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The VG Resource - https://www.vg-resource.com

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  • 04/02/18--19:12: Roblox category change
  • They need to fix the Roblox models because weapons are gear not a separate category

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    I'm no ripper. I had my own reasons for ripping these files.
    However, I've stripped a lot of assets from Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble and I thought I'd share them here.
    I used the "general ripping" board because there are models, textures, sprites, and sounds.
    As well as Wibble Wobble, I've thrown in some models from Yo-Kai Watch Land and Youkai Watch Taisou. 
    I hope someone finds these useful.
    Since I don't do this sort of thing often, I probably won't be around much and I've tossed the files onto a free service called ExpireBox so don't hesitate to grab them up.


    Again, I hope someone finds these useful.
    Heck, if anyone wants to fix them up or whatever and upload them, feel free to take full credit, I really don't care so long as these assets get shared around and become available to everybody.

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  • 04/03/18--06:25: .ovl File Extraction Help
  • When i finished extracting the .zap files from W&G Curse of the Were Rabbit I got some .ovl files, I googled searched ".ovl file extraction help,ect" I found out another game made by the same developer uses the same format but i couldn't find help, how would i extract the files?

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    Does anyone know of a Blender compatible python alternative to the *NO importer script? I have been trying to rip models for "Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity" for a while now and I have no way of using or obtaining 3ds Max.

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    Hi there,

    I am an artist based in Australia who works with 3D models and photography. I'm looking to hire someone to help me out with a simple, small animation project using Final Fantasy models. I'm particularly interested in Final Fantasy XV models but want to work with models from previous games as well. I'm interested in all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, and am open to a collaborative process in this project. If you are interested please contact me here or in a PM. 

    I look forward to hearing from any interested parties.


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    You guessed it. I'm back at it again with another baseball game ripping request.

    This time, for a game called プロ野球バーサス. I tried tinkering around a bit with the files, and apparently the whole game is done in Unity. So, I tried using a few Unity ripping tools, seeing if I can try my luck ripping anything like models, stages, etc. Only models I've found in the game data appear to be the skydome, caps/helmets, balls, bats and mits, and doesn't show any other models (i.e. stages, players, mascots, 3D logos, etc.).

    Someone want to lend me a hand here?


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    I have a couple of questions about submissions. (1) If a copyright owner wanted a game not to be removed, but instead have the submissions not be released until X amount of time after Y point in time, can that be done? And (2) does the rule that basically says submissions won't be accepted until the global release date of the game, apply to pre-release demos? To be more specific, would I have to wait until the demo is released world wide, or until the full game is released world wide?

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    This ripping project is for my personal archive, but I'm trying to rip sprites from video games that don't exist either in a playable form or at all. Basically, I'm doing 2 things (1) I'm ripping sprites from alpha, beta, prototype, unreleashed, etc. games where only sceeenshots and videos exist and (2) I'm ripping those fake video games that you see in TV shows, movies, shorts, cartoons, etc.

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  • 04/04/18--10:53: Custom Gotenks Trophy Model
  • Hello everyone.

    I am trying to make a custom model look-a-like of my favorite Fusion character, Gotenks like he was in Xenoverse 2, but I can't see to get the model exactly like in the pose of this picture below.

    I downloaded the textures from somewhere in DeviantArt, but no model format in obj. Any help would be appreciated.

    .jpg   Gotenks-TheHero.jpg (Size: 128.07 KB / Downloads: 1)

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  • 04/04/18--22:13: Need Help With DebuGens
  • I'm currently ripping some missing Altered Beast stuff, as well as Alien Storm, using DebuGens and Illu's script. However, the script that turns bgs pink does not seem to work with Alien Storm, and I try to use the VDP dump to view tiles, but it gives me no option to export these tiles into a bitmap. Could someone help me out here?

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    So I had ripped sprites from the unlicensed NES game magic carpet 1001 but it got rejected
    Any advice for this novice ripper?

    .png   magic_carpet_spritesheet.png (Size: 6.78 KB / Downloads: 10)

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    Hello there!

    Seems that you want to view some animations of games, right? If yes, this is your place! KillzXGaming created a tool for viewing animations for Nintendo Switch and Wii U games! This tool is still on beta so we can't export the animations yet.



    If you want to ask about the tool, go here (discord) :



    Ploaj for original tool and animation interpolation stuff.

    Smb123w64gb which made imrpovements to the original tool.

    RandomTalkingBush for his script that gave an idea on the layout that changed for the format

    Aboood40091 & GDKchan for swizzle code. (Not implimented fully yet)

    I didn't created this tool or helped to create this.

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    Why they you decided to delete this article without telling me or giving me the reason?
    What I wanted was to show you a problem that has thousands of users on the Internet who were downloading erroneously the PC/Mac games on the Android/iOS devices (include smartphones & tablets), and has grown in a serious way when these have become in dominants.
    And when I made the part of YouTube, they deleted it without warning, I want to give me the reason for this.

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    Disclaimer: This is my first time approaching reverse engineering.

    Overview: Need for Speed 5 is a classic (1990 era) racing game that was extremely unique in that it featured only Porsche, and the developers even worked with Porsch AG to make it as simulated as possible for the time period.
    Here we are 18 years later, and the track format has not been completely REd.
    I have taken the time to dig over the past 3 years to no avail. I can't find info on the car model format, which might lend a hand in reverse engineering the track model format.

    What I HAVE managed to do was get the track models "decompressed", which yields some clear details, but beyond this I wouldn't have any clue how to proceed. The reason I have quotes is that being the format was never fully figured out, it very well could be useless in this manor.

