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  • 09/22/18--18:35: Puterboy1's Submissions
  • For my 100th post, I thought I'd share at least a few sprites such as this sheet of loading screens from the PC release of The Great Escape.


    Anyone willing to submit this should give me credit in the submitters column.

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    Managed to get as far as unzipping the files. They appear to be Source .mdl files, however they do not load in HLMV (Source and Goldsrc).

    The wiki says outright that they're .MDL files, though trying to load them in Jet's Model Viewer proves to no avail.

    Crafty gives the default message when fed an invalid MDL file.

    They seem to be rippable (and somehow viewable with animations), I just don't know how.

    Here's the file to the Polysphere, since the game was ripped from Steam's shelves and thrown into the abyss.

    They don't look like Half-Life model files hex-edit wise (It does start with the path, though it doesn't show the bone names), but for what the "unused animation" files say they might be (though it could just be from viewing the Raz0rChar.txt)

    The .mtl files mention "LitTexture," which may be a clue as to what .mdl files these are?

    The sound files are XACT Wave Bank files, which appear to be common for video games.

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    Hello again, I would like to know how you can extract the contents of a .png file, it seems that is compressed with something, attached a few files. I hope you can help me.

    .zip (Size: 106.94 KB / Downloads: 1)

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    Does anybody have a idea?

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  • 09/23/18--09:13: trap gunner
  • anyone ever completed trap gunner game from 1998?

    I was wondering what are the unlockables.. i read it that there are alternate costumes for lou richie tico and abdoll.

    i'd love if someone can share how they look if anyone finished it in hard mode Big Grin

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    Hey so, so far i managed to rip alot of models from luigi's mansion's files such as the ghosts and objects, however the furniture and rooms are being abit problematic, they're packaged in Bin files, and i can open it in Demolisher, but not export them, And i know that Demolisher was not used for exporting, just stating that. But i ask, how do i get the mdls/objets/arcs/whatever to those rooms so i can port them over to Garry's mod and Source Filmaker?

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  • 09/23/18--18:30: Risks?
  • Are there any legal risks to ripling assets form games?

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  • 09/24/18--07:12: Model upload
  • Why nobody upload my pending submission of SM64 DS Mario model? Why? You upload tons of new model but that no? This is not good.  Sad

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    Can Someone help make a custom set of Sprites For Cream The Rabbit for Sonic 1 using an existing set of sprites i included a image with the style i want for those sprites

    .png   1d8842878273.png (Size: 23.36 KB / Downloads: 7)

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  • 09/25/18--01:19: Well, How-do-you-do?
  • Hey, guys! Big Grin

    I'm NeonBlaze64.  I'm new here and I enjoy drawing and video games.

    A caricature sketch that I drew of Jack Black

    Of course, I like to draw cartoons as well. Featuring SpongeBob and Patrick.
    I made this in the Art Academy: Home Studio on Wii U using the gamepad.

    A couple of custom sprites that I made of Mario & Luigi as Boos made out of perler beads!  Smile

    I also have an Etsy shop as well!

    I've visited the site dozens of times, but never made an account until now. This is a great place to find some great sprites from video games. Cool I'm not sure if I will post anything or not. I figured I just stop by and visit every now and then.

    It's a pleasure to meet you all!

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    I've been meaning to make an account here for years, better late than never I guess Big Grin

    I used to make tons of sprites as a kid, a lot of which were Sailor Moon edits, so it's fitting that my first post should be sailor moon related lol
    [Image: Yf2C5AS.png]
    Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R for the gameboy only featured the inner senshi as playable characters, so here's the rest of the gang in slightly dodgy pixellated monochrome form.

    I hate how this sheet's laid out but here's a bunch of damaged vehicles from Front Mission: Gun Hazard
    (right click and copy image to see full size)
    [Image: qzbAGyU.png]
    (Thanks to Arima for ripping the original sprites)

    and here's a NES style Bowsette cuz why not lol
    [Image: b2pzk6d.png]

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    Hello all,

    I'm new here. I've come here since it seems there is a bounty of knowledgeable folks here.
    Does anyone know if and how 3D Ripper can be used with Facebook Gameroom Games?

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    These are Unrigged N Sane Trilogy Models that i ripped using NinjaRipper on the PC Version.
    [Image: fHfzLSH.png]
    Some of the Textures end up being Pink when ripped as you can see with NGin's Hair. I am able to rip the remaining Baked, Color, Height, and Composite Textures using Cogmonkey's NSTtexture Converter. Unfortunately, the Converter is not good at Converting Normal Maps and they end up looking like this. 
    [Image: oIS9b8E.png]
    So any meshes that i rip that end up with missing Textures will have missing Normals. The Normals also come out green for some reason, so i inverted them to make them blue and added them as alternatives. Any help with getting the Normal Maps would be appreciated.

    Here's Dingodile with Normal Maps applied.
    [Image: EOotgcP.png]

    Dingodile and Wumpa Fruit have been submitted, the rest are missing Normal Maps so they will remain here for now.

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  • 09/26/18--07:31: Armor digiegg
  • hii, i want to know if its possible to extract the models of the armor digieggs from digimon masters online. and if yes how? thx

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    Hey there VGResource!

    Last month I finished up on several weeks of personal research into Jurassic World Evolution's file format, and that resulted in a modding tool for the resource (OVL) files. It doesn't just read data from the archive, it's also possible to inject data and then resave the archive (though that's pretty experimental). Unfortunately I can't promise any further updates, but here you go! Big Grin

    .png   d7e7f1c7f2c47a93abf5a4da81d3cd37.png (Size: 46.88 KB / Downloads: 6)
    *DISCLAIMER* I've decided to provide this software and source as-is, it's still pretty rough, and as such I cannot be held responsible for anything that happens when using the program, like if it breaks your computer or if it steals your wife or something.

    .zip (Size: 642.49 KB / Downloads: 3)

    I've also spent quite a bit of time researching the tex and ms2/mdl2 header data formats, it's nowhere near done yet, but I've left that code in for those who are interested. Enjoy and hope you all have a great day!

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    Im trying to extract wii u models (monster hunter 3 ultimate)

    But i only have the rom

    Can i still get the models reguardless of a wii u

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    First post here yay

    Finally i extracted the files from a decrpyted rom file of MH4U online

    But the thing is that i dont know how to open .arc files

    Is there a way to do this? if so how?

    Also i dont have a 3ds, I used a rom i found online

    Sorry if i sound dumb, im semi new to all of this


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    I have seen a deviantart member that posted 3 models of Star Ocean Anamnesis ( Reimi and Evelysse ).

    the owner of ripped models left available tools on Xentax forum.

    I hope that available tools can be useful to extract more models from the game Smile

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    I have exported the files from the game, using HackingTool9DS and GARC Unpacker, and it appears that all of the files, containing the models, the animations, and the textures, are there. When I look at the models, the textures, and the animations, using SPICA, it appears that all of the models are completely rigged. Here are the examples.

    [Image: ezgif_2_cf3af8e4fe.gif]
    [Image: ezgif_2_d7d57cdba6.gif]
    [Image: ezgif_2_2b68b1377d.gif]
    [Image: ezgif_2_b0ec58f418.gif]
    [Image: ezgif_2_36fdd2c5a5.gif]
    [Image: ezgif_2_91e39825cd.gif]
    [Image: ezgif_2_c46b22a1ac.gif]
    [Image: ezgif_2_0ed458405c.gif]

    I should submit these models and these textures to the Models-Resource.

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