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  • 10/14/18--19:10: BUILD .skel & .atlas file
  • Hi, I extract some resources from android game, and I found .skel, .atlas and .png respectively, I try assemble this files in spine unity but doesn't open. I am aware that a .json file is needed but that file can not be found, I have attached some files to know if someone manages to open them, especially the .skel file. Thanks greetings.

    .zip (Size: 404.91 KB / Downloads: 0)

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  • 10/14/18--19:37: Hello
  • Hi, I'm Axiz, just getting into things. Not an experienced programmer or modeler, and I am using this experience as a way to not only rip and record things, but to really expose myself to it, gain knowledge on it, and learn new things. Never done this before so, this is me getting started.

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    I noticed the model resource for this game was lacking on the website, and figured I could try to do some things to help change that. So far, I've only unpacked Spirit of Justice (Ace Attorney 6) models for the 3DS, however, PLvsPW was not created using the same engine, so the same method used to unpack that game cannot be used here, obviously. I do not know how to access the character archive folder (If there is one), and I then want to be able to rebuild said models and textures in 3DS Max. I could not find a solution online, so I am hoping I can get some help here. Where do I begin?

    The most I have done with the game is used ctrtool to extract the exheader.bin and exefs and romfs directories, from the .3ds file.

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    So I was playing around with some Metal Slug sprites to make a custom sprite and came out with this:

    It's supposed to be wearing a jump suit and a mask as it's some sort of Experiment created in a lab. If you have any criticism just tell me it would be really helpful! ^ ^

    ((Sorry if the cropping is a bit wonky))

    .png   Project Z.png (Size: 1.95 KB / Downloads: 4)

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  • 10/15/18--00:18: game content amount
  • how do you plan game content variation relative to game duration?

    like say over 100 hour of gameplay, so how much characters and area,
    with regards to story flow, elements and so on?


    like number of characters, type of weapons, type of armors, builds and etcs,
    what's the math?

    i have the duration planned and the general system using basic physics, but it seems like variation is infinite
    unless somehow limited in a certainset of lore or rules...

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    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-19 PM-973.png (Size: 114.7 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-26 PM-819.png (Size: 138.37 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-34 PM-503.png (Size: 178.58 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-43 PM-628.png (Size: 186.5 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-50 PM-460.png (Size: 72.94 KB / Downloads: 0)

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    i have exported models but textures problems they are not bring exported properly when i import them to 3ds max via actionx importer and try to apply to maerial or textures it says invalid or internal error what to do please help me

    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-19 PM-973.png (Size: 114.7 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-26 PM-819.png (Size: 138.37 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-34 PM-503.png (Size: 178.58 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-43 PM-628.png (Size: 186.5 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-50 PM-460.png (Size: 72.94 KB / Downloads: 0)

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  • 10/15/18--06:28: Extracting .gar files?
  • Ripping Luigis Mansion 3DS remake has been successful so far, however we can't open the .gar files. The unpacker doesnt seem to be working. Is there anything we can do?

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    I'm a french electronic musician, and I would love to use a texture of the game Thunder Force IV for an album.

    [Image: Thunder_Force_IV.png]

    Here is the zone, I would like to retrieve the entire landscape behind. 

    Would it be possible??

    And an other thing, I tried several times to contact Sega to ask them for their permission, unsuccessful. Any tips for contact them? Or is it OK if I use it for a public release without a reply for them?

    Thanks you fellows,


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    So i recently changed my profile pic to the image its set as now but when i go to any of the resource
    But when im in the forums or my own profile page it shows it as normal like this:
    But when i go to the resource sites it displays it as this:
    I don't know why this happened at all, im wondering if something happened in the upload process or if its just a site bug.

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    So i wanted to rip models from teh Equestria girls mobile game which i installed on my tablet recently but i can't seem to locate the games files anywhere, i opened the game and played a bit of the tutorial but im not sure if i have to complete the tutorial or something for it to load all the games files or not. But if it helps im using an android tablet.

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    Hi all! 

    I am creating a DB (Z, Super) themed Online RPG in a 2D top down style heavily inspired by the Legacy of Goku GBA games. The graphical style is based on the classic Breeze Revolution resources and edited tiles from the LoG games. 

