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The VG Resource - https://www.vg-resource.com

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    I want to edit my signature, but I can't.
    Edit: Now can edit my signature!

    .png   unknown.png (Size: 20.57 KB / Downloads: 1)

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    I've been thinking about ripping instrument samples from various CPS2 arcade games, but I don't know the best way to do it. I've tried using VGMTrans, but it didn't work for me, and trying to rip the samples directly from the game's files with Audacity takes way too long because trying to locate the instruments relies too much on trial and error. Ded

    So does anyone here know a better way to rip CPS2 instruments other than the two methods I just listed?

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    I want to convert pc data to be compatible with ps3 data.
    Dtape contains file names and paths for pictos and moves. Pc files are readable, but in ps3 files I don't know what text between readable parts is.
    Ktape should contain lyrics and their timing and score. As previously said pc files are readable but in ps3 files there is nothing readable except words from lyrics.
    I would be grateful if someone could tell me how to decrypt ps3 files, so I could modify it and convert it to original format.
    So in the end it would be great if someone could make script to convert pc to ps3 files.
    Here are files: https://goo.gl/ZoAqr6

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  • 07/06/18--09:30: Goodbye
  • I don't really feel like I'm valued here, and whenever I try to do something nice no one cares. I've been sitting in submission hell for almost 9 months now, and seeing rips of games literally only like 5 people ever played being accepted on a weekly basis. Why even bother working for several days trying to rip, sort and post the audio of a game to just have it still being submitted after almost 9 months, not accepted, not even declined, but still haven't even been looked at as if no one cares. I'm not going to waste my time and effort doing work that no one will appreciate, so I'm no longer going to be making any more posts or submissions.  Angery

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  • 07/06/18--12:32: Hey guys.
  • I've been using Spriters and Models Resource for years, and only recently I've made an account, just lurking around. Today I've decided to make an appearance and briefly introduce myself. I'm a fan of many game series, mainly Pokemon, Monster Hunter and Mega Man.

    I'm mainly a modeler, using Metasequoia since I was 12, and I aspire to work with professional modeling and animation software like 3DSMax, Zbrush and Maya. I'm not much of a speaker, so I probably won't be using the forums or commenting too often.

    Anyway, I hope I can contribute to the community with my custom models, and maybe try out ripping sometime.

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  • 07/06/18--13:44: hello
  • hello i am a owl, i am new here.

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    Using RTB importing script. I'm going to do face assembling.
    After parsing face.anm file into MAXScript Listener. I absolutely have no idea what to do next.

    [Image: WPjaX7h.png]

    Can anyone of you guys teach me how to use this ? It may be easy like opening a door but i don't have a key. It's been difficult for me as no one answered and i'm having a deadline about this.

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    Basically a thread for all my fangames of space shooters, rather than separate threads. These are mostly for fangames that (mostly) play like the original games they are based on.
    Darius: Trepidation protoype - https://drive.google.com/open?id=15-VdH6...qEr7XLDKso
    Nemesis 3 GB Part 1 - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SWULUq...r8j5ZMHOkU

    Darius: Trepidation is an old fangame project of mine, but actually very playable. Its current state resembles what you'd expect from a prototype, rather than being completely unfinished and buggy like most of my other things.

    .png   TitanicLanceFight1.PNG (Size: 209.55 KB / Downloads: 2)

    Other than a few details (all weapons deal the same amount of damage, very few enemy types, no shield, different aspect ratio) it plays like a normal Darius game. Three Zones--alpha, A, and B--are completed so far, each with a working boss. The main shot can be powered up all the way to wave, and the bombs can be powered up to four-way shooting. Most of the levels are simplistic and honestly rather dull, and there is no audio as of yet, but it's fully playable; it even has cheat codes.

    All zones and bosses:

    Zone Alpha - Practice mode, pretty much a carbon copy of Zone A but with slightly easier enemies and a different boss. Boss: Death Wings (From G-Darius.)

