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    So, I've been trying to get models from Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution and I've given up on the pcsx2 methods. 
    I tried the Ninjarippers while the textures came out in color, the mesh I loaded via .rip import extension on Blender it just came out flat like an image. Even did both front and back positions during the character customization in Quest mode. Now its two flat images on top of each other.
    Oh, and 3dx ripper straight up won't extract anything. (I also tried this with VF4 Final Tuned on Demul and with Ninjaripper I pretty much got the same results)

    So, I've tried to get models by snooping inside the .iso via PowerISO. looked up vf4files.cvm and used a .cvm to .iso converter and it worked fine. Each character has their own folder, even the cosmetic items from Quest mode have their own folder. Thing being is that the files inside are in .MRG or .MRG_GZ format. So I'm wondering if there's a .bms script for Quickbms or an import extension for Blender/3ds Max. Just anything that might convert or import these files. If not, then I'll just plain give up on Virtua Fighter 4 models. Not like I'm a professional at this stuff anyway.

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  • 09/16/18--20:51: Howdoes a console work
  • How does a console work to display a game and its input output system? I know image arebuilt from 01 bit informations so... a character would be at least 3x3 collection of bytes. And then what next?

    How does it know things like floats and integers and binary stuff that happens in OS?

    Or even at all...memorize anyof hese procedures?
    Is it the ROM or the disk?
    Is it physicalywritten or digitally reloaded everytime from a ..disk or drivers?

    Dosnt seem to me these drivers have any texts or images written in it so it probably only 0 1 in electrics right

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    I got them, and have them submitted. Now tell me to do something with them.

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  • 09/18/18--12:52: Guilty Gear Series
  • Hey, it's been a while... heck, I totally forgot I registered here a long time ago!

    I go by Gear-Project and I run a Guilty Gear Lore blog, but I am also very much interested in learning how to get sprite assets from the Guilty Gear Series.

    I have a few working emulators and I own the games/isos, so that much isn't an issue.

    What IS an issue is where do I start?

    Guilty Gear The Missing Link kept its old stuff in separate folders on the disc itself, so that's one thing.

    But later games are tricky.

    Guilty Gear X Plus (I can run that on emulator but not sure how I'd rip sprites from it).

    Guilty Gear XX Accent Core... again, not sure.  I have the Steam version, so that might help a lot.

    Guilty Gear 2 Overture... I used Ninja Ripper to get a few textures, but I don't have access to everything it seems.  I would like a lot of help with that.

    Annnd, that leaves Guilty Gear Xrd Sign/Revelator/Rev2  (I know Steam modders have been messing around with those a lot lately, but I have no clue how).

    If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it!   Thanks!

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    If not the first, the second or third person in existence who would like to have the sprites for Street Fighter II intro. Where can someone find that? I know a couple versions of the intro exist, but I like to get at the assets separate so I can put it back together myself. Also maybe the fonts used for "insert coin" or "player 1". Appreciate the help.

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    [noun] A building where paintings and other works of art are shown to the public.

    I have been doing a lot of inking recently and plan to do a lot more, so, instead of me taking up the doodles topic, i have decided to create my own for your viewing pleasure! Or to tear down and tell me i'm terrible so that i can be inspired to do better, so lets do this!

    NEWEST: Zeb from Zphere, Blown Up Head Angel.

    Edward Elric(01/07/2018)
    Jewy Batman(17/09/2018)
    Sir Notches the Knight(17/09/2018)
    Vegeta Pt 2.(17/09/2018)
    Imperfect Cell(18/09/2018)
    Zeb from Zphere(20/09/2018)

    Blown Up Head Angel(20/09/2018)

    More coming soon...

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    I've been trying to rip from Disney Magic Kingdom for quite some time, but I have had zero success with it. The models are surprisingly high quality, and I would like some help with obtaining them.

    For example, this model of Gaston was obtained through Nox and NinjaRipper by another user:
    [Image: unknown.png]

    However, the game always crashes on my end, and I feel like it would be more convenient to just rip directly from the game's files.

