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  • 06/29/18--23:16: SMB 8-bit Tileset 32x32
  • Acess: To Download The Tileset

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  • 06/30/18--07:47: Been long I suppose
  • To be honest I never ever registered, so this is a first. Now to figure how to submit stuff.~

    Anyhow, the primary purpose I joined is to submit resources, mostly custom, mostly based on the original content but altered for 8bits, there will be exceptions. And I might help some with ripping assets, but no promise.

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    So i have been ripping from Saliens by opening the page's code with F12, downloading the javascript, serching for the images and sounds, going the ther URLs, and saving them to my computer. I have downloaded all of the assets i can, but now i have run into a few problems.

    The planet Backgrounds,

    '' + this.m_PlanetData.state.land_filename

    the planet maps,
    '' + instance.m_PlanetData.state.map_filename

    and the lasers.
    'beam_fr' + i + '.png'
    'laserpath' + i + '.png'
    'laserhit' + i + '.png'

    you can find the code here.
    if you can find them feel free to upload them to the spriter's resorce yourself.

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  • 07/01/18--22:56: Hi, I'm a Level-5 Fan
  • Hello I'm just a hardcore fan of Level-5 and I want to know how to rip screenshots and dialogue from the PSP and 3ds since I want to data mine The Gundam Age PSP game, Inazuma Eleven Go games, LBX series, and Yo-kai Watch 

    thanks for reading anyway.

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    Hi, VG Resource Technician Team.

    I foud some souds missing for game Mortal Kombat X this year, But I remenber they still there last year. This is URL

    Maybe somebody deleted them carelessly?

    I need these game sounds, But I found them missing. please reupload them, 
    They are character Bo Rai Cho Voice, Cassie Cage Voice, Erron Black Voice, Jackson Briggs Voice, Takeda Takahashi Voice, Kung Jin Voice.

    I Love this game, please reupload them ASAP, Thank you very much!

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    I really need to get Links Attack Animations in to Blender and if anybody could help me out with this problem I would be really thankful!

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    Therefore, some feedback may be necessary. For the record, I'm also known as Elmind in deviantart, so don't think it's weird to see some of my things there. And here they are:

    .png   Gun-Del-Sol.png (Size: 12.07 KB / Downloads: 2)  
    .gif   GDS example (fire rate is not that low though).gif (Size: 10.7 KB / Downloads: 1) (GIF)
    Gun Del Sol custom weapon for ye ole 8-Bit Mega Men.

    .png   SummonNight2Kitsune.png (Size: 3.62 KB / Downloads: 0)
    Summon Night 2 Swordcraft Story - Kitsune. Originally designed it for a player skin in a fangame, contains all the relevant frames.

    .png   MM11-HUD-Beta-Demo.png (Size: 7.17 KB / Downloads: 0)
    .gif   MM11-Hud-Demo.gif (Size: 70.63 KB / Downloads: 29) (GIF)
    Mega Man 11's HUD from the E3 demo, demade by me. I wasn't too pleased with some attempts I have seen so I went with my own. By the way, spriting gears is a PAIN.

    .png   Mega-Man-Original---Turbo-Gear.png (Size: 2.24 KB / Downloads: 30)
    .gif   Mega-Man-Original---Turbo-Gear-Animated.gif (Size: 66.81 KB / Downloads: 1) (GIF)
    And this is an original of mine inspired by Mega Man 11: The Turbo System. Basically inject WE into LE for severely reduced damage or the other way around to conserve WE.

    .png   Mega-Man-Original-HUD.png (Size: 1.62 KB / Downloads: 1)
    Yet another original HUD of mine. The "batteries" are to show the duration and use limit of Spike Saver, Speed Buster, Hyper Dash, and Ultimate Buster.

    .png   Mega-Man-Power-Battles-Custom-Hud.png (Size: 8.57 KB / Downloads: 0)
    .png   Mega-Man-Power-Battles-HUD-8-bits.png (Size: 10.06 KB / Downloads: 0)
    .png   Mega-Man-Power-Battles-HUD-Elements-Small-8-bits.png (Size: 6.11 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   Mega-Man-Power-Fighters-Custom-Hud.png (Size: 5.62 KB / Downloads: 0)
    .png   Mega-Man-Power-Fighters-HUD-8-bits.png (Size: 6.19 KB / Downloads: 0)
    .png   Mega-Man-Power-Fighters-HUD-Elements-Small-8-bits.png (Size: 5.3 KB / Downloads: 0)
    Mega Man Power Battles and Mega Man 2: Power Fighters HUD in 3 flavors: Big, Small, Limited. From left to right.

    .png   MML1-Menu.png (Size: 12.2 KB / Downloads: 0)
    .png   MML1-Small-8-Bit-HUD-Both.png (Size: 15.93 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   MML2-Small-8-Bit-HUD.png (Size: 8.88 KB / Downloads: 1)
    Mega Man Legends 1 Menu & HUD, and Mega Man Legends 2's HUD with a few Menu objects.

