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    So i tried savestating in klonoa beach volleyball, the save state is in the middle of a match but when i load it in psx-vram it shows the loading screen before the match instead, but i never save stated there, and i don't know why it does this
    This is the position i save stated at in epsxe, https://prnt.sc/jxqnc9 (it doesnt seem to show the screenshots if i try to paste them into teh image thing and insert them)

     but when i open it in vram viewed after using Magma Dragoon's method and drag it into the window in psx-vram this is what shows up instead of the place i actually save stated. https://prnt.sc/jxqpmu
    the textures seem to display all jumbled with their entire pallete underneath the textures themselves, dont know why that happens, it might just be the way the game loads them or something, if it helps im using the pal version on the game (there was no ntsc version, only pal and the original japanese release)

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  • 06/21/18--14:10: Some Sonic Jam 6 stuff
  • Hello! I'm currently working on a sheet for Sonic Jam 6, stuff like the title screen, continue screen, etc. and I wanted to see some feedback on it so far.  Tongue

    .png   sonicjamtitle.png (Size: 45.66 KB / Downloads: 4)

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    I've had a lot of success pulling spritesheets or whatnot from a unity game that would otherwise have all its assets encrypted

    Is there any equivalent for audio so I can rip the voices? I've searched and haven't really found any methods other than digging through the apk, which doesn't really work for the game in question

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  • 06/22/18--02:40: Dumbfounded and Annoyed!
  • I'm not I.T by any means, but this is really starting to hurt my head!

    There area a few not to well known Sailor Moon games I want to play and take screen shots of to archive. And possible translate.

    I'm talking about "Sailor Moon Tokimeki Party"
    [Image: latest?cb=20180621064500]

    for the SegaPico. Problem is, there isn't much out there that is SIMPLE enough for me to understand how to use a Pico emulator and use it.

    I've tried Kega Fusion, PicoDrive, MAME and I think one other but I can't quite remember. I try looking up "How To" videos but there is pretty much nothing. I want to use it on my computer which is just a 32bit Windows 8 computer. 99% of the "How To" videos are for "How to play SegaPico on your PSP" or some other platform that doesn't apply to me.

    I BARELY got it to work on the Kega Fusion, but all the controls were inverted. I kept trying to map it in different ways but there was always something amiss. I've seen one or two Japanese Let's Players on YouTube have played it, and even a German Youtuber; so I know it can be played.

    I just need help with running the game and mapping the buttons. From what I understand it uses a stylus as well. I want to be able to map the buttons to my keyboard and if possible, the style to my mouse. I've read up on forums on people "solving" the issue but it's all coding and tech.-talk that I can't follow!! I need lameman's terms! ......... I need an adult *Cries because is an adult*

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  • 06/22/18--05:33: Star Stable ripping models
  • I'm trying to rip the models. No one was able to extract this game's models, at least with their rigs intact. 
    There's no information on the engine being used, 'PXStudioRunTimeMMO', and the file formats can't be imported into the programs I'm using at the moment. 
    .pme, .pte, and so on. Cant use the ninja ripper either. Can anyone do a tutorial or give me instructions thanks alot.

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    So I was thinking maybe we should make a thread that lists all the known conmong types of files used in games, like for textures and sprites + models and animations. And if we find one that uses a unqiue type of file we could also put it here. Like that way we know what to look for and how to identify a file type based on it's header data. I found one thread like this awhile back but it barely had anything listed.

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    Well, I've posted about this project on a few other sites now, so I may as well post it here too.

    Basically, Mario's Nightmare Quest is my Super Mario World mod/fan project, and kind of imagines a situation where Antasma (the 'main' villain from Mario & Luigi Dream Team) returns to get revenge on the Mario bros and Mushroom Kingdom. Either way, the story isn't the important part, with the focus being on the following:

    1. Nintendo esque level design following the Mario 3D World/Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze four step level design philosophy:


    2. A semi cohesive art style with a GBA era colour palette and set up.

    3. Plus various gimmicks and interesting mechanics not seen elsewhere. Like custom power ups, rocket barrel/mine cart levels, unique bosses and level gimmicks, etc.

    There was a demo released at Nintendo Community Fan Game Convention a while back:

    But since then I decided to go back to the drawing board and reimagine everything to be a bit more cohesive and thought out in its level design.

    So yeah, here are some screenshots for levels/level GFX:

    [Image: Chapter1_00000.png]

    [Image: Chapter1_00005.png]

    [Image: SMW_00006.png.4cac41c13084b06c01fd8b44f60c2500.png]

    [Image: SMW_00003.png.d59a051fed5221e34efce19a2119dd9e.png]

    [Image: A_9-8xoYyHCmviuyqzLp2hnQnOWFJRssy9JC03vB...ize_mode=3]

    [Image: space1.png]

    Plus world maps:

    [Image: SMW_00003.png.b6b771480f18325d63817d15f14593cd.png]

    [Image: SMW_00004.png.b3c94938e880e1fd41762f65b606d3d9.png]

    [Image: SMW_00005.png.3b809619d94ae5036aa852e14059c44b.png]


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    I would like to know if someone can help me with these files:
    - .plist
    - .pvr.ccz

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    I was frustrated by the lack of a good HQ RIP of the music from the PS2 game "Transformers" and after I used the Video Game Sound Converter to convert the .genh files to WAV, I am very nearly there. 

    However, the music has a strange effect to it that sounds like it repeats itself every second or so. I don't think any information is lost, but rather that it's repeating itself on a consistent basis.

