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    [Image: chrome-2019-01-02-18-41-44.png]


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    The cat files out side of  the costume folder work in With the bms script RTB supplied but these  seem to be compressed or encrypted its all i wanted out of this game haha.

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    Game files download:!AkvkHEbKjrMAiuwTmQJxO0F8EuuhHQ

    Hello everyone. 
    It's about time I did this game some justice. The game is Nintendo's first run with micro-transactions before Fire Emblem Heroes reared it's head out. It's been long since forgotten, so I thought I already recorded it's music, so why not rip it's models while I'm at it too?

    This is my first project ever, so go easy with me. Below is files I have already documented. Notes will be in italics.

    will add more later

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    After a few hours of figuring all this out, I had a crack at ripping Ridley. Now 1 thing I want to point out is this is an INCOMPLETE Rip. While I am happy to eventually include all the files, for now I main focus is the main material. I'm doing it this way because I don't want to go through all the trouble of doing all the alternate textures only for something to be wrong and I have to redo all of it.
    Anyway, in this file you'll find what I've extracted so far, it has Ridley's base model and his body and eyeball textures.
    If you could take a look and give me any criticism that you think can be improved upon please let me know, conversely if you think the model is fine, let me know so I know I'm going in the right direction

    Huge Thanks to Random Talking Bush for the script, without him none of this would be possible so if you're here reading this, thank you so much for your amazing contributions.

    Download Link:

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    Not my sheets and they wouldn't exactly fit the website anyway, but I was looking at clippy.js today and saw it uses spritesheets. They're not sorted by specific animations, but you should be able to get what you want if you want to use Clippy and friends for anything. From you can go to agents then follow your nose to map.png for each one. Or just download the whole project as a zip. Sounds are also available in their respective files (sounds-mp3.js and sounds-ogg.js) as base64 strings. Demos for Clippy, Merlin, Rover and Links are available at

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  • 01/03/19--07:18: Sonic Mania Colored Joy-Cons
  • I've edited the Joy-Con sprites seen in Sonic Mania to show all the official colors. Apparently, it does not meet quality standards. I think its good. Please share your opinion.

    .png   Sonic Mania Style Joy-Cons.png (Size: 52.9 KB / Downloads: 19)

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    hello people,

    I am new on ripping and rigging and I ripped ( with help of Mark-RC97 that extracted and assembled it ) a model and I am rigging the model but I wish ask support to rig mouth area and hands of model only

    the model is

    if someone can help me, please send me PM

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  • 01/03/19--19:20: All Pit People sound effects
  • Hi, i want all Pit People sound effects ripped from the entire game. Please let me know.

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    I haven't found any audio clips of Sora from Kingdom Hearts 1 (PS2). So I decided to rip them myself and even label them to make them easier to tell the difference from one another. Each file is named for the sound it produces and are converted to MP3 format.

    I've attached a .zip file if anyone is in need of these sounds.

    .zip   Kingdom Hearts Sora Audio (Size: 798.75 KB / Downloads: 6)

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  • 01/04/19--03:51: How do I delete my account?
  • The recent BlankMediaGames data breach shook me up a bit, so now I'm going through old accounts that I don't want and deleting them. Can this account please be deleted/deactivated as well by a staff member? I can't find the option in the settings.
    Many thanks in advance!

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    I'm looking to commission someone who can rip some models from a game called "Rwby grimm eclipse" it's for the PC. There is also models I want that are dlc as well.
    I want them in obj or fbx format with textures. In-game bones isn't needed.

    I can pay through PayPal. If you're interested send me a pm we'll talk about the price.

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  • 01/05/19--04:29: Hey there, everyone!
  • Hey there!
    I'm a 17 year old student of Music Technology in college in the United Kingdom, after this I'd hope to go to university and then enter the games industry, perhaps involved in writing music for games? Anyway, I like to keep my horizons open and I love learning new things - programming, art, music (obviously), etc.

    I take a lot of inspiration from the GBA / DS era of games, I grew up playing them after all, and I feel like a lot of that translates into my own work now. I'm currently working on a few personal projects outside of college, including some GBA homebrewing - if I'm gonna call back to that era of games I might as well delve into the nitty gritty of how it works, right?

    Some of my favourite games include Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, ALL the Pokemon games (spinoffs included), the GBA Fire Emblems, Zachtronics puzzle games such as Shenzen I/O and Opus Magnum, Into the Breach, all the Rhythm Heaven games from the GBA to the 3DS, Celeste... I feel like I could keep going but long lists are hard to write and harder to read so I'll spare you it for now! Point being, I love all sorts of games from all sorts of eras - I'm always open to suggestions of games to try out!

