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    Hello, I have a question for you guys. What do you think of this sprite sheet?

    [Image: KpcUPbwCS0aZfhpBDNPrlA.png]

    It is probably bad. It's mostly a recolor. But I changed a few minor things like the shape of the nose a bit and the eyes. Can you please tell me what went wrong? Maybe I'm not cut out for this thing.. It kinda discourages me.

    A while back before Sonic Mania came out I worked hard on trying to remake the sprites from the Sonic Mania reveal trailer and Hedgehog Dance Party. But it was rejected for not being completed. But when Sonic Mania finally came out, people already published the sprites I was working on to the game. Sad

    But now my Wiggler Sprite Sheet got rejected for this. 

    Quote:Your sheet was not accepted for the following reasons:
    • The sheet does not meet quality standards for the Custom / Edited section. We are always happy to see people who want to do custom work and, as a community, strive to help artists grow. This sheet does not currently meet our quality standards but we'd love to help you improve so head over to the Spriting and Pixel Art board and post your sheet there for some constructive feedback and suggestions.
    • Sorry we can’t accept things that are recolors of existing sprites.

    I have no idea what they mean by "Quality Standards." Please tell me.

    Though I guess I can see where they are coming from. Can anybody please share some tips and tricks on how to improve?

    Thanks. -SpritZ

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  • 02/18/18--01:39: Razz A'Ma Tazz 3d model
  • This character never appeared even in Jazz Jackrabbit 3 demo.There's chance that possibly this character has some audio voice files when you explore unused sound fx of for example Razz A'ma Tazz.He was probably intended to be Jazz Jackrabbit's menthor just like Tikal's spirit and Omochao.This is how he's looking more or less.
    [Image: sRQ8U0n.png]

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  • 02/18/18--05:12: ♪Hey there!
  • Hello everyone. I am Patrick. I have come here to learn how to rip games, and to try and share sounds models. 

    The ones that got my interest were Wario World and the Kingdom Hearts series. I have a thing for big bellies, and like to play with Large Bodies, Fat Bandits, even Fattingtons. Just don't judge me.
    .gif   Flame Fatso the Fat Bandit's jiggly belly bounces off Aladdin and Sora's attack.gif (Size: 486.52 KB / Downloads: 1) Smile Big Grin 


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    I want to get into ripping that game and if you have any help on what to do give me some info. I want to rip the models for Splatoon 2 and some people have them but don't give them out like on the Gmod workshop. So I want to rip the maps and other stuff this will be some great help. I have a switch so that is a great thing you need obviously.

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    Hey, I'm having a problem ripping models from Disney's Magical Mirror. I'm trying to rip models from the game, but they're stored as .tpl files. How do I extract them, and what program do I use for it?

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    I tried to upload this model to the custom and edited Mario section and was refused due to lack of quality could I get some help on what I should do to make it better!

    .zip (Size: 45.91 KB / Downloads: 0)

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    Hello everyone. I am kinda new to ripping models from my favorite PlayStation 2 games, Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, so I require help.

    I heard there was a way to do so on YouTube, but it made my head hurt. I'm looking for a much more easier way to get the models of the Bouncywild from Kingdom Hearts 1 and the Fortuneteller Heartless from Kingdom Hearts 2. Any ideas?

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  • 02/18/18--22:39: Sup
  • I'm Dom, I like collecting sound files to mix up and use for projects, so I was drawn to this site. Trying to figure out the rules and how to post stuff, cause I have a decent library to share.

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  • 02/19/18--03:49: Princess Elise the Hedgehog
  • Perhaps it's still against the rules I really want to show screenshot of one Sonic '06 OC I'm not sure if this is right section ,but I'll try.I also want to give you download link including screenshot [Image: 5r72tYE.jpg]

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    Hello everyone! I've been able to obtain the sound files regarding Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition.

    It seems that all the sounds (BGM, voices, and sfx) are in .pck containers, and inside them, there are tons of .wwise files. However, I'm unable to extract them, or converting them to OGG Vorbis or another useful sound format to play with Foobar2000 or other music players.

    I don't know to much about that kind of PCK and WWise files, or where I can obtain the tools to unpack and convert them, so this is unknown territory for me.

