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    Hello I was interested in ripping the godzilla destroy all monsters melee models but the model files seem to be a cmg, I know thats a pipeworks file format because its used in some of the other godzilla games but is there a bms script that can be used to extract those models?

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  • 07/20/18--12:47: Spritesheet Analyser
  • In an effort to help the staff to be more efficient when revising sprite sheet, i made this little thing. It can also be helpful for peeps that do hama beads, for spotting where a particular color is.

    Sprite Sheet Analyser list all continuous sprite's palettes, and then sort those palettes by "familly". Which should allow the user to see easily palettes' anomalies or stray pixels. You can also load a reference image which will tell you if it is present in the sheet with the same palette.

    Download: Sprite Sheet Analyser V03

    Full Explanation:

    If you guys have an idea for a functionnality that could be useful, particularly the vg staff, or spot a bug, theres probably still a few, post it in here! Smile

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  • 07/21/18--01:55: Sonic Mania Plus X??
  • Hello, I am looking for MANY sprite rips from Sonic Mania Plus in order for me to make a massive mod for the game, Sonic Mania Plus X! ( Kinda long name, I know... )
    Anyway, I need quite a few sprite rips so here is a list of all the things I need:
    Unused bonus stages, [For making more bonus stages]
    Titanic Monarch Zone ( Viewed from Metallic Madness ), [For a new boss fight]
    Rips of the models from the Chaos Emerald bonus stages [For adding the Super Emeralds!?] ( Yes, I know there are Hyper Sonic mods out there, but this will incredibly different to them... )
    And after all of that...I need some inspiration for some new sprites that don't currently exist in the files.
    I would be INCREDIBLY appreciated if someone could help me, as I have been dreaming this mod for...uhh..I think around 3/4 of a year now?? Anyway thanks in advance!
    People who help me out here will get featured in the:
    'Helpful people' and the credits sections of the mod!

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  • 07/21/18--10:39: Bubble Hero 2 sounds rips
  • I already have the sound rips of the game "Brave Bubble 2 / Bubble Hero 2" as the clone maded by Taiwan of the game Bubble Bobble.
    I found them because listening to the sounds.  Smile Thumbs Up

    .zip   Bubble Hero 2 Sound (Size: 350.22 KB / Downloads: 2)

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  • 07/21/18--13:24: Fortnite DRIFT Kitsune mask!
  • i am trying to find the Drift 3d model with the Kitsune mask from the season 5 release of fortnite! i need the mask i ws going to 3d print a 1:1 scale replica for cosplay at comicon hope someone can get me the obj fil of his model! i would really appreciate it!

    [Image: skin-style-set-59c1b.jpg]

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  • 07/22/18--07:27: Hello, folks!
  • Hello everyone, I've been registered on this site for a while, but haven't properly introduced myself yet, so I figured I'd do so now.

    I won't expect myself to be too active here, but I've already submitted a few sounds from FTL: Faster Than Light and Dark Cloud, so stay tuned for those.

    I'll see what else I can upload from time to time, so if you're a fan of semi-obscure games, you're in for some treats!

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    Hi, I´m would like to rip BGs from Batman The Bave & The Bold from DS.
    What kind of tools would have to use? I tried with the Desmume emulator and with Tinke, the result is a completely black image or, in the best of cases, an image with all the layers together.
    What others options I have?

    Thanks in advanced.

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  • 07/22/18--17:25: Uwizard Incorrect Title Key
  • When I put the title key into the title key box, the thingy shows "Verified Incorrect by SHA1." Have I done something wrong? I believe that the key was the correct one.

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    I've ripped some of the character models with ninjaripper via the PC version of Barnyard, however the textures are pretty much screwed up in some form as seen in this image.

    [Image: tumblr_pbyvrnFgVO1u7vsleo3_640.png]

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    Read here to get more>>>

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    I want to know how to rip Sprites on .exe games like Sonic Mania or Enter the Gungeon. Please I want to know

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    So I recently dug out a dump for this game hoping to be able to dump the audio clips, but sadly they're in a file format I've never seen before, and research has yielded very little results. 

    There was another game that used a similar format, Fatal Frame, but the quickbms script posted for that game did not work.

    It seems the audio clips are grouped together in a .sed container file (might be a common format among newer Koei Tecmo games like the Switch versions of Hyrule/Fire Emblem Warriors?)

