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  • 03/25/18--15:57: Cosmo the Seedrian model
  • Today I want to show you my own render(just like Nibroc-Rock does)of Cosmo the Seedrian.To be honest this 3d model belongs to Sega/Sonic Team and made by tinymik from deviantart if I get his permission can I upload it to custom sonic the Hedgehog characters on she's not canonical,but at least she appeared in Sonic X Season 3 which could be not related to post Sega Dreamcast Sonic Adventure series.
    [Image: UdrRIFB.jpg]

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    [Image: avatar_33541.gif?dateline=1519930196]
    Hello! You guys remember me? I'm Rainbow Question Mark! You know me because I appear in the comments throughout the whole VGR community. Anyways, I'm submitting sprite sheets for real! See you later!

    P.S. here's the sprite sheet of me and Shiny Exclamation Mark.
    [Image: lhzfo0.png]

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    Hello, I am a kind ripping beginner and have problem with ripping data from DUNAMIS15(XBOX360)
    well, actually, one of famous website provides us ripping tool for this game and another one, thank you for the author.
    The problem I have caused, might be converting data to BIN file.
    sorry for posting, I should have learned how to convert data to BIN file again.

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    Anyone care to help me convert these samples?:

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    Hi Guys, Does anyone know where I can download all the .SMD animations for supermario odyssey? I'll be willing to provide a converted animation in c4d format in exchange,
    I did it in a pokemon project for my son's vlog just using .smds, here's the link if you wanna see it in action ------->>

    Thanks in advanced!

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    I get bored, and think about things in games that just don't make sense, so I write up ideas to try and create sense. This is a thread dedicated to such writings.

    I also welcome debates against any points you draw contention with, even if it means repeating myself (a pet peeve).

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    The Legend of Zelda
    Final Fantasy XIII

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  • 03/26/18--14:18: More Sheets
  • One day I would like to see  a Super Mario Maker Style sprite sheet of both Raditz and Goku eventually.

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    I've ripped a model from Banjo-Kazooie and I'm not sure how to get a good image to use for the icon.
    Any help?

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  • 03/27/18--09:12: Help with Toon Ramps
  • Hey guys, I need a piece of information about textures.
    I'm willing to rip models from Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Ultimate Mission X, but some textures appear with their alpha and toon ramp separated. Is there a way to merge them and restore their natural color that appear in the game? I've tried coloring them by myself, but:
    1. For Xenoverse texture, there are some shadow problems
    2. About the DBH UMX ones, coloring the alpha parts result in a texture with black outlines but it's not as good as what I want.

    As I'm new, can someone illuminate me about those kinds of textures?

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    Hi Guys, I wanna know what I can use to get models and animation extracted from Mario Odyssey or other switch games please. thanks

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  • 03/27/18--11:05: Hi there
  • Hello!

    So, ive been trying to extract some resources from a game named Blustone.

    The files are all encrypted on .jet files. Anyone knows how to unpack them?

    Any help would be appreciated

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  • 03/27/18--13:04: .pak and .rad files
  • Hi, Im trying to get some character models out of the Game Avatar the burning earth.
    Took the Wii version and used dolphin to extract the files.
    Now I have a bunch of .pak and .rad files (im used to BREES)
    Does someone know a program to view and export models from those, like BREES viever but for these files.
    Or a good tutorial how to deal with them?

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  • 03/27/18--14:43: Video Game Character Artwork
  • Are there any websites other than Creative Uncut or The Video Game Gallery, where I can find Character Artwork for various games?

    I searched high and I searched low for Wave Race: Blue Storm Character Artwork, but found nothing

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    When i upload a ripped model should i include all/some of the lod's of the model or should i only upload only the highest poly version of the model?

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    [Image: 4toynl.png]

    This is a sprite sheet Neros Urameshi requested some time ago. This is Powerpuff Girl Blisstina Utonium done in the style of Powerpuff Girls: HIM and Seek for Game Boy Advance. Yeah, I know the sheet lacks her headband. I included her special Teleportation and Explosion attacks, and a flask of Chemical W on the bottom of the sheet for her revival sprites. Whether I update the sheet to include a Starburst pose or not is up to you.

    It was previously in pending for tSR, but rejected. So, I submitted it here in the forums for many to view.

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    These rips are from the ps2!M7YmybRQ!ZfgKBRQIGScDZArLNGProRLOBh7nDq4cue1Eeoo2VE8

    Background music were remove

    The file have dialogue audios as well

    Wondering if theres any changes I need to do before I post this?

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    Sorry for the sparse post. I will fill it out more as time goes forward and I find time to work on it.

    You know what has been missing since 2009. Any Ganbare Goemon content. I grew up with it. Everyone did. Since Konami is not doing anything, why not do something ourselves.

    So. The plan so far. Make an original stroy in the same vain as the N64 games.
    How. I just spent the last few 2 months ripping N64 models. I also have unity with the worst 3D camera I could make, but in time. It can improve. I will post some screenshots of what I have so far. And it is very very little. But everything has to start somewhere.

    What I can do though is post what I am thinking. And some screenshots of models.
    N64 Models :
    Yae in her new costume :

    Have gameplay like both N64 games. 
    Have all four characters be perfectly playable.
    Have new playable characters. (will be submitting those custom models tonight).

    Stretch: (As in if I figure it out. we can do it)
    4 player Co-op. Think Mystical Ninja 64 with 4 people running around.

    Now. Again, for the third time. This is sparse and needs more fleshing out. With real content. I will add some tonight. I will also be updating as I get a chance.
    Lets see what we can do.

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  • 03/28/18--11:02: MrPr1993' N64 Rips
  • Heyas! Um, I'm a newbie at this sort of thing, but I was able to rip a lil' handful of models from Conker's Bad Fur Day, but it ain't much. I'm only getting started [Image: 1521863497.png][Image: 1521907857.png][Image: 1521910780.png][Image: 1521913958.png][Image: 1521914099.png][Image: 1521917641.png][Image: 1521918980.png][Image: 1522039379.png]

    For now, I'm only targeting the smaller things.

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    As you may have known, I have submitted sprites and sounds from Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff into tSoR and tSR. However, I need help importing LTA files into Blender, and I already know the location of the game's "static" archive of the TinyCo website.

    First off, for example, I'm going to submit a PNG file I downloaded from the archive, of Stewie Griffin traveling to a friend's Quahog.

    [Image: f2GmaOO.png]

    Next, I'm going to link the LTA file that goes with the PNG.


    I know there's a way to import LTA into 3DSMax, but I don't have that program; I use Blender.


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    as the title says we can discuss pay

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