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    Saint Elias Cognitive  Finally, after six months I were given a vehicle; then blessings got here; and, finally, after ten months, I got lower back on medication. Saint Elias Cognitive stage of harassment at paintings declined. I discovered work outdoor Saint Elias Cognitive Italian Deli.

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    So, we all know that Sony was contracted by Nintendo to make a CD add-on for the SNES (which eventually evolved into the Playstation), but when that deal fell through Nintendo instead turned to Philips to make the add-on. Nintendo gave Philips a license for their characters in exchange, but Philips decided to instead focus on their multimedia console, the CD-i, and with license in hand, several games were pitched and four were made. The games made were Hotel Mario, Link the Faces of Evil, Zelda Wand of Gamelon, and Zelda's Adventure; while other pitched titles included Super Mario's Wacky Worlds (an alpha build has been found for this title) and Mario takes America (no builds or footage has been found for this title). Hotel Mario, Link the Faces of Evil, and Zelda Wand of Gamelon often are looked at as bad games and feature in many of a YouTube Poop. Super Mario's Wacky Worlds is often mixed with some complaining it is incomplete (despite the fact it is an alpha build); while others praise its potential. Zelda's Adventure is a bit different, for starters it was made by a different company than the other two Zelda games on the platform, second it was made for a far lower budget, third it features digitized graphics, fourth the cutscenes were made with live action actors instead of being animated, and fifth the game has a more traditional 2D Zelda style (for example, the other two Zelda CD-i games are Fantasy Action-Platformers with RPG elements, while Zelda's Adventure is an overhead Fantasy Action-Adventure game with RPG elements). It is hard (or impossible) to find raw gameplay footage of Zelda's Adventure and I have yet to see raw footage of the cutscenes or rips of the music, sound effects, sprites, etc.

    So, why is Zelda's Adventure on the CD-i often overlooked when compared to the other Nintendo games on the CD-i.

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    In this game you can create your own customized levels,
    Select Objects
    to select tiles and Objects, select Edit tiles only
    to multiply one by one after selecting it, press A, D, W, S, or to multiply continuous after selected press Ctrl + A, Ctrl + D, Ctrl + W, Ctrl + S
    delete an item select the object then press delete,

    to select the enemies first delete the Edit only Objects / Enemies option the same procedure of tiles and Objects,

    Grid Visible / Invisible, for better customization,

    Object properties option
    select this option for object enhancements such as Opacity, Angle,

    Properties of Enemies option
    select this option for object enhancements such as HP, Speed,

    Level Options
    in this option you can modify levels such as Map size, Save slot, Load slot, Background, Scroll Rate XY, Zoom Rate XY

    Map size, in this option you can modify the width and height of the level
    Save slot, Load slot, in this option you can save and load custom levels, remembering always save in a different slot so that you do not save on top of another recording when saving a recording then you can create an image icon of the levels but for that you presisa create the image with the same name as the recording in the data folder contains an example in the folder
    ScrollRate XY, ZoomRate XY, in this option you modify to adjust the position of the background image
    Background <> In this option you load a background image located in the Backgrounds folder, remembering you can add new images in this folder backgrounds just follow the numbering type 1,2,3,35,36 etc ....

    when everything has ready the creation press Play and have fun, to return to the Game Editor when the game has rolled press Enter / Pause and the menu of options will appear,
    In case of a bug within the game please let me know so I can arrange

    watch the videos know the game a little

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  • 04/26/18--10:31: Looking for a PIXEL ARTIST!
  • [color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]Hi everyone, my name is Oren and I am searching for a pixel game designer to join my current project that I am developing.
    The game is an online multiplayer game (coding with Csharp, game engine is Unity, network engine is Photon).

    I also have a channel where I post devlogs about the game:

    [/color][color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]

    If you are interested please be aware of those things:
    1.  if you decide to join and the game will be profitable we will be sharing the revenue of course (contract)
    2.  I am searching for someone with a real passion that loves creating games, coming up with new ideas and just in general have an open mind for new things.

    And of course there is a few more details but  if you are interested just send me a message/email!
    Thank you for reading!  Smile

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  • 04/26/18--12:07: Corpse Party Pc's Bcx Files
  • So i recently got corpse party for pc and i was wanting to rip the map and character sprites out of the game but their in a strange .bcx file format. I can't figure out how to open them. Dragon Unpacker can't open them, and i can't find any other way to, i already know ninja ripper wouldn't be much help in this case.

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    Hello everybody.

    For some time, I have been riping the content of "Utopia, Creation of a Nation", a SNES game.
    I know that there is already a section for this game, but it only contains a small number of assets.
    I have about 500 distincts assets.

