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    Well...i guess these goes here, if not, i hope some moderator put it on the right corner... [Image: tongue.png] 

    Ok, it´s ok this thing of getting sprites, 3d stuff, textures, sound, etc...but i have a question:

    It is possible to ripp from an old game...(let´s say Psx1 "tekken 3" for example), and ripp or transforming or exporting motion data to othe formats like .vmd or something like that? is possible to not precislly "ripp" but actually extract image data from an .exe file? like for example "final f*ck"?, (i´m interested in the enemies, not the main charathers).


    BTW: This site kinda ROCKS!!

    BTW 2: Sorry for my not very good english... [Image: unsure.gif]

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    Hello, I have a large project I'm involved in which is using the Animal Crossing villager models from New Leaf and Pocket Camp. 

    Some generous souls have already uploaded nearly every single villager species if you combine the models from those two games; but for some reason, a Mouse has never been uploaded.
    I could really use a Mouse model, and I would be willing to pay a small amount for one in order to complete the collection.  

    The character doesn't matter; I'm not using any of the basic textures or animations. All I need is the character model with the animation skeleton intact so I don't have to skin it myself. 

    I'm not expecting to pay a lot, because it's only a single model, but if someone is willing to do it for a reasonable price, I'm happy to pay. I would also prefer if the model were uploaded to the main section of the site when you were done, so others could have access to it. 

    I'd much prefer a Pocket Camp version, as they seem to have better skeletons/rigs in my experience, but if New Leaf is easier, that's fine too. 
    Earlier AC games won't work because the proportions are different. 

    If this is something you could do, please, let me know your timeline and the rate you'd like to charge, and we'll try to work it out.

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  • 09/10/18--11:32: Did I do something wrong?
  • I have uploaded this sheet a month ago
    [Image: attachment.php?aid=8590]
    I completely understand that since there are so many submissions all the time, that it could take a while to get it approved/rejected.
    I have also made sure that it doesn't have any of the listed problems in:
    So I just wanted to make sure I didn't do anything wrong.

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  • 09/11/18--02:46: It attracts the attention of
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  • 09/11/18--04:05: Hi all, glad to be here :)
  • Wow, don't know how much time is passed from my last time here. So much i forgot my id and password. Probably my mail is deleted too ahahahah

    However, i'm glad to be here again. Hope to go along you all and have fun.

    As for me, i'm mainly a spriter. i usually try ripping stuff myself for the "eventual need" from arcades or online games, if something piques my interest.

    In the past i used to do stuff for mugen, stages and sprite edits for the community. Lately i'm more on the ripping side.

    lastly, like the title, Glad to be here Wink

    Have all a nice day!

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    Hi! I'm trying to extract models from the Disney magical world 2 but they come in this .fbc format. I search everywhere and I can't find any way to open these models. Does someone know how can I work with the fbc format? Thank you!

    Update: I found a workaround! After a long search on google I found the solution. It was very hard to find but you need hex editor. Open the file in hex editor and search for the bch format in the file. When you find a big BCH on the file delete everything that comes before that letter. Save and try to open on ohana3ds Smile it works! Hope this helps somebody

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  • 09/11/18--13:15: DBZBT3 Textures [Batt.unk]
  • I've extracted some textures from the Batt.unk, a UNK file (UNK stands for unknown extension) which represents the HUD (Heads-Up Display) during fights in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. This also includes the Replay Logo and the DBZBT3 Logo when viewing saved replays in the Data Center, along with a few unused textures which didn't make it into the final cut.
    For Tenkaichi's sake, I've attached two examples (the unused 7-Star Dragon Ball and the Replay Logo previously mentioned).
    Those unused textures are either leftovers from the Wii version of the game, or simply additional textures. The unused textures have "UNUSED" in square/circular brackets and in ALL CAPS, as seen in this couple of examples:

    UnusedTextureFileName(Additional info)[UNUSED].png

    Most textures in DBZBT3 use 256 colors (1024 bytes), but some also use 16 colors (64 bytes). The 16 colors can technically count as sprites, however it'd be exhausting to upload a zip with JUST the 16 color textures, considering I extracted the textures in a hurry, without really caring about the color amount.

    To avoid uploading each and every single .png file (for obvious reasons), I've compressed them all in a nice and comfy .zip file.
    Here is the LINK.

    NOTE: I'm not the best at English, nor do I claim to be. At least, I don't use English being my 2nd language as an excuse.

    .png   Small 7-Star Dragon Ball (UNUSED).png (Size: 97.66 KB / Downloads: 20)

    .png   Replay Logo.png (Size: 97.66 KB / Downloads: 22)

    .jpg   DBZBT3 Title Screen (Small res.).jpg (Size: 126.33 KB / Downloads: 4)

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