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  • 04/30/18--14:12: World Poker Tour
  • It's been a really long time since I posted something, don't mean I haven't been busy spriting (or however people say it)
    But I've decided to post these sprites from the game, World Poker Tour, on the Gameboy Advance.

    I thought they were pretty cool to have and some were hard to acquire, seeing as the tournament tables aren't unlockable for some reason so you actually have to play and win each tournament. Also I'm terrible at poker, but here they are, for now I'm not sure on how to make the tumbnails anymore.

    .png   WPT - Poker Tables.png (Size: 36.95 KB / Downloads: 3)

    .png   WPT - Portraits.png (Size: 260.15 KB / Downloads: 4)

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    how do i do that change my age, birth and avatar  Shocked

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    I had succeeded in using WiiScrubber to extract some files from Punch-Out Wii to try and rip some character models, but the one in particular that I am interested in ripping is King Hippo, my favorite boxer from Hippo Island.

    But alas, I come across some .data, .dict, .debug files that I am having difficulty trying to get into with QuickBMS. So please, find it in your hearts to help a fellow model ripper out to get King Hippo's model ripped. I already saw some audience models ripped with Donkey Kong's, a crossaint and a baguette ripped too, but I NEED to know how they ripped those models out.

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    after nearly a month of digging into the files i can't seem to get into the iso without some sort of trouble, would it better if i just tried to rip of the files from a physical copy of the game or just try to understand the insanely garbled up text in the kldata.bin file? Also, if i try to open it in winrar it tells me the bin file is either unsupported or damaged, it literally wont open in any program i use and its getting on my nerves....i honestly feel like its going to be some super obvious format or something, maybe looking through the files of other games namco released around the same time and seeing if they have similar layouts may help. Like tekken 4 maybe?

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    After messing around with one of Wario's sprites from Super Mario Land 2, I had the sudden inspiration to create a full sheet for an SMB-styled Wario. I just want to hear some honest feedback about this.

    .png   Wario - Super Mario Bros. NES Styled.png (Size: 10.65 KB / Downloads: 5)

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    Rapid Tone Diet  Don't feel awful in case your friends have bigger, nicer backpacks. Don't examine your bags to all people else's. Everybody makes use of their instances in exceptional methods; there is no want to judge all people else's packing patterns. They have a distinct destination than you do.

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  • 05/02/18--04:34: Quick Question
  • Obviously I'm a newbie here. Does anybody know what I need to rip models from games? U-uwah... Shocked Surprise 

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  • 05/02/18--06:50: Ripping NIER (NieR Gestalt)
  • Hi, I have a ROM of the original NieR for PS3 and I'm trying to obtain the sound files (especially for the Grimoire Weiis voice clips).

    I've seen in some posts that the sound files are suposed to be in the folder MEDIA, but I only have a file called STABLE.SDAT and a folder with the 3 CGI cutscenes of the game and the intro, in there.

    So I'm publishing this thread in order to ask if somebody knows where this files are and/or how to get it (I tried the PSound, but it didn't work).


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    Everyone, this is BigBellies, a newbie in ripping video game models, and I am in desperate need of ripping models from a specific game.

    I had download QuickBMS and used WiiScrubber, but unfortunately I got .data, .dict files. Are there BMS scripts for unpacking these particular files from this game? Models124717 was lucky to rip some models out, but I need to know how this person did it.

    So, please help me with a cherry on top?

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    I decided to rewrite this post. I've been trying to rip from 2 of my favorite ds games, Viva Pinata Pocket Paradise and heartcatch precure oshare collection, but they seem to have these unopenable bin files which using tinke i was able to open as a pack but they just shit out more bin files. and those i still can't open, i can tell heartcatch precure uses bm0 textures or whatever they're called because i saw it in the hex data at one point. as for viva pinata i don't know. The heartcatch one has a small set of models and is mostly sprites and stuff. but the models are mainly what im after, i may also try to rip the customization items and the precure form sprites, viva pinata on the other hand has a shizztwizlle of models. I dont know if im just using tinke wrong or if its just the way the games are formatted, im still pretty new to ripping from nintendo ds games so im probably doing something wrong.

