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    I'm wanting to rip sprites from the arcade version of Altered Beast, but I'm having a bit of trouble. For starters, the actual sprite graphics don't show up in MAME's tile viewer (Their palettes do, oddly enough) due to the fact that apparently they're split up into several files. I found a program called Interleaver that I downloaded from a page linked to me by Dolphman, but I don't know how to work it since I can't find any tutorials for it. Unsure

    So, will anyone whose ripped sprites from this game before lend me a hand? What do I need to do?

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  • 02/21/18--09:51: Model Rip for F-ZERO GX
  • I am looking for assistance with ripping character models from F-ZERO GX. I want to do it because I love to see Princia Ramode and Lily Flyer's models, and maybe to see their animations as well.

    I'm a bit new at this so let me know if possible. Thank you.

    The characters I am taking about are in these links. (Princia Ramode:

    (Lily Flyer:

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  • 02/21/18--12:12: Switch dumps
  • So.... it looks like i found some xci files from switch games... but i still wonder, how can i dump them?

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  • 02/21/18--14:25: Hey.
  • I'm Glutko. You might know me from Tumblr as the CD-i Zelda guy.

    I've ripped pretty much all of the sprites, maps, cutscenes, and so on from Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. 

    The plan is to upload all of them here, and maybe cover Hotel Mario and Zelda's Adventure in the far future.

    Not much else to say here. See you later.

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    Pretty soon I'd like to rip some sprites from a bunch of different games that I like across different systems. Though I will most likely be using many of the sprites on this website, there are some that are missing which I'll need to grab myself. And that's where emulators come in, and thus two questions:

    1. What is the best overall emulator that I can use? Note that I want to rip sprites from NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, PS2, and Sega Genesis--so mostly Nintendo systems but also a few non-Nintendo consoles. Is there a one-stop-shop emulator I can use for all these? Or will I need a system-specific emulator for each system?

    2. I'm decent enough at playing video games (well, some anyway), but I can't play worth crap on a keyboard. And I know cheat codes and save states will only get you so far in certain games. So I'd like to invest in a controller adapter I can plug into the USB port on my laptop. The trouble, as above, is that there are games from multiple systems I'm looking to rip. Does anyone know of a controller adapter that's good for a variety of systems? The PS2 controller has always been my favorite, and I'd love to be able to do Nintendo games on that controller, but the only PS2 controller adapter I could find on Amazon looks like it's good for just PS2 and PS3 games. So does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks. Smile

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  • 02/21/18--21:30: Hello
  • So I actually registered here quite a long time ago and did contribute a few sheets, both Golden Sun games for the HUD, and KH: Chain of Memories for HUD elements too, but I never introduced myself properly.

    Names Super Missile, named after my favorite Metroid weapon and I suppose I'm back from the dead? *shrug* Anywho, hello to all.

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    Can anyone pull out textures from this game?
    Can anyone insert textures back?

    .anb format textures in .pak

    .png   ANB Format Textures.png (Size: 3.46 KB / Downloads: 7)

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    Hello I am new to the forums but long time fan of the various resources uploaded by this community.

    I have just made an account here to let someone know that the names on the PS1 game Groove Adventure Rave: Plue no Daibouken have been mixed up.
    Plue is the carrot nosed dog and Griff is the perverted purple jellybean.

    I tried to make a comment on the sprites-resource regarding the issue, but it would not let me log-in and kept telling me to make sure I was logged into the forums first... which I am.

    anyway nice to meet you all and thank you for the time and effort you have spent ripping sprites/models/textures/sounds!

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    so there's this game for the pc witch is a big part of my childhood called Madagascar alot of you 
    will know it to. 

    ...and iv'e been tying to mod this game for 3 years now but still no luck 
    and i really need help, so if everyone is interested i will be very grateful

    but don't worry i won't be a scrub
    I've already extracted models using quickBMS
    i just can't figure out how to repack them 

    see for yourself:

    so if you are intrested in helping me please reply and i will make a new thread that will provide you with the files and tool's you'll need 

    thank you  Smile

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  • 02/22/18--09:04: Fattington Textures
  • I went to someone on DeviantArt, and I downloaded some textures of my favorite enemy from Wario World, the Fattington. But, I can't seem to place them right on my custom model. Can anyone of you help?

    .png   fattington.png (Size: 6.19 KB / Downloads: 0)

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    I know there's models and sprites from Transformers games on the site, but there's no sound files from the games themselves, and I'm talking about the voice clips and sound effects, why hasn't the site updated on those games? The answer? Everyone else is focused on other things. Thought I'd just point it out and speak my mind on the topic. Besides, aren't there any Transformers fans who'd like to touch up on the subject of this thread?

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    Hi everyone,
    I have a project coming out next month which I wanted to share with you all.
    It's a PC-based platform game maker called 'PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker' - it's essentially Mario Maker for PC, that lets you build levels very quickly with a drag and drop interface, and then test and share levels instantly. Better yet, you can also import your own (or other games') sprites and tiles to make, well, pretty much whatever you want!

    We will be launching in a month's time, but I was wondering if anyone on here would like a free steam key in order to test it before it goes into early access? If you'd like a free code then please message me and I'll send you one.