    This project is a dream of mine for 10 years now and after multiple restarts I am finally at a point where I think a game can be released! 

    However, I need help. I am working full-time and even though I am serious about this project, it’s a hobby and I can’t work fulltime on this. 

    I am looking for:

    • Content creators: People that want to help create maps/NPCs/Quests/Items/etc. Artists: I need people to help me create more characters, paperdolls and items. However, I am mostly in need of someone to help me create animations for spells/opening chests/level ups/etc. 

    If anyone is interested in working on this together and become a co-creator, please let me know! 

    If you are interested in helping out for pay, also let me know! 

    This game is made in Intersect. Intersect is an ORPG engine and until it goes open source, I am not in need of programmers. However, if you are a programmer and are interested, let me know and I’ll get back to you! 

    More about the project: 

    The gameplay is focused on 3 main elements:
    • 1. Fast-paced, skill-based PvP combat and endgame raid bosses. We are using buffs/debuffs, stuns, dashes, beams and blasts to create a fun and action-packed combat system. 2. Collecting gear. Currently I have made over 150 paperdolls in 7 different slots which already means hundreds of thousands of combinations to create outfits. Players will be able to earn gear by progressing through the main storyline, as rewards from raid bosses or found in secret areas. 3. Unlockables. In DragonBreeZee the observant player will be able to find secret passageways, collectables and quests to unlock new areas, gear, items and spells.
    The storyline I have created is basic but will guide the gameplay. In short: The player will be sent to different dimensions to restore the peace. The overworld will be the main area with mostly side-quests and things to do other than combat, such as exploring the areas and looking for collectables, but also to train non-combat skills such as crafting and farming. Farming will translate into creating HP/KI healing items and crafting will make it possible to add stat boosts to gear. In the overworld people can use their money to buy combat related items, buy upgradeable player houses or to gamble in the casino for more unique gear. 

    In the overworld will be a central area in which the players can travel to other dimensions. These other dimensions can range from Namek during the Frieza saga to Earth being ravaged by Cell and the Androids. These dimensions are like dungeons. There is a rough path that the player will follow, and the player will be able to 100% complete these dimensions. Completing the dimensions will advance the storyline but also unlock new areas and quests in the overworld. This works both ways, the players can actually finish an area, and updating the game with new content will be easy. A new expansion can just be a couple new dimensions with new quests, enemies and gear to collect. 

    [Image: exQkeb2.png]

    [Image: Background.png.50c5f53efc75593ce83f5734e44fd9d3.png]

    Transformation and lighting effects show off:

    Show off NPC’s and cutscene capabilities:

    (WIP) Casino system


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    Hello everyone. The name's Babycake, named after my avatar picture (Best kitty ever).

    I first started gaming when i think i was 5 (I was young when i first started) on the NES. As the years progressed, i then played N64, PS1 & 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Gameboy, GBC, GBA, DS, 3DS, and briefly the Switch. My list would be super long if i tried to list everything i played.

    There is this one game i remember playing so much on the playstation 2. It was cartoony, they were stuffed animals with outlines. Either the first or second level was a snow level and was possibly a city level. Only the penguin could dive underwater. The only problem is, i can't remember the game's name. I think it's one of the games towards the bottom of the list. Believe me, i've tried search after search and didn't find what i was looking for. If anyone might know the game i'm talking about, please do let me know. I can recognize it through a picture/video.

    As for why i'm here, i have a question to ask and giving a couple contributions. I won't reveal those until they are ready.

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    I do not know if this has been suggested or if anyone has tried it in the past. I looked and Textures doesn't have it. On the Character Selection and the Stage Selection screens, there is this texture behind it.
    [Image: image.png]
    I tried it myself, my Project 64 is, doesn't have the 1.6 Plugin folder, but rather a "Plugin" folder. I started to follow the How To Rip Tutorial by Shade. But when i go to "Settings", it tells me "BMGLibPNG.dll" is missing. It's in the Plugin Folder and i even tried System32.

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  • 10/17/18--09:44: Jeeze, it's been ages.
  • I don't remember even how long it's been, but years I'm sure. Tried to find this place casually the other day since I'm getting back into pixel art, didn't have much luck. Then today I thought "No way the place is dead, maybe it's not called TSR anymore?" A bit of google-fu later and yeah, found my way here.

