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  • 01/29/18--13:13: Sprite Rips for Love Nikki?
  • Hello! I'm new to this forum, but I've been using Spriter's Resource for a few years now. I've recently gotten myself addicted to a mobile game called Love Nikki (Miracle Nikki in other languages), and am wanting to make sprite edits of it. However, the sprites aren't on the website and I have no clue how to rip them myself, since my expertise is really only in editing here and the only tutorials I can find are outdated, for Android (I'm using ios), or make me scared that I'd do something wrong and break my phone doing it. Is there any chance someone with the knowledge I lack would be willing to extract the sprites from this game, or at least talk me through it?

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    I was able to track down the character mesh models for Brutal Legend, however, I couldn't find a way to actually convert them into a usable format.

    Since BL runs on the Buddah Engine, I looked for tools that might be able to convert it. All I could find was 3D Object Converter, which could not read the model format. Does anyone have any idea on how to rip models from this game? I've found the Mesh files, MeshSet files, Rig files, and Materials for certain characters, but no feasible way to convert them.

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    So I was messing around with the files from Bakugan Battle Brawlers Wii and I stumbled across a file called "xxx_d00.bin" and I don't know how to extract or open it. Does anybody know how to extract it and how to put it back together after I edit it?

    This is the file:!dwhylQbI!jUGBssXhmVNNYeVKPghzJW8vMhnDTCGZFMCfynU0TRQ

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    After downloading this model of Tiny Kong I noticed her hair is standing straight out like a Swedish maypole. I was wondering if anyone could help me fix it? It definitely doesn't have to be super advanced but just so her hair is back to normal. Otherwise I'd have to use the Wii version of Tiny Kong and to be honest... her N64 version looks so much more adorbs. Any help appreciated.

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  • 01/30/18--17:27: Hiya!
  • I just joined Smile, feel free to say hi and welcome!

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    I need help on ripping sprites of the 3DS version of bosses, tiles, Yoshi and etc.
    I wasn't sure if the 3DS version were suppose to be models not sprites?
    But anyways I have done a few of these 3DS sprites:

    will these be ok?

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    Hi, I've been trying to rip the character icons from LSW:TCS today and I've hit a brick wall: the icons are all in .gsc format

    How would I go about converting them to image files?

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  • 01/30/18--21:29: Tiledgdd tutorial?
  • Hello, i'm looking for an TiledGGD tutorial, can someone help me find one?

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    I've ripped Irene's model (among others) from A Link Between Worlds, and when I import it into Blender the main body texture gets messed up like so:

    [Image: lhlj7ja.png]

    I can fix this by going to the image mapping tab for the texture and mirroring the x and y axes and setting extension to repeat, but I'm not sure how I can get it to work like normal by default, or do I even need to do that? Also, since I've never done any ripping for TMR, if someone can give me some guidelines for what I need to do for my ripped models to be accepted, please show me. I couldn't find anything myself.

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  • 01/31/18--01:38: DB FighterZ Sound Rip help
  • Guys i need you to rip DB FighterZ Sound Clips & English Voice clips.

    i did ripped one:
    but the ambience SFX was mixed up on it.

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    As far as I know, Model ripping for this game has been very, VERY hard. There were a few QuickBMS scripts but they only convert the collectibles such as the dreamstones, Any of the characters and level geometry pieces end up as a mess of polygons that are indistinguishable. The only real way of ripping that I know that has worked so far is using older versions of PCSX2 and screencap ripping with a program which I can't remember the name of right off the bat. And even then they had to edit the "screencapped" geomatry and stretch it out as it starts off distorted once you first get it.

    I'd really like to have models of the main cast if anything. (Klonoa, Lolo, Popka, Leorina, Tat)

    Has anybody around here been trying to work at the weird encryption the models have? I know the QuickBMS script exports them as 3DSMax files but not only does that script not work properly ((apparently it was never even finished)) but it exports all the models as these messed up glorbs to the point they are all unreconizable. The only models that are exported properly are the dreamstones, the main collectibles of the game.

    [Image: unknown.png]

    There is also a different script by aLuigi himself which just exports all the raw data from the KLDATA.bin, although for each model they all have no proper file extension and there's about 7 different files per model:

    [Image: unknown.png]

    I have asked for the assistance of RandomTalkingBush and am willing to commission him to properly convert/fix these (or manage to finish up this unfinished script) but that won't be until a later date and if these models still aren't available in like 2 years or so, Nevermind it will probably cost quite a bit considering how hard PS2 stuff is.