    You can check out a rough trailer for PlataGO! here:

    Hope you like it - looking forward to sharing with you all!

    Oh and before I forget, if anyone wants to contribute sprite sheets to the game as well (basically your art can go into the game) then we would be totally okay with that too - just let me know if and how you want to contribute!

    Many thanks,

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    Then I Wanna Port Them To Both SFM And Gmod... And When The Ports Are Done... HE WILL TAKE OVER THE ENTIRE SFM / GMOD WORKSHOP!!! *evil laughter* (if i learned how to port the negativitron)

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    I need some help with ripping models from certain Nintendo GameCube games. I already downloaded a Dolphin Emulator, but I feel like I’m missing something else.

    If anyone knows what I’m missing, please tell me. Thank you.

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    I'm trying to make a C64 sprite sheet based on Ami from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. I got a single frame, but I don't know if this is a very good look for C64. I did use a sprite maker designed to make C64 sprites (I want to make a fan game of Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi on the Commodore 64). I mean it just looks off to me, but I'm no expert.

    My sprite:

    .bmp   Ami.bmp (Size: 2.02 KB / Downloads: 1)

    My Reference:

    .png   don_t_mess_with_the_girls_by_nfc2005-dbvfpc2.png (Size: 272.15 KB / Downloads: 0)

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    I plan on ripping files from a browser game, and so far I have downloaded the .swf file of said game, now I just need to find a way to open/download the resources.

    I know 3 different types of software, but the cheapest is $80...I'm hoping there is a way to do it for free, if possible. The old tutorials on here either use the same 3 types, or others which are not available these days (so it seems!).

    edit: ARGH I still ended up posting in the wrong section

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    I've gotten hold of the SpotPass puzzle swap puzzles via extdata dump. Manually extracting each, some I'm able to load into EveryFileExplorer, SPICA and Ohana, but most of them don't work. In EveryFileExplorer, I get this error.

    [Image: zvrdp.png]

    While a few others work just fine.

    [Image: zvrfF.png]

    Anybody know what the problem is? Here's a few working and non-working samples:

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    I have been trying to rip models from a xbox360 .iso that is now on my computer
    I want to extract it and rip all the files.
    How should I Go about doing this?

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    Hi, so im super new into ripping stuff and i'm not even sure if this leads to somewhere but I still want to try it out

    I just exported a lot of files through "HackingToolkit9DS", however, most of these are .cpm files. I figured out that Ohana3DS can open some of them (mostly just models) but not sprites. So is there a program that can extract/convert the sprites from a .cpm file?
    Google didn't help at all, reaConverter and XnConvert couldn't convert them either.

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    Looking to recruit: Spriters, Tilers.

    Welcome to the Ventura region! A region based on Venezuela. A new rising organization, known as Team Nova, is trying to shake the status quo of the society, and it seems they have a lot of acceptance. But the player has discovered that this "altruistic" organization will do anything in it's power to gain the power of Ulscarion, the legendary Pokemon, and complete their goals. Can our protagonist stop them? With your help, they certainly can!

    Project Title:
    Pokemon Crimson

    [Image: pokemon_crimson_by_rgreywind-dbl04dv.png]

    [Image: coming_soon_by_rgreywind-dbl044l.png]Toggle Spoiler

    Team Name/Team Members:

    Toteam (temporal name) /// Me (game director, head writer, team leader, level designer, mapper, balancer, main annoyer), Rgreywind (Head designer, fakemon designer, concept artist), Gian (fakemon designer, concept artist), Roberto (human designer, concept artist), Ricardo (toy maker), Capinga (music team), Angel (muisc team), Miguel (music team), Jean (Head programmer), Guevo (programmer), Memelino(programer, level designer, instagram account manager),Pancake (publicity, twitter management), AD (publicity, publicity design), Matias(spriter), Louis (writer)


    We've got no screenshots of the game yet, because we're waiting to have our very own tileset.
    We have, however, some artwork to show off:

    [Image: lacerga_by_rgreywind-dc373te.png]
    [Image: cunapard_by_rgreywind-dc3725l.png]
    [Image: capibo_by_rgreywind-dc376b8.png]

    [Image: repgan_by_rgreywind-dc3o5jm.png]

    [Image: obcelot_by_rgreywind-dc3o1o3.png]
    [Image: merguire_by_rgreywind-dc3o3ih.png]

    [Image: tusagon_by_rgreywind-db9zs0w.png]

    [Image: bocons_by_rgreywind-dbee5l4.png]

    Method of Contact:

    PM me on here, on discord mafnewman#5608, or throught the FB page, you can also hit me up on telegram (@mafnewman). This last one is the fastest method to hit me up.

    Additional Information:

    Greetings, I'm mafnewman and I'm talking on behalf of the Pokemon Crimson Team. We're looking right now for spriters and tilers, but if you're interested in the project, hit me up and we'll see if you can help us out. We're a multicultural team, most of our members are from south america, and we're very excited to start working with you. Pokemon Crimson is a project based on the region of Ventura, inspired by Venezuela, and some parts of Latin America. What are you waiting to join us? Let's go!

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