    So, sup everyone, I'll probably post some sprites once I've got something I think is worth sharing. In the meantime, howdy y'all.

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    Hello! I've been working on some Dedede projects which made me have to study his design. I thought I would share what I learned! Here are some common misconceptions and other tips that I think might help!

    Dedede has very blob like hand gloves that connect four fingers, excluding his thumb. However, even when he's not wearing gloves these rules still apply.
    This Star Allies Artwork is an example:
    [Image: kirbydedede2_thumb.jpg]
    However, only when necessary, Dedede may have an extra finger (or two) for things like:

    Playing Instruments:
    [Image: latest?cb=20170404032519&path-prefix=en]
    [Image: latest?cb=20150603043309&path-prefix=en]

    And of course his classic peace sign:
    [Image: 150?cb=20180401230355&path-prefix=en]

    Dedede's body is completely blue, the tan is not skin it is a piece of clothing he wears.
    Again, here's a Star Allies artwork example:
    [Image: kirbydedede2_thumb.jpg]
    Dedede does not have feathers. Look at the Smash Bros. Ultimate artwork:
    [Image: main.png]
    This is probably the highest quality Dedede artwork we have yet. It even includes realistic fur on his coat, but still no feathers. I'm showing this to prove that it was not because of a low-poly model that you could not distinguish the feathers.

    Rule Breakers:
    Oh boy, here we go. Even though these rules about his design have been around for quite along time (almost all the way back to Kirby's Dream Land), some official artists decide for whatever reason to go off model. These pictures can be used as an example of what not to do when making Dedede artwork.

    Rare Classic Dedede Art:
    In an obscure children's educational video from Japan, Dedede is seen with individual fingers. From what I've seen, this is a common misconception about Classic Dedede. The hand rules still apply.
    [Image: 0ab.png]
    Although it could be argued, other Classic Dedede artwork has separate fingers
    [Image: latest?cb=20161229174357&path-prefix=es]
    However, due to the fact that in game his emblem still uses blob hands, this makes me think that he has always had blob hands. Because the emblem has enough room to have separate fingers but they chose no to add them.
    [Image: 185?cb=20170422164434&path-prefix=en]

    Squeak Squad Artwork:
    Squeak Squad not only is the only game to use a sort of "Right-Back-At-Ya" design, it also uses the tan clothing as part of his body.
    [Image: 150?cb=20110911105654&path-prefix=en]
    This design is quite odd but it's definitely a rule breaker so its added here.

    Other Dedede Tips:

    1. Dedede leaves most expression in his eyes to his eye lids! Only Right-Back-At-Ya Dedede has eye brows!
    2. Dedede's waistband always has a set color pattern! Yellow on top and red on the bottom.

      .png   dedede.png (Size: 52.18 KB / Downloads: 0) [Image: 1a1.jpg]
    3. Dedede is very expressive, don't forget to go the extra mile to really show his personality!
    Hope this has been helpful! If there is anything I missed, respond below! Smile
    Have a Dededelightful day!

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    Hello, I was curious to see if anyone was interested in doing a sprite rip for the PSN / XBLA game "Black Knight Sword," feel free to name your price.

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    The sound files from DOA5 LR in DATA and DATA2 folders are encrypted.
    Can anyone help me out?

    .zip   IGIG_[AD1]7B9]61BHJ0NQB87R{ (Size: 87.15 KB / Downloads: 0)

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  • 10/18/18--02:30: Breath of the Wild 2D
  • Oh boy. I promised I wouldn't show it yet, but it's getting tiring working on it so I need all the support I can get.


    Sprite Thread Here

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  • 10/18/18--16:10: Help with confusing sprites
  • so, I've extracted Blitzcrank's Poro Roundup for Android, and have gotten the sound files, but the sprites have an interesting problem. they're all chopped up and out of place. as you can see attached. this is Jinx.

    the game uses Unity Engine, so I used AssetStudio to decompile the asset files in the obb data. is this just how Unity compresses sprites? or did AssetStudio corrupt the files? there are some images which come out just fine, but those aren't the cool character sprites. any suggestions on how I might reassemble the images?

    .png   atlas0 #7230.png (Size: 214.95 KB / Downloads: 10)

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