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    I've tried to make a better rip of that zone than we have now.

    If it has any mistakes wite about them here

    [Image: c5e4d9fe7ba40fc2dab74666d9d390a4.png]

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  • 03/08/18--09:30: Hola
  • Hola amigos estan como, espero que bien Como ve n  soy nuevo en el VG Re fuente  espero Estar a gusto con todos y Aprender Mas Cosas Sobre el 3D, Tanto En Su creacion Adaptación Demás Y Todo Lo tambien  me gustaria Aprender a ripear juegos me gusta Mucho los juegos tipo MMORPG Fantasy soy amante de esos tipos de juegos 
    bueno no leeremos luego 
    Saludos  Tongue

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  • 03/08/18--12:04: Speed Spriting
  • How fast can you recreate a sprite/pixel art? 

    My avatar is the front facing bunny Link from ALTTP

    my attempts: 

    1st try: 9m57s34
    2nd try: 5m31s81 
    3rd try: 5m29s25
    Can you do better ?

    =================== R U L E S ====================
    You can do anything except copy and paste the original, obviously. 
    you cannot copy a single pixel from the original,
    nor alter the original in any way.
    You can copy and paste any pixels you create, for example:
    I pixeled half of the black outline and then copied and horizontally flipped it 
    ==============================timer BEGINS: ==============================
    -program open, image at 100% view 
    ===============================timer ENDS:===============================
    -new bunny link must be to the right of the original (no pixels between; 32x22px) 
    -must be exactly the same, so be sure before you stop the timer
     (the white on this one is not a perfect white, but is actually slightly darker)
    -image re/saved as "bunny_link.png" (to discourage "asasdsdfsdf.png" as a valid workflow move) 

    have fun!
    start with the bunny link image in my avatar, or you can use the one at:

    *Speed spriting was inspired by speed running video games with the intent of improving workflow for pixel artists*

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    .png   Swoopin Stu2.png (Size: 208 KB / Downloads: 4) "Bwooww-wop!"
    I finally did it. I got my favorite enemy of Super Mario Sunshine, the Swoopin' Stu slash Gooble. I had this one ripped from a BMDviewer2 with Super Mario Sunshine ISO included, an adorable little ball of goo he is.

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    Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is a good game for mobile users to play, but it's been tough since Family Guy Online went offline on January, 2013. I never got to play the game, and models from the game never got ripped for, or submitted to, the Models Resource, not even in T-pose. So, I've started this petition to bring Family Guy Online back online.

    Click here to sign the petition.

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    Hi, it's me again. well this rip was not yet accepted in the spriters resource, so I got here to hear people's opinion on my rip,  well... that's it, bye! Wink

    [Image: 1520454041.png]

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    Hello Mystie or whoever can answer this question,

    I'm referring to the models here:

    First thank you Mystie and everyone who uploads to this site for the awesome rips.  I imported them into Blender and they look great.

    I didn't see any animation rigging though, is it included? If so, could someone help me understand how to access them? If not, is there a way to get animation data? 

    I've been learning how to use JSRF Modtool to rip JSRF stuff via Cxbx, if any of that is useful to answering my question.


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    I have a .dae file (not from this site) that won't open in Blender, the errors given in the system console indicate this is due to the paths for the texture files not existing. But is there any way I can get it to just ignore that and load the model without textures? I usually apply that stuff afterward anyway. This file opened fine in 3DS Max btw, but my license on that is expired so I can't use it.

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  • 03/10/18--14:46: Ripping from Google Maps
  • It turns out that starting today (Mar10 Day), Google is replacing the map cursor with Mario for the entire week. Is there any way to rip him?

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    I recently bought the game on Amazon, and have started a Steam account yesterday. However, I'm having trouble ripping models and textures from the game using Ninja Ripper. I pressed the assigned RIP and Texture keys, but nothing's happening. After I exit the game, the RIP and texture files never show up in the output folder. I've tried using the D3D9, D3D8 and D3D11 wrappers, but nothing. And when I run the game by itself, it gives me this "Steam needs to be running" error. What am I doing wrong?

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    Hi, it's me again. well this rip was not yet accepted in the spriters resource, so I got here to hear people's opinion on my rip,  well... that's it, bye! [Image: wink.png] 

    [Image: 103742.png]

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    Well, I saw "Creative writing" on the list of things I could put up here, so that probably includes the prologue to a new project I'm working on, which is text-only. It's basically a sprite comic using Deep Dungeons of Doom's graphical style. If there's any actual interest, then I'll attach images of the actual strips.

