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    So upon ripping all the character portraits/emotion sprites, i realized that they were scattered among various image files, and the characters and facial exressions are spereated across these images, if i wanted to submit them all would i have to put each characters facial expressions onto the sprite one by  like this. i also found ones with just facial expressions too. which i updated the post with a attached image of those.

    .png   atlas4.png (Size: 427.81 KB / Downloads: 10)

    .png   atlas19.png (Size: 201.95 KB / Downloads: 9)

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  • 07/23/18--15:13: Sonic Riders ps2 .dat files
  • Im not sure if i already made a thread about this but i was trying to open the ps2 version of sonic riders and found that the files use a .dat extension, and its really clear what file holds what, one of them said player.dat which im assuming is character models, another one said stages.dat or something, i was wondering if there's a way to open these or if they need a special script, i tried using noesis and dragon unpacker 5 both of which couldnt open them. i was really wanting to crack open the ps2 version and get the characters models and track models from it.

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    The game in question is the 2008 title "Wii Ski" by Bandai Namco. From what I've seen Namco likes to use their own file formats for their games. Everything in this game that is not an audio file is inside of a ~400 mb file titled "SKI.dat", and like the title suggests I have absolutely no idea how I can get into it.

    Here's what the full filesystem looks like:

    If anybody here has experience with opening these types of files, some help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey, guys. It's certainly been a while since I've posted anything on The VG Resource. My first was with Romancing SaGa 2's remastered iOS/Android mobile devices, where I ripped all of the enemies and boss versions out of the remastered version. I took a peek in the Mobile version of this game to see what has been done for that game in tSR and I saw progress has been going well.

    However, there is one slight thing which kind of bugs me right now: The "Playable Characters" sheet (seen here) has all of the sprites for the playable characters...but not any of their palette swaps like Ryan914 did in the original SNES version of this game! (click) They might be one frame, but I decided that I could do better than both of these combined. Here's a handful of my work thus far:

    [Image: Untitled.png]

    [Image: Nereid.png]

    [Image: Untitled.png]

    I'm ripping all of the palette swaps of these class characters in the remastered Romancing SaGa 2 version and including all of their frames and sprites. I will also include their respective names. However, due to how technically what I'm doing already exists in tSR, I decided to post my work here and ask you guys this: Do you think my sprite ripping work looks better than what already exists in the RS2 "Mobile" page shown in the top link, and is worthy of replacing the existing sheet with a bunch of these seperate sheets? Yes, I plan on ripping all of the classes and their palette swaps, too.

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    Recently, I finally found a rare game called Chobits - Chiidake no Hito for the PS2. A visual novel, worth about 2 GB of content. The thing is, it has way more sprites than the GBA game and with good reason. Now, I don't really want to resort to just using the emulator and take screenshots (who does), but no guide online has helped me thus far.

    I extracted the iso's contents and I'm greeted with... this.
    The modules folder has this.
    While the "A" folders have... this.
    What do I do with this. Or. What program do I use? I need to rip these sprites and give the favor to the world. There's literally no other guide that has helped me, and I need some insight here. Or else, I'll just have to take screenshots and suffer. Thanks for your attention, and please help.

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  • 07/30/18--03:22: G'day!
  • Hello everyone!

    I'm looking to upload some models and I wanted to ask the admin some questions to make sure I do it properly but also because I have some questions that need answers (again to make sure I'm doing this properly) the models I want to upload are pretty special and I really need to ask a pro about this ^-^'

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    Hello everyone! 

    Recently my friends and I ripped some models from a game and we want to upload them here when they're ready but there's one big issue. One of the characters is a 15 year old girl that does not look her age and we want to make sure no one uses her inappropriately and cause a big messy legal mess that could effect this website. I've written up a file called "Legal notice" stating this characters age being 15 years old (a minor) and I want to include it in a preview/screenshot of the model so no one can essentially claim that they didn't see it.

    What I want to ask is, how can I do this without violating any rules but make sure that users know that they cannot legally use this model in a sexual/fetish manner?

    I've included a screenshot of the character model so you can understand what I mean by how she does not resemble a 15 year old girl.

    If this is in the wrong spot, let me know so I can fix it Smile

    .jpg   c90c562c2aab59b9c8ecd0a298fa21f0.jpg (Size: 64.32 KB / Downloads: 4)

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  • 07/30/18--06:42: double dragon 1 y 2 genesis
  • [Image: i287104489281429653._szw1280h1280_.jpg]
    [Image: i287104489281432800._szw1280h1280_.jpg][Image: i287104489281432561._szw1280h1280_.jpg][img]blob:[/img]
    [Image: i287104489281429632._szw1280h1280_.jpg]
    [Image: i287104489281431887._szw1280h1280_.jpg]

    [Image: i287104489281429650._szw1280h1280_.jpg]
    [Image: i287104489281429643._szw1280h1280_.jpg][archivo adjunto = 8559] [archivo adjunto = 8559] [archivo adjunto = 8559] hola gente estoy tratando de editar sonidos, duendes y paletas de colores de los juegos doble dragón de genesis. Me encantan estos juegos juntos con otros títulos grandes como hacha de oro ect .....