    Here is a sample file for anyone who is interested in poking around;

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Edit: Turns out using a bms script made for Fatal Frame (and changing the endianess from Big to Little) successfully unpacked the sed files, however this leaves me with a wbh and a wbd file, so we are back to where we started, except now I don't know how to open wbh/wbd files as opposed to .sed

    Edit 2: Seems that the bms script doesn't quite unpack the .sed files correctly, but there ARE wbd and wbh files in here, wbh seems to have about 4 sections?
    I think they might be headerless at9 files (standard PS4 sound files), with the info being stored in wbh, probably block size and such, any help here would be appeciated.

    Sample wbd with the correct wbh files;

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    Alright heres the deal: making a LttP wallpaper that will be pixel perfect on standard UHD settings (3,840x2,160) .
    Could have simply stopped at the cropped map, but why stop there? Why not have sprites running all around it, doing wierd things, like my last few walls?
    Due to me never having done so before, I am going to ask for suggestions from everyone who looks in this thread.
    It had very small success on a certain image board, but I figure everyone here will make it even better. So heres the Deal: suggest ANY sprites, in any situation, anywhere on the map, and I WILL put it in there. Dont care how it does not fit in, etc, it goes in there. You can have Megaman smacking an NPC from Final Fantasy 3, Cless chatting up Nei, anything.
     Dont let me down.

    Now I feel silly. How do I put the actual Wall on this thread? Just a Link looks silly.

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    So upon ripping all the character portraits/emotion sprites, i realized that they were scattered among various image files, and the characters and facial exressions are spereated across these images, if i wanted to submit them all would i have to put each characters facial expressions onto the sprite one by  like this. i also found ones with just facial expressions too. which i updated the post with a attached image of those.

    .png   atlas4.png (Size: 427.81 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   atlas19.png (Size: 201.95 KB / Downloads: 1)

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  • 07/23/18--15:13: Sonic Riders ps2 .dat files
  • Im not sure if i already made a thread about this but i was trying to open the ps2 version of sonic riders and found that the files use a .dat extension, and its really clear what file holds what, one of them said player.dat which im assuming is character models, another one said stages.dat or something, i was wondering if there's a way to open these or if they need a special script, i tried using noesis and dragon unpacker 5 both of which couldnt open them. i was really wanting to crack open the ps2 version and get the characters models and track models from it.

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    The game in question is the 2008 title "Wii Ski" by Bandai Namco. From what I've seen Namco likes to use their own file formats for their games. Everything in this game that is not an audio file is inside of a ~400 mb file titled "SKI.dat", and like the title suggests I have absolutely no idea how I can get into it.

    Here's what the full filesystem looks like:

    If anybody here has experience with opening these types of files, some help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey, guys. It's certainly been a while since I've posted anything on The VG Resource. My first was with Romancing SaGa 2's remastered iOS/Android mobile devices, where I ripped all of the enemies and boss versions out of the remastered version. I took a peek in the Mobile version of this game to see what has been done for that game in tSR and I saw progress has been going well.

    However, there is one slight thing which kind of bugs me right now: The "Playable Characters" sheet (seen here) has all of the sprites for the playable characters...but not any of their palette swaps like Ryan914 did in the original SNES version of this game! (click) They might be one frame, but I decided that I could do better than both of these combined. Here's a handful of my work thus far:

    [Image: Untitled.png]

    [Image: Nereid.png]

    [Image: Untitled.png]

    I'm ripping all of the palette swaps of these class characters in the remastered Romancing SaGa 2 version and including all of their frames and sprites. I will also include their respective names. However, due to how technically what I'm doing already exists in tSR, I decided to post my work here and ask you guys this: Do you think my sprite ripping work looks better than what already exists in the RS2 "Mobile" page shown in the top link, and is worthy of replacing the existing sheet with a bunch of these seperate sheets? Yes, I plan on ripping all of the classes and their palette swaps, too.

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  • 07/24/18--08:06: Sprite Help
  • Hello, is there anyone that can help me with my snes version of Imajin? Here, i will put it right here. 
    .png   snes.png (Size: 52.45 KB / Downloads: 4)
    And also, credit to the person who made the original sprite sheet.

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    I wanted to tell the ripper here on this thread that he should also upload the background images of the game, but whenever I go on the spriters ressources the site claims that I'm a guest and not a registered user (proof). Unimpressed

    I don't know why the website does this, but I wanna comment outside of the forums.

    I don't know if it's important to note, but I never signed up for the site's wiki and I disabled third party cookies, so should I keep the third party cookies enabled? Also, I could comment outside of the forums 1-2 months ago, but I can no longer do that so I guess there's something going on with the website I dunno honestly and that's bothering me. Rolleyes

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