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The VG Resource - https://www.vg-resource.com
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  • 12/10/19--03:52: Youkai watch 4 files?
  • So I managed to get a bit further though still stuck as its g4mg file type for the mesh, not sure what the texture would be? heres an example file https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OO_XbH...3JXDWASXIk

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  • 12/10/19--17:08: Nuclear Throne
  • Is it still possible to extract the sprites and stuff like any other game maker game. The data.win is no where to be seen and i heard that it is impossible to do so now.

    Is this really true?

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    I have been trying to rip the 3D models from the defunct Unity game Hyper Universe. A good portion of the files can be accessed fine using the standard Unity ripping methods, but it seems like all of the actual character models are in encrypted UnityFS files. Apparently the encryption and how it works has already been cracked here (https://zenhax.com/viewtopic.php?t=3480) but I don't actually know how the procedure goes based off just that. 

    Here are some of the files if anyone wants to take a look at them. Any help would be appreciated. 


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    Hey guys!
    I am very interested on the new Pocketown custom Pokemons, which got newly patched into the game. Talking about:

    I've actually ripped the whole games models ~1 year ago, but i don't remember how exactly cause i am ripping a lot from other games too.. And now since they got an update, it's a must-have for me to get those very special custom versions of Pokemons.

    The games stores the content inside the OBB files(android), which can be unpacked easily using winrar/7zip. And then there is a file with no extension(probably encrypted). This is where i am currently stucking.
    [Image: 514d946a23d107ef5b7c4bf0c4a042f2.png]

    Normally, files like that can be unpacked using the AssetBundle Extractor or AssetStudio/UnityStudio, but that doesnt work on this one.
    So my next try was to install the game on a Emulator, so it unpacks the package itself:
    [Image: bb69c214fdffa4d13f9320e901e9d6e6.png]

    Looks good, but most of folders are just emtpy. No files or models included. Only "Textures" and "PmMaps" having files in it, which also have no extension. So this is where i am currently stucking... :/

    Is there anyone having experience with this kind of files or may have an idea what to try next? Any hint would be very appreciated! Heart

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    if we could get any overwatch models it would be awsome id realy like tracer,mercy and lucio  it would be awsome so godspeed my beutiful ppl  (btw its a pc game but thare is ps4 and xbox one and nintedo switch version i think)

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    .png   AlienBlob.PNG (Size: 187.71 KB / Downloads: 2)  Hello, i was wondering how to rip the models from the Xbox 360 Marketplace. because lemurboy said that he knows how to rip the props again.

    in the comments in the xbox 360 marketplace models resource page.

    Lemurboy12 said "quote" 
    "If anyone gives me a link to a prop, I'll rip it for you. I can't do outfits though"

    i'm really wondering how to rip those models from there. since they removed the in-game model viewer.



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  • 12/11/19--20:40: Anyone Got Davy Jones?
  • Wondering if anyone has managed to rip Davy Jones out of either Kingdom Hearts 3 or the XBOX version of At World's End, and if I could perhaps have access to it.

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  • 12/12/19--05:07: Understanding Live2D rips
  • Hello!

    I've been giving a hand at ripping Cardfight Vanguard Zero (mobile), and for the most part it's been doing well - there's just a problem with the Live2D models.

    I was able to find the texture files, but there were no .json or .moc3 that I could find. There were however a lot of MonoBehavior files I spotted that were clearly pointing to the textures and nothing else unusual, so it was definitely done in Unity some way or another.

    Any pointers on how to proceed, or anyone that's been through anything similar before?
    Thank you!

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    Hello people of VG Resource.

    My name is Nick Tobolski, and if there is one thing I love, its games, and of them, I love racing games the most.

    From my baby days with a Dreamcast, to now with a Switch, a Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, DS, Model 1 Genesis, GBC, and countless other consoles, I have a very small, but ever-growing library of titles to enjoy.

    Today, I have made the decision to join the VG Resource and provide models and sprites for games that have yet to be added, mostly racing games.