    The problem is : between the moment I started and now, I changed the method used for ripping content.
    Several times.

    I know myself a bit and I know there is a high risk that all of this content just end up nowhere, that I'll just give up the whole thing.
    I recently had a HDD problem and almost lost A LOT of things (these assets being the least interesting of them).
    Even this post has been written little by little. Add to this that english is not my native language.

    So, here it is. It's not yet "done" and it's why I need a bit of help.
    First, it's not organized on a "spritesheet". It's invidual files. However, I guess that there exists some tool to do this automagically so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. I myself have a script (php) to gather them (which create a PNG which I pass through an other program, in C, I made to generate a compressed file in the form of a C source file containing an array and automated image extraction so I don't need to link SDL_image and libpng+zlib, only zlib blablabla).
    Then, I need information about color in the SNES. I use zsnes, but it adds a 2 pixels black line at the bottom of the screen.
    For full screen images, I patched them with 2 lines from snes9x BUT colors are a bit different. The compression script mentionned above contains a "magnet" algorithm (to palettize the image), but I don't know what is the REAL color I should have.
    So I need informations about the SNES, how it handles colors and how should a "magnet" red green and blue channels.
    Is white 255,255,255 ? In true color yes, but in SNES ?
    And is black 0,0,0 ? Same as above.

    And, when tiles are like "autotiles" (for example a lake) should I use special names ? Like "left_border", "bottom_corner", "middle" etc ? Right know I use only numbers.

    Here is a zip containing most of this work (including copies etc. I am going to clean this up as soon as I'll have ripped everything).

    You have 2 "root" directories :

    _creation was used to ... well "create" things for my program. What you want in it is: "resources - Copie". It contains units and buildings. Also tiles, but, "old fashion" ripped, so there is likely more errors in there. I also planned to extract only the "snow" planet back then.
    It also contains some sound file, but I realized recently (today) that I ripped them WITH song filter and that I need to extract them again.

    java : it's the tool I ended up with. It implements the "left and right" method described at the end of the post.
    + it uses MD5 hash to detect if a tile has already been ripped (faster than a pixel by pixel comparison). As is, it contains absolute path hardcoded so it's not usefull. But you have it (and I can edit it)
    I made it myself, so I am absolutly sure I have the right to share it XD

    And you have tiles extracted in  : grass, pink, red, rock, snow.
    It's NOT over. There is still some little thing missing, I am pretty sure. And, as I said, I need a little help.

    There is 5 different kind of planet in "utopia":
    green (moss)
    white (snow)
    grey (rock)

    Once again I need help. Should I use only "colors" (pink etc.) ? Grass and snow are good names, but I couldn't find a name for "pink".
    I am asking a question because, with the clone of Utopia I am making, I also made an editor (I didn't have a HDD for a week, but I had a usb key and a browser ... so, I started an editor in javascript XD).

    There is two planets for each "theme
    On each planet there is an alien race, so you have 10 alien races.
    Each alien has at least one type of unit. But they can have more. 
    It is (was) especially hard to rip alien units, as they tend to destroy everything and you can't control them.
    I also "ripped" the construction time for each building, how many available worker you need, how much energy it consumes, how much units it produces etc.
    And also some piece of algorithms, key values, some texts, box placement, gui speed (for the movement of the cursor and the opening of windows). I just don't know what you want.
    once again, need help : do you know a method to extract easily texts from a rom (instead of doing it by hand).

    However, here is some tip/trick if people want to do that themselves.
    If you want to play and enjoy the game, you may as well stop reading now, as you have cheat and bug use below.

    1) You can't build farther than 12 tile from a fluxpod (= you need to be "close" to a fluxpod to build, close=12 tile radius).
    EXCEPT when you build fluxpods at the very top or the very bottom (first and last line of the map) of the map.
    There you can build fluxpod (if you have enough money&colons, if the ground is buildable etc.).
    And once the fluxpod is done building, you can use it as a regular fluxpod and build whatever you want.
    2) Ennemies tend to don't be hostile just after they enter the map. Build on the border of the map, you'll be mostly safe.
    3) Ennemies need a "buildable" tile to spawn. I am not talking about the "near fluxpod" thing, they need a free tile where you could build something. Make a wall around the map : no new ennemy will enter.
    4) We are on a Super Nintendo, so there is little processing power.  For this reason, devs didn't implement a smart AI and use a trick instead: ennemy units go from a marker to the other.
    Move the marker, you'll change where they go (their path is updated once they reach the previous destination, however).
    This is not stupid at all, as you use yourself these marker to move your units. Without knowing it, when you was sending units to key points you was also giving the ennemy a location to attack.  