    Anyway, I'm really excited to get to know everyone and share what we have to know - I've noticed there's not a ton of information on the GBA in an easy to gather space anymore (RIP Pern Project) so perhaps that'll be my first big contribution here, you never know Wink

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  • 01/05/19--06:32: Salutations
  • Salutations we are Helliosra, the account representative of Hellios on the VG Resource. In our goal to seek and distribute knowledge, this site was selected so we decided to contribute to.   One of our members specifically partake in resource ripping but we won't reveal his username to keep relative privacy. We hope you appreciate our presence and good ripping!

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    Ninjaripper is a tool that allow the extracting of models, sprite and textures from the memory of a DirectX game. The application only supports executable (.exe) files. For java game (.jar or others) it is possible to "spoof" it into an .exe therefore making it work.

    [Image: Pq4dOk2.png]

    The 'Arg' field is for certain executables that require arguments.
    Generally, the option 'Intruder inject' should work for most game.

    Once in game press F10  to rip models and images and F9 to rip only images

    Ninjaripper does not allow you to rip the skeletons.
    Once done, models will be extracted in .rip and .tex format for images.
    Some models will come in parts (as they are natively) so be sure to watch for that.

    PS: I wasn't sure if this was the good sub-section to post that so move the thread if required.

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    Hai. Could anyone help me figuring out how i can import the Data_USA.asf file from the Bodukai Tenkaichi ISO?  AFS explorer keeps giving me the error ''Failed reading main ASF header!''. I need to extract some visuals from that AFS file since the bin text file said that all of the dragon universe character images should be in that specific file. Thanks a lot in advance to whoever can help me forward.

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  • 01/05/19--22:31: Reputation System
  • Just a quick heads-up so nobody is confused when they go looking for a button they can't find - as of about 20 minutes ago, I disabled the reputation system due to an ever-increasing number of issues caused by its misuse. It's been a headache for a long time now but especially recently, there's been a ton of people causing trouble with it and I just don't feel it's worth keeping the system live any longer.

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  • 01/06/19--16:36: [Dump] Fantasy Life Models
  • Back in 2017, we dumped Fantasy Life's models and textures, but we never got to do anything with them. We decided to upload them here as it might be useful for some.
    From a quick glance, every models and textures were stored in the same container, some file names seem to have patterns that could be used to determine the usage of the model.
    ZIP size: 42kb
    File count: 2880
    Formats: .mdl
    Download here [MEGA]

    ZIP size: 87kb
    File count: 11 616
    Formats .tex and .txt
    Download here [MEGA]

    Normally, the aforementioned file formats should be openable with the Ohana3ds tool.

    Visual Previews:
    [Image: k3BWRuH.png]
    [Image: zrtjyDD.png]

    We currently have no plan to upload assets from the game Fantasy Life to The VG Resource Network.

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    So recently I've tried my hand at ripping files from an MMO called SoulWorker, and I've found some scripts and threads on the internet on how to do this, but so far all of the ways I've tried haven't wielded any luck. Currently I'm struggling to unpack the game files from the .v's with in it's data folders. I've even tried my hand at Ninjaripper but I was getting errors for doing so with the game. I know the game runs on a DirectX9, the steam Version stops ninja ripper from launching it, the Japanese version lets the game launch but shortly shuts it down for suspension program detection.

    Meanwhile I have found a few scripts to just directly rip the data from the game files but every time I try to do so it gives me an error when trying to unzip the files.
    ( A link to those scripts: )

    I've also been looking at this thread but I'm struggling to get it to work this way as well.

    Any help you guys can provide would be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Thanks to the Smash Bros Ultimate Thread, I was recently introduced to a great program called Switch Tool Box and for the most part I'm really liking it but there's 1 issue I keep running into; Whenever I try to export a SZS model, the armature is being lost in the process so I'm left wondering; Can it even do this?

    If not and this tool is mainly intended for Texture Output, is there a program out there that can take a SZS File and render it's model with the armature intact?

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    So I had to reboot my vita cause my Bluetooth headphones was having problems (says connected with the headphone icon but sound stays muted and can't change volume)

    After rebooting I stupidly ran a game immediatly and it said file corrupted. I realize I forgot to open h-encore to load henkaku and tried it again. All games still saying file corrupted.

    Rebooted again but now opening h-encore at start with the same results. Also adrenaline is complaining about the 661 file (I did this before already).

    What am I missing here? I tried going to vita shell and refreshing live area and license database already


    I just did a backup of all my saves, delete all games in /app/ and reinstalled them. For some reasons, after rebooting, sd2vita was NOT MOUNTED that's why it was giving me file is corrupted error as well as adrenaline not working. Just needed to remount it back to ux0 and copying my backuped config.txt and it was working fine again.

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