    For ease of access, I have uploaded the game's main data folder here:

    If you don't want to download 500mb of stuff, here is a link to a sample file + textures: 

    The pack files can be opened up as .zip files, revealing the  .bdae files within. Those .bdae files can then be unzipped to get the actual model file inside.

    Help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • 09/21/18--01:29: modular sprite, parametric
  • curious about how does textures blend in and out between things in 2d games like age of empire 2, and 1...

    how does the textures automatically create shores from oceans to land...
    is this preset in spritemap, or is it mathematically illustrated?


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    Well, I think the title says it all.

    After extracting the .big archive files you'll get all the music on your hands with tons of folders, each containing a single .mpf file with info about the music and a bunch of .mus files with music itself.

    Can't really figure out how to convert them though. Some people said that .mus is an extension of .asf, but can't really decode it that way either.

    Seems like EA used this format in a lot of their other games. Do you people perhaps know how to deal with them?

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    does anyone know how to make a game from scratch given files like pngs, jpgs, and so on?

    without game engines.
    just hard coding or drawing/animating.

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  • 09/21/18--07:27: DragonBreeZee Cell
  • Hi all,

    I have a project going on where Im trying to make an ORPG based on Dragon Ball. Graphics Im using are from the old Breeze Revolution tiles/sprites and I have added my custom stuff. 

    Wanted to know what people think and if you are interested to see more! 

    [Image: giphy.gif]

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    I am looking to 3D print some items from the EFT PC game and I would like to know how to go about ripping files. Any help is appreciated please and TIA!

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  • 09/22/18--16:51: Super Mario Fighter 3 Midis
  • While digging for more insight on SMF3 (abandoned forgotten mario fighting game from 2012), I found a page with what seems to be all of the game's midis and some pngs, and stuff like that. The problem is they're corrupted. When using save link as (the pages are down and un-archived), the midis seem to be corrupted, as well as the pngs. I was wondering if someone could figure out what's going on with them, and maybe restore them?



    (Some context)

    Thank you! If anyone helps, I'll appreciate it.

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  • 09/22/18--18:35: Puterboy1's Submissions
  • For my 100th post, I thought I'd share at least a few sprites such as this sheet of loading screens from the PC release of The Great Escape.


    Anyone willing to submit this should give me credit in the submitters column.

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    Managed to get as far as unzipping the files. They appear to be Source .mdl files, however they do not load in HLMV (Source and Goldsrc).

    The wiki says outright that they're .MDL files, though trying to load them in Jet's Model Viewer proves to no avail.

    Crafty gives the default message when fed an invalid MDL file.

    They seem to be rippable (and somehow viewable with animations), I just don't know how.

    Here's the file to the Polysphere, since the game was ripped from Steam's shelves and thrown into the abyss.

    They don't look like Half-Life model files hex-edit wise (It does start with the path, though it doesn't show the bone names), but for what the "unused animation" files say they might be (though it could just be from viewing the Raz0rChar.txt)

    The .mtl files mention "LitTexture," which may be a clue as to what .mdl files these are?

    The sound files are XACT Wave Bank files, which appear to be common for video games.

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    Hello again, I would like to know how you can extract the contents of a .png file, it seems that is compressed with something, attached a few files. I hope you can help me.

    .zip (Size: 106.94 KB / Downloads: 1)

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    Does anybody have a idea?

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  • 09/23/18--09:13: trap gunner
  • anyone ever completed trap gunner game from 1998?

    I was wondering what are the unlockables.. i read it that there are alternate costumes for lou richie tico and abdoll.

    i'd love if someone can share how they look if anyone finished it in hard mode Big Grin

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    Hey so, so far i managed to rip alot of models from luigi's mansion's files such as the ghosts and objects, however the furniture and rooms are being abit problematic, they're packaged in Bin files, and i can open it in Demolisher, but not export them, And i know that Demolisher was not used for exporting, just stating that. But i ask, how do i get the mdls/objets/arcs/whatever to those rooms so i can port them over to Garry's mod and Source Filmaker?

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  • 09/23/18--18:30: Risks?
  • Are there any legal risks to ripling assets form games?