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    I unpack ISO (Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 2) using by WiiBaFu. Then, I replace all *.brplt, *.brres, *.brtex files from one of character folder to another. Then, I compress files to ISO. The resulting image is working fine, BUT! Nothing changes... I don't know what I'm doing wrong. [Image: confused.gif]

    After all, I extract replaced *.brres file from modified ISO, and load to it Brresviewer. And... it's definitely NOT original for that character, that is, the replacement was indeed. I'm stuck.

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  • 05/28/18--03:19: Ahoy ahoy!
  • Hello folks! My handle online's Titleknown, you may know me from my Tumblr of the same name where I put a lot of my open source characters (But probably not), and I came on here mainly to get models from the Models-resource to work with in TinkerCAD to make toys/figurines with! You'd be surprised how robust TinkerCad can be, even though I will bluntly admit my modeling skills are low-tier at best.

    I hope to have a wonderful time here amongst modelers who are far better than I am, maybe even learn how to rip stuff!

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    I have successfully learned to rip from the newest Bubsy title and will preview the two that I am planning to submit onto The Models Resource:
    Bubsy the Bobcat
    [Image: 1527272904.png]
    [Image: 1527459710.png]
    The ripper could only export in obj format, so these models are unrigged, with the only modification being texture fixes, and texture modifications, in the case of bubsy.

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    For the past two days I've been trying to rip sound effects from Super Mario Odyssey and I ended up with a series of .bfsar and .bfgrp files.

    Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any plugins for VGMToolbox regarding Switch sound files, and I know that there have been others successful in doing this because of the SMO page on the Sounds Resource. If anyone could share the method that led to your success, that would be greatly appreciated. :^)

    Thanks in advance.

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    I was waiting desperately for Splatoon2 1.0.0 rips (NPC, enemy) and have decided to just do 'em myself as I've got the time, however I have some questions to make sure I do everything correctly before queueing them. Plenty of knowledge in using Maya but I know zero 3DSMax (or Blender) and I'm having major problems trying to grasp the interface which is a big source of my issues. 

    Had no problems importing BFRES into 3DSMax using RTB's script as well as grabbing the textures, but is stopping there and exporting as a .DAE fine?
    - The models are horizontal by default, do I need to rotate the root so it's upright or can I leave it?
    - Some information may be lost if I import it into Maya (it tends to do that :/) so I'm not able to manually combine loose edges, is that okay? That seems to be standard on the Odyssey models but I'd like to double check.
    - For some reason in Maya it's hooking the albedo to transparency on its own in Splatoon2 models, does that need to be fixed or are materials fine raw?
    - Normals have a problem with the blue channel which messes up their height properties, should that be considered a ripping issue and be corrected in PS? It's an easy fix but I'm not sure.
    - Is it okay to include a custom transparency mask texture? For example if the program being used doesn't support alpha channels on the albedo but will read a mask texture hooked in, I have this problem a lot and somebody might appreciate it.
    - Is '2cl' the equivalent to 'tcl'? Aka team colour.
    - Is it okay to include an info file with texture terms?
    - Should anything be renamed within the files if their internal dev names are vastly different? For example, Cohocks are called 'BigSalmon's. Personally I'm against changing it but if there's a standard I'd go to that.

    And the big boy question: How on earth do I do a preview render? I'm assuming it's standard to do them in 3DSMax but I don't have a clue what the settings are or even how to get to a render screen. Maya's mental ray looks like trash and it's having difficulty with the material anyway, if somebody would be extremely patient and tell me how or point me in the direction of the best way to do it I'd be super grateful. It's the main thing that's holding me back at the moment.

    If you've got answers for any of these, thanks a ton.

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    Updated a few characters in Valkyrie Profile, particularly Lenneth. Added about a hundred frames from Ending A and from platforming. I was also gonna update Freya from the ps1 version, but the sprite on Nae sheets are of a different shades than the one im getting. Since i couldnt verify if the ps1 version have a different sprite, i decided to rerip it all in psp and add it in the psp section.
    Still working on Hrist & Dark Valkyrie and a few more characters.
    I'll try to tackle a few enemies after.

