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  • 03/19/18--01:04: T-Posing PCXS2 Models
  • Im trying to rip models from Wallace & Gromit The Curse of the Were Rabbit but the screencapper rips in the pose they were making,is it possible to disable animations or something to make them T or A pose?

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    I struggle when trying to shade a character. I use top left as a light source. The directions of the three sprites are given in the following image: [Image: 0rR6UHr.png] Can someone help me?

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  • 03/19/18--08:05: Hi, I'm a new apprentice
  • Hi everyone, I'm a newbie in the Resource. I want to help the community with some new model rips, for what I can. But I'm still an apprentice, so I'd like to introduce myself to this great community where I shall learn something new! ContentContent

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    I have a question, there is a tool or something to view and extract FSKA animations?

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  • 03/19/18--09:32: Dr. Luigi file formats
  • A bms script can be used on the main archive of the game, however at that point things get confusing again. This game uses some weird formats I haven't seen before...can anyone take a look and see what can be done with them?

    Dropbox Link

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    Alright, so I'm trying to get the models from the game Cubivore so I can import them to Blender, but my Dolphin Emulator isn't working due to a missing VCOMP100.DLL file. Therefore, I'm unable to move forward in the tutorial posted here. Can somebody help me?

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    I'm not to sure how to get the .bin files of the rooms from the .szp files that I currently have. If someone were to give me a download link to the .bin files, or help me out on extracting them or send me a link to a tutorial of some sort, that would be much appreciated.

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    Im trying to ripp enemie models from zelda skyward sword, the ripping tutorial says wii games usually use BRRES files for enemies.
    Thing is I dont find any BREES files in the exr´tracted folders.
    So my question is, which format are enemies (searching for lizalfos)?

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    I need help ripping these areas from the game. The original SNES game stored them in tilesets so I figured it'd be the same case here. Only issue is I can't make heads or tails of the ripping process unless I do each tile individually... which would take forever.

    I know they're mostly palette swaps but, that's still a big issue when you have no idea how to even start ripping these. Does anyone with DS ripping knowledge out there could make heads or tails of how to rip these sets? They are new areas and no one out there has bothered to rip them because they're just swaps.

    I really do need assistance getting these for a project if anyone would be so kind to help. ^^;

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  • 03/19/18--16:00: undertale ps4 bordersx
  • hey! hopefully i'm not posting this in the wrong place.
    is there a way i can figure out how to rip the borders for undertale's ps4 version? i've been on the search for them and i haven't found a good clean rip of them anywhere.

    this isn't a request, i personally want to rip them myself and submit them.

    thanks in advance! (i think.)

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  • 03/19/18--18:08: Roblox Submission
  • I have waited almost 2 months for it to be accepted and yet to feedback on the state it is in

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  • 03/19/18--18:17: Hey Lemur Here
  • I am a Roblox model Submiter I just do what I do submit them. My it take long who cares I just want to get my models out there.

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  • 03/19/18--19:49: Back From Hiatus
  • I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, as I'm not new to the site. But anyway, I'm finally going to start doing more audio rips, I have been on hiatus for like 3 months I think? And I plan on starting back up now that have much more free time to spare. I've also been a bit too ambitious with my projects, sorting tens of thousands of audio files is a pain in the ass. I also don't get paid to do them which makes it hard to maintain motivation, and I tend to get distracted and start playing Team Fortress 2 when I should be working on sorting the files. I feel like I said more than I needed to, but that's what's happening and I'm posting it.

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    i have been trying for YEARS! to get the models from this game Bōken Jidai Katsugeki Goemon

    for the ps2.. and i have had no luck is there anyone out there who can help me get models ripped specifically goemon!? i was going to create 3d printed action figures of the models from the game using my 3d printed but its impossible to get the models! someone if you can please help thanks !

    [Image: attachment.php?aid=51355]
    [Image: 220px-Goemon_-_Bouken_Jidai_Katsugeki_Coverart.png][Image: attachment.php?aid=53474]

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  • 03/20/18--14:12: my stupid undertale art
  • hey! i figured i'd showcase some of my art here in case people still like undertale

    nintendo announced undertale for the switch, and when they did, i drew this little thing of them being on the switch!

    .png  undertale on the switch.png (Size: 402.54 KB / Downloads: 1)
    [Image: X7TiSpQ.png] [Image: LIMlLVq.png] [Image: 7N9TJ91.png]

    here's just a simple little doodle of frisk and flowey

    .png  friskandflowey.png (Size: 334.04 KB / Downloads: 0)
    [Image: X7TiSpQ.png] [Image: LIMlLVq.png]

    oh. and uh. this

    .png  as.png (Size: 3.49 KB / Downloads: 0)
    [Image: X7TiSpQ.png] [Image: LIMlLVq.png]

    that is all for now. may occasionally update this thread with more of my works

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  • 03/20/18--16:17: Hi
  • Just saw there is a welcome treat and thought I post something in here Smile
    I got into Blender unity recently to make avatars for vrchat for fun. Now I gonna try to get into Ripping models that arent uploades somewhere.
    Nice to meet you all.

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    I've been running some tests with the Avi-2-GBA (Meteo) video codec/converter for Game Boy Advance. Just trying to test certain lengths of videos and certain types of videos. This is probably a pointless test since I'm probably the only person that is interested in this kind of thing, but video codecs for hardware that is under powered and/or doesn't have much storage space has always interested me. I still have one or two more tests to run at the time of this post.

    Anyway, here are the results of my tests:

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    So I've been frustrated to no end in my attempts at ripping the actual model for Wuhu Island from this game.

    I know the exact location of the file, I have all the textures, my only issue is the geometry of the island itself. It's a jumbled mess.

    You've got part of the volcano here, the other half there, the road is floating over the island, etc. Here's pictures for reference:

    Is it a problem with the .iso, or did I do something wrong?

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  • 03/21/18--15:29: Apple II
  • So I'm trying to set up the Applewin emulator, except it has no options to change the video mode or take clear screenshots without the monitor emulation artifacts. Can someone help?

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  • 03/21/18--17:12: Sonic 2: Forces Editon

  • Not mine, but I thought I'd share this. (This hurts)

    Incredible features:
    -Classic Sonic's physics expertly replicated from Sonic Forces
    -Epic drop dash thingy
    -Speed caps
    -Weird finnicky momentum
    -Control delays after getting hurt
    -Slopes you can't climb
    -Speed Shoes that last 5 seconds
    -Accelerated drowning times
    -Super Sonic nerfed into the ground
    -Pain and suffering
    -And more!