    Here's what I'm talking about: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ifrn8umsbp7cco...1.wav?dl=0

    If any of you VG audio experts could help find out a way to fix this, either manually or otherwise, that'd be sweet!  Smile

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  • 06/23/18--12:49: Adding Skeleton Categories
  • Hi,

    Just a suggestion I have towards making it easier to understand what to expect from models, but is it possible for there to be a parameter that marks if a model has a working skeleton or not? In recent years, certain ripped models have included skeletons on them, which is great! However, if I'm just looking for any model with a skeleton for practice or a project's sake, you can't really tell which ones do until you download them. Sometimes, I do practice to keep my skills sharp or teach people how to rig/animate and it would save so much of our time to just get right into making animation controls, knowing that the model has a working skinned skeleton beforehand, instead of going through the slog of making a skeleton & fighting skin influences for quick and test projects.

    It's a minor thing, but I think it would help navigation as a whole and also be a huge bonus to people who just want to practice rigging or use quick models in their projects without needing to make a skeleton. I hope the site mods/admins can see how useful this could be.

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  • 06/23/18--22:06: Ripping Japanese game
  • There's this hesokuri wars game from an anime I'm trying to rip the sprites but I'm new to it and couldn't find anything. In the end I looked on my android data file and found what I think it's the sprites but has no format (I'm trying to decrypt but to no use) can anyone help? I can share the apk and data files if needed. I can't find anywhere how to do it.

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    [Image: 7WMniAo.png]

    Model | Nintendo [Image: registered.png] / HALKEN [Image: registered.png] [HAL], Modified by me
    Rendered on Blender Cycles
    Huge Thanks to @Fruib_ For the This Star Allies Model.

    .png   Waddle =3.png (Size: 149.77 KB / Downloads: 4)

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  • 06/24/18--11:26: Looking for a Spriter
  • Hello, I'm Shane

        I'm the leader of a small fangame group and we're making a Knuckles the Echidna Metroidvania Game. it's being built in GameMaker Studio 1 with the Sonic MAX Engine and desperately needs Spriters/Artists. We are looking primarily for Spriters/Artists (Also Programmers but they can wait a bit) but we will take anyone that wants to help, the more help the better

    Overview of the Game:
        Knuckles the Echidna is the current Guardian of the Master Emerald and Angel Island, he’s also the only surviving Echidna on Mobius. His family history is a sorry tale of war, destruction, near extinction and Chaos always changing form throughout history. However he doesn’t know much about it because the legacy has been lost for ages, also lost to the ages were the Chaos Rings. These mystical relics contain the power of the elements and resurfaced a few years back during a plot by Dr. Eggman to use them to summon the Master Emerald to him. Knuckles and a few of his pals stopped this however and got the Rings back… then lost them soon after.
        After helping Sonic defeat Eggman’s latest scheme, Knuckles has retired back to Angel Island and the Master Emerald. One day, while out collecting some marble for his Master Emerald Altar Reconstruction project, Team Dark of G.U.N. pays a visit to the Island. They’re chasing after a thief who stole an object of immense Chaotic Energy, one of the 7 Chaos Rings which have resurfaced after who knows how many years, and presumably escaped to Angel Island. So with a Thief running free on his island, probably looking to steal/use the Master Emerald and objects of immense Chaotic Power scattered about the Island, Knuckles sets out to find the Thief before they cause trouble and recover the Rings. Along the way, he will discover the legacy of the Echidna Race, Master Emerald Guardians, and Angel Island.

    What we need from you

    • Right now all our sprites are the Advance sprites and custom sheets in the same style but we aim to have a style similar to Iconoclasts and Owlboy, the bright, colorful, vibrant, highly detailed and/or 1 Million bit sprites, I honestly don't know what to call it.
    • Combat is planned to be in the game and we desperately need sprites for that, we've gotten as far as we can with the Battle and Custom sprites but they only go so far.
    • And other things that I'll reveal when you message me if you're interested.

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  • 06/24/18--20:06: Username Change
  • I want my username to be changed.

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  • 06/25/18--03:15: Challenger Approaching!
  • ☆ Hello everyone! ☆

    My name is Sephazon! I’m a journalist in the gaming industry with a background in history and public speaking. I currently write for Nintendo Life and formerly for Zelda Universe and Bulbagarden. I was previously a YouTuber before becoming a third party contractor with Pokémon for Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions. In 2016, I was hired by Nintendo before Miiverse was discontinued. I also helped work on the Metroid fan-game, AM2R.

    I initially found myself on Spriters-Resource around 2008, back when I still ripped sprites for sprite comics in high school. I eventually found myself in various game modding communities such as SMWC and MetConst, where I used my novice art skills for my various mods. I haven't done any sprite work since 2012.

    After E3 2017, I moved to Tokyo to continue my studies in Japanese and marketing. Recently, I had an idea for a project which would require more sprite work, so I decided to come back to the community and see what's new. I hope I can learn more and be a more competent artist moving forward.

    I’m excited to continue my adventure with this community. Thank you for your time and I hope you all have a fantastic day.

    ☆ Good luck and have fun! ☆

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  • 06/25/18--07:35: VG Resource Chibi Drawings
  • Do any of you guys of the VG Resource community want me to draw y'all in my chibi style? If so, feel free to request one. 

    To start this topic off, here's a chibi drawing of yours truly:
    [Image: SC5Qun8.jpg]
    (If y'all are wondering, my character was drawn with Raccoon ears & tail (Because i like Super Mario Bros. 3 growing up! ^^). Big Grin

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  • 06/25/18--08:29: Tiny Rails Ripping Help.
  • So, there is this game I have played. And it has really good sprites. However, it also has so many sprites. Like, all the sprites. I extracted all of them, or at least most of them, but there are way to many for me to conveniently sort and create sheets of on my own. So, I ask for assistance with this. I am rather new to this forums, or even forums in general. I have no idea how to attach all the PNG's I have extracted, but I do know how to extract them.

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