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    I just finished my model of the famous Sonic Ice Cream Bar with Gumball Eyes.

    .png   render.png (Size: 70.38 KB / Downloads: 4)
    Would this be accepted or is it too joke like?
    If it were to be be accepted what category under customs? Sonic? Food?
    Hope you can help me out thanks!

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    [Image: chrome_2018-08-22_11-39-05.png]

    WhaT my custom sheet animations refused month, why.

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    So I've ripped quite a few models (mostly from the 3DS) and when viewing them in 3DS Models viewing programs they look fine but after exporting and loading them into Blender, I can't figure out how to assign the textures to the model. I've tried UV mapping but unpacking always messes up the UV placement. I've also looked all over the internet and still can't find a good solution. How do I do this?

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    i have like a hundred questions and i dont know where to ask half of them and i need to be active on the forums to make comments on the resource pages so! hello! im new here!!! 

    how active is active?? what does that mean?? do i have to do a specific number of posts or do i just need to Have Posted??

    please help :V

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  • 08/22/18--16:56: Mobile Texture ripping help
  • I will be snappy about this, as I've been trying to find a solution for a good few hours but no no avail.

    I decided to try my hand at learning my way through mobile textures by ripping the textures from Dead Space iOS (I legally own the game before it was taken down from the store). I managed to get my hands on the .vpk and open it via changing its extension to .zip, but after navigating to texture assets, I was met with a huge roadblock.

    [Image: 2jv6K5I.png]

    From my understanding, m3g files stand for Mobile 3D graphics, and has been commonly used for mobile 3D rendering for quite a long time. 

    The problem is, though, that I have absolutely no idea how to open or access them, and I have tried multiple programs that came up with nothing.

    Does anybody know how to extract or view or open these files?

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    Everyone in the Pokemon Model Ripping Community, I have done it once more!

    I have made another custom Pokemon Model. This time, it's the Queen of Serpentine. You know her as one of the Battle Frontier Brains of Pokemon Emerald...

    I bring you, Pike Queen Lucy!

    .png   Pike Queen Lucy.png (Size: 75.8 KB / Downloads: 2)

    Here is the Front View,

    .png   Pike Queen Lucy Side.png (Size: 67.95 KB / Downloads: 1)

    Side View,

    .png   Pike Queen Lucy (Back).png (Size: 64 KB / Downloads: 1)

    and the Rear View.

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    How do I rip models from Megadimension Neptunia VII?
    And how do I view their animations?

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    I have a simple question, do glIntercept work with MAME? If so, how? Thank you.

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  • 08/24/18--03:58: Can this really be true?
  • Hey guys can I have your opinion and attention here?
    So basically I have been searching the internet on how to learn the piano on your own, I came across this very interesting article. So a virtual piano and piano apps can really help you out if you want to start to learn the actual piano.

    I tried one of the virtual pianos I enjoyed it and it is kinda an exercise to your finger.

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  • 08/24/18--04:44: Gotcha Force voice rips

    A while back I ripped these voices and only recently I've posted em online, there's a lot of unused stuff in here.
    If there are any problems with the files or folder just tell me.

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    Hello there!
    Recently i've been trying to rip stuff from as the tite says, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

    This has been rather difficult to do so far and there has been loads of issues BUT. I managed to get some things from the game!

    [Image: unknown.png]
    The models are stored in .MMB files similar to other snowdrop games but only some of them seem to get extracted properly as the Noesis .mmb model importer brings up an error upon opening them.
    The textures are stored in .DDS files but whats odd is that their headers aren't in the files themselves, but rather they get pulled from the TOC file.
    Even after adding the header however most textures seem to use ASTC compression meaning it currently can't be converted or previewed.

    For a bigger list of types i put most of them here.

    As for extraction, the tools made for The Division on PC don't work at all with this game.
    A "dedicated" tool for it was being made by one of my kind friends and he made significant progress before being hit with "chunk" read errors.
    This has put a complete halt to all work for now until he figures out the issue.

    The current tool i used to extract the game was a QuickBMS script.
    Interestingly that also runs into the chunk issue if you try to extract all of the .sdfdata files at once.
    But if you do it one at a time it works(somewhat) okay.
    Once it reaches the end of the file it produces a "ERROR: LONG MEMORY FILE" bit of text or something like that.
    And because the files are often split up into multiple parts it runs into duplicate file errors too, and using any option other than "skip" or "skip all" produces a "package size decompressed size" error. can't remember the specifics but i can get screenshots later.

    I know this isn't 100% related to model ripping in particular but models are the main thing i want to get from this game  Big Grin
    Sample files can be provided if needed.

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  • 08/24/18--11:13: A new foe has appeared?
  • I honestly don't know why i'm here.  I'm hoping to one day start youtube, if anyone can help with that.  I'll eventually try to get a job in the gaming industry, but I'm not old enough and I don't know anything about computers, so i'm just doin' my thing, walking along.

    -A lost (but i don't want people to think I'm lost) Yoda  Unsure

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  • 08/24/18--15:56: best explainer videos 2018
  • Explaining concepts through animation is now being widely used throughout the industry of video making, how explainer videos help businesses The one that people will look for when they want their problems to be solved? Then head over to, there we have our portfolio updated and we promise your satisfaction.

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  • 08/24/18--20:55: Hi all
  • just poking around looking at stuff and figured, ah why not I've been browsing long enough I should
    at least step out and say howdy.

    So howdy. I hope we'll get along well.

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  • 08/19/18--23:08: A new foe has appeared!
  • Greetings I am Boyd, what am I doing here? honestly I'm not sure, I'm just going with the flow at this point.

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