    I was just curious when this is going to happen, especially with the NES project going on and already over 200 games being submitted from this project alone.

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    Hey all...

    I'm currently attempting to rip the starfighter from PS2's Jedi Starfighter USA edition.. Not a pro but what I've learnt so far Is that I can use either TexMod or Ninja Ripper with PCSX2 .98 & 1.4...  Either way.. when I import the meshes into Max2016, the meshes are flat & stretched like a pancake to all buggery!!!?
    Other than manually attempting to alter the XY & Z's to guess back into place, does anyone know how export/import so the mesh is at correct proportion etc??

    Or can it be done..yet?....

    Any help greatly appreciated!!!  Smile

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  • 01/20/18--05:54: When is violence NSFW?
  • I need a little help to rate these three sheets:

    - Two dead people and one person swinging the axe.
    - Only blood is seen, no wounds, intestines or other intensive gore.

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  • 01/20/18--14:50: A model got taken down
  • Hey, I'm new here so I apologize if this is the wrong place or way to ask this.
    Earlier today someone uploaded a character model from Metal Arms: Glitch In The System. I think their name was PapaBum or something. I was just about to point out that they weren't using the correct in-game texture when it was taken down. Why was it removed so quickly? I doubt it was removed because of the texture, it was only a higher-res version not used in the game, but I don't think that's the reason. 

    I only ask because I've been ripping models from this game and have been considering uploading them.

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    I was ripping textures and such from Wario World and found this weird texture. If you know what this is and/or where it is in game or if it's unused then respond to this thread.

    .png   tex1_1024x64_m_f5a9908ae73a74a7_14_mip2.png (Size: 47.93 KB / Downloads: 1)

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  • 01/20/18--21:46: Hello
  • Hi everyone!  Big Grin I came across this site and was very intrigued by it immediately, because I was impressed by the huge collection of 3D models, and would also like to learn how to extract models/sounds. I would've introduced myself sooner, but I joined shortly before I went away on a vacation, and I didn't notice the forums page.  Smile

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  • 01/21/18--01:37: Need Help with UnityEX

    Well I need some help guys, I'm currently ripping some sprites from a game BUT there are over 1,000 files and they are all unnamed...  Unimpressed  Very Sad yes no kidding, all in a data type of file but inside those data files are .mesh files and .tex.pvr but I'm only going for those .tex.pvr files, UnityEX works perfectly well when extracting those but I want something like a script or a .bat file idk , something that will help me extract all those files quickly without doing it all one by one. Any help please?

    PD : It's 2 AM and I'm so tired, my apologies if I'm not adding more info or anything...

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  • 01/21/18--18:31: AVP Evolution Modding
  • [color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]Guys
    I need help
    How can i Import new sounds on AVP evolution which is a Unity engine game..i tried everything...and no success. what can i do?
    like i wanna replace alien death sound to a new death sound

    [color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]AVP evolution is a unity engine game[/color]

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