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  • 08/19/18--13:26: HI! I'm here now!
  • Hi! I'm Briegamerup! I am mostly here for help in the Sprite and Texture making business. I found this place from the Game Theory channel on YouTube. They talked about this website and hopeful to find help I came here! So I am always looking for help and to help!


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    I've started my journey with Wii model ripping a few days ago and I ran into a problem that I have no idea how to solve (I've tried googleing it up but I cannot find anything).
    The problem is that some models have weird texture mapping after being converted to any file type that Cinema 4D and 3DS Max can read and some textures are being applied incorrectly
    Here is a screenshot of what I mean:
    Any ideas on how to fix it?

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  • 08/19/18--13:41: Pixel art for a game
  • I made some Pixel art for a friend that asked me to tweak his art for a game he is making. The gray and blue one is his and the other is mine! Have a look!

    P.S. I had is permission to show you all.

    .png   BlackBlock.png (Size: 283 bytes / Downloads: 24)

    .png   BlackBlock (NEW).png (Size: 477 bytes / Downloads: 27)

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  • 08/19/18--14:05: Hello
  • Hi everyone! I have no idea what I'm doing but I think my goal is to create my own rpg type video game. I think. But I'm always open to new discussions and ideas.

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  • 08/19/18--15:17: Subway Surfers Models
  • Does anybody know how to rip these models?

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    I'm trying to rip Metal Gear Solid 2 PC level models using Solidus. I got a copy of the PC version via a torrent, as even though I own the PS2 version, Solidus isn't compatible with the PS2 copy, so I got the PC port so I could rip the assets. Pretty much all the characters have been ripped, however, from what I've found, none of the levels have been ripped. I have everything I need, but when I try to rip something, I get this message: "Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 00000000." I don't know if this is because my MGS2 PC copy is a torrent or what.

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    So I've been looking around online, and I couldn't find a single model rip of the bakugan "Dragonoid" ANYWHERE. I'm looking for a textured + fully rigged rip of Neo Dragonoid from bakugan DOTC, either the XBOX 360 (Preferable), PS3 or WII editions of the game :

    Would someone RIP these for me or show me how to rip them? I'm brand new to model ripping, so I have absolutely no clue where to start.  Smile

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  • 08/19/18--20:08: How to extract NBCH files?
  • Hello! I extracted the files of Mario Golf: World Tour. I was looking forward to putting character models on The Models Resource, and they were in .nbch format. How can I extract them? REPLY PLEASE.

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  • 08/19/18--21:49: Hello from Hopalong!
  • Hello everyone!
    I'm joining the VGresource forum (thanks to Game Theory's plug) in hopes of learning more than what I currently do. I really want to make Videogames, but I'm aware that playing videogames for my entire life doesn't provide much information as to how to make them.

    I'm a complete newb to this Defeated

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  • 08/19/18--23:08: A new foe has appeared!
  • Greetings I am Boyd, what am I doing here? honestly I'm not sure, I'm just going with the flow at this point.

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    Hi, I'm new to the forums.
    I recently found a Japanese mobile game called "Seiken Densetsu: Rise Of Mana". It was a free-to-play game, it looked really cool. But what I found out is the online service for the game has been discontinued 2 years ago and is not available on Google Play or App Store anymore. I really want to extract the models from it.

    I also found out that the game was made in Unity, so extracting shouldn't be too hard.

    Is there anyone that can help me with this?


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  • 08/20/18--14:57: Character Models in ALBW
  • Hello everyone!
    I just wanna start by saying I'm sorry if this is in the wrong area. I tried to make sure it was but if it isn't I'm really sorry.

    Anyways I'm trying to rip character models using Ohana3DS but I can't seem to find them anywhere? The way the files are laid out confuses me a lot but maybe somebody can tell me where to search?

    Here's what the layout looks like as of rn:

    Image (Link is discordapp so it doesnt expire or disappear)

    Archive gives me this but none of it is rippable via Ohana and nothing looks to be anything related to any character model.

    If anyones ripped ALBW stuff before, please lemme know where I can find the character models! Sorry if this post is vague or a mess! I was half sleep while writing this lmao[url=][/url]

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  • 08/20/18--20:13: Invaders
  • The First game i will be making is a space invaders tower defense type game where you are the tower. A large portion of the game play is reaching completion and the story will be added later!
    you can get a copy here let me know what you think and share please:

    .jpg   Untitled.jpg (Size: 185.94 KB / Downloads: 0)

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    Hey all,

    i know Monster Hunter World was just recently released on pc.... soooooo....  was tryng to export the models and got this so far. I got the models and the textures
    The UV Mappng is still messed up tho.

    Female Xeno Head Armor
    [Image: 33623006zp.jpg]
    [Image: 33623005uh.png]

    Palico Xeno Body Armor
    [Image: 33623009mb.jpg]
    [Image: 33623010nz.jpg]

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  • 08/21/18--11:17: Sprite
  • I wanted to know where this came from:
    [Image: Sprite_FX_Blast_0010.png]
    I've seen this on Marvel Vs Capcom and Jojo's Bizarre adventure, but none of them have the same sound effect i heard.

    For example, this video, at 3:23
    And this video as well at 0:54 

    I've been looking for it for 10 years already, no joke.  Unsure

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  • 08/21/18--13:55: Minish Cap Moldorm [Boss]
  • I wanted to make a Minish Cap version of the A Link to the Past Moldorm Boss. I think it's coming along well.

    [Image: ADZcrk4.png]

    Plus a "Gold Moldorm" alt-color that I'm probably not going to include in the final sheet, assuming I ever finish it.

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  • 08/21/18--19:51: Ripping rigged characters?
  • Hi, I am new to all the ripping stuff but I was wondering if there is any script (Like a Blender Add-On) or programme that can rip a character with his rig to Blender or ready to use with Blender.
    Forgot to mention that the game uses a customization sysem so you don't have the playermodel done all time, you have parts that (If using for exampl Ninja Ripper) you extract, you get an FBX of only the character mesh.

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