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  • 10/06/18--10:09: Problem with noesis
  • I'm ripping some kh models from the ps4 version, but i've encountered a problem with noesis
    The assets are stored in a similar way of the ps2 version, but Noesis is doing something weird
    I extract from the file and the model and bones look like this
    [Image: rOo2NqD.png]
    Then I open it with blender, I resave it and then it looks like this
    [Image: oXJNtOB.png]
    That's the only model for now that does that
    What's the problem?

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    Hi, I am trying to extract all sprites from Sonic bts. 

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  • 10/06/18--20:37: PCSX2 OBJ Snaps are gone?
  • I've been trying to rip some PS2 models, Ninja ripper isn't working for me at all, but I heard about using shift+F8 to export an OBJ from the game. When I do that, I just get a png and a gs.xz, no obj. I've tried different renderers and plugins and there's no way to get an obj out anymore.

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  • 10/06/18--23:30: Marvel Vs Capcom Sprites
  • I have been wanting to get some good Marvel Vs Capcom Sprites from this site to download,
    Is there anyone working on some MvC sprites by any chance?

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  • 10/01/18--15:58: My purge.
  • To any staff members reading, please delete or lock this thread.

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  • 10/01/18--22:41: Secure Connection Failed
  • I'm constantly getting this on Firefox when uploading large sheets now. This just started today. There are alleged "fixes" for this, but they've never worked for me, and clicking "try again" just repeats the problem endlessly.

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    OK so I have wanted to rip from luigi's mansion dark moon for a while but i heard it was impossible because an unrecognized file format but i've heard from a few people who have ripped from it but said it was hard I would like to know if it really is possible

    Any help?

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    Hi I am trying to do a mapping project for animal crossing  style map in tf2, but I can't find any assets for happy home or pocket camp and I see them being uploaded, slowly but surely. Anyone know where I can download them/rip them so I can start making them into models?

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    Hey I have had no luck in trying to get the models from the GameCube or N64 version of Animal Crossing (Also known as Animal Forest) Mainly all i want is the the villager model from the game as i am trying to just make a rigged model of it and have found no where on the internet where that model is available So a little help would be appreciated. I really just mainly want the villager or at least the specific one in the attachment if you could help in anyway shape or form that would much appreciated thank you.

    .png   ret_7.PNG (Size: 225.07 KB / Downloads: 1)    (The attachment)

    P.S I am incredibly new to model ripping and have only tried ripping models from the GameCube version of animal crossing

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    [Image: plat_jak3_i001.jpg]

    Hello all!

    I'm offering $100 to anyone who can rip the ottsel trio from Jak 3, in T-Pose! Big Grin

    I require them for a short fan film I've been working on for a while, and have been unsuccessful in trying to rip them myself  Sad
    I had asked someone for help with this over a year ago, and offered to pay, but haven't heard from them in about 8-9 months now. I understand that people get busy with life, and I don't want to keep messaging them every few months and be a bother, so I've decided it might be best to open this up for anyone here that might like to give it a go.

    If anyone can please rip all three ottsels for me (preferably in .obj format), in t-pose, textured, fixed up and ready for rigging, I would very much appreciate it, and will pay $100, by Paypal, upon completion Smile

    Afterward, feel free to post them here on the site, for any others that may wish to download!
    For those interested in taking on this task, but need the game torrent and a save file with access to the model viewer, I can supply both. Just let me know through here, or PM me through my DeviantArt page: Chiyo18.

    POTENTIAL BONUS!! If completed before February 3rd (my birthday Tongue), I will add in an additional $50, for a total of $150!

    Additional Potential Bonus! If you're also willing to throw in one of the floating platforms they're standing on, I'll add another $10, for an actual total of $160!! Big Grin

    Thank you for viewing my thread^^

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    Fianlly i extracted the .arc files of monster hunter 4 ultimate, but all i need to do is:

    Turn .Mod files to .obj files 

    and .tex files to .png files

    Any help would be welcome


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    i tried running the game from my windows 10 but it's not working.
    Asked for a bunch of things like dxvb8.dll and still does not work.

    played it a while ago, and i can tell you it was a thrill

    i'd put it on the same box with grand theft auto or state of decay but it lacks the tiny bits like
    ...STORY. which, it managed to do like DARK SOULS way earlier than dark souls, which,
    telling the story along with the gameplay... no mumbo jumbo, no cutscenes... gameplay runs along with the story and environment.

    The game art is not encrypted or compiled in file, so i think this is worth sharing. it's ok right?\
    Here's the link.


    can someone teach me how to put the file in the resource database over at the frontpages?


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    A little something I've been working on for the past couple of months, based of her Stone Statue from Star Allies.
    It's my first attempt at making a custom model and I could some assistance. 
    Things that need to be done:

    • Needs new textures (There are some ripped ones and a poorly photoshopped one by me in the .zip below)
    • Needs multiple facial expressions (not thousands, just a few basic ones that you see on other characters in Star Allies such as attacking, being attacked, looking in shock, victory dancing, etc)
    • A skeleton to animate with.
    Here's a few screenshots and a download link below:

    [Image: Model_Showcase_1.png][Image: Model_Showcase_2.png][Image: Model_Showcase_3.png] Any and all help is appriated, PM me any changes you make. Many thanks.

    Credit to FruitMage for ripping the Stone Statue model for me.

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  • 10/08/18--21:31: game specification
  • hello, how does game graphics fits in to system requirement?

    Like, how do you measure the game running speed, relative to its data size and
    refresh rate?
    Is this something commonly asked? It seems like a lot of people recommended you to add more 
    hardware without knowing why.
    I am a developer so it is more wise to figure out how fast can the game run the graphic
    relative to the hardware and data size?

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    .jpg   images (1).jpg (Size: 13.73 KB / Downloads: 0)

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  • 10/04/18--06:50: MT Framework .tex files
  • Mega Man 11 recently came out, and while I was able to open the models in 3DS Max, the textures can't be used since they are in this unreadable format.

    So, is there any tool to convert .tex files into .png? I have tried some but none of them seem to work.

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  • 10/09/18--09:50: pcsx2 distorted models help
  • So, I'm trying to rip Samanosuke Akechi from Onimusha: Warlords via pcsx2 0.9.8 obj capture, and the model is a but skewed even with pcsx2 model converter. While I tried skewing the model myself, it still doesn't look right. Anyone with Blender and/or 3ds Max experience know the right tools to help a newbie like me?

    [Image: 256ef0dd316ab08d3209093d3c1713c2.png]

    Attempted After:
    [Image: 1b85461889926097ab0b7a912cd56013.png]

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