    Zone A: Cavern Area, a mostly open area where you will need to seek out green enemies and farm them as much as you can to power up your bomb, since the missile won't help you much in this build. Boss: Driosawm (Super Darius ver.)

    Zone B: Planet Amnelia, a graveyard section and the most interesting zone in the game so far. Non-functioning Eclipse Eyes, Amnelian fighters, and Thiima fighters litter the ground, and a crashed Titanic Lance can be found near the end. Short like most of the levels, but far more enjoyable, especially since it's packed with shot upgrades to get you the laser. Boss: Titanic Lance, from Darius Gaiden, but for now it's stationary. I'm actually going to resume development of this one.

    Nemesis 3 GB is the only Gradius fangame I made that actually PLAYED like a Gradius fangame, save for the terrain not hurting you and Options not being usable. It was a fan-sequel to the two Nemesis games on Game Boy, one simply called 'Nemesis' and the other known as Gradius: The Interstellar Assault or Nemesis II: Return of the Hero. It wasn't all that good, but played decently and stuck to a black-and-white color scheme. Due to the event limit, I originally intended to split it into two parts, but only the first part got made. Nemesis 3 GB lacks the Speed Up (because the Vic Viper moves at a decent speed already) and the Option, (Because I didn't want to use the extra events to implement it as a power-up; I intended a single option to be ever-present for part two instead,) but has a mostly-working power meter. There is a glitch with collecting a power-up while the Shield is selected, which prevents you from powering up.

    It ended up being more of a Nemesis Mania, because two of the levels are almost directly taken from Nemesis II. You do fight the Coreship before entering it, however.

    Stages and Bosses:

    1 - Volcano. Pretty flat because I didn't have much to work with (I didn't want to try to make my own sprites due to my lacking of skills back then) but that allows for more Duckers because of how simplistic I made the duckers' AI. Bosses: Volcano (Miniboss), Super Big Core (from Nemesis GB.)

    2 - Ruins. Basically the first stage of Nemesis II, albeit with a hilarious glitch (ramming the Coreship with a shield before the boss fight kills it, although it returns for the fight) and different enemies. Bosses: Storm of Bullets, (the larva rush miniboss but with bullets, actually fairly difficult,) Infected Statue, (less difficult than the original,) Coreship. (Basically fights like Super Big Core.)

    3 - Coreship. Again, remake of a Nemesis II stage, has you going inside the Coreship. Less enemies than before and you keep your powerups, however. Boss: Core Reactor. (The shield glitch can be done with its electricity, although only once, and its turrets are destructible.)

    4 - Volcano revisited. Actually taken from the GB Talespin of all things, and stupidly easy because there are almost no enemies, although you have to move up a few times on your own to move the stage forward. Boss: Crater Core/Volcano Core, which is the only boss one can break the AI of by not moving.


    The power meter can become unusable if you gain a capsule whilst over the Shield slot. Enemies with powerups are rare, however, so this is a rare glitch.

    Both the Coreship's introduction and the electricity the Core Reactor uses are actually enemy bullets, and thus can be blocked with a shield, destroying either of them. This glitch is funnier since ramming a boss's weakspot with a shield equipped can actually do quite a bit of damage in at least the original Nemesis GB, meaning that tactic lives on through this glitch.

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    I have a problem with some bin files.
    I open files with a hex editor and I find a compression.
    I don't known the compression.
    Please help me.

