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The VG Resource - https://www.vg-resource.com

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    I'm willing to offer $150 for someone to help me rip Traverse Town from DDD. I want the whole thing. I know Traverse Town has more districts in DDD and I want that. Anyone interested.

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    First of all, excuse me for my broken english.

    Second, i recently decided to rip some graphics from Princess maker refine (i've heard it's somewhat complicated)
    and, i've actually made some progress in this

    I used HEX editor to extract data from files listed below.

    this is what i've got so far:

    [Image: BcSDGuI.png]
    i guess, this is a alpha mask for one of daughter's sprites from 17 years
    (darker colors mean less value of alpha, i think)
    also, it's mirrored vertically, for some reason

    [Image: wgY6wlp.png]
    alpha mask for warrior, i think

    so, i guessing that these files:
    [Image: twE2rmd.png]
    are alpha masks.

    so, i don' have idea, where palettes are stored.

    I think they are here:
    [Image: KHa4V15.png]
    but i'm not sure.

    Can anyone suggest me methods of extracting palette for sprites?

    Accidentally put pm_big.data in pascalABC and found some "IHDR" written everywhere!

    after some googleing, it turned out to be chunks (or something) for png files!

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    when i save the state in the phoenix project emulator, it creates a file with the extension .states
    how to check this file?

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    here a project I just finished and I would like get feedback too see if and how it be improve ,
    so that I can publish it

    .png   Wii U - Super Mario Maker - Costume Mario-3.png (Size: 6.14 KB / Downloads: 8)

    thnx in advance of the feedback

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    Hello! I need models from "Detroit Become Human". Can you help me? I will pay.
    Or do you know a forum where I can get help?

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  • 10/22/18--13:23: I'm back!
  • After nearly a year of being absent from the spriting scene, I have returned to pixels by making as many Sonic SatAM and Archie stuff as I possibly can. I rediscovered these facets of the Sonic franchise a while back and I've always wanted to make sprites of them because, while places like TSR have some, they don't have much. Or, not as much as I'd like. We needs characters! Tile sets! Background images! And I plan on doing it all somehow. But don't expect me to crank it all out quickly as I have other projects to spend time on. This is just something fun I'd thought I'd do between them. If anyone wants to help me, then I welcome you with open arms! The project uses my 2 Souls' Tale style and the animations and poses are all based on animations and panels from the SatAm and Archie Sonic series. IDW? What's that? ;P

    Anyway, here's what I have so far:

    [Image: JCnnfh0.gif] from Archie Sonic The Hedgehog Triple Trouble Special #1
    [Image: yoXWUYd.png]
    I left the background in the portholes separate because I wanted to allow people to have their sprites walk inside it at some point.
    [Image: KnqOWOE.gif] from both series. WIP

    I'll see if I can do a style tutorial soon.

    (Before anyone asks: yes, I plan on doing a custom Final Destination stage for Ultimate soon as well, Lord willing)

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    I did a thing!
    There's some graphics from game:
    [Image: BFbm9UK.png]
    [Image: KFlekj0.png]
    [Image: 4QHMtSp.png]
    [Image: qSPEVkL.png]

    next two images are.. err.. questionable?
    just beware.

    [Image: phBTppp.png][Image: kEq9eNT.png]

    this is alll for now, but i', planning do more in future.

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    It's a crossover fighting game for the android featuring Nickeloden series such as Spongebob,Hey Arnold,Invader Zim,The Loud House,etc.

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    Hey, i'm new to the forums so forgive me if i've done something wrong. But i'm trying to rip the 3D Models from MegaMan battle and chase. I had many issues trying to get any files from the PSX standalone game, but i was able to get some .MAG files from the MegaMan X Collection on the gamecube. If anyone knows anything about ripping from .MAG or gamecube/psx ripping or simply has already done this, please let me know! I can provide .MAG files upon request.

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    Need help ripping the BGM audio from the game. The file is called "bgm.snd" but I got no clue how to extract the audio files from that .snd extension.

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    How ripping models from Sword Art Online: Integral Factor (Android/OBCool

    I try to search how extract obb file but I not found.

    help me pls.

    Thank you.

    ps. sorry my bad english

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    Discuss either coding stuff or game making stuff or both here.

    With GML (Game Maker Language) how would I properly code Magnet Man from Mega Man III for NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)?

