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    Erectify Ultra    Your troubles do not end with this cost. You also get enrolled into a monthly auto distribution membership at top dollar.
    What this indicates is that you will keep getting a new availability of Erectify Ultra every 30 periods and will be charged $109.95 for it. This will go on until you cancel your membership.
    Is Erectify Ultra Test Offer Scam?
    Erectify Ultra is an overpriced analyze. It does not make the conditions of the sale and the cost clear upfront. You will have to look carefully to know what you are signing up for.
    No wonder many clients skip the fine prints. They sign up thinking its going to cost them a once distribution cost. The costs after possible analyze ends leaves them feeling scammed.

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    I'm attempting to rip Roy's model from Smash for 3ds, but I can't seem to find where the models are stored and how to get to them. I do have prior experience ripping models from fire emblem fates and awakening. Any help would be appreciated. ^^

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    [Image: ugandan_knuckles_pokemon_sprite_by_leese...cj1ydz.png]

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  • 08/06/18--01:03: .nus3bank problem
  • I'm trying to extract those .nus3bank from Pokken Tournamet DX using NUS3BANK-Editor, but it gives me a error.
    What should I do?

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    Hey uh, this has been confusing me for a while. Does anyone perchance know the filename that includes the NILS Statue in the romfs of Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion?

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  • 08/07/18--00:03: zelda clone sprites (WIP)
  • [Image: tumblr_pd2wvteKSF1ukkfd6o1_1280.png]
    (not actual size)

    this is something fun i started a few days ago. the colors are currently not accurate to 8-bit NES, but eventually i wanna make it look that way. i'm curious to start playing around with Zelda Classic and making my own quest. there's certainly a lot to learn about it but i *think* i can handle it lol. anyway, the first two columns are basic two-frame movement a la Zelda 1, the third is for a sword.

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    Mega Man's render pose in Smash Ultimate looked fantastic to me and made me think what it would of looked like in the original NES style,
    So I made it! Tell me what you think! The head is edited from the Mega Man 6 opening, but the rest was hand drawn.

    .png   megaman_ultimate.png (Size: 2.33 KB / Downloads: 6)

    .png   megaman_reference.png (Size: 22.59 KB / Downloads: 5)

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  • 08/07/18--08:39: Error in Double Dribble
  • I noticed an error in user Paul's Double Dribble sprites.

    New York has WHITE jerseys, not green.
    Los Angeles has BLUE jerseys, not white.
    Boston has GREEN jerseys, not blue.

    The only correct team was Chicago in their red jerseys.

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    Hi there! Do you want to make the tileviewers of konami arcade games in MAME easier, well then check this tutorial. I think this will be helpful for you to rip konami arcade sprites. This maybe not the best tutorial, but it can be helpful for some.
    Suppose I want to rip of the playable characters (in this case Max) in Metamorphic Force. I go to the tileviewer, and everything seems complicated a first, but after a while, you might seem to get the hang of it. Note that some games have organized tileviewers, so you won't need to worry about those.
    This is what it looks like in the tileviewer of MAME:
    [Image: image.png]
    1st: Expand the area (includes width) and then seperate the 2nd horizontal tiles, it looks like this:
    [Image: image.png?dl=1]
    2nd: Connect the 2nd vertical tiles, when you do, it looks like this:
    [Image: image.png]
    3rd: Connect the vertical tiles to eachother, it looks like this when you get it:
    [Image: image.png]
    Last: Just like you did next time, the connect the vertical tiles, the result is this:
    [Image: image.png]
    Remember, this not the best tutorial, but it can helpful for some people. In the future, maybe, someone will have a better solution to ripping Konami arcade games.

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    [Image: uASj3Eg.png]

    [Image: WHaggQa.png]

    Latest version: 08/08/2018 - v1.4.2

    Gatete Mario Engine: Anniversary Edition is a open-source Mario Engine for Game Maker Studio 1.4 which contains features from various official 2D and 3D Mario titles.

    This is the result of 10 years of active engine development.

    The engine features the following stuff

    • Multiple Character Support.
    • Over 200 enemy AIs.
    • Star Medals
    • World Map + Inventory.
    • Customizable Controls + Gamepad Support
    • 16 different powerups (Incluiding 3 never seen on any previously release of this series).
    • Support for multiple targets. (HTML5 is not supported, sorry).
    • 4 different Yoshi + Kuribo Shoes.

    Need help with the engine, no problem. Join the official Discord server to get complete support for the engine.

    You can also check the official GitHub repository and get a hold of the new updates made to the engine.

    I hope you enjoy this engine as much we enjoyed programming it.

    and finally, here's a handy-dandy download link.

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    I've been working at making some new stuff for idk how long but I made a new character, hand drew him, downscaled him and gave him limited could work better with shading and stuff.