    [video = youtube] [/ video]

    ... seria muy bueno, necesito ayuda para mejorar, mejorar en estos juegos. acaa de los sprites que faltan o estan con otra paleta de colores diferentes al arcade.tambien falta abobo y su cresta ...

    alguien que me oriente como usar HivePal_v0.2 para hacer estos cambios en la rom

    .png   bolo.png (Size: 2.96 KB / Downloads: 25)

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  • 07/30/18--17:39: Sonic Heroes PC ripping
  • So recently i've been wondering how to rip the Sonic Heroes models.I was able to open and extract the ANMs and DFFs from the ONEs but had no luck finding any tools or anything to open them,outside from some kinda buggy Max scripts.Does anyone here know how to do so?I'd appreciate it if i could export them rigged but i don't mind it if they aren't rigged.

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  • 07/30/18--23:56: From Ivan
  • Can somebody rip graphics from Higurashi Hou Nintendo Switch?

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    Hello! I apologize if this is a bad question, as I am new, but I noticed that several enemies are missing from this spritesheet ( and ripped them. Is it appropriate for me to just upload a second spritesheet with the missing enemies?

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  • 08/01/18--05:55: BigBellies' Model Collection
  • Here some models I had successfully ripped. I will tell you how I managed to get each and every one of these I show you, if you ask nicely. I may expect cooperate as model rippers always have to help each other.

    Avatar The Last Airbender 1: The First Game

    .png   Aang_Full.png (Size: 99.71 KB / Downloads: 3) , [b]
    .png   Katara (North Pole)_Full.png (Size: 86.87 KB / Downloads: 1) , [b]
    .png   Sokka_Full.png (Size: 64.11 KB / Downloads: 0)

    [b][b]Avatar The Last Airbender 2: The Burning Earth[/b][/b]

    .png   Bumi_Full.png (Size: 213.89 KB / Downloads: 0) , [b]
    .png   Toph Beifong_Full.png (Size: 94.63 KB / Downloads: 3) , [b]
    .png   The Boulder_Full.png (Size: 92.28 KB / Downloads: 0)

    [b][b]F-ZERO GX[/b][/b]
    .png   Princia_Full.png (Size: 144.32 KB / Downloads: 1) , [b]
    .png   Lily_Flyer_Full.png (Size: 130.04 KB / Downloads: 1)

    [b][b][b][b]Mario Party 4[/b][/b][/b][/b]

    .png   Peach_Full Size.png (Size: 126.31 KB / Downloads: 3)

    One Piece Unlimited Adventure

    .png   Nefertari Vivi_Full.png (Size: 131.51 KB / Downloads: 2)

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    I'm looking to vastly improve my modeling, so I also want to be able to texture them with normal, specular, ao and other maps for shader effects in Unity.

    Everyone, I'd love it if you could share some of your favourite tutorials with me and I'll pick what works best for me!

    Thankfully, I know how to do Projections to make simple bump maps for stuff like muscles and cloth folds, but what about finer details (ie scales, cloth texture, etc)?


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    Even though I haven't made an account until recently, I have been a fan of this website since 2013, and I've finally decided to post some personal art from my portfolio Smile . The only complete sheet that I'm posting right now is Marx.

    Any suggestions on how to make it better? Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. I would really like to improve!


    .png   marx_8bit_(Kirbys_Adventure)_(Sheet).png (Size: 5.55 KB / Downloads: 1)

    .png   dedede_8bit_colored.png (Size: 736 bytes / Downloads: 3)

    .png   dk94_mario_other_snes.png (Size: 2.22 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   dk94_dk_snes.png (Size: 609 bytes / Downloads: 3)

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  • 08/02/18--20:04: ripping sprites from apk
  • I am trying to rip the sprites from an apk game called Hoppenhelm. I changed it to a zip and extracted it but there are no image files only .ogg music files and something called game.DROID. The game seems to have been made with game maker as it has yoyo file types. Am I looking in the wrong place or is this not doable? Any guidance would be appreciated.

    .png   screen1.png (Size: 108.23 KB / Downloads: 1)

    .png   screen2.png (Size: 129.91 KB / Downloads: 1)

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  • 08/03/18--05:06: Need ripping help on android
  • hi guys. I am a new member.. I have tried to rip this apk yet i had no luck.. if someone would do it for or tell me the proper way i would me grateful  Wink Wink 

    playstore link :-

    APK link :-

    i need everything in this game.. and the reason is that i have to make a similar game like that and this will help me alot


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    I am editing this full post as I made issues with the first one,

    I have the ripped file of Persona Q but can't find anything to open the files such as .bam, .acb, .ctpk

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    About ready to submit for approval anybody have suggestions before I do? Tell me what you think!

    .png   marx_8bit_(Kirbys_Adventure)_(Sheet).png (Size: 9.41 KB / Downloads: 2)

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  • 08/03/18--16:11: Lucas (Smash 64 Style)
  • I made an edit of Ness from Smash 64 and turned him into Lucas!
    This is one of my first attempts with UV maps so I would, feedback is appreciated!

    .png   icon_large.png (Size: 91.71 KB / Downloads: 2)

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    So ive been getting ready to upload character models from corpse party blood drive again seeing as my previous submission was rejected the first time due to "duplicate models" but the thing is some of the characters *mainly the main characters* have different models throughout the game depending on where they are, like some have different models that use different shoes for outside and inside the school and somehave ones with blood on them and one character has ones with an eye patch and without and vice versa, would i be able to apply this models into the same zip file as the others or would those still be considered duplicate models? Also i only have certian models for some characters avaliable in fbx seeing as teh fbx converter i used for them broke a few of them and i havent been able to get some ripped from the files currently so if i uploaded the ones i dont have in fbx as just obj files would i be able to update those zip files when i finally get them in fbx?

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