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  • 03/12/19--12:11: Burnout Beta Bus Texture
  • So, at looking at pre-release screenshots of the game, I finally made edit the European bus from the original Burnout game to look like from the beta bulids

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    So over a couple of days I decided to rip this obscure Wayforward PC game.  Might as well link them here, right?


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    Decided to rip all of the sound effects from Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga, they can be found here

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    [Image: Mk7YkCu.png]
    [Image: cI2j2Yv.png]

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    hiya! recently got into aura kingdom
    have seen people around (sticklove/horiew on deviantart and a few others) ripping models from this game
    but none of them are active enough to tell me how they did it 

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out?
    I've ripped from tera online and smite with Umodel, and I tried to use the same method for this game but it didnt work.
    the models are in .pkg's 

    any help on how to go about it is appreciated!

    also they dont open in noesis either, just thought i'd add

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    I was up editing Sonic sprites last night, I wanted to have something that's kind of a happy middle ground in between all of the Classic Sonic sprites, so after about an hour or two I came up with this:
    [Image: e9srM7i.gif] [Image: e9srM7i.gif]
    So I'm here looking for feedback and suggestions. I think I'll call this style Sonic XP

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  • 03/14/19--20:04: Basic Blender Texture Guide
  • Simple guide request for adding textures to ripped models

    Blender Render:

    1. Import the model,

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    (This was requested, not sure how in depth I should go with this so I'm only covering diffuse textures)

    Import blank model, then switch view to Material View, next to the Object/Edit Mode dropdown:

    • Adjust lighting properties or add a new light if you can't see anything yet
    • [img=550x374.04998779296875][/img]
    Go to the Materials Tab on the right sidebar:
    • Click a material in the Materials Box to make it active
    • [Image: 9.PNG]

    Go to the Textures Tab next to the materials tab:

    • Make sure the Materials Icon is highlighted
    • Add a New Texture with the + Icon if there isn't one there already
    • Click Open under the Image section and search the folders for the texture. (Its usually the same name as the current material selected)
    • [Image: 10.PNG]
    Results (I didnt add the face textures yet, this ones not perfect.)


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    Virtual Reality has so much potential, and even I would love to virtually sit in the cockpit of a race car driving around Daytona at 200 miles an hour. Once out of the cockpit though, I would actually love VR as a means of bringing players together in the same virtual room for a LAN party. We all would have our computers in a room layout of our choosing and could see each other laugh, yell, high-five, etc. while playing the same video games we already love. We could sit down for D&D or other tabletop games and still feel like it's a tabletop game instead of a simulated "master hand" experience with faceless friends. We could hang out with friends across the world like we used to as kids.

    That's my dream.

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  • 03/15/19--07:42: hii
  • Hi, I'm an amateur modeller who loves studying existing game models and occasionally making my own bad ones!

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    I came across a thread on a forum a while back that had a link to all of the maps from Silent Hill 1 and 2 in .mtl and .obj format, and noticed there weren't any SH models here.

    Would it be okay to upload them myself here, or would that be against the rules (since I didn't rip them myself)? If I'm allowed to, how would I go about doing that?
    Also, the textures are all in .tga format but there's too many to manually convert to .png. Blender is able to read the textures fine though.

    Note: There are a few small issues, like plain white textures appearing in certain parts of the Apartments. It's a small issue as they're in small spots.

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    Well, this is a new one I'm trying to rip: .apk files that were found in the PS Vita game Gundam SEED Battle Destiny. The files that they have in .apk format are: character, mission, data, field, unit, and sound. What I'm trying to do is to get the files that are in the .apk format for references, but I have no idea how to extract .apk files that came from a PS Vita game. Any help will be nice.


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    [Image: Cr00W6w.png]

    The Sprixie princess has been trapped in one of the painting worlds! It is now up to Mario to rescue her by collecting the power stars to restore color to the paintings in this 3D platformer!

    [Image: smp1.png]
    [Image: smp2.png]
    [Image: smp3.png]


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    Hello guys.
    I'm going to show off my custom sprites of familiar yet overlooked game at the same time. Wonder Boy.
    Having a NES clone as a kid & I like Adventure Island 1 despite never finished it. A months ago while I searching other Sega's classic franchises as I sick of them relying on Sonic, I found this gem & suprises me that this was the game I growing up in its original state. I begin to look every single Wonder Boy games & finally obsessed with its universe, history, characters, & gameplay. Glad this franchise is getting modern spotlight recently.