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  • 04/27/18--08:55: Hi there!
  • Hello!  I'm new to this site so let my introduce myself.  I'm zuperZACH but you can call me Zach.  I am 14 years old currently and i live in Colorado.  I'm male.  I often use this site for resources for video game aspects, mostly sprite sheets.  On that note, i would also like to post my own custom made and edited sprite sheets here!  Video Games i play include Super Mario, Pac-Man, Kirby, Plants vs. Zombies, Puyo Puyo, and so much more!  I'm glad to be joining you guys!  Big Grin

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  • 05/03/18--00:20: NDS Models Messed up?
  • So i opened the files i got from this nds game using apicula and when i opened them in the mkds course modifier it almost looks like either the model or textures are severly messed up, like i see parts of a whole different character on the model's face. here's a screenshot of it 

    .png   download.png (Size: 21.8 KB / Downloads: 2)

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    Is there a way to rip voices and sound effects from that game?

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    Using Psxprev i was able to open and extract the pmd and tmd files for klonoa beach volleyball, but only the stage models come out right, i haven't found a single intact character model, and i think they come out all garbled and messed up beyond recognition. Is there any other way i can get this files out and have them be intact? and possibly their animations too? if not then i might give vram ripping a shot, that is if ripping models via vram is even possible. I've been trying to figure this games models out for awhile now. 
    Also sorry about my never ending thread posts. I wont post another thread until i complete something in one of my existing threads or until i can finally delete one.

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    Shred T3X  Good query! They are completed by using contracting Shred T3X muscle mass on Shred T3X pelvic floor (known as Shred T3X muscular tissues) and serve MANY one-of-a-kind functions - from growing muscle tone, to rectifying sexual dysfunction like untimely ejaculation, to growing blood flow to Shred T3X penis. (Apparently - ladies have Shred T3X identical muscle, and many popular exercises for women and reproductive health are ALSO aimed toward Shred T3X identical part of Shred T3X pelvic floor)

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    As you may know, I have been posting the articles from James Cameron's Titanic Explorer under "Biographies". Is there a way you can rename an entire section without doing it manually, as in putting it in a new section?

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  • 05/04/18--21:16: Greetings!
  • I am ShootingStar7X. I have been browsing the VG Resource for quite a while now, but only now have I decided to create an account here.

    Though I'm not too good at it yet, I'll try to rip sprites.

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    Been Trying to Rip models from MJ The Experience on DS, Tried 3 different Roms & I can't find a folder labeled Models (using, I was wondering if anyone could help me

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    Hi Guys.

    Using the following script from Xentax that was made a few years back I was able to extract no-name files (no file extensions either) from an emi file.

    Here is a link to the emi file and to the files extracted from it.!RxNSQACC!hG4142CrfNfyD7n52HZhcQ

    Here is the mex/quickbms script.

    # MexScript for EMI files from Breath Of Fire 4
    # By Mr.Mouse
    # ----------------------------
    # First get the Number of files (FN)
    ImpType SFileSize ;
    Get FN Long 0 ;
    Get U1 Long 0 ;
    GetDString ID 8 0 ;
    # The ID string is "MATH_LAB"
    # Very well, now prepare some padding calculations
    # Each data stream (data section) is padded up to
    # 0x800 blocks.
    Set B Long 2048 ;
    Set A Long FN ;
    Math A *= 16 ;
    Math A += 16 ;
    Set C Long A ;
    Math C /= B ;
    Math C *= 2048 ;
    Math C += 2048 ;
    Set Off Long C ;
    # Good, now we have calculated the Offset of the
    # first file. Let's start reading the file info for each file
    # in the archive!
    For T = 1 To FN ;
    SavePos FSO 0 ;
    Get FS Long 0 ;
    Get U2 Long 0 ;
    Get ID2 Long 0 ;
    Get U3 Int 0 ;
    Get END Int 0 ;
    Log "" Off FS 0 FSO ;
    # Need to perform padding calculations to get to the
    # offset of the next file (if any)
    Math FS /= 2048 ;
    Math FS *= 2048 ;
    Math FS += 2048 ;
    Math Off += FS ;
    Next T ;
    # There! That did the trick!

    Its an old script and I'm not good at this sort of thing, so there might be a way to get file extensions and filenames that I don't know of.

    I tried PSXPrev on the files, and it says its found 3 models but nothing shows up, and it says there are a few textures, but they're just kind of junk and swizzled, so things might still be a bit compressed.

    I'd really appreciate if someone could help take this apart, I really want to extract the 3D models and textures for the environments and then retexture them with more modern textures for fun.

    Thankyou to anyone who can help.

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    I have been trying to post a comment on Models Resource saying that a model is missing from Sonic Mania (it is unused, btw), but it keeps telling me to log in. Once I do that, it logs me right back out! What should I do?

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