    Combining all of this, you can start the game by building a flux pod at the top of the map and extend on the border from this. If you are fast enough, you'll be able to leave the center of the map before they attack. Once it's done, you can observe them and take as much pictures as you want.

    If you want to rip tiles it's a bit easier.
    Global information : a tile is 32 pixel width and at least 15 pixel height. It can be higher without problem (for example most building/mountain/tree are higher)
    Tiles connect left and right, no "up and down". This mean that you have rows of tiles, not columns.
    The bottom of a tile is typically a "stairs" of 2*1. This is sometime not the case and it leads to tiles "bugging over" the border of the viewport, or having a hole.

    You need to use what I call the "left and right method".
    First, disable layer "BG2". It's the border and the background.

    Put the wanted tile at the leftmost of the area. Take a screenshot.
    Put the wanted tile at the rightmost of the area. Take a screenshot.

    Now you can extract the 2 half of the tile, 16 and 16 pixels. You can take a vertically big rectangle, as you have only black beneath and below the tile.

    You can also try the "top and bottom method", but it will not work well in some case ( as tiles can be higher than 15 pixel they can overlap tiles above them).

    Note that you can easily find, with zsnes cheat, the "code" to freeze the day. If you do that as soon as you start the game, you'll be able to rip every tiles you want without being bothered with colony management.
    (well, earth will try to sell you colons time to time but it's all).

    Thanks for reading.
    Sorry for the almost unreadable post.

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    Can someone Get this tree model?  Smug [Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

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  • 04/27/18--05:58: Conker's Bad Fur Day
  • I'm gonna post my CBFD rips here, feel free to add you're own.

    Berri "Missing Pink Cheeks"
    [Image: kM6NUyM.png]

    Matrix Berri "Missing Pink Cheeks"
    [Image: HFl5TsT.png]

    Marvin "Missing Whiskers"
    [Image: VyKuOXi.png]

    Bat Conker "Baked Eyes"
    [Image: 6U60b9s.png]

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  • 04/27/18--08:55: Hi there!
  • Hello!  I'm new to this site so let my introduce myself.  I'm zuperZACH but you can call me Zach.  I am 14 years old currently and i live in Colorado.  I'm male.  I often use this site for resources for video game aspects, mostly sprite sheets.  On that note, i would also like to post my own custom made and edited sprite sheets here!  Video Games i play include Super Mario, Pac-Man, Kirby, Plants vs. Zombies, Puyo Puyo, and so much more!  I'm glad to be joining you guys!  Big Grin

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  • 04/27/18--11:47: Grand Chase Battle
  • Grand Chase Battle, a platform game, Action, Adventure fight to destroy Grandiel one of the most terrible enemies of grand chase
    Attack, Z
    Jump, U

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  • 04/27/18--16:17: Conker: Live and Reloaded
  • Can people please rim model for this game!?

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  • 04/28/18--06:33: My sprite work
  • I plan to upload these to The Spriters Resource.  I would like your guys' feedback on these first.[Image: Pac-Man.png][Image: Plants_vs._Zombies.png][Image: Puyo_Puyo.png][Image: Adeleine.png]

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  • 04/28/18--23:14: Request Sprite Rips
  • My Request of Ripping Sprites will be for someone ripping it Wink


    Sooty & Sweep (Amiga)
    Sooty and Sweep's Fun with Numbers (Amiga)


    Sooty & Sweep (Commodore 64)
    Sooty's Fun With Numbers (Commodore 64)
    Bob the Builder Fix it Fun (Game Boy / GBC)
    The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland (Game Boy / GBC)
    Dexter's Laboratory: Robot Rampage (Game Boy / GBC)
    Woodpecker (Arcade)
    Kangaroo (Arcade)


    Sooty & Sweep (ZX Spectrum)
    Sooty's Fun With Numbers (ZX Spectrum)
    Franklin The Turtle (Game Boy Advance)
    Noddy - A Day In Toyland (Game Boy Advance)

    Mr. C:

    Curious George (Game Boy Advance)
    Nicktoons: Freeze Frame Frenzy (Game Boy Advance) (Otto Rocket (FULL RIP), SpongeBob SquarePants (FULL RIP), Timmy Turner (FULL RIP), Zim (Playable) (FULL RIP) and Timmy Turner (NPC)

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    [Image: 543.png]

    Hey guys Smile

    I've made an Android app called Live Wallpaper Maker, which allows to create dynamic wallpapers that you can build yourself and share as .ZIP files. If you don't feel creative, you can still download new themes from the community!

    [Image: 276.gif]

    The app is free and without ads. You can grab it on Google Play:

    The app comes with 7 generic built-in themes, but you can download a few more gaming themes here.

