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  • 08/27/18--02:26: Digi world champ rips!
  • I've been working with sprites for a long time, but its been forever since I actually made a sheet!  Ouch!

    Could I get some feedback on these sheets? To make sure everything is ok and up to standards. It would mean the world!

    Please let me know if something needs to be changed, thank you in advance!

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  • 08/27/18--08:15: Sprites from 2D game
  • Hello! I want to rip textures and sprites from Sega Heroes mobile game (Android). I tried method with NOX+Ninja Ripper, but it didn't work. Then I tried to unpack game data directly, but main files has .sar format with ZSTD header. I tried 7-zip with Zstandart decompression plugin, but unsuccessful. Can someone help me?
    I uploaded .apk file if someone need this. Here

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    Hi there. im new to model ripping and im having problems with trying to rip from a unity game. I tried to follow the tutorial for it, but this app uses different file formats from the tutorial. Most of the files are either in META, SPLIT, DAT, and no file extension. If i left out any important information im sorry.

    EDIT: I was able to rip some textures and some sounds from it, id like to be able to find a way to get the models as well if its even possible :T

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  • 08/27/18--23:53: 3DS Sprites
  • How do you rip sprites from 3DS games?

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    Hello there!
    Recently i've been trying to rip stuff from as the tite says, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

    This has been rather difficult to do so far and there has been loads of issues BUT. I managed to get some things from the game!

    [Image: unknown.png]
    The models are stored in .MMB files similar to other snowdrop games but only some of them seem to get extracted properly as the Noesis .mmb model importer brings up an error upon opening them.
    The textures are stored in .DDS files but whats odd is that their headers aren't in the files themselves, but rather they get pulled from the TOC file.
    Even after adding the header however most textures seem to use ASTC compression meaning it currently can't be converted or previewed.

    For a bigger list of types i put most of them here.

    As for extraction, the tools made for The Division on PC don't work at all with this game.
    A "dedicated" tool for it was being made by one of my kind friends and he made significant progress before being hit with "chunk" read errors.
    This has put a complete halt to all work for now until he figures out the issue.

    The current tool i used to extract the game was a QuickBMS script.
    Interestingly that also runs into the chunk issue if you try to extract all of the .sdfdata files at once.
    But if you do it one at a time it works(somewhat) okay.
    Once it reaches the end of the file it produces a "ERROR: LONG MEMORY FILE" bit of text or something like that.
    And because the files are often split up into multiple parts it runs into duplicate file errors too, and using any option other than "skip" or "skip all" produces a "package size decompressed size" error. can't remember the specifics but i can get screenshots later.

    I know this isn't 100% related to model ripping in particular but models are the main thing i want to get from this game  Big Grin
    Sample files can be provided if needed.

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  • 08/24/18--11:13: A new foe has appeared?
  • I honestly don't know why i'm here.  I'm hoping to one day start youtube, if anyone can help with that.  I'll eventually try to get a job in the gaming industry, but I'm not old enough and I don't know anything about computers, so i'm just doin' my thing, walking along.

    -A lost (but i don't want people to think I'm lost) Yoda  Unsure

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  • 08/24/18--20:55: Hi all
  • just poking around looking at stuff and figured, ah why not I've been browsing long enough I should
    at least step out and say howdy.

    So howdy. I hope we'll get along well.

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    I submitted voice clips of information from Scooby-Doo Ancient Adventure for the V.Flash to The Sounds Resource. However, I decided to cancel my submission of it and resubmit it with an icon, which it didn't originally come with. I then tried to submit it again, with an icon, but was unable to resubmit it. How can I resubmit it? If I can't resubmit it, please get the problem fixed.

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    You all are cooking in the Sound Submissions keep up the good work! I love it!

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  • 08/25/18--15:07: Arena of Valor models
  • So I'm not sure if anyone else has ripped
    From this game yet
    But unity studio Opens these models easily
    I'd upload models but I dont have my pc currently

    Was wondering if anyone else has tried though
    I think it would be a good addition to the site
    Especially cuz the models are by the same company
    As league of legends

    All i did to rip them was open the 
    Files from the game on my tablet via usb
    Copy them to my pc
    And open them in unity studio

    This was months ago
    But I think the method is still valid

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  • 08/25/18--16:12: A challenger appears!
  • Hello friends.

    I go by Light. I've been using TSR for ages to get sprites to use for various things, some just for fun or to see what I can put together, some to use as a basis for edits.
    I came here to look mostly at customs/edits, maybe see what I can learn from them. I will post my own from time to time, participate in other forums from time to time, but mostly lurk and see what's going on.

    So hello, and I'll see you around the forums.

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    I’ve wanted help on this for a while now, but I should have provided the files in the first place. I managed to extract a great deal of files from “Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes,” but I currently have no means of translating the files into something useful. The files are here:, though I’m looking for the sound effects. However, whatever else can be used here, everybody is welcome to it.

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