    Create Event:

    Whatever needed

    Step Event:
    Whatever needed

    Animation End Event:
    Whatever needed
    and so on please, thank you.

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    What up Spriter's Resource? Been a fan of this site for a while and just wanted to say thanks for the sprites. Used a lot of the ones from here for sprite sheets that I've made for Mugen. I've had several people ask for this one, so I hope you like it. It is still incomplete, it's only about half done. But figured I would post what I have.

    [Image: Pinhead-Sprite-Sheet.png]

    And here's what I had for his moves. He is one of those characters that can get away with not having lots of sprites because he doesn't move a lot. Was thinking he could play sort of like Goenitz and Red Arremer from SvC Chaos:

    "Hell Blade": Basically, Spiral's dancing swords, only they are a magnificent blue color. :-)

    Frank/Julia: Same as Jill's zombies. Frank is the slow version, Julia the fast. If the zombies are hit, they fade away (for now)

    Crawling Cenobite: Pinhead sends the crawling cenobite from Hellraiser 5 across the screen. It's a low attack.

    "Teleport": Same as Spiral's except he teleports behind the opponent. The animation looks like Strider's teleport though. Couldnt decide which pose I liked better.

    "Hell Chains": Pinhead raises his hands slightly (to about waist level), then, depending on the button pressed, the two chains, (one ascending from the floor and one descending from the ceiling) come out simultaneously and side by side. The strength of the button pressed determines how far infront of Pinhead they appear. This functions like Goenitz's vertical tornado move, idk what it was called.

    "Bloodline" (Named after the 4th movie): Pinhead's defensive counter. He raises his hands slightly. If he is hit during this time, a chain, comes out from behind him and goes through the opponent.

    "Hell Seeker" (Named after the 6th Hellraiser): Same as Scorpion's "Get over here!" He shoots a chain out of his lead hand that has a hook on it, and pulls them towards him. This sets up his "Hell on Earth" super.

    "Hell Hook": Pinhead looks towards one of the four corners of the screen. As soon as he does, a chain with a hook descends diagonally from that corner, or rises diagonally. If it hits, the opponent is pulled towards the corner, and bounces off as soon as they hit. Similar to Hugo's move where he throws the opponent off the wall. Sets up combos, specials, supers, etc. If desired, this move could also be used to come from behind the opponent, even though it would be really cheap.

    "Hell's Descent": A chain with a hook descends from the ceiling. If it connects, the opponent is lifted to the ceiling and bounced off of it.

    Here's a visual, goes in the same order as the list above:

    [Image: specials.png]

    "Hellworld" (Named after the 7th movie): Pinhead sends the cenobites out at the opponent, similar to Stirder's "Legion" or Even that full screen super that BB Hood has. Frank and Julia walk out, the dog runs out (when finished), the giant tan colored cenobite dashes forward, the white cenobite crawls forward and chains fly out across the screen, and then retreat. The blue knives also fly at the opponent. In other words, the whole fuggin screen is filled.

    "Welcome to Hell": Pinhead levitates upward diagonally, then pulls the box out, turns towards the screen and laughs while chains with hooks fly out in all directions. If it connects, they hook onto the opponent, then retreat. It is similar to Venom's "Venom Web" super, except Pinhead doesn't dash towards the opponent.

    "Hell on Earth" (Named after the 3rd movie): This is basically Magneto's "Magnetic Temptest" but with the blue knives flying out in all directions. It may even be more similar to Doom's proton shot. The idea behind it is that Pinhead can pull the opponent towards him with a chain, then use this (similar to Magneto's Hyper grav --> Magnetic Temptest).

    "Cenobite Attack" (Not Yet Finished): Pinhead rolls the box on the ground infront of him. A blue light then emerges. If it connects, the box opens. two cenobites come running from both sides of the screen, then another descends. Once they reach the opponent, they start stabbing them. Similar to Felicia's "Please  Help Me!"

    And here are his basic attacks. From top to bottom: Light, middle and heavy punch, light, middle and heavy kick, and his "Welcome to Hell" super (see above):
    [Image: pinhead-basics-and-super.png]

    Note to mods: Accidentally posted twice. First time I tried posting this it gave me a "page not responding" message, this was the original.

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    Hehe, my forrest gump moment of the day. Didn't realize it already posted. Guess that delete button doesn't work if you're one of the FNG's :p

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