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The VG Resource - https://www.vg-resource.com

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    [Image: Junkdogs-Teaser-Image630x500.png]

    Scavenge the Universe for your Big Payday

    Junkdogs is a 2D space adventure RPG that follows a cast of outlaw scavengers known as ‘junkdogs’, who make a living exploring and digging through objects abandoned in space. On a streak of bad luck after a mission gone wrong, the crew will have to do one more job in order to gain the means to pay off the bounty on their heads.

    [Image: K2a9i5.gif]


    -Explore an abandoned freighter
    -Solve various puzzles
    -Collect items to aid in your exploration
    -Unique turn-based space battle system
    -Original soundtrack of jazzy hip hop / electronic beats

    [Image: u8IELCb.png]
    [Image: wzf40IE.png]
    [Image: a1ca1ZM.png]
    [Image: 1R8ByVg.png]
    [Image: 0OckLPW.png]
    [Image: 9LzsNVW.png]
    [Image: MixaMAO.png]

    Indie Game Making Contest 2018:
    Junkdogs was created in 1 month and is a contender for the IGMC 2018. I would love for you to try the demo out and leave a rating if you enjoyed the experience.

    Available on PC, Mac, & Linux

    I’d love to hear your feedback.
    See ya, space outlaws!

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    Ever heard a song from game that you think is really good that isn't very popular. I know I have! So I created this thread so we can share some songs! Can't wait to hear others suggestions!

    Here are some of my picks:
    1. Cave Dweller Concert - Donkey Kong Country. Such a good immersive track with a great melody at the end.
    2. Water World - Donkey Kong Country 3. Another fantastic immersive track, in and a great parallel Aquatic Ambience. One of Eveline Novocovic's best.
    3. Hotel - EarthBound. Very different then the rest of EarthBound's OST. But that's one of the things I like about it! It has a great rythem to it!

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    If I were to rip the sounds from something like The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Preview DS cart, would I be allowed to submit that?

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    I found them in Mario Party games by Hudson Soft. As there is only one person who knows how to do this, I want to be getting the models from the files myself. I am very concerned that lemurboy12 has been putting almost every model up involving those Mario Party games. Those playable characters are yet to be put up, but I cannot get the files from the HSF files. Using 3D Ripper DX or something like that rips the model in its in-game pose. I even asked lemurboy12 for help, but that didn't do me any good. Now please help me, before it's too late...

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  • 12/06/18--03:36: Hello there!
  • My name is SakuraMio. Nice to meet you!
    keeping my age as a secret.
    My hobbies are;
    Rigging in MMD, singing, writing and drawing.

    Just let me know if you want to know more about me.

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  • 12/06/18--04:27: Heyo
  • Probably not gonna use the forums here much but i'm ThyCheshireCat, made an account here to post custom sprites of video game characters (mostly of the Kirby series)

    Hope i can get along with y'all.

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  • 12/06/18--04:32: DMK Sprites
  • Made a Dark Meta Knight sprite sheet out of MK's adventure sprites (credits are given to the people involved in ripping and making the OG MK sprites of course)
    Was wondering what y'all think. If anyone could tell me how to get these on the custom sprites page on TSR that'd be great!
    [Image: YWdEbQA.png]Edited a Dark Meta Knight sprite in the Adventure style out of the MK adventure sprites, was wondering what y'all though of it. (if someone could tell me how to get these on TSR's custom sprites thing that would be great too.... i'm new to this)

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    Hi all,

    I am here to talk about the release of Beta V1 of my project DragonBreeZee. DOWNLOAD HERE!

    DragonBreeZee is a 2D Online Roleplaying Game inspired by Dragonball (Z, Super). The graphics are a mix of the classic Breeze Revolution tileset and custom sprites and tiles.

    The focus of the game is on collecting gear, exploring the world, unlocking new skills and areas, finding collectables and PVP combat.

    You can find more information on the game, the features and the story, as well as a discussion board HERE!

    [Image: exQkeb2.png]
    [Image: xs3cX6l.png]
    [Image: zSBZbK0.png]
    [Image: aES4JiO.png]
    [Image: LQPgOFk.png]
    [Image: hv9oMRM.png]
    [Image: L30CIcD.png]
    [Image: zvVRA7U.png]
    [Image: EggfZ27.png]


    Create up to 3 characters per account!
    Customize your character's outfit!
    Fight during the day, and again at night!
    Use different techniques to fight enemies!
    Advance through mulitiple questlines!
    Find hidden capsules in the world!
    Spend your hard earned money in the Casino!
    A powerful lighting engine!

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    I've been browsing this site since I was a lad but never considered making an account. I made this account a bit of time ago and submitted something to The Sounds Resource and I had a blast ripping the files. It was like trying to figure out a puzzle with finding the right software to look through the ROM and finding the exact files I was looking for and it felt so satisfying when I succeeded with such. Ripping in general is just super fun to me and I am wanting to find a way to interact with people who have similar interests and just learn more about ripping in general.

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    So I've been wanting to rip the models from Fossil Fighters: Champions for some time now but I've been unable to find any Ripping tool that can read the file types that the games models are stored in.