    .png   Okami-and-Okamiden-NES-HUD.png (Size: 33.81 KB / Downloads: 0)
    Okami and Okamiden HUD, including Brush Mode. This one took a couple of weeks, looking at screenshots, making my own screenshots and even ripping HUD elements from Okamiden myself because somehow no one has ripped it before.

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  • 07/02/18--19:58: Def Jam Fight For NY
  • I have ripped Blaze and D Mob's Models and I'm waiting for them to approve

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    Because there's no or few Japanese voices on Sound Resources, just want to rip Rouge's voices from Sonic Rider series like zero gravity, or free riders.

    But I can't find character's voice like shouting, yelling or dying voices from ADX or AFS files, where are these files? Unsure

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  • 07/03/18--02:54: Ash-Greninja model Issues
  • I am having a Serious Problem with the Sun and Moon Ash-Greninja model I was looking forward to use this for VRchat only to realize that there is Extra Water shuriken can you help me find a way to solve It if So Thanks

    .jpg   greninja_by_znk00-da4fnqw.jpg (Size: 228.47 KB / Downloads: 2)

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    Few days ago i've been getting on the scene to use MilkyTracker, but i've been looking for a instrument pack of instruments from games like Final Fantasy VII, Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, Mother 3 remade in .xi, .pat, .pp or .gz format (the formats that MilkyTracker supports for importing instruments) because extracting sounds from the existing soundfont files and relooping them in Milkytracker take me time. Is there any tracker instrument packs that bases them off from these games?

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  • 07/03/18--10:25: Acfusion's custom sprites
  • Hey I want to show some of my custom sprites and pixel art. I appreciate some feedback

    .png   MountiansSnow.png (Size: 4.71 KB / Downloads: 5)

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  • 07/03/18--15:46: Sonic Forces Animations
  • So, i was wondering if the hxk animations for sonic forces can be coverted using the hkxcmd tool made for skyrim? Also there are some animations for infinite and maybe other characters use extensions like mat-anim and uv-anim, does anyone know how those work? i really wanna get all the cool animations for infinite's effects and eye movements, and maybe for other characters too.

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    Hey, I was wondering, I do a fair bit of photomanipulation art, and I was thinking about doing it with some of the preview images of the models on here. But, I was wondering, how would I credit the images? Would I just need to credit the site and what images I used, or would I need to credit the folks who uploaded 'em for rendering it or w/e as well.

    I was planning to use it to make character designs, with the original character concepts being CC-BY Vanilla and the pictures just as a starting point with the photo elements belonging to their original rippers.

    Here's an example I made using some of John2k4's Unreal Tournament 2004 preview images, tho I'll admit I'm not the most satisfied with this one:
    [Image: rVopjYy.png]
    So, anybody got any info on how that works? Thanks!

    :EDIT: Also, here's another, better sample made using Zerox's Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep images:
    [Image: lQts16R.png]

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    Heya, I use a lot of models from here in my TinkerCAD work to make stuff, and I try to keep them organized by company. And, out of curiosity, I was wondering, in terms of who actually "owns" the models to games licensed from pre-existing properties, would it make more sense to organize them by what company owns the license (Disney, Nickelodeon, ect) or what company produced the games (THQ, EA, Acclaim, ect)?

    I mean, I know it'll probably not protect me in the slightest legally because fair use isn't worth a damn in this country, but it'd be a comfort to know at least in terms of filing things properly.

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    Awhile ago I downloaded the ROM for Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon and wanted to rip pretty much everything from it. I planned to mostly clean up textures and then repackage the game and sorta make a 'remaster'. Problem is, when I open Dolphin and look at the Properties, everything under the 'Partition' tab is just 'FILE 1____' and then a bunch of numbers. I extraced them and tried using RAR and 7z. All it would say is that it's not an 'archive'.

    When I tried to rip from the frame with 3D Ripper, it just ripped a square looking thing (imported the .obj to blender).

    I don't understand how so many people rip things. It was hard work just to get 3D Ripper to cooperate with Dolphin. I'd really like to be able to rip things or problem solve faster, but this is such a niche thing that I have no one to turn to but the VG Resource, and hope for an answer.

    1. Trying to rip models form Fragile Dreams
    2. Properties in Dolphin list all files as "FILE 1_______"
    3. Need to know how to extract models and textures
    4. What to do in future if "FILE 1______" type files show up again

    Any help is appreciated!

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    I'm with lack of sleep trying to figure it out and would LOVE any help!  There are 3 games I'm trying to rip sprites:

    1) Hesokuri Wars (
    Thanks to Unity Unpacker I was able to extract some but not all, in the data file there's a file with all the sprites_number but with no format and I have no idea how to convert it (

    2&3) Tabimatsu ( and Puzzmatsu (
    I tried opening both in the program mentioned but with no luck, at the moment I'm trying to see what I can do with the ones that are .split but any help with these means a lot!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Has anyone ever heard about this and has anyone ripped them?

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