    .zip   bin files.zip (Size: 879.14 KB / Downloads: 2)

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  • 07/03/18--02:54: Ash-Greninja model Issues
  • I am having a Serious Problem with the Sun and Moon Ash-Greninja model I was looking forward to use this for VRchat only to realize that there is Extra Water shuriken can you help me find a way to solve It if So Thanks

    .jpg   greninja_by_znk00-da4fnqw.jpg (Size: 228.47 KB / Downloads: 6)

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    So I've previously been on this site and looked at a thread here: https://www.vg-resource.com/thread-30775.html

    It appears as if someone else has previously tried ripping files from this game. So I thought this would be a good place to get some information on ripping, but I ran into quite a bit more trouble along the way:

    1. The audio files cannot be opened because they appear to be in another type of package file. The files from the audio1.dll/.000 and audio2.dll/.000 extract into folders, each of which contains exactly one file titled ".AUDIOPKG". Upon doing some searching of the file extension, I didn't find anything under .audiopkg, but I DID find some interesting results regarding the .pkg extension, which appears to be another package file on its own, and simply renaming these files to "audio.pkg" doesn't help anything.

    2. The image files seem to be under the same case, all stored in folders with exactly one item called ".XBMP". This appears to be some sort of Xbox related media file, which is odd considering the .pkg extension from before seems to correspond to PlayStation.

    3. What I assume are the 3d maps and models are all stored as .NPCGEOM, .GEOM, or other such file extensions. Again, I can't find any sort of programs to open these.

    I also have access to a ROM of the Gamecube version of this game, but I don't currently have the ROM on my PC so I can't test this on those files, although I assume it would be largely the same.

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    Hi, there,

    This summer, I am making sort of a comeback. And as part of this, I have completely re-ripped almost everything that I've done so far. The improvement in quality/accuracy varies from minor to major in comparasion to the old rips. Since none of mine haven't been approved yet, I will post some links online to each of them for now.

    Aladdin (MegaDrive):

    Aladdin (DOS/Amiga):

    Note that this isn't the Windows version of the game which is different, so I clearly labeled it the DOS/Amiga version. I will rip the Windows version sometime later.

    Awesome Possum Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt! (MegaDrive)

    Cool Spot (MegaDrive):

    Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse (MegaDrive):

    The new rip of this, however, only contains the sounds from the MegaDrive version. The Mega CD version will be re-ripped later by me. So please don't reject this for that reason.

    Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse (SNES):

    A Bug's Life (MegaDrive):

    Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure (MegaDrive):

    Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure (SNES):

    Space Ace (SNES):

    And here are some brand-new rips that I did, of two MegaDrive games:

    ClayFighter (MegaDrive):

    The Jungle Book (MegaDrive):

    It appears that someone already beat me to this game, but since his rip was done very differently (certainly much less advanced than my methods), I have submitted mine as an "alternate" rip.

    Also, about the Mickey's Wild Adventure for PlayStation rip, can that be deleted? It wasn't even actually ripped from that version, as it was from the Mega CD version, but I foolishly ASSUMED the sounds would be the same but they're different, and much higher quality as well. Don't worry, as I will eventually actually rip that version.

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    I managed to unpack Mario Party Top 100 and located the Model files, However there all in ZDAT Format, How do I extract these into a different format?
    I tried using some QuickBMS Scripts, But I don't think I am doing it right.

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    so uh
    this is me first post
    so i need a sheet of my mine craft skin in a Mario & Luigi style
    sprite sheet and uh
    idk how to do that
    im making a game rn and
    im desperate Unsure

    the skin is attached so uh

    try ur best

    .png   54f6d0fc95b130d9.png (Size: 1.01 KB / Downloads: 14)

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    Hello SR! I really dont know if this is the right place to post this but I was wonder if there was someone who could rip sprites from a game called Grand Summoner? Its a mobile game for android and iOS and there is an exact unit I would want so it isnt the whole game or every character. I havent seen anyone rip a single sprite for this game despite the amazing line of characters for it. If there is a reason please inform me. Thank you so much!

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    i've been trying to do this for around 6 hours now. I'd like to rip some models from FE Awakening but all the tutorials i found needed a 3ds with Homebrew, and it looks like all the free methods of getting Homebrew were patched by Nintendo. So, i'm not really too sure what to do anymore. Do i give up ?

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