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    Hello Everyone! I'm trying to ripping sprites of Maria's sub-weapons - almost done, but I have no ideas how to rip the last one - "Turtle crash".
    Cause sprite pattern displayed wrong. I used PPSSPP's GE Debugger.

    Screenshot -

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  • 07/14/18--19:43: DOAX2 audio rip

    I'm an amateur, so there may be mistakes.
    First of all I'd like to thank luschi for the xbox 360 extracting tool, Richard Whitehouse for noesis, and Luigi Auriemma for unxwb.

    This rip is missing the folder full of licensed music and 112.wav from the bgm stream folder because it is a Bob Marley song. I am a bit perplexed by the gravure sound folders because they mostly contain junk. However, they are worth looking through because they contain unique sounds. Oddly, some Helena gravure xwbs contained PCM files instead of xma. The batch script I wrote deleted those files so some Helena gravure folders are empty. I checked the xsb cues to see if they were worth trying to convert, but I think they were just more sound test files that so many of the gravure folders contain.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to rip the audio with the file names intact. I included the xsb files, which can be opened with a hex editor to look at the cue names. You'll find them near the end of the file. The cue names are helpful for guessing what a certain sound effect is.

    You may distribute the files as you see fit. If you are willing to take the time to organize the sounds, you can also submit it to the sound resource site. You don't have to credit me whatsoever in whatever you do with these files. In fact, I would prefer not to be credited. Feedback and concerns are appreciated.

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    I tried ripping models from the PC version of Barnyard this is how it looked

    [Image: ZsF0Q2S]This is how it looks in blender.  [Image: LaK7kyT]This is how it looks in Maya 2018 with Ambient Occlusion

    The Game is a DX 8 game and I used the latest version of ninjaripper

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    I want to port some of my childhood gameboy games to some homecomputers that have the 6502 in them.

    Since the sound capabilities are pretty much the same i'd like to extract the gameboy sounds to midi or import them into
    a cross platform music tracker directly.

    My head is allready totaly smoking from learning to properly code for these old machines i'd like to ask for some help from you guys.

    Can somebody give me a rundown what tools i need?

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    How do I extract .acb files from Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online?
    Here's a link if anyone wants to help me.!cOgUCSpa!Ei4vNLnTRM1eK...Jg0wkAEpa0
    EDIT: Actually never mind. I figured out by myself.

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    [Image: Eg9CseC.png&key=83a24c26210bb89041407743...8a6c2f66ac]

    Made using Photoshop CC & Illustrator.

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  • 07/16/18--18:55: Mario123311's Sound Rips
  • Just sharing some stuff while it's still waiting to be approved.

    Pac-Man World 3:
    Updated, Has yet to be uploaded and accepted ((And I'm having trouble uploading my revision as the site thinks it has a revision pending for it when I took that down to double check and made sure this ZIP had all the files.)) I now have all the voice clips from the ones I originally couldn't get playing in PSound and now including exclusive ones from PMW3's demo exclusive on Namco Transmission Discs.

    Pitfall: The Lost Expedition:
    Pitfall Harry
    Game and ZIP awaiting approval on the site as I type this.

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    I want to know how to rip Sprites on .exe games like Sonic Mania or Enter the Gungeon. Please I want to know

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    So I recently dug out a dump for this game hoping to be able to dump the audio clips, but sadly they're in a file format I've never seen before, and research has yielded very little results. 

    There was another game that used a similar format, Fatal Frame, but the quickbms script posted for that game did not work.

    It seems the audio clips are grouped together in a .sed container file (might be a common format among newer Koei Tecmo games like the Switch versions of Hyrule/Fire Emblem Warriors?)

    Here is a sample file for anyone who is interested in poking around;

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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  • 07/17/18--22:29: .gar Assistance, Please?
  • Hey, I know I'm pretty lurker-ish, but I do try and rip stuff when the mood takes me. I'm better with sprites, but models are beautiful and fun when I can figure them out.

    Anyway, I'm trying to get into Ever Oasis, since that game is a goldmine of beautiful models that you barely get to see, I've gotten some assets properly thanks to this thread, as well as using Citra to extract textures where possible, but there's a few errors creeping in between the two, and I'd like some help extracting the textures properly. Namely that Citra's textures lack transparency, which is sometimes actually used for transparency, and not just as specular map, and I can't seem to GET all the textures from the raw files..

    Many models from the .gar files do not have any textures associated with them. Those that do, have textures in separate files. Is there some reason I can't seem to find models and textures in the same .gar file?
    Also, there are a few files that seem to be icon banks, with tons of like-purposed icons, such as Character Heads and Bloom Booths. These files won't open, due to some error in the CMB viewer...

    I'm including an icon bank .gar, as well as an item .gar file that is missing textures, and a copy of the error I get when trying to open the icon banks. Please, any help is greatly appreciated.

    Icon Bank
    Item File
    Error Message

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    Recently, while going through the filesystems of several Wii games, I found that within Tony Hawk's Proving Ground there are several assets (such as loading videos or title screens) that are clearly from Tony Hawk's Project 8. Better yet, most of the assets are found under a folder named "psp". Why would these assets be left within the game? Is this just another example of leaving unused or old assets within a game for no real reason?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Let me preface by saying that that we had everything working as intended only a few months ago back in March and nothing changed in our setup as far as we are aware to start having these issues.

    We are ripping models from the creation suite from the PC WWE games using the latest version of Ninja Ripper, and recently instead ripping the scene with the models we have been getting a rip of the Steam overlay instead:
    [Image: nesxe0.png]

    We have deduced that it has something to do with the snapshot key but when remapping the button on both Steam's end and Ninja Ripper's end the game simply won't rip anything, as does disabling Steam Overlay entirely.

    We do still have the Ninja Ripper logs for both one of our past successful attempts and the current attempt.

    If you can help us out with our problem or can suggest another program that can rip DirectX11 compatible games we would appreciate it.

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    I see that there is quite a few models that have been ripped from madoka magica
    and I was wondering how to rip the models form that game the files seem to be a cpk file saying archive.cpk thats where I think they would be stored but I have no way of telling

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  • 07/18/18--19:38: Rocket Knight
  • This game's installation folder has a buch of .snd files, as well as a large .arc file. I want to rip the game's 2D assets (portraits, logos, etc).

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    Hi there everyone. I was just wondering if there's a download of the voice clips that play during story modes of each individual character in Persona 4 Arena. The files currently uploaded on Sound Resource are only of each characters fight dialogue, but none of their story mode lines. If anyone know's of where to download these lines from as many story modes as possible, please let me know.

    Oh, and the voice clips from the Ultimax story mode would be a plus.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I wanted to ask and find out about this a couple years back but I never got to do so. I know 3D character model ripping sounds easier than ripping stages. (As far as I know)

    I want to know how difficult or if it's possible to rip levels/stages  from games like Hyperdimension Neptunia or any other PS3 game or the PC version of a specified game.

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    if you have an account for things like the models resource, you'll see a pending game in the pc section named Barnyard which has no models. That's because I'm trying to fix a problem with the models when ripped with ninjaripper. and as you can see. that models textures are clearly loaded but the textures are fucked in a that they don't look as they were in the game.
    [Image: tumblr_pbyvrnFgVO1u7vsleo3_640.png]

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  • 07/19/18--15:24: Earthbound V2
  • Pet project of the party Members in more of an M&L and FE kind of direction
    [Image: WOBuHDA.png]

    [Image: zZJ089m.png]
    Ness Overworld gifs

    Ness Battle gifs
    Critique welcome

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