    I've found something unusual...
    it seems to be some kind of...portal generator? I don't really know...
    Oddly enough, a game seems to come with it. I might as well test to see if it's functioning properly.
    Here goes.

    ...The graphics and music are really familiar. they seem to be ripped from other games.
    Especially the that "Strike the Earth" I hear? Probably confirms my theory on that.

    Gameplay-wise, it's an action platformer with some RPG elements. Not even too hard, kind of like an easier Zelda II.

    [i]Decent graphics, great music. [/i]

    I speak from personal experience when I say that the fact that most of the assets seem to be from other games means that whoever made this did so alone.

    One major question though, and it's the one probably bugging you as well. Why the heck is this game for a freakin' portal generator?!

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    So after a bit of digging, i've been able to extract the models from these two games.

    However, there's an issue i've run into with some of the cars textures. For example, the Ford GT90 has a strange looking texture like this:

    From what I can gather, it looks to be some kind of tiled texture? My question is, has anyone had any experience with Xbox textures, especially ones like this?

    I have uploaded the texture if anyone is willing to look into this.

    Thank you!

    .zip (Size: 8.46 KB / Downloads: 4)

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    Posts: 3
    Threads: 2
    Joined: Feb 2018
    Warning Level: 30%
    Less than 1 minute ago

    who can extract the ippo model in the Victorious boxers game ippo road to glory, (character in 11m:48 se,ippo  with head gear))
    commission paid with 100 dollars

    let me know please

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    I want to show you characters that never appeared as playable in cancelled Jazz Jackrabbit 3.Last time Epic Games made ios demo 8 years ago.Including one scrapped character from jj3 Razz A'ma Tazz.
    [Image: bzlON1s.png]
    [Image: 39Xc9zI.png]
    [Image: j12fYSu.png][Image: M1Hig9b.png]It's Razz A'ma Tazz he's a cousin of Jazz Jackrabbit he was created by Dean Dodrill he also created Lori Jackrabbit.
    [Image: wVGMe7j.png]Queen Eva in jj3 she's got married to Jazz and they have a kids.

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  • 03/11/18--19:43: Model Ripping GTA:VC Modded
  • I don't know what good it'll do but I suppose it never hurts to try asking.

    I need some advice on ripping models so I can view them in blender for full 360 degree viewing in all directions for a project I am working on. Said project is sprite based but I need a reference for the sprite as well as a friend who is helping me design robot modes for the sprites and the only place to get the model I need is in a GTA:VC mod and a well known one at that so I suspect I may be stepping on toes here.

    The mod is Back to The Future: Hill Valley and the model I need is the model of the DMC 13 in the game. In my Transformers sprite comic project I am working on my character Chaindash transforms into that model of car but as it is a fictional car there are no photos and in game I can't get the camera close enougn for details nor at the proper angles.

    So can anyone recommend a program able to rip the models from the moded game so I can view them as close and at any angle in Blender? I would be very grateful if someone would help me with this I will do the work I just need the Programs and maybe a bit of instruction.

    Hope this works and thank you in advance.

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    Here, we can discuss the development of Into the Dungeon without cluttering up the thread where the actual comics are posted. Into the Dungeon is a sprite comic using Deep Dungeons of Doom-style graphics, and is one of my first attempts at getting back into using sprite fonts for dialogue rather than text, because sprite fonts are more legible at the resolution I use for these things. Here's the thread for the strips:

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    I couldn't find original 3d models of Devan Shell and Queen Eva because they never appeared in Jazz Jackrabbit 3 demo.So I decided to edit models of Koopa Troopa and Judy Hopps to make my own model of Devan Shell and Princess Eva Earlong.
    [Image: tR3Br2N.png]
    [Image: SunAPya.png]

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    Hello, this is my first sprites I'm posting on this forum. I just want to share them and get some feedback. I'm currently just working on Metroid sprites just so I don't get rusty and for general practice and thought Id share what I have done.

    The fallowing are custom Samus, Ripper, and Metroid sprites. They are referenced using the GBA Metroids and use existing color pallets from the same Metroid games as I'm really bad at making my own pallets other then that, they are 100% custom and original.

    [Image: Samus.png]

    [Image: Ripper.png][Image: Metroid.png]

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    NAnd o... I Am Not Talking About Those Cringey FNAF Ports... I'm Talking About The Sackboy From Littlebigplanet 1. I Wanna Make Promo Pictures For The Model. The First Promo Picture I Wanna Make For The Sackboy Model Is Sackboy Vs Perfect Chaos, SuperSmashBrosGmod Sackboy Meets Ported Sackboy, And Sackboy And Friends! Is It Ok? Smile

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