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    I just wanna know how to, since I'm keeping notes that someday in the future I can rip some models from games I want to rip from:

    *Krazy Kart Racing - Sparkster and his car, the Turbopossum (Don''t know if there's any racetracks from his home series in that game)
    *Calling All Mixels - Character models and maps
    *Skylanders: Battlecast
    *Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

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    Would it be possible to preview files inside a zip file? The site already shows you which images are inside a zip file, but that's not as helpful as previewing the images. Even a thumbnail would be good enough to decide whether downloading a zip file is worth it.
    It's a lot of trouble having to download a zip file, unzipping the files and organizing everything to make sure you don't mix up files when you're not even sure if the zip has what you're looking for.

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  • 12/09/18--20:45: Artstyle, or lazyness?
  • So, similar to Toei, I made my own rendition/version/style of sonic (aka G sonic)[img][Image: 2u8atco.png][/img]

    However, a lot of people in the sonic spiriting discord claims its just an lazy excuse so do less work,
    while I can see where they're coming from, the art style I've chose is meant to resemble the art style most modern cartoons use, like family guy, the Simpsons and, well, mania adventures.

    So, what do you guys think? I would really like to hear your opinion.

    [/img][Image: mrqv80.png][/img]

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  • 12/09/18--21:27: Sprite Collage?
  • In case the title seems odd, the idea is exactly what the title says: Make sprites using primarily splicing and editing and yet have them look at least half-decent. I'll put down a few ground-rules:

    • To be considered for this thread, the resulting sprite(s) should either use sprites from at least two different sheets, or have a significant change to the original sprite(s). Changing palettes is allowed but does not constitute a significant change. Straight-up edits aren't considered unless a significant portion of the sprite is changed, or duplicated multiple times in the sprite or removed. For example, a straight-up edit to the Big Core MK. I that changes its style to resemble that of a certain game wouldn't likely be allowed, but an edit that incorporates, for example, Big Core sprites from multiple Gradius games, or that changes it to have two core sockets instead of one, would be allowed.
    • It's recommended, but not required, to list the sprites used in the collage. The preferred way to do this is "[what the sprite originally represented] from [game]."
    • If any sprites were either ripped, edited, for created custom by someone who requests credit for ripping/editing/creating the sprites, do so. For ripped sprites, the preferred format is "Special thanks to [ripper] for ripping [sprite(s)]." If the sprites are edited, list the sprite normally and add "edited by [editor]," such as "Big Core Mk. I from Gradius, edited by Ace_Spark." For outright custom sprites, the preferred format is "[what the sprite is supposed to represent], by [artist]." These specific formats aren't required, but crediting anyone who requests it is. It is also recommended to hyperlink to whomever requested the credit, and if custom/edited sprites were used, preferably to the page of the original sheet itself.
    • If a large amount of the sprites used in the collage were ripped/edited/created by the same person, it's recommended to credit them even if they didn't  specifically request it. In this case, the same format for crediting rippers is recommended for these instances as well. For example: "Special thanks to Magma MK-II for ripping the Lizard Core, Crystal Core, and King Fossil sprites."

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    Message me on Discord if interested: User #9693
    Let me know if these are for a game and I'll set a custom price
    *I use Paypal only I will send you the info once everything is decided
    *I will turn down content I'm uncomfortable with Feel free to ask if I'll accept something beforehand
    I'm a broke college student pls help

    Examples and pricing in the image:
    [Image: commisions.gif]

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  • 12/10/18--13:06: Soundtracks.
  • Hi, I was just wondering if we could upload the official soundtracks to the sounds resource if the sounds weren't in the code, but released separately on a cd as long as I give credit to the original website since it says it is free to download. For example, {LINK REMOVED}.

    I can't believe I had to spellcheck the word "resource"...

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    Has someone ripped those sound effects already, all the songs were already ripped so i was wondering if someone already uploaded the sound effects.

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    So i've been working on a rom hack for a week or so now and decided to start making custom sprites for Many characters from various series. I decided to start with Danganronpa, More Specifically V3. I'm currently working on Kokichi Oma. Which is the only one i have started so far. As time goes on depending on how long some of these take i may update this post every so often. This is the first time i've worked with overworld sprites so these may not be all that good.
    And thank you to the person who uploaded the emerald sprites to the resource. I would not have been able to make these without the sprite sheet!

    .jpg   Kokichi Wip.jpg (Size: 159.54 KB / Downloads: 4)

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    Hi guys i've been all around the net but could not find a solution for my problem. I'm trying to rip character voices from a ds game - Katekyoo Hitman Reborn Flame Rumble XX. I usually use Tinke as it is very easy to use and haven't had any problems but when I open this game many of the sounds appear to be hidden and i can't see them. Also tinke says - file recognized 66%. Does that mean it can't read the remaining sounds? Please see the image - you can see that many of the numbers are missing.

