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    Hi all. Just wondering if any of you lovely people could help me out. Im looking to extract the 3d models from the android app Spiderman Unlimited. In fact im looking for one model. The Little Venom model and its textures. Could anyone help me in this area please?

    [Image: search?q=little+venom&oq=little+venom&aq...vVxm7pXEM:]

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    Read this first:

    If you read it how can I rip models from Hello Kitty Big City Dreams for DS? Embarassed

    Also I made it pending so if I know how to rip them, I will upload them.

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  • 09/04/18--04:15: [PAID!] Daytona Hornet Car
  • Hi all,

    I'm in urgent need of the assets for the Daytona Hornet Car, ideally from the SEGA Model 2 arcade version of the game.

    However, the version used in All-Stars Racing would be a good start for me. 

    Happy to pay someone for their time to rip this so I can use it with textures. 


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    Recently I had ripped Diskun for the game Janken Disk Jo
    However after the game was accepted I realized that

    1. The game is actually called Janken Disk Jō not Janken Disk Jo
    2. It also has another name as well being Janken Disk Shiro
    My question is should we keep the name the way it is, add the accent mark, or add both names with a slash in between?

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    Hello everyone, BigBellies here.

    I am writing on a completely separate topic for model ripping. The topic, going through the files of the PlayStation 2 game, Super Dragon Ball Z.

    I had used 7-Zip to rip out the files from the PlayStation 2 ISO shown in the image below.

    .png   Super DBZ Files.png (Size: 171.99 KB / Downloads: 10)

    Unfortunately, I have no idea to find out where the models are stashed in, and I need your help. If anyone is able to figure out these files, let me know.

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  • 09/04/18--13:21: Heyo
  • Hey guys! My user is Squiggles/Squigglestheduck, but I prefer now just to go by my name, which is Cody. Im 21, from Arizona, huge gaming nerd, vaporwave enthusiast, and yeah. Right now I currently play various games on my switch as well as WoW on my computer. I love dykg, been watching ever since the start of my Sophomore year of high school in 2012, and with that I've dabbled in lurking since then on this forum as a guest, etc. I hope to learn new skills here, and have a good time. So yeah, happy to be here.

    OH also I think I'm terrible at writing these introductions places, so I apologize if it sounds cringe etc. I feel awkward writing this already lol.

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    First post yay

    Im just trying to rip the models from

    Kirbys blowout blast

    Team kirby clash deleuxe

    kirby robobot

    The thing is that i dont have a 3ds at all, and i have no idea where to start, any help or progams that can help me? Sad

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    Yo! Hello Yang Kai/Jio Inzagi here, I think it's about time I create a thread for this, so here I am, I'll start with a small introduction.

    Super Smash Bros Arena 2 is what I consider to be a "revival" of the old Super Smash Bros Rumble, that isn't avaible anymore to play or to download anywhere on the internet since Yoyogames removed all the games in their sandbox, so some day I was messing with old files of mine to clean some memory for my PC and I stumbled upon it, I then remembered it was quite a good fangame, but sadly when I looked in the internet I couldn't find the game anymore. I then decided to open the game in the old Game Maker 7 engine(which as well, you can't find anymore in the internet, yes even cracked versions, they do not exist, and the one that there is the lite version) I then decide to hack the engine and that's how it all began, over the course of adding new characters and mechanics, I got a lot better in knowing what does what and this is the main reason why some characters are way unique and better executed than others. Ok ok, enough about it, let me get you to what you want to know: the game.

    So, have a video showcasing the newest character added and some gameplay:

    If you're thinking what I'm thinking I think you are thinking, then you're probably thinking "yoah! That's a lot of characters, and some obscure characters as well!"

    Then, yes, that is the case here.

    In case you have some curiosity, here's a small changelog I made(read from bottom to top):

    And that's kind of it, I won't put a download link until I finish Ark and Zelda;

    See ya(ideas and comments are welcome)

    Also, here's smashboards topic

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  • 09/09/18--02:44: search for nsfw sprites?
  • is there a search term to search out the nsfw sprites?

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    So I've been trying to rip the models from the PC version of OP:BB and even though I got past the weird scz compression on the files I still can't really get the npak/npki/npkv into any formats I can do anything with :/ if anyone could help me figure these out I'd really appreciate it.

    Here's some sample files: 

    From what ive seen all the files here are needed for the whole model? not sure which character this is btw...from my time messing around in 3dmodelresearcher i think it's luffy
    [Image: unknown.png?width=1202&height=677]

    this is as far as ive ever gotten with one of these files...i can never find the faces

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    Hey there...

    nobody had made a MLP custom sprite sheet before....
    so I made this...

    [Image: spike_maker.png]

    what do you think?

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    Hello. I'm looking to rip clothing textures from Pocket Camp and was hoping to find some more information on the best way to go about it. I dug around and so far know that the information is most likely stored in the game's cache, so I'd like to know more about how to access the data within. 

    And this one might sound like a stupid question, but is there any way to access that information on an actual phone, or do I absolutely have to use an emulator? Because I've struggled to get the game to work on one in the past.

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    Hey guys, I just need some general info rlly quick about something.

    I'm trying to make a sort of 3D diorama of sorts using these models

    When I import the models into blender (the character ones) I get some messed up textures and what not, and while I'm not the most experienced with Blender I know the difference between Cycles and Blender and trying them both in many different light rooms doesn't seem to work.

    Basically I was wondering if someone could help me get these working in Blender or suggest what the best programme everyone else seems to use.

    (I just wanna say also, I don't mean to look like an idiot if I'm missing something simple, I know the very very basics of Blender so I'm still learning through each mistake.)

    I managed to get some others working such as Hyperdimension Neptunia models and Pokemon models, but some others don't work, which happens to be these.

    Again, if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be well helpful, thanks and have a nice day.

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  • 09/09/18--19:39: shitty pixel art
  • so both my old threads are archived

    I WoNdEr WhY

    [Image: t4S1FUx.png]

    [Image: k5Y2cmc.png]

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    Hello everyone. BigBellies here.

    I am trying to rip character models from Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XVery Sad Gale of Darkness respectively, the Ninja Ripper way, but I am only able to get the T-Posed Model of Michael (XD's Hero), and for some reason, the other character's model meshes keep being messed up with a vertex or two.

    Did anyone else deal with this problem I am facing too?

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    I'm trying to rip sprites from Sonic Wings Limited, but I can only do it with snapshots. Is there like a program to rip sprites from this game?

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