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    I'm trying to locate the models from Bendy In Nightmare Run (BINR) but it don't work.
    I'm looking for Bendy, Boris and Alice's models, to be precise.

    I'm using AssetStudio here :

    Also, when I select a shader, it say it can't read it.

    Can someone help me, please ?

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  • 08/16/18--08:59: Mai Pixelart
  • I am created a pixelart whats drawn ONLY WITH HAND (only touchscreen) Cool

    But it looks messy and i doing it first time so plz dont hate it Very Sad

    .png   sonicpixelart.png (Size: 35.86 KB / Downloads: 4)

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  • 08/16/18--10:17: Hello...
  • This is RazzleDazzle17 (formerly SEGA_Princess-Elizabeth) and I wanted to start over on this website. 

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  • 08/16/18--14:08: Help with GLIntercept (NDS)
  • I tried to rip sprites from Lunar Knights with GLIntercept and using this tutorial . but no create an Images with the sprite rips in it, create MANY screenshots of the game no matter what 3D renderer is in use.
    Can someone help me?

    I use DeSmuME 0.9.12 and GLIntercept 1.2.4

    [Image: LKD.png]

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  • 08/16/18--17:17: hello
  • hey! i'm sebi (more commonly known as that guy sebi everywhere else) and i've had this account for awhile but never gone on the forums until now!

    there isn't much to introduce but i'll try to contribute somehow!

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  • 08/17/18--00:31: Sword Coast Legends
  • I started ripping models from sword coast legends.

    Right now they are in .fbx format.
    Brain golem
    [/url][Image: Braingolem.png]
    [Image: Quasid.png]
    [Image: Sucubus.png]
    [Image: Vrock.png]
    [Image: Dretch.png][url=]

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    So while ripping sprites for a game called Dino Master, I encountered an issue with the larger sprites in the game. Console Tool seemed to only be loading a small portion of the colours on the palette rather than the whole series, leading to things like this.
    [Image: unknown.png]

    While the palette has blue in there, it's refusing to load onto the sprite. The Orange on the snout is loading correctly however.

    While I would just play through the game and rip sprites that way, there is no guarantee that I could efficiently get all of the sprites I need for this project, as the games mechanics rely mostly on chance and rarity systems in acquiring Dinosaurs. (i've played this game for a decade and have never completed the dinosaur list)

    I'm new to ripping and I'd love to have some help so I can continue with my project.

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  • 08/17/18--18:31: Hi ~
  • Hello I'm just a RPG fan and I want to know how to rip sprites from Android since I want to do it for Tales of Asteria and Choices stories you play ~

    thanks for reading guys  Wink

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  • 08/18/18--02:21: LochSnesMonster's Sprites
  • Here's just a handful of things I made within the last year or two. Not in chronological order. Will probably post more if I can find them.
    [Image: tree.png][Image: Hakurei_Shrine.png][Image: renmerry.png][Image: kumatora2.gif][Image: kumatora3.gif][Image: fast.gif]
    [Image: mima2.png][Image: marisa.png][Image: tumblr_inline_p158pfvDkg1stum2v_540.png][Image: legendary.png]

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  • 08/18/18--04:26: Sprite or texture?
  • Alright, so I'm in little confusion. Before that, I don't know whether to post in Sprite section or Texture section, so I decided to just post here (pardon me if I'm in wrong section). Anyway, I know the Sprite section is supposed to post game asset images like the character image and 2d sprite characters. Meanwhile, the texture section is supposed for texture sheet based on the 3D model (as what I know). But, beside that, I want to know which is the correct section for game images, like skybox image or VN backgrounds or just plain image from video games belongs?


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    Hi, I'm new to the forums.
    I recently found a Japanese mobile game called "Seiken Densetsu: Rise Of Mana". It was a free-to-play game, it looked really cool. But what I found out is the online service for the game has been discontinued 2 years ago and is not available on Google Play or App Store anymore. I really want to extract the models from it.

    I also found out that the game was made in Unity, so extracting shouldn't be too hard.

    Is there anyone that can help me with this?


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  • 08/18/18--08:42: Hello
  • Hi, I'm a new member you might have seen around lately.
    But I didn't properly introduce myself!

    I'm Retro64, I make pixel art and 3D Models.
    Some of my favorite games are Donkey Kong Country and Earthbound so I usually make stuff about them. I also make stuff for Pikmin and Mega Man as well.

    Thanks for reading,

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    So i've been holding these for awhile but ive managed to get a majority of model ripped from the mobile version of corpse party blood drive (seeing as it was practically impossible to rip from the ps vita version) and i thought id show what i've gotten so far with the intact rigging! I havent had the time to sit and idividually render these 1 by 1 so i will be displaying them as i pulled them up in noeisis! I will be putting up the first set of them in a seperate post right after this. if im not supposed to do this i can always edit them onto the main post! Edit: im still trying to get a few ready so the first set will most likely come within this week sometimes!

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    I have used the models resource a few times in the past and just discovered that I can submit models, but I don't know how it must be uploaded and I have several questions about that:

    What format should the model be saved as?

    Does it need to have materials or is it just a solid model?

    If I need to use materials, do I only use an image texture and a diffuse shader?

    What name should the textures have?

    Does the model have to be rigged?

    I feel that I'm missing a few details, I joined today so I don't know much about this

    Big Grin

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    I'm looking to rip the models from Pirate Warriors 3 on the pc, but I haven't seen anyone else looking into it so I don't really know where to start :/ it seems to use the same LINKDATA files as the ps3/vita version but i haven't been able to find any sort of tool for dumping the PW3 ones (the only tool i know of is just for dumping the japanese versions of PW1/2) so i was wondering if anyone could help me out? i mostly just need to get into those linkdata files, then i can work from there. 

    A way to dump the english versions of PW1/2 would be helpful too since I can probably get the characters im looking for out of those games too

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    [Image: Marina_Preview1b.png][Image: Pearl_Preview1b.png][Image: school_uniformm.png][Image: school_uniformf.png][Image: icon1.png][Image: icon1.png][Image: icon1.png]

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    I am trying to find the character conversation heads in the game (even though I know they've been uploaded here). But a lot the earlier character heads just don’t appear, and I’ve checked both the APK and the DLC files. I know the dlc files are stored in their own folders. But earlier levels only have the level-up character and number (for example, Bart in Level 2).

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    There are animal models (not rigged sadly) of Zoo Tycoon 2 ripped, but no props (plants, ground textures and such). Is anybody willing to rip those?

    Or are there other 3D-games with low poly African plants in 'em?

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