    Coming soon I have:

    Cars from MRC: Multi Racing Championship- N64
    Cars from RR64: Ridge Racer 64- N64
    Cars from Cruis'n World- N64

    and more to come in 2020, as I beef up my hardware to emulate and rip better models. By 2020, I hope to be the first to publicly release models from both the PC, and PSP versions of Split/Second, one of my favorite games, as well as models from Gran Turismo, also for the PSP.

    I hope to meet many people, make many friends, and cherish many memories during my time here.

    My first model will be up in the coming days, and will be one of the cars from MRC: Multi Racing Championship by Imagineer for the N64.

    I hope you're as thrilled to see some new racing related models and sprites here, as I am to bring them to you.

    I've got nothing better to do anyway.

    If you ever want a specific model, or just want to say hello, my Twitter DMs are always open. Just let me know you're from the VG Resource so I know to let you in, I do have a spam block enabled. Smile


    NT/Nick Tobolski

    P.S. I've included a Blender render of my first model, still a WIP for now. It won't be the cleanest model around, as I had to rip this from the Garage Select screen, so those textures are still there. I'll try to siphon them out before I export the final model to share on the Models Resource.

    .png   WIPcar.png (Size: 51.22 KB / Downloads: 0)

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  • 12/12/19--21:00: Tools Ripping Playstation1 ?
  • Greetings I wanted to know if it is possible to extract some models from the Playstation 1

    in Macross specific Thanks for the help.

    Saludos Queria saber si a un es posible Extraer algunos modelos de la Playstation 1
    en especifico de Macross Gracias por la ayuda.

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  • 12/14/19--03:09: Nazeem from Skyrim
  • Can someone help with a model of Nazeem from Skyrim?

    I mean look him (image attached)
    You can practically hear about the cloud district already

    It would also be VERY awesome if you were to rig him...

    Thank you to whoever picks this up!

    .png   Nazeem2.png (Size: 315.67 KB / Downloads: 3)

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    So I saw that there's sprites for most of the students in The Spriter's Resource, but not the faculty, and I was wondering if anyone either can teach me how to get Shamir's character portraits or tell me where to find them.  Thanks!

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    Hello, I'm new here. I have extracted sprites that I downloaded from another site and I was finished tweaking it but I don't know how to put it back to the game. I surf the internet high and low but still haven't got the single clue. Inside the game data I found .bin files and .dat files in lots of of folders. I don't know where the characters directory is putted Cry . Any help would be very nice  Shy 
    I use the fighter factory 3 to edit and view the sprites also Photoshop for sprite edit and tweak
    I also asked another forum but nobody responded to me. Any suggestion would do Very Sad Sad Cry , thank you very much. I'm sorry if my English is bad, English is not my primary language Embarassed .

    .png   Screenshot (25).png (Size: 33.6 KB / Downloads: 1)

    .png   Screenshot (26).png (Size: 68.3 KB / Downloads: 1)

    .png   Screenshot (27).png (Size: 80.42 KB / Downloads: 1)

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    Hello, I'm not sure if this board is even alive anymore but I need help ripping sprites from Persona 2: Innocent Sin for the PSX. I used JPSXdec and several available tim extractors, but it barely rips any sprites and using the plugin for epsxe doesn't work at all.

    I'm trying to overall rip every sprite, and texture from the game overall, and see if I can sort them out to find anything notably unused. I been trying to do this almost two years and barely got any further so I'm looking for any help I can find. I can even pay someone for someone helping me to finally do this so I can move on.

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    Hello! This isn't directly related to ripping, and might be a long shot but I at least want to try.

    For some background info, the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes uses the SSBP file to store 2D models and animations (SpriteStudio binary file). Since it's 2D, all the textures are disassembled parts that are pieced together by a program. I've been using SSBP Viewer by Deefunct on GitHub to export the animation frames and turn them into gifs using Photoshop. 

    The program doesn't support loading the separate SSBP files to replace the dummy weapons (the way the game does), but I'm able to get around that by hex editing the dummy weapon's dimensions and texture. The problem is, some weapons have