    Themes Downloads:
    Use the menu option "Import Downloaded Themes" to automatically move all the downloaded .ZIP files starting with "LWM_" to the correct folder.

    Super Mario Bros. NES Hills
    Super Mario Bros. NES Underground
    Super Mario Bros. NES Mushrooms
    Super Mario Bros. NES Bridge
    Super Mario Bros. NES Castle

    Sonic the Hedgehog MD Hills

    Castlevania Bloodlines MD Gate
    Castlevania Symphony of the Night PS1 Entrance Corridor

    Progear ARC Stage 1

    Street Fighter 2 ARC Honda

    The King of Fighters 2000 NG Zeros

    Prince of Persia DOS Prison
    Prince of Persia DOS Palace

    Tales of Phantasia SNES Battle Forest

    Final Fantasy 7 PS1 Slums

    [Image: 316.gif]

    You can check the official website for the documentation on the theme format, but the easier way to get started is to unzip any sample theme and see how it works!
    Official Website:

    This app relies on sprite ripping, so I will need your help!

    Please give it a try, and share your creations - for any game from any platform you like - on this thread. Thanks!

    Here's a few screenshots.

    [Image: 572.png]

    [Image: 546.png]

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    Hey, I'm planning on eventually working on a "remake" of the Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3, because that game ate up so much of my childhood and I have a raging nostalgia boner for it.
    I don't know what I plan on using as an engine as of yet, I'm more so worried about porting resources over before even beginning to mess around with that.
    That being said, I'm already aware of how to port models, textures, and sounds from Budokai 3 (Thanks to this little thread While ideally I'd like to port the animations from the game's files, I'm not entirely sure what to do with that. (I could rig the models and animate them myself, but for obvious reasons I'd rather explore alternatives first.)
    So far I managed to rip the files that the animations are stored in (or at least they should be according to this: using QuickBMS and the 2DragonBallBIN script found in the aforementioned VG-Resource thread. This gave me a .AMC, a .AML, a .BCM, and a .SPX file, none of which I know the functionality of.
    If there is anyone out there who has any knowledge as to what these files are, or as to what I'd have to do to eventually port and apply the animations associated with them to the models they are associated with, I would very much so appreciate your input.

    If there are any other details I should put out in order to clarify what I'm asking for/wanting/doing, let me know please. I omitted some details to try and keep this quick, so I probably left out important details oof.

    Also, I'm aware that this might be the wrong place for this thread to go, if so I apologize. Models/Ripping just felt like the most appropriate section for this. I'll move it to general ripping if that would be more appropriate. 


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  • 04/29/18--16:58: Rate my work
  • To start, i made all this sprites (And the Sheet) on 3 Days ago
    [Image: Magolor_Soul.png] [Image: Miniautra.png]
    I want everyone to give their opinion and what should be improved

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  • 04/29/18--20:12: Spider-Man Unlimited Models
  • Hello all,

    I would like to see if anyone could assist me in being able to extract these models from the BDAE files. There is already a noesis script that can extract most of the models, yet, there are still some that can not be extracted using that script. I want to see if someone could make a script that can extract all models from the game.

    .zip   smu (Size: 920.82 KB / Downloads: 1)

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  • 04/30/18--03:43: hidden sprites
  • I'm not sure if I'm posting it to the right thread, so correct me please if something is wrong

    So what I wanted to know is why Hotline Miami 2 sprites, such as playable characters and enemies are hidden? Last time I checked, which was about an year ago, they were avaliable

    And it's pretty hard to find original sprites now, because there's a lots of custom sprites after HM2 level editor release

    I was able to get what I needed with HLMWadExplorer, but still I'm very curious why are they hidden here?

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  • 04/30/18--04:58: Big Arm Front Sprite
  • Big Arm front sprite. Based on original sprite

    If it has some mistakes write about them

    .png   bigarmsr.png (Size: 22.04 KB / Downloads: 4)

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    So i managed to open the files for Viva Pinata pocket paradise (for the ds) but there was a file called assets.bin, ive tried multiple programs to open it and none of them seem to work. i can't even just straight up extract it, however i have been able to confirm it is not compressed or anything seeing as viewing it in a hex editor i was easily able to find most if not all the in-game next and pinata names. <--- As Shown in this image
    if anyone wants to take a look into it here's a download link to the .bin  file. this is most likely the only place in the files the models could possibly be stored in beccause the rest of the files are .lev files and there are other ones that don't appear to have a proper extension either.
    if someone does figure it out, i would like to know how you opened it and stuff if thats ok, because i've got a few other games files that i can't open the bin files for using any existing programs ive tried..

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