    [Image: 880437.png]

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  • 12/11/18--05:29: Proyectos de DBZ
  • Hola otra vez,quiero crear un fan game de DBZ y casi tengo todos los sprites,pero intente descargar game maker desde la página oficial en mi teléfono después lo pase a mi computador Windows 7 no se que hacer.

    PD.tambien quiero aprender a como cambiar el Rom de un juego pero en Android

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    Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is a good game for mobile users to play, but it's been tough since Family Guy Online went offline in early 2013. I never got to play the game, and models from the game never got ripped for, or submitted to, the Models Resource, not even in T-pose. So, I started a petition to bring the MMORPG back online. I hope that Roadhouse Interactive, ACRONYM Games and FoxNext can understand. I mean, we waited for American Dad! Online and The Cleveland Show Online to come, and they promised us they would when they announced the game's closure, but they never did come. That's why I started the petition. Maybe someday, after the game does get back online, they can add Vinny to the game, like TinyCo did for FG:tQfS in 2014.

    Click here to sign.

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  • 12/11/18--12:16: Shovel Knight RPG Sprites
  • Meow again! TSR staff! I was thinking of doing something with the shovel knight, until I had an idea! I found it intriguing to bring the shovel knight into an RPG game environment, those were the sprites I've done so far:

    [Image: dcu74eb-020ccfa1-0f04-44ae-a1a8-6353d7fd74af.png]

    Remembering that I'm an amateur at doing RPG sprites, so... what's your opinion? Shy

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  • 12/11/18--18:54: Hello all!
  • Just dropping in to say hi as the sticky suggested.

    I'm completely new to the site, and I'm looking for potential resources to use (or to have as inspiration at the very least) for a tactical RPG I'm creating which follows in the footsteps of games like Final Fantasy Tactics, regarding style.

    I'm going to be using the Unity game engine to design and develop this project. So, if anyone has any useful tips about acquisition of decent game art, by all means feel free to share!  Smile



    So I've been poking around for just under 15 minutes and HOLY CRAP THIS PLACE IS FRICKIN AWESOME. Lol. Glad I found it and hopefully will enjoy the forum and the assets for some time to come! Big Grin

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    Im working in a zelda 3d render but i need assets from Majoras Mask from 3ds , i already download N3DSCMBViewer and the game in .3ds format , how can i start  any recent tutorial? .


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  • 12/11/18--19:34: Help, Which step i'm wrong?
  • maybe it lil bit annoying but i need help with this problem, i tried to rip some of chara and combine some of their costume ( cross costume )
    i use the main data from android phone which is success till i open it on Blender, when i tried to export them here the problem

    im using blender , neosis , assetstudio ,pmx/pmd editor and xnalara
    i use pmx/pmd editor for edit cross costume

    and of course the bone for rigging originally attached when i export the file from the game

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  • 12/12/18--01:11: Something I Made on the Side
  • When I got my mousepad, I started on Sally again, but I got inspired to do this on the side.

    [Image: doX2xyr.png]

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    Hi guys! From a long time ago back in November 14, 2017, I made Emily The Stirling Engine model for Garry's Mod using the Go! Go! Thomas model found on The Models Resource site, (Link:, But a newer update for Go! Go! Thomas mobile app has a more updated/accurate Emily model, So i wanted to update my Emily Garry's Mod model from the old version from old versions of Go! Go! Thomas app to the one from the new versions of Go! Go! Thomas! App. Here's what the Emily model from the new versions of Go! Go! Thomas app looks like
    [Image: eFWRgfW.jpg]
    And here's the comparison
    [Image: YFM0jjw.png]
    So can anyone please update the Emily model in the Models Resource site to the one from the new versions of Go! Go! Thomas app? So i can update my Emily Garry's Mod model.

    Edit: I forgot to say this but make her engine and tender to be in one piece not in 2 pieces like the Hero of the Rails Wii model.

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  • 12/12/18--07:29: am i missing some file?
  • maybe it lil bit annoying but i need help with this problem, i tried to rip some of chara and combine some of their costume ( cross costume )
    i use the main data from android phone which is success till i open it on Blender, when i tried to export them here the problem

    im using blender , neosis , assetstudio ,pmx/pmd editor and xnalara
    i use pmx/pmd editor for cross costume

    or any other way to do that?

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    Hey guys I'm trying to rip models from . They let you customize and make a 3D character, and I'd like to be able to rip the model so I can look at it in other 3D programs and possibly in a small personal project of mine. The owner's of the site have said that they might add the ability to download the model as an STL file at some point, but only if enought people ask for it and even then who knows when that will happen.

    So knowing that the owners of the site aren't completely against the idea of people downloading the models, can anyone here help me figure out how I can rip them so that I can 'download' them please?

    I tried using Ninjaripper but I never got any files, but I've also never used Ninja ripper so it's hard to say if I was doing it right or not.

    I'd be happy to rip the model designs I want myself, I just am struggling and wouldn't mind some help figuring out how to do that.

    Thanks friends!

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    Hi, can someone help me?
    I want to open .csa and .csaheader game files, or get into them somehow, I want to edit them. Can someone help me how can I do it?

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