    I've attempted it with Console Tool, Tahaxan, and MKDS Course Editor so far with no real progress, and each one has read the files as "Unknown File Type"

    Console Tool lists their byte order as Little Endian if that is of any use of finding a tool that is able to read the files

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi! I've been working on and on ripping the sprites for Avenging Spirit for the Arcade. I've used MAME graphic viewer to accomplish the job.
    It been a long and tiresome trip, but I am close to finishing it up (Unless I rip the levels and hazards as well).
    However, I've found some unused graphics that I am stumped on how to deal with them.
    [Image: 0063_zpsxf0iejbr.png~original]
    Sure, I've managed to deal with some of them using the game's debug mode's object viewer, but that worked on sprites of the game. What I am trying to work on is something like this:
    [Image: Aoriginal_zps2rgjzkqv.png~original]
    From the looks of it, I can assume that this is a set of expressions, emotes, smiles for a picture of the game's Ghost, but I haven't got any idea on how it operates because it was never featured in the game.
    and this:
    [Image: Boriginal_zpsxtx8wvk7.png~original]

    It looks like a "prototype" of the title screen. Why exactly? Because I can see it has "TM" in it. Again, I don't know how to make head or tail of it because it wasn't used in the game.
    What frustrates me about them is that the game's debug mode doesn't have a way to view this type of graphics. it has all the sprites in the game, but none of its specials like the HUD and the cutscenes, including the title screen.

    Can anyone give me any advice on how to approach it? My programming skills are all rusty and I am unable to dedicate of my free time (I have a job with less free hours) to research it, not to mention the Arcade is still foreign to me to look in it deeply. Sad
    I appreciate the help.

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    i know it sounds oddly specific but still... i really need help Very Sad

    Im currently using Ohana 3ds to view the models, but it seems that i can't find king doo's (a boss in team kirby clash) eye beam/beam ball, I have the model and the animations but the beams/ball beam is no where to be found

    Does anyone know the file local for his eye lasers/ ball laser thing?

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    This looks interesting...
    Does anyone know something to extract .fp files?

    .zip   v17000.zip (Size: 96.05 KB / Downloads: 0)

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  • 12/07/18--03:51: Donkey Kong Remastered
  • Meow! TSR staff... I did a pixel art of Donkey Kong with remastered sprites, but I do not know if the TSR people will understand, so... I wanted your opinion Nerd

    I tried to do it my way Shy

    Characters List:

    (Green Mario) "Luigi of the Mario Bros of 1983"
    (Blue Mario) "Mario of the Mario Bros of 1983"
    (Jump Man/Mario) "Donkey Kong (Arcade)"
    (Dokey Kong) "Donkey Kong (Arcade)"
    (Pauline) "Donkey Kong (Arcade)"
    (Princess Peach) "Super Mario Bros."
    (Princess Daisy) "Super Mario Land"
    (Tatanga) "Super Mario Land"
    (Wario and Waluigi) "Super Mario Land 2 / Mario Tennis 64"
    (Bowser) "Super Mario Bros."
    (Wart) "Super Mario Bros. 2"

    [Image: dctub8o-8ff08d70-9b72-47bd-b48f-6e18dc9ac8e9.png]

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    I have previously posted about my sound effects generation tool LabChirp on here, and I thought I'd let you know that I just released a new version!

    The biggest change from the previous version is the addition of the Effects tab, which lets you add effects/filters (such as Echo, Chord, Flanger) to your generated sound. This also makes the sounds from the Randomizer a bit more interesting.
    Full changelog can be found on the download page.

    Here is a sound demo showing off the example sounds and some randomized sounds with the different included presets.

    [Image: LabChirp-v1_50-1.png] [Image: LabChirp-v1_50-3.png]

    Download LabChirp v1.50!

    Have fun, and let me know what you think!

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    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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  • 12/07/18--16:42: Attempt to rip N64 Textures
  • Hello. I have been trying rip textures from a project 64 rom. I came across Glide_Final, which enabled texture dumping. Only problem i'm having is accessing the .dat file the /texture/cache makes. Is there certain software i need?

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  • 12/07/18--19:10: How to rip from PSP games?
  • I'm just asking, since the only game I want to rip from someday is Pac-Man World Rally just only Mappy and his vehicle. Digimon World Re: Digitize as well.

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    A minha ideia é sobre um jogo de signos, eu comecei a fazer os 4 primeiros personagens (um esboço de que seriam eles) e uma introdução a historia deles com alguns sistemas de bônus, mas ainda falta muita coisa e eu começo a acreditar que sozinho eu não vou conseguir, bem abaixo vou deixar as imagens de como eles estão:  

    .png   esc.PNG (Size: 30.6 KB / Downloads: 1)

    (click nas imagens abaixo para ver melhor)

    .png   Aries full.png (Size: 9.34 KB / Downloads: 5)

    .png   Capricornio.png (Size: 15.09 KB / Downloads: 2)

    .png   Libra.png (Size: 18.44 KB / Downloads: 1)

    Todas Formas de Escorpião: 
    .png   E todos.png (Size: 22.81 KB / Downloads: 1)

    enfim é isso, se alguém quiser fazer uma critica ou dar uma ajuda é sempre bem vindo

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    I'm looking for someone able (and willing) to extract Kat and/or Raven from Gravity Rush 2 on PS4. Basically I only need the outfit(s), so a raw fully textured model (t-pose) would be fine BUT if possible, I'd also take a fully rigged one (either original bones or custom rigging, eyes included) and will obviously pay more.

    Feel free to name a price per character (or both) either rigged or unrigged.

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  • 12/09/18--08:11: Dragonvale World Models
  • So, I've been trying to rip from Dragonvale World for a few months, but every time I try, regardless of how updated the apk I use is, there are only a handful of dragons in the data. I finally found out where the others are hiding, and have learned something interesting about how the game works. Only a few starting dragons exist in the base game, the rest are downloaded as needed, as you progress, and as you participate in events.
    For this reason, I don't have access to all the dragons in the game. Thanks to my regular play in the many months since I started, I have the vast majority, but a few of the limited time dragons are still out of reach.
    I'm working on organizing a visual list of which ones I still need, but until I have it all sorted, I'm hoping some longtime players may come out of the woodwork, willing to assist by sending me their gamefiles.
    I'll update this post with instructions on getting the necessary gamefiles later. I'm running on too little sleep and too much responsibility as it is.

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