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  • 05/17/18--15:09: Higurashi Kizuna 1-4 files
  • So i got ahold of all 4 higurashi games for the nds and was able to get the files for character sprites but they are all in bin files within bin files, and apprent have tex and pal files which i can tell are texture and pallete files. but i can't seem to get them open. and i can't figure out how, im gonna see if tinke can open them or not. if not then idk what to use, there's a crap ton of them in the games, literally everything in the game uses this format layout. Im also looking for the games text files because i possibly may try to translate them in the future.

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  • 05/17/18--15:16: Army Men series
  • all green and tan character please

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    It may seem like an odd request but I can't figure out a way to rip these sprites from this game
    Any help is requested and thanked

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  • 05/18/18--06:30: please delete my account
  • this site make me not feel comfortable

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  • 05/18/18--07:10: Hello Everyone
  • Hello everyone new guy here so I guess I'll introduce myself. My name is Angel, I'm an artist, spriter, and a Game Maker Studio programmer, I have been using The Spriter's Resource for about 5 or 6 years now but have just now decided to register after all that time. I tend to look for Pokemon sprites, but sometimes I'll look for sprites from other games if I do need them. If it isn't obvious already I like games from the Gameboy and DS eras, the sprites form those times just seemed so fascinating to me and it's what got me into spriting to this day. Anyways I'm glad to finally join the forums and hope to meet all sorts of people in this community.  Smile

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  • 05/18/18--13:40: Ripping Mii Parts
  • Hello, WaddleDooFan77 here.

    It has come to my attention that there exists no repository or archive of Mii face sprites on the Internet. No one has ever ripped the Mii parts from any game or system that uses them. I would like to change that - except I know next to nothing about ripping Mii face parts.

    All I know is that in every game which uses them, Mii parts are stored in an archive with the .dat file extension. For example, Miitopia on 3DS contains the file CFL_Res.dat. It can be assumed that every .dat file used by Mii games shares a similar format.

    What I am looking for is someone who knows how to extract data from one of these files, or someone who can help me to revesrse-engineer this file format. I do not have much coding knowledge, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to extract these Mii parts, and I am willing to extract the .dat file from various Mii games and provide it if necessary. Thank you for reading this thread, and I hope someone with the knowledge I desire will come forth.

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    Hi guys I'm new to the model ripping and I would like to rip from magical melody. I was able to extract out the model files, .CDT, but I could not find any tools to import or extract this filesystem. Is there any way I could do that? Thanks

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    Ok, so I want to add an signature, but I don't know how!
    I tried looking on my User CP to add an signature, but no luck!
    Any way how? DefeatedQuestion
    (Thread probably gon get locked for this)

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  • 05/19/18--08:32: 3dvia printscreen
  • im using windows 7 just downloaded 3dvia printscreen and player ive got direct x 11 installed on pc and enabled my hotkey is F10 but ive tried others but it wont work nothing anyone go any ideas what im missing plz help

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    Hello, I am looking currently for the Team Skull animations (Overworld and In Battle) Would be best if it was all the characters (Male and Female Grunt and Guzma etc)

    Could be .bin or .smd just all of them, with model if possible.

    Thank you in advance!

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  • 05/20/18--03:22: .grc Files?
  • I found these in "KoF 2002 Unlimited Match", and I was wondering
    if somebody could take a look. Any help would greatly be appreciated!

    Example files attached below.

    .zip (Size: 589.93 KB / Downloads: 0)

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    Hello everyone! Collecting game graphics is a hobby of mine, so I've been a patron of TSR for a good decade or so. I'm not much of a ripper as far as sifting through data and demystifying file formats goes, but I've still managed to lift a variety of assets out of several of my PC games over the years and I figured I should help add them to the VG Resource catalogue instead of just sitting on them.

    I might have to ask some stupid questions when it comes to sorting out and uploading files, but if you bear with me I'm hoping to eventually contribute to every portion of the site!

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    Hello, this is a topic that has kind of interested me for a while, and curious to solve.

    Now, there was some person born in 1995, who had a DeviantART account where he posted custom sprite sheets of characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, and all of these were fan-made and put on this site. However, in around September of 2015 or 16, his father announced that he died two months earlier, and what makes things even worse is that he doesn't specifically mention what his cause of death was, and neither was the sprite artist. He didn't post anything about his health problems, but from what I could remember his dad commented it frequently for his fans to see. While his death was sad and undeserved, it still remains a mystery to this day.

    However, I don't know if his dad's DA account is still active or still uses his email adress, and I'm not sure if any of you who have an active DA account would message him regarding more of his son's death.

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  • 05/20/18--08:37: Xbox ripping is now possible
  • Using Cxbx (latest versions are usually on and Ninja Ripper set to d3d8, I've been able to rip from Xbox games, and so far every game that works rips the characters in a t-pose. Here's some of what I've ripped so far:


    [Image: ApGeU.png]

    Sneak King:

    [Image: ApGfT.png]

    Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex (Crash's model is slightly different, and because of imperfect emulation, all the characters are in a t-pose in the game anyway)

    [Image: ApGgG.png][Image: ApGkG.png]

    Pac-Man World 3 (because the GameCube and PSP versions don't rip in a t-pose)

    [Image: ApGja.png]

    Not every game works in Cxbx yet, but was does work can be ripped from.

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    Does anyone have the ps3 mgs2 hd model and texture files of Solid Snake in his mgs1 sneaking sit outfit? I'll payal for it i that's what needs to be done.

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  • 05/20/18--18:19: How does usage work?
  • So, I'm kind of new to game programming, and I've toyed around a bit with Unity 3D and what-not, but I'm no artist, so I frequently visit VGResource and look at other company's art, just to remind me how terrible my art skills are.  Cute

    Anyways, self-criticism aside, something has always confused me about ripped sprites and when people use those sprites, Fair Usage. 
    How exactly does fair usage work?
    I've tried looking up related subjects about this kind of thing but nothing seems to be getting through my thick dull skull.
    For example, I like stories that involve the viewer as the main character, and they interact with characters from other games, and seeing that in games as in like a visual novel is one of my favorites. However, because I want to make that a thing with the game whose characters I love, I don't know what the consequences could be if I end up using those assets.
    Is there a way I could get around using other company's works, or is it just a false hope that I'm just chasing?

    Also, side question; This is my first post on here, did I put it in the correct category? I don't know if this was suppose to go into the "Help!" category.

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  • 05/20/18--18:26: Hi?
  • Hello, name's Sci.
    I've lurked around on this site for the past two or three years seeing different sprites from different games, and watching those games on YouTube.
    I'm kind of a low-level novice at programming, but I'm eager to learn how to shape my own story in my own hands.
    I wanna try making my own game, which is kind of a heavy route to take, since there are several different roles for a single game, coding, audio, graphics, and I'm not the best artist. ( Dope)
    But, I do plan on trying it as much as I can, and I do hope that I can make my own world where the story goes where I want it to. Big Grin

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  • 05/20/18--21:30: King of Fighters .pcs File
  • More specifically from XIII. Can somebody figure these out?
    Example files.

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    I'm offering A-team funpack toy tags to anyone who has the LEGO Dimensions base game, and is able to extract textures from it. Textures can be extracted from the LEGO Dimensions game using QuickBMS and Sprite Sheeter. 

    I'm working on an A-team set for the Lego Ideas site, and it would really help if I had access to the official torso and face textures.

    Private message me if you are interested.

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  • 05/21/18--10:29: Links feet stuck help!
  • I am trying to seperate the feet for the Young Link model but cant.
    As whenever I try to animate him the feet are attached.
    How has others done it??