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  • 06/16/18--16:40: Obscure Game Boosting Thread
  • Since I'm not quite a ripper, but I do wanna contribute, I thought I might as well start a thread where we showcase obscure games with potentially rippable models. Not quite a request thread, but a showvase, so maybe folks who haven't heard of 'em might stumble upon 'em and see if they want to rip 'em.

    Checking Hardcore Gaming 101 for obscure games (Since they're good at categorizing 'em), I might as well start with some of the obscurities they jogged my memory on. Deadly Creatures, that game where you play as a spider or a scorpion, seems like an excellent source of models, and given it's a Mons game (By FromSoftware no less), Lost Kingdoms and its sequel seem like they'd have loads of good ones.

    That Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure seems like it might have some neat ones even if the game's basically a Kusoge, ditto for Project: Altered Beast, that weird gritty reboot of the arcade game. And, for a budget title, Splatter Master has some great models that'd be useful. And, while it wasn't on HG101, I can't forget to mention Mushroom Men, which I'm shocked nobody's done yet.

    So, anyone know of any other super-obscure games with cool and potentially ripplable models?

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  • 06/16/18--17:50: [Blender Cycles] Meta Knight
  • [Image: ROWDO4k.png]

    [Image: jPybgzb.jpg]

    Model | Nintendo [Image: registered.png] / HALKEN [Image: registered.png] [HAL], Modified by me
    Rendered on Blender Cycles
    Render Time | First Picture : 50 minutes, 2nd : 1 Hour
    Huge Thanks to @Fruib_ For the This Star Allies Model.

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    I figure this is a good place to put this however if it's not then my apologies.  

    I've been looking at the insides of Kirby Super Star Ultra a lot and one thing that I've never been able to figure out is what format the movies are...I know I could just play them in the movie select or whatever but I kind of just want to see it for myself, you know?

    All I know about these files is that the header is VXDS, the file extension is .vx (obviously), they're in the "movie" folder, and they probably have no audio in them as the SDAT file takes care of that.

    I don't think they would have made an entirely new video codec just for one game so idk what format it is. < here's a sample file.

    EDIT: found an article on it:

    still found no way to play it, though

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    Hello everyone. I've recently extracted several Gamemaker games that I own on Steam simply for the sake of extracting. As you know, games made with Gamemaker stores all the sprites in multiple huge sprite sheets.

    I want to know if it's allowed to send the original huge sprite sheets as it is, or if it requires organization.

    From the games I extracted, some of them I haven't played it completely. So I wouldn't be able to categorize it by memory of having playing the game.

    I know that there are some sprite sheets from Gamemaker games that were uploaded as it is (huge sprite sheets), for example, the sprites from the game Kingsway was uploaded without modifying the original sprite sheet.

    What I can do to be less "bulky" is upload an "Everything" sprite sheet separated in parts (Everything (1/X), Everything (2/X), etc).

    Let me know about what you think.


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    I think I've tried everything Cry
    some one will guie me to edit this file Script.vfs  Very Sad   Cry  

    I was trying with some BMS script too, but none corresponds to the initial code
    [Image: Captura.png]

    i hope some one help me to unpack Smile

    url apk

    url Script.vfs

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    So I'm trying to rip Sonic's model and animations from Forces (because the animations are available absolutely nowhere) and I've run into an issue with CriPakTools.
    Pretty much I keep getting this error when trying to extract files from wars_0.cpk

    [Image: unknown.png]
    but it works perfectly fine with wars_1 as well as all the DLC files. I don't know what's going on with this error or how to fix it because it seems to work perfectly fine for everyone else and there's actually very little resources on doing this.

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    Been trying to rip sound effects from this game, but so far have only had luck coming across BGM and voice clips (14,000 of them!). Those are the only ADX files that I can seem to find. These BG< and voice files comprise X_DATA.BIN, so presumably the sound effects are in one of the other files (W_DATA.BIN, Y_DATA.BIN, or Z_DATA.BIN. There's also a GETA.BIN, but it seems to be completely blank? Maybe I have a bad dump?) I haven't had any luck gleaning anything from these other files though, so I thought I'd ask for help. Thanks!

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    I wanted rip these models again but the eye textures and models seem to be these weird formats called EYET and EYEM.
    Does anyone know how to open these formats?

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    I cannot seem to find it anywhere.
    I'm looking in stage/adventure/ and looked in 090001.pac, which is where it is said to be, but sadly doesn't contain Porky's Statue.
    Any and all help is appreciated

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    Right, I know there's been some BBCTB sprites out in the open here, but it is an incomplete rip; its missing all of persona and the latest DLC chars.

    It is out proper as of this post, so I was wondering if anyone was willing to either extract them themselves (at least Yang, as I need her for a personal project w/ Naoto which I can just use P4A) or if there is a (set of) tool(s) to extract the PC version's files.

    Give me a hoot here, I'm sure I am not the only one who wants this.

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  • 06/19/18--17:20: Soundfont Archival?
  • I hope this isn't too stupid of a question, since I know the Soundtracks Resource was nixed, but what about a resource for soundfonts? I'd presume they're under that same legal grey area as sprites/models/textures/ect, since they're not sold and they're not so much actual music as tools for making music.

    Do you think those could; say; fit in with the Sounds Resource in terms of archival? Or are there obstacles in the way of soundfont archival?

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    [Image: 7WMniAo.png]

    Model | Nintendo [Image: registered.png] / HALKEN [Image: registered.png] [HAL], Modified by me
    Rendered on Blender Cycles
    Huge Thanks to @Fruib_ For the This Star Allies Model.

    .png   Waddle =3.png (Size: 149.77 KB / Downloads: 1)

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  • 06/20/18--02:12: xenoblade 2(RAW)
  • Since I am not very  good with   software,  I put here in  Original format.  That's why  I made  a new thread. You can open them with Predator's or Daemon's tools in Xentax

    Here is Malos, Mikhail and Akhos.

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  • 06/20/18--11:56: Hello!
  • Hi!
    My name is ElmerMouseFan34. I think I might be one of the few members (if not the only one) from Portugal.
    This account isn't new on the forum, but I had a lot of schoolwork, which will end next week with my final Maths exam.
    But anyway, I'm a fan of Animation (specially Disney and the golden age of animation from other studios) and also a fan of Nintendo and Sonic.
    I hope to be welcome to the foruma and, for a final note, here's the link of my DEviantArt page for those who are interested:

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  • 06/20/18--12:54: VMDG and VMDM files?
  • So i meantioned this on another thread but i decided to look at savestates i made for klonoa beach volleyball instead of the entire bin file and ive found large parts of data in hex editors that list what appear to be bone, possibly model and animation names, the parts that possibly contain the model and model bone data start with this VMDG header and the animation and animation bone data have VMDM, i have absolutely no clue what these stand for or how to extract them, but i also haven't been able to find any texture or palette data for some reason. but if anyone can help me with the VMDG AND VMDM stuff, or at least know what they are or how to extract them. i can send you the save state file im using.

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  • 06/20/18--13:31: Hello folks, I'm new here.
  • Hey there everybody,

    I'm new here to the forums. I'm an anime fan as well as a fan of retro games from Nintendo as well as Sega.
    I'm also a big Metal Gear Solid fan as well as a big Playstation fan. Hope to get along with all of you.

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    how i ripping models from Sword Art Online: Integral Factor ?

    and I try to ripping from sword art online : black swordsman but i don't know models type.

    I want to rip models and bone from sao:if or sao:bs

    Someone can help me ?

    [Image: 1egxHoY.jpg]

    i have example files

    Link download :

    ps. sorry for my bad english

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    I make games
    I mean I mostly play games but sometimes I get productive

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    What is the VG Resource's official policy for rips of cancelled, alpha/beta/debug/demo/prototype, leaked, or otherwise unreleased games. This question is aimed at games that were either cancelled before being finished, were finished but went unreleased, had a prototype leaked, or had a demo with different content than the final. This question is not aimed at prototypes/leaks/demos of games that are still suppose to be released, but hadn't been yet.

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    Hey everybody!

    I'd like to start again by thanking you all for your help with the Complete NES project. We didn't quite make it, but we're always accepting new sheets!

    That said, for the best sprite site in the internet, we have some glaring holes when it comes to some of our most popular games. Super Metroid has dozens of enemy frames and boss sprites unaccounted for. Yoshi’s Island is a mess. Kirby Super Star has fragments of stages scattered across 4-5 sheets. So, in celebration of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, let’s clean up!

    The goal of this project is to contribute as much content to the games of the characters from the first Smash game on the N64; 

    Mario and Luigi
    Pikachu and Jigglypuff 
    Captain Falcon. 

    This will fill in the gaps in these series and make these popular characters more accessible for users.
    You can rip characters, maps, menus, anything. As long as these characters feature in the game, anything is fair. Don’t feel like you can’t re-rip or add to an existing sheet. This project will end at the end of 2018. Just in time for the new game’s release!

    I'll update this with a list of games as people show interest in them.
    Thanks and happy ripping!

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