    I'm uploading the data right now, The fucked up/garbage-exported models and the extracted raw data itself. If anyone can happen to look into this or give some info on them, it would mean a lot not only to me - But the entire Klonoa community. Not straight up requesting as I have a thread still in the requests section ((although it's necro at this point)) and I'm merely asking if someone can look into these files I extracted using said scripts and see if they can make anything out of it. Klonoa 2's format has been unknown for a long, long time.  I know a friend who screwed around with one of the garbage-exported models from the unfinished .3ds conversion script and does have a T-posed Klonoa model ((although it has no proper UV maps or anything though from what he told me.))

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  • 01/31/18--20:29: Sonic Forces .pac extraction
  • So I've trying to get a model from Sonic Forces, but I'm stuck with the .pac files. I've used CriPackedFileMaker to extract the .cpks (since other programs crash in the middle of the progress) and then I'm supposed to use "SFPac" to access to the .pacs. And apparently this needs Python 2.7.14 to work (which I've already installed), however, when I try to drag the .pac file into the script, nothing seems to happen. I try to press some keys but nothing (Enter just closes the script). I'm also not sure if I'm supposed to drag the .pac or the .pac.000 but the same happens with both.

    Also, it would be very cool if someone could tell me in which .cpk and .pac file is the Imperial Tower model since that's the only model I'm trying to get (in case I can figure out how to rip the model in the first place) Shy 

    Thanks in advance.

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    So, there's a game that I want to mod and when I put it in my computer it reads as a Writable Dvd disc with three parts, VideoTs AudioTs and $systemupdate I do see a .bin, .iso, .exe, .rar, or any executable filetype so I am lost.
    Then I went to my Xbox and installed the game and moved it to my pc using a USB stick.
    there are 33 files from Data0000 to Data0033 
    All from 7,872kb to 1,048,576 kb
    Most are the ladder.
    I don't know how to find the models and where.

    Please help if you have experience, I usually only rip mobile games

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  • 02/01/18--06:11: What happened to alexmach1?
  • If anyone knows how to get ahold of him, please let me know and let him know to contact me. If he's not gonna finish the model I commissioned from him, I'd like to at least pay for what he got done and have him send me the file.

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  • 02/01/18--12:14: Shovel Knight 3DS version
  • Hey, just wanted to know how do I extract the sprites from Shovel Knight for the 3DS. I know that the sprites have already been ripped but some of them are exclusive to other consoles. I have the romfs.bin and the other files here already.

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    Hello, I have a question.

    How do you recreate sprite(s) from blurry images that have volume?

    For example, the sprite-sheet from Mario Customs with the Super Mario World Beta sprites. That sprite-sheet was made by recreating multiple sprites from a image from a Interview with Tezuka-san, Hino-san and Nogami-san on the Nintendo website.

    Can you please tell me how I can do this?

    I wanna recreate these "Beta" Images from my search engine but its too blurry and I cant make out the pixels.

    Do people scan the image? do they have some sort of trick?

    I only have Paint.NET and Gimp. But I only know how to use Paint.NET.

    Here are the links to what I'm talking about.

    Another reason I want to do this is because I feel like every single idea is taken. And I want to help the website out without ripping, by making custom sprites. But I don't know much on how to do so. I would like Tips and Tricks on how to do Pixel Art if you have any. [Image: smile.png]

    I'm thinking about getting Aseprite, but I don't know if I will or not.

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    there is the sprite
    [Image: 1516405388.png]
    why is not uploaded yet?
    also making custom palletes is ogre
    Rolleyes Rolleyes Rolleyes Rolleyes Rolleyes Rolleyes Rolleyes Rolleyes Rolleyes Rolleyes

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  • 02/02/18--16:45: My custom 8-bit Link sprites
  • I been making a few quality sprites on my own Deviantart page. So I was like. "Why not share some of my work with the VG Resource people?"

    So here's a custom Link spritesheet I made with a different 8-bit color palette:

    *Sorry I had to link to my DA post, I was having trouble with the Insert a image since I been busy outside the VG Resource community.  Shy

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    Hello everyone,

    I just have a quick question, since the benchmark is out recently, do you think... It's already possible to rip models from the benchmark or is it a hard task ? Back in the past I used to rip some models but it was from Dx9, I guess the complexity of the task greatly increase now...

    Anyway thanks, I'm just curious !

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    Do any of y'all have a few accomplishments you had in video games (Between past & now)? If so, feel free to share some of your accomplishments in  this thread. And please don't freaking rub your accomplishments in others' faces. 

    Some of My Accomplishments:

    • Beaten the arcade version of "Ultra Street Fighter IV" as Zangief without using any Super moves nor Ultra Combos  Cool
    • Complete Green Hill Zone Act 3 in 48 seconds in 3-D Sonic the Hedgehog 1
    • Defeated Bonetail on my very first try in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door in a Danger Mario run.
    • Completed Paper Mario 64 at a maximum level of 18
    • Got a A rank score on Peace(^^)v on Dance Dance Revolution on Normal Difficulty, Basic Mode.

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