    Alright, enough with history. Upon seeing Tina became playable in Wonder Boy Returns, I'm wonder (no pun intended) how Boy & Tina get swapped the role in original game & apparences. So I learn the original's artstyle, color pallate, HUD, & pose sprites foremost, then comparing the Returns' pose sprites & begin to initiating what's best to alter to fit within original style.
    So here's a result. 

    .png   tina2.png (Size: 13.45 KB / Downloads: 2)

    As a bonus, I'm added & changing several collectible items that original game lacks or suited within the context. Sorry for the sprite layouts being not tidy enough.
    That's wraps up all. maybe I'm going to made Tina's sister, Pina (the girl that takes you to Bonus Stage in Master System version) what look like if she become playable & being kidnapped next time. Thanks to Yawackhary for ripping the sprites.
    Anyway, Have fun.

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  • 03/16/19--14:11: One Piece World Seeker?
  • I've been so excited to get my hands on this game and after how easy it was to crack into jump force i was really optimistic about world seeker but it seems like its a little more complicated than i can handle on my own

    extracting the cpks produces this:
    [Image: file?downloadToken=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhb...SX23IEkRe8]
    a whole bunch of nameless, extensionless files. a lot of them have the jarc header (some are jtex but ive been unable to open them so far) so they're easy enough to extract but often they spit out more nameless files or stuff like this:
    [Image: dd29vgz-f6e1ac35-d36d-4625-adc9-5e63ac0a...aLgcGtKrzI]
    with all these jtex/jmot/jarc files i thought for sure this game would use the jmdl format for models like unlimited world red did but it seems it actually uses something called a cmsh which ive never heard of before. it seems to be a new format, so im not really sure how to go about cracking them open

    if anyone would be willing to help me out, here are some sample files from one of the jarcs:

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  • 03/16/19--17:25: Baldi (Megaman Style)
  • This sprite sheet wasn't accepted when I tried to submit it. Can I please get some help? I need help with this and I don't understand why this wasn't accepted. Thank you.
    .png   Baldi (Megaman Classic Style).png (Size: 11.58 KB / Downloads: 7)

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  • 03/17/19--07:15: How to rip from Disgaea 5
  • Hello ~

    Everything is in the title but i was wondering if someone could help me  Wink

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    So I'm ripping some of the Touhou Sky arena models and the normals come out really bad I tried unify and it just moves around the darkness on the model, I tried to unify the selected and it still looks ugly if anyone can help me out that would be very appreciated I feel it is an easy fix but I can't quit figure it out.
    EDIT: The tool I used to rip was Ninjaripper
    [Image: 1lUXeV2.png]

    this is what it looks like when I first rip btw ignore the lack of eyes an mouth they're seperate meshes
    [Image: WzSYBn4.png]

    so apparantly normals are fine
    that's back face cull you can now delete this thread

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    Hey everyone! One of the most common suggestions we get is to make it possible to see pending submissions on the site. Sometimes, the request is just made out of curiosity but most of the time, it's from a ripper who wants to make sure they're not wasting time ripping something that has already been submitted. This latter reason is more than reasonable but we still can't just show the queue to the public as doing so would defeat the purpose of having it to begin with.

    As of today though, members can now see a list of just the names of pending submissions to a given game. For approved games, you can see it both in the footer info box of the game's page and on the submission form to add new content to the game. For pending games, since there is no actual game page yet, this new list is only available from the submission form. In both cases, it's hidden by default and can be toggled on and off so as not to clutter the page if there are a ton of pending submissions.

    Hopefully this compromise satisfies those of you who want this feature to make sure they're only ripping new content. Honestly, I'm not sure why I didn't do this particular implementation sooner.

    As a quick side note, both the site's CSS and JavaScript were updated to implement this so a hard refresh or a cache clear will likely be needed to get it to work properly. If anyone has any questions or feedback, please post them here!

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  • 03/18/19--18:02: Sticker Star (help needed)
  • I believe I made the original post in the wrong area and cannot seem to delete it. I need help with a Sticker Star 3ds mod I want to create. I'm not looking for someone to do it for me, I just want to be pointed in the correct direction.

    Here's the original post:
    So I'm someone who barely knows what they are doing when it comes to modding a game, but currently I'm trying to change some things in Sticker Star. Somehow I've managed to change the music, and now I want to change mario's frames. I don't know if anyone would be willing to help or if I'm looking in the right place, but I need to figure out where mario's frames are and how to decompress them (I assume they are compressed). I'm only looking here because usually people here can rip the sprites and release them, so I guess I'd need the same tools to do what I plan. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

    Also I don't know if I posted this in the correct area or not, this is the first time I've actually tried using this site.

    I copied the text from the now deleted original post over here.