    .png   idle.png (Size: 964 bytes / Downloads: 41)

    .gif   bucky walk sample.gif (Size: 1.89 KB / Downloads: 40)

    .png   dash.png (Size: 976 bytes / Downloads: 41)

    .png   jump.png (Size: 971 bytes / Downloads: 41)

    .gif   bucky slash sample.gif (Size: 3.05 KB / Downloads: 6) (this one is broken you have to click on it)

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  • 08/12/18--19:08: Ethan's drawings and stuff
  • I'll start by showing you a drawing that came out of my brain and onto the page after listening to the Buster Busts Loose OST and binge watching 4 episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures in a row:

    Don't ask, I just want to hear you guys's feedback.

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    I am trying desperately to extract the audio from the Return of the King on PC. Game extractor can open the games .scw files but the files are a scrambled mess of .sono and .shoc files. Running MFAudio on the .scw files allows me to hear the grunts of the characters perfectly clear, but actual dialogue and music is so hideously compressed that you can only just about make it out.

    If anybody has any advice on how I can go about getting the audio out of this game I would be very appreciative!

    I have included a link to one .scw file (for the Black gate) for reference -!ArXMmzOtC8DfiVHuuJD_hs4uMemb


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    Everyone in the Pokemon Anime community, and Pokemon model rippers, I had made my own custom Pokemon Model of one of the beloved characters of the animated series.

    "Prepare for trouble! To protect the world from devastation! To announce the evils of truth and love!" Here's Jessie!

    .png   Jessie, Agent of Team Rocket.png (Size: 109.41 KB / Downloads: 6)

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    .png   Dolphin network.PNG (Size: 69.73 KB / Downloads: 6)

    Had to rip from an older version of dolphin due to problems with 5.0

    also models don't appear in a t-pose.

    ripped with Ninjaripper

    (Today, 03:08 AM)Shadowluigi Wrote:

    Had to rip from an older version of dolphin due to problems with 5.0

    also models don't appear in a t-pose.

    ripped with Ninjaripper

    also worth noting that the models are mirrored when ripped

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  • 08/14/18--05:50: Avengers Academy Model Rip
  • I just started to rip all models from Avengers Academy Android game.
    Here my start.
    [Image: iron_man__avengers_academy__by_jojonlgx-dck45sq.png]

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  • 08/14/18--18:04: SA2B model dump
  • I have recently more-or-less completed my model exporter for SA2B, and I would like to share the rips with people who are interested in either using them or uploading them to the site.
    Character models come with their original skeletons and weights intact, but they are sadly not natively t-posed.
    Will probably post a rip of all of the stages soon.


    If you're using 3ds Max, you can use this MaxScript to fix up the models automatically (fix specularity and rotation).

    for o in objects where o.material != undefined do o.material.specularLevel = 0;
    select $node_0;
    toolMode.coordsys #local;
    rotate $ (angleaxis 90 [0,0,1]);
    actionMan.executeAction 0 "310";

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  • 08/15/18--13:53: Retro64's unrleated models
  • I'll be posting models here that don't relate to Earthbound/Mother here, enjoy!
    To start here's a WIP of a low poly Olimar I'm making

    .png   wip_olimar.png (Size: 5.09 KB / Downloads: 0)

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  • 08/15/18--16:32: Compressed PNG files?
  • Hi everybody, it's me again.

    So I have this mobile game called "Pocket All Star" which is some bootleg RPG featuring most of the Nintendo characters and such. I'm surprised we haven't had sheets posted here already because my god the graphics aren't half bad.

    The issue here is,  no image manipulation program will open them at all. I've heard that they're apparently compressed or something. Nobody that I've talked to can decompress them.

    So I've attached a folder with a few of the files in hopes someone will be interested enough to decode them.

    .zip   Fake (Size: 304.23 KB / Downloads: 3)

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    Hey there. I'm not particularly new - I've ripped from two 3DS games so far, those being Detective Conan: Phantom Rhapsody and Detective Conan: Marionette Symphony (the latter of which I'm still working on), but I'm curious about how to rip sprites from a specific PSP game; Detective Conan: Prelude from the Past (or Meitantei Conan - Kakokara no Zensou Kyoku).

    Now, I've got the ISO already, but I don't really know how to proceed at all. This is rather different than the kinds of things that ripping from 3DS games requires, so any help would be much appreciated.
    Also, I've tried playing through the game and dumping sprites as I go, but that seems particularly inefficient, since I don't know Japanese and there is no English version or even a patch of the game, which is required to properly progress due to puzzle elements - so if at all possible, I'd like to avoid that.

    UPDATE: I've discovered the sprites are packed in .gim files - along with that, I've discovered a neat program that allows me to convert gims to PNGs (GimConv). The only problem is that it only cuts a small portion of the sprite and converts that. If anyone can help me figure out how to use that software to get a full sprite, that'd be a big help!

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