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  • 09/07/18--00:50: Everybody's Golf .sxd files
  • Does anyone know how to extract .sxd files from Everybody's Golf?
    Here's the file if anyone can figure it out.!4LoRwDRB!DFcFPKW3oLq6d...EGKBtb1cjk

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  • 09/07/18--02:25: what is a music
  • I'm trying to, play musics that plays out in my head without
    any music sheets...

    does anyone knows how does the theory works out, or how to play your fingers fasters as fast as your musics?
    something that makes the practice clear?
    like, what does the left hand do along with the right hand and vice versa?
    like, how do i play out melodies, multiple melodies, into, a sort off a chords, arpegio, etcs, effects?
    like...what do i "sing" with my hands?

    and also...

    what's this game?
    i cant find it over on wiki or anywhere

    i hope it is good.
    and would appreciate if anyone knows.

    thank you

    or please email to

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    how do i make games for latests consoles???
    PS4Pro, nintendo switch...
    are there open tools for developer or closed resources???

    i'm willing to trade some tools for resources.


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    I want to rip the sprites from the Freedom Planet 2 Demo, But how do you do that? I tried to use Unity Studio, But then I realized it was for 3D models only. So what program do you use to rip 2D sprites, & how do you use it? (Sorry if I worded my question wrong.)

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  • 09/07/18--06:37: Dragon quest XI PC .pak file
  • Hi! With the release of this game a few days ago I wonder if someone is already working on extracting the models from this game. I got hold of the files from PC version and I suspect the models are hidden in the data.pak file. Does someone know how can I extract the .pak file? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    I search everywhere and still nothing.

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  • 09/03/18--11:40: How to rip from 3DS?
  • More specifically I'd like to rip from "Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam".

    Do I need a real 3DS t it?

    More specifically than it, the models of the papercrafts.

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    Hi all. Just wondering if any of you lovely people could help me out. Im looking to extract the 3d models from the android app Spiderman Unlimited. In fact im looking for one model. The Little Venom model and its textures. Could anyone help me in this area please?

    [Image: search?q=little+venom&oq=little+venom&aq...vVxm7pXEM:]

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    Read this first:

    If you read it how can I rip models from Hello Kitty Big City Dreams for DS? Embarassed

    Also I made it pending so if I know how to rip them, I will upload them.

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  • 09/04/18--04:15: [PAID!] Daytona Hornet Car
  • Hi all,

    I'm in urgent need of the assets for the Daytona Hornet Car, ideally from the SEGA Model 2 arcade version of the game.

    However, the version used in All-Stars Racing would be a good start for me. 

    Happy to pay someone for their time to rip this so I can use it with textures. 


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    Recently I had ripped Diskun for the game Janken Disk Jo
    However after the game was accepted I realized that

    1. The game is actually called Janken Disk Jō not Janken Disk Jo
    2. It also has another name as well being Janken Disk Shiro
    My question is should we keep the name the way it is, add the accent mark, or add both names with a slash in between?

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    Hello everyone, BigBellies here.

    I am writing on a completely separate topic for model ripping. The topic, going through the files of the PlayStation 2 game, Super Dragon Ball Z.

    I had used 7-Zip to rip out the files from the PlayStation 2 ISO shown in the image below.

    .png   Super DBZ Files.png (Size: 171.99 KB / Downloads: 10)

    Unfortunately, I have no idea to find out where the models are stashed in, and I need your help. If anyone is able to figure out these files, let me know.

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  • 09/07/18--10:53: Importing Sprites
  • I am new to re-editing games, but I'm getting more and more into it. I do have a question I would like to ask. I would like to import graphics from different games to the game I am editing. I'm running into a problem with the sprites I want to import. They are much larger than the ones in the original game.  

    For example, I am trying to replace the ship in Defender II with a sprite I created but it's too big (especially too tall to fit). In Defender II the ship takes up 3 blocks of 8, where as the one I want to import needs more. Do I need to go into the code and change a setting? If so how? If not can you please share any suggestions? Thanks again for the help!

    Hopefully this made some kind of sense!

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm trying to rip the sprites from Arcana Heart 3 LOVEMAX SIXSTARS!!!!!! using Hipster, but it gave me an error.
    So, is there any other program which extract sprites and convert to png?

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