    I've uploaded the files regarding voices (Chapter 1 to Chapter 04, the only ones I have at this moment), so you can see if there is a way to unpack them and see if we can convert the files inside to a playable format.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Recently, I wanted to try to extract the models used in Psychonauts. For some reason, I can't open the .plb files that contain the models and textures. I've tried Psychonauts Explorer and Double Fine Explorer with three different versions of the game (GOG, Steam, PS2, and XBOX) but no avail. The programs crash loading any of them. I've tried 3DReaperDX but that gives you the whole level you're on and the characters where they were when you took the screenshot, which is not what I wanted. I'm fairly new to trying to rip models from games and I just figured I'd post here for some sort of help. Thanks!

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  • 02/19/18--20:39: NDS Atlus Packer help?
  • Hi people!
    I'm trying to rip content from some Shin megami tensei games, specifically Devil Survivor 1 (NDS) or Overclocked (3ds) and Devil Survivor 2 (nds) or Record Breaker (3ds). I've been able to extract the files but then I have the Target.bin, Target.idx and Target.ndx files. I found on the internet that you could use CUE's NDS Atlus Packer ( to unpack the .bin file (at least the .bin pack from the NDS Devil Survivor games, but i'll try on the 3ds ones too), but I've been unable to make it work, I have no clue how I'm supposed to use that software. Anybody who knows could give me a bit of an explanation? If you're willing to do so, I also can upload the Target files to let you try.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi. I'm new here. How ya doing?

    I was wondering if anyone here with the tools either would be willing to extract character models from Skylanders: Imaginators (the most recent title with all playable Skylanders models in it) or would be willing to show me the easiest way to do so myself. I think the series is severely underrated, and could use some representation in the form of using models for Gmod, SFM, VRChat, or whatever anyone wants to use them for.

    I'm willing to learn and do it myself, as I have a Wii U with the game still inside it... Only problem is I'm concerned it won't work for me, because it's been at least a year since I touched my Wii U with it collecting dust, and with the game still inside, I don't know if that'd mean it'd be all scratched up and unable to do anything with.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • 02/20/18--07:17: Ridge Racer 3D - XPK files
  • They appear to be... Archives? Opening "rls_xpk_game.xpk" in Notepad++ shows some recognizable things amongst the 'NUL' boxes. ie, bluecar.tga, samplecube.bcmdl, usershader.bcsdr   Some recognizable formats, along with some more mentions of XPK files. I know like, nothing about software and hex, so I'm clueless here.

    Unless I'm completely missing something, or missed something obvious and am going to feel stupid afterwards. But, anyone know?

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  • 02/20/18--10:32: Tsunami 2265 .mef files
  • Hi everyone, i'm newbie and i have problem exctracting 3d models from some veeery old game, Tsunami 2265. apparently, object and character models in this game have a .mef extension. I've been searching for software to exctract it, but nothing. I can't even view the models. Any advice? Thanks.
    Here's some examples of the files if you want to take a look at it (Google Drive)

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    I've currently been trying to rip some sprites from the newer Touhou games (mostly 15 - Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom) but all of the game files are stored in .dat files. I don't have any idea on how to access these files though. I've tried to check them with a hex-code editor and by opening it in notepad, but there were no clues. There is a way to rip the sprites from the games, considering that most games before Touhou 13 have been fully ripped (the exceptions being Touhou 9 and Touhou 11).

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    For anybody interested I compiled a list of links containing various information about the core video game series from Pokemon Generations I - III. I probably need to reorganize the list at some point.

    At the moment, it is incomplete, but it contains information on stuff like game mechanics, Pokemon rumors of the time, and game data. It also contains FAQs, walkthroughs, and let's play videos.

    Here is the link:

    Feedback is welcome.

    Note 1: This is just a html file containing links, that you can either add to your bookmarks or open from the html file. It is suppose to make research easier.

    Note 2: I only compiled the list. I did discover, make, or post any of this.

    Note 3: I'm not adding creepypastas, hacks, bootlegs, homebrews, fanfics, or fanart. I'm only adding actual game info or real rumors of the time, that had both historical value and were widely distributed.

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    Now that I'm done with ripping models from Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, I like to know how to rip models from GameCube games like Super Mario Sunshine and Wario World.

    If anyone knows how to do these things, let me know. Thank you.

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    Anyone knows good music or audio programs to rip ps2 game music?

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    i didn't used noesis too much so i'm not a pro on it but i imported a model from burnout paradise with BP Unpacker by DGlorio, everything works but when i export it only export 1 renderable, example below.

    Car Import:

    [Image: Uvdcpa9.jpg]

    Export Result:

    [Image: L2oSfmc.jpg]

    if someone can help me i appreciate

    Nevermind i just pressed f2 until it got to the last part and exported:

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