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    Heya, a newbie here, thinking about getting into model ripping, and I might as well ask, anybody know which platforms are the easiest to get started with ripping models from?

    Cause, I'm a novice with 3d, I work mainly in TinkerCAD and Sculptris; can't even work my head around Blender, so I might as well start with the simplest ones.

    Also, might as well ask out of sheer curiosity, what're the most difficult ones to rip from? I'd presume the old; old 3d from stuff like the Jaguar/3DO/Super FX chip is high up along with the arcade/Dreamcast/Xbox stuff that doesn't even have enough for its own section.

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  • 05/28/18--16:39: Klonoa Beach Volleyball Help
  • So after taking a decent length break from it i went and dove back into the massive KVB.bin file for klonoa beach volleyball, and i started finding insteresting bits and pieces of what appear to be either model data or armature listings, but they look as if they're a bunch of different types, but shortly before i start seeing it list them i see a line with VMDG listed, im guessing this might be something else or backwards but ive never seen this header before, and so far each time ive found these supposed armature/model lists this header is shortly before it, i don't exactly know how to tell what it could mean or what it means. but i think it's a pretty good lead for me finally getting intact character models. but i was wondering if anyone might know what the header might stand for or what it could be. and what i should do to go about trying to extract whatever these lines of data may be or what exactly they could be, im still going through the bin file currently. so if i find anything else ill most likely update this post with more images of what i find. 
    .png   Screenshot_44.png (Size: 107.31 KB / Downloads: 6)  
    .png   Screenshot_48.png (Size: 107.32 KB / Downloads: 6)   
    .png   Screenshot_31.png (Size: 86.84 KB / Downloads: 4) Edit: Ok so after looking a bit past the list of joints/bones/models or vice versa i notced a line that has a similar header, it says VMDM, which i still don't understand what it means or if i would need to reverse it or something. but a bit after that it starts listing more stuff or what i might assume to be animation data or more bone data. the layout is clear on what character its for but not what types of files they are. or they just use unique file types for the game.
    I also decided to include a small sample of what i've found in regards to strings with a file type of sorts. {klonoa.kll_.1.2.6.;.*.,.........klonoa.kll_.3.4.<.A.-./.........klonoa.kll_.5.F.B.P.0.>.........klonoa.kll_.G.d.Q.h.?.V.........klonoa.bmer.e.j.i.n.W.\.........klonoa.kll_.k.l.o.t.]Ouch!........klonoa.kll_.m.n.u.z.`.b.........klonoa.kll_.o...{...c.q.........klonoa.kll_.........r.}.........klonoa.bmer.........~...........klonoa.bmer.....................klonoa.kll_.....................klonoa.kll_.....................klonoa.l_ha.....................klonoa.r_ha.....................klonoa.bmer...}

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  • 05/28/18--20:39: NiGHTS into Dreams Rip
  • Hey there everyone. I just wanted to tell you that I had successfully ripped Lady Puffy, the boss from NiGHTS into Dreams' Splash Garden.

    It took me a couple days to get the textures under control, and when I needed to rip the model from the PS2 emulator. I want to show it to you, and tell me what you think.

    .png   Puffy_Full_Size.png (Size: 188.68 KB / Downloads: 3)

    .zip   PlayStation 2 - NiGHTS into Dreams - Puffy.zip (Size: 705.43 KB / Downloads: 1)

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    I had an attempt at ripping Necrozma (All 4 variants) and uploading it to Models-Resource.
    Turns out the textures ripped from Ohana have a transparency corruption and make the non-Ultra versions unusable.
    According to an admin, the problem persists with all Ohana rips, and I'm wondering if anyone knows any other tools that can rip the Ultra Moon textures.

    So far I have tried:
    Every File Explorer (No Support)
    SPICA (No Support)
    Ohana3DS Rebirth (Support, but broken transparency)

    Of course, the files are loaded as .bins.
    Any kind of help would be very much appreciated.

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    Hello, I'm looking for some way to get the sprites of this game, but in any folder of this, there are some files .png files but can not be opened, if there is someone who can help me how to get them I would be grateful !!

    I found this image in google when I was looking for a tutorial, I want to extract only this type of sprites!

    [Image: Sprite%27s_from_KOF_98_UM_OL_-Comming_on_future-.jpg]

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    Hi everybody

    Im new at this and a complete newbie. 

    I use to work a lot with papercraft models and handcraft design and now im aproching to digital models. 

    I was looking for ikki v3 3d models and since i cannot find it in the vast internet, I started to dig into the self ripping game to get it. 

    here is were I am, I downloaded the chinese saint seiya apk and renamed to .zip, unpacked it and started to dig, but I dont know exactly which step to take next.

    Any help? Im completly blind 

    thanks in advance

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    Not too long ago I decided to dip my toes into the game-ripping and archive-digging pool. It was very scary to say the least.
    I consider myself "casual everything". But for some other worldly reason, technology in my house does not work the way it should OR it has weird problems many ITs cannot figure out.

    So, I am wanting to do a lot of 3D CGI stuff; Both to convert to MMD and archive.

    One project I have been wanting to do is to rip a lot of the infrastructure in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Tales of Symphonia.
    It took me almost a week just to get 3D Ripper GX to work with Dolphin. So if that can give you an idea of the weird difficulties my computer runs into, that's it.

    I have been able to rip the room the Player has in Harvest Moon, but when I import it to Blender, everything is tilted. I searched and searched and searched for a way to fix it but nothing was clear enough for me to understand or accomplish.

    I don't use Blender at all other than to covert files or get .mesh files. I use PMXeditor for almost everything related to Modeling.

    One thing that would be super helpful is if someone could give me instructions on how to fix or correct the weird tilted camera angle either in game or in Blender.
    I can follow instructions to a T. So once I have instructions to follow I can do a lot of it myself.



    • Help correcting tilted models in Blender
    • or
    • Help Ripping models un-tilted
    • Clear, step-by-step instructions for either. (ex. 1.,2.,3. list of instructions + images if possible)

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    I have been using Harvest Moon:A Wonderful Life as practice for when I go to rip from Tales of Symphonia.

    For ToS, I want to rip the scenery and infrastructure as well as sound effects. The most I can find on VGRsound is the voice acting files which I don't need.

    While attempting to rip the SFX from HM:AWL I did find the some were in .adp which I was able to play in Foobar. But they were only songs that would played in the background (I already have the OST anyway.)

    The file types I'm having trouble opening are .idsp and .arc

    I downloaded freearc and a bunch of other programs and plug-ins, but nothing will open these. I am thoroughly convinced that the other sound files are in some of these weird achieve-type files.
    But I wouldn't be surprised if I were wrong.

    I get constant error messages from all the programs saying "It's not an archive file or it's corrupt". I've extracted the files using the Dolphin emulator.
    I'm at a loss now. I'd really appreciate any help or trouble-shooting.

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    help me please

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    Managed to rip a large portion of voice clips and sound effects. Will give other sound bytes if requested (such as the announcers on the Replay mode or background ambiance). 

    Here are 3 to serve as a sample of how the rest are organized, though I'm open to suggestions.

    Goku Black (with Zamasu):

    Android #21 (Good):


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    Hello, all (Mostly to Mods and Admins)

    I understand there is a "Custom/Edited" category within the Textures VGR site. I was wondering if 'remasters' by hand are acceptable? I do remasters by hand and would like to share. But I wanted to ask first encase I needed to send examples. If examples are needed, I can add pictures to this thread.
    I remaster textures primarily because I like 'cleaning' or at least that's what I see it as (I also have OCD....).
    Taking pixelated textures and going back over them to make them much more clear; and some times adding small details that may enhance the textures.

    I also felt a little dumb 'cause I want to contribute to the site but I am by no means good at ripping. But I do excel at textures as drawing is a skill I carry well.

    Thank you for your time,

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    Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone would tell me how to rip models from the mobile game, One Piece Dance Battle.

    If there are any requirements, such as an emulator for the Android or iOS app, let me know. I already have Ninja Ripper with me.

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  • 05/31/18--10:29: Hello!
  • I'm HoppingMad~ I like to work with world building for VRchat, I run with a group of sonic fans within Vrchat, who are very open and kind, I love to recreate sonic stages within Vrchat, as well as the characters as avatars c:

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