    I am hoping someone who has the skill and knowledge would be willing to aid me in getting this format figured out, so at minimal the models could be extracted, and ideally editable. The minimal goal is due to the fact I make video games, so it would be easier for me to make a modernized application sporting these resources, rather than a simple track editor, though there is a community that still plays this game and would be extremely excited if the format was figured out to where we could import other tracks into the game for a fresh take.

    For now, I will share 7 files to serve as examples.
    In the track folder:
    the .crp files are the native tracks in their original form.
    the .drp are the supposedly decompressed versions, and clearly have noteworthy information, such as UV, and texture references.
    I have also included a car model that has both the crp and drp versions as a possible guide, as that format has long been figured out, but lost to time.
    I can easily extract textures from the game, and teach track has additional data that I can provide upon request.
    The last included file is the de/compression tool.

    This game is now considered Abandonware, and can easily be obtained for those curious. Unfortunately with each windows update, it gets harder and harder to run this game, the graphics are extremely dated, ripping tools like ninjaripper cannot rip anything other than 2D planes, so that route isn't possible, and I neither have a free camera mode for top down pics to serve as a template for modeling, nor experience to model it freehand (better yet, at all).

    ANY help would be appreciated, as there are people in the community who can code the necessary tools to manipulate it once it is figured out. Having this knowledge might even arm me to make an exporter for the older Need for Speed 4 track files, which would be the main game we would want to import tracks from.

    Files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x46qm58do6phdda/nfs5.zip?dl=0

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    I really need help on something.
    For whatever reason, I can't sign in onto any of the Resources sites (Spriters, Models, Textures, and Sounds) on this MacBook Pro I have (I can sign in just fine on other devices, just not this specific computer).
    Whenever I try to click "Login" on these sites, it always goes to a blue background with white text saying "Click here to return to the site you logged in from." and just redirects back to the home page without even logging in at all.
    Is there a possible cause for this and is there any way I can fix it?

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    What are some games where the presentation was the highlight for you?

    I remember in the early to mid 2000s I started playing Adventure Quest, and I was super impressed with the presentation, but not so much the gameplay and story. Don't get me wrong, I liked the gameplay and the story was good, but this was a time when my experience with PC games were educational games, free games in cereal and kids meals, PODs, and a few flash games. I didn't think that my PC  (a Windows 98 SE computer) was capable of such good presentation while having good gameplay and story. I know that sounds silly, but for years most of the good video games I played was on consoles and handhelds, I didn't get to experience the good MS-DOS and Windows games until later. I mean, I did, but they were limited to point and click adventure games, a sports game, a racing game, Runescape, and what ever games I could get on flash sites and Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Fox Kids, Fox Family, and the Digimon Movie websites. Adventure Quest, looked different. Runescape was technically more advanced, but it looked pretty s#!@&y. Also, the flash games I played were usually less than great, with the exception of the ones on the websites for the TV networks. Also, at the time, Runescape ran pretty slow on my DOS based Windows PC with Dial up, so Adventure Quest ran better, and in my opinion looked better.

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  • 04/07/18--13:27: Funny Rejection
  • Sry late night
    Please delete

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    Newest addition: Pyra and her Sword

    [Image: DzFVQhb.png]


    Downloads will lead to my mega.nz folder, which will get updated over time. Files will be the same uploaded to VG-Resources. Releases will follow a weekly schedule. Please follow me on Deviantart or Twitter if you want notifications on an upload, or notifications in general. 

    I use 3DS Max 2018, and thus everything is confirmed to at least work with Autodesk programs. Any conversions from FBX might mess things up. The .blender file is made by me, who is inexperienced in blender. So please, let me know if there is any problems.

    What I have done

    Nothing much honestly. Ploaj did a good job in his tool, not to much for me to do other than build a Morph on her face, clean up minor issues, and make various optimization e

    What is Included
    • The Character themselves, along with any edits I have done
    • A Raw version of the character, straight out the tool without any edits 
    • Their expressions as a morph modifier, though only available in .FBX (confirmed working with 3DS Max 2018)
    • Organized expressions folder, with the expressions spread out for ease of use, meant to work on top of my .FBX, otherwise the .DAE has them all mixed up and included.
    Experimental 3D Eyes

    As of right now, I hate how XC2 did their eyes, its super strange, more strange the Fire Emblem Warriors. I opted to make 3D eyes myself, expecting many people to potentially have problems. This is included in its own file, not the root folder. Its experimental, so please tell me how it performs and if you even use it, or not. I don't wanna do this if no one ends up using it or liking it. If something is wrong or off about it, please let me know.


    These models are extracted raw, and kept that way through editing and release. They are not geared for VRchat, nor MMD, or other 3rd party programs. Getting them to work and look good in other programs is up to you, but I am willing to offer support, or help, expesially if anything of the model is broken. My only gift to you guys was 3D eyes, and even then I am hoping that works out.

    Credits to:

    SciresM              - Made HacTool which gets into the XCI
    Thealexbarney    - Made a bf2.ard unpacker script
    Ploaj                  - Made a tool to view and access the models 
    DSX8                 - Helped with Ploaj to get the tool out in working order, as well as gave me the opportunity to even do this.

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    I want to rip models from Punch Out Wii by using my Dolphin Emulator, but I'm not sure if I can do it.

    Isn't there anyone who can at least rip the models from the game, or at least try to get the models from there? I want to get my King Hippo model as soon as possible.

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
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    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!

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