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    So, i make this sprites for fun, but i want to know how is it, and how i can improve more!

    [Image: Geometric_Eye.png]


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    Sega Tetris is one of the more well known versions of Tetris, if you live in Japan that is. Here are a sample of files that I believe are for the characters (in attached files lol). Putting them in a hex editor or Notepad++ for the PL4 file will greet you with "TETRIS-HIE-MODEL", MTD will get you "TETRIS-PACK-V02", and THB gives you nothing at the start of it. As for me ripping them myself using something like 3D Ripper DX gave me no luck with nullDC because the correct method of ripping from a DC emulator is on Windows XP, uses an old version of nullDC, and lastly uses a plugin to make the models not flat.

    .zip (Size: 94.36 KB / Downloads: 1)

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    These voice clips were ripped from the demo disc of Crash Nitro Kart and the demo has a lot of differences from the final version and I haven't seen any rips of the dialogue so I made an account and looked up how to rip audio from ps2 roms. (Also I provided the original .VAG files just for good measure  Smile )


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  • 05/24/18--05:19: Howdy!
  • Howdy, I have visited this site for a remarkable amount of years now and have never thought of making account on here since I didn't know how to rip and felt I couldn't really contribute anything. But recently, I have gotten very interested in dissecting games and finding stuff that hasn't been publicly archived yet and have already self taught myself to rip sound files from PS2 games.

    so yeah, i'm here now :p

    Btw what makes something worthy of being added to Spriters Resource, Models Resource, etc? I'm quite curious.

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  • 05/24/18--09:46: Compressed 3ds rom?
  • So i got a rom for Doki Doki Precure Narikiri Life, and for some reason its only 24 bytes in size, is this because either the place i got the rom has a broken one or is it because the 3ds rom is highly compressed? ive never seen a 3ds game this small before in file size so ive got a feeling its compressed. actually turns out there was something wrong with that sites download because i found it on another sit and it was 183mb this time.

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    Hi, i found how to rip images from the game "steven universe tap together" for android.
    i have little time in hands so i figured at least give the data to some one else (internet).

    You need:
    *DevXUnityUnpackerMagicTools (lastest) (the demo version also works)
    *obb folder of the game (the obb folder can be extracted from your phone)

    *just scan the obb file from the game.
    *and you will see the sprites and images in the list.

    obb: (24/05/2018)

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  • 05/24/18--17:23: Video Ad Updates
  • As I'm sure those of you without AdBlock (thanks, by the way!) have noticed, the bottom-right corner video ads returned about a week ago. Unfortunately, the provider for them is being really stubborn about letting us make them behave they way we want (close at any time and auto-close when finished) so we're looking for a new provider. In the meantime, I added my own implementation to close the videos at will now. You'll need to clear your cache to let the javascript update but it should work. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to implement my own auto-close but this should at least let you get rid of them much quicker than you could otherwise. Sorry for the inconvenience! We'll get that new provider implemented as soon as we can.

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    I've found this program from a video I watched, and I want to know if it's possible to add ripped models from video games to this program, cause I wanted to do random stupid stuff with it.
    [url=]The only thing I've seen someone used a ripped VG model in Anim8or is this.

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    I managed to get hold of the RomFS of this game. At first glance the filesystem is incredibly similar to the original, same folders and such even, for the most part. The file names have the same layout and extensions. However when trying the normal methods, it's apparent the formats were updated. I figure this game would be one of interest for the people here. So here's a few of the model files, specifically all of Ganondorf's.

    Dropbox Link

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  • 05/25/18--09:22: hey.
  • Hi!   Question Block

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  • 05/25/18--13:08: Hi there !
  • So, I'm Koopa Retro.
    Not many people know me (yet), but I've uploaded a long time ago a custom Undertale sheet (I must admit that it is pretty bad  Tongue )
    I will comment on some sprites sheets, models, and maybe more.
    I like old games (mostly Dynamite Heady) and some new games too.
    I say to you, have a great day or night !  Wink

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    I got a sprite job. Show me your work in this thread and I'll contact you by PM if I feel you're good. The pay 30$ USA and we'll discuss further pay as you're needed.

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  • 05/25/18--23:16: My spritework.
  • I'm going to put up most of my spritework here. Basically, miscellaneous sprites and any sprite comic that isn't ongoing. I'm not all that good at spriting, but I'm fairly decent, so here you go, you can look at it

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    I have found inside the Check Mii Out Channel / Mii Contest Channel's wad an unused model named "sample.brres" of a human wearing a red shirt and black shorts. He is T-posed and has what looks like animations for Jumping, Walking, and Running. There also seems to be a scene and an alternate texture with a green shirt. Here is a list of files inside this file.


    I also converted the two .tex0 files into .png, and the human_walk.mdl0 into a .dae file. When I load this converted file into Blender it gives me an error. I found out on the tcrf page for this, that the model was used in the NintendoWare SDK, should I put this as a model for that, or as a model in Mii Contest/ Check Mii Out Channel? If anyone knows how to convert this into a usable .obj file, and to convert the scene.chr0 and what I can assume are the animations for the character, let me know. I used BrawlBox to view, and export the files. The image attached to this is the farthest I got into viewing the model itself.

    .png   humann.png (Size: 81.2 KB / Downloads: 1)

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    its the freakphone alright

    well i cant really put any of these in any categories so...
    tell me any improvements i could make.

    .png   Sproites.png (Size: 42.67 KB / Downloads: 6)

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  • 05/26/18--11:38: Submissions in the void
  • Hi. I have some submissions that have been in the void for quite a long time, and was wondering if there are any specific reasons behind this[Image: 3n9tgPT.png]
    [Image: DrkTtGG.png]

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  • 05/26/18--13:32: post rejected ):
  • posted and it got rejected customs and IDK why Very Sad pls give advice.

    .png   Donkey Kong Mario customs.png (Size: 5.25 KB / Downloads: 25)

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  • 05/26/18--14:03: NEStopia Help
  • Hey folks! So I'm using NEStopia to capture some screenshots and sprites from various NES games. Overall it's working very well for me, but there is one problem that's becoming an increasing annoyance--to pause, you have to press Shift+P. Does anyone know of a way to change it so that it's just a one button press instead of two? (I know most emulators use a simple P, and I don't know why NEStopia doesn't.) It sounds like such a little thing, but with the kind of screenshots I want to take, some require single-frame precision and having to press two keys instead of one really works against that. I've searched all over the settings and can't find where to adjust this. I know there are other emulators, but NEStopia works so well for other things, I'd hate to have to switch just because of this.

    So does anyone know how to change the pause keys in NEStopia?

    EDIT: Never mind, just figured it out. For those who come to this thread with the same problem, you have to go to Options, then Input, then click on Machine, and there you can change the Pause function. (For some reason, I thought Pad 1 was the only applicable thing for me to click on that menu.)

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    Has anybody ripped the font for displaying names on the character select and turned it into a font of it's own? If so, could someone link me to it?

    EDIT: Nevermind, found it. I would've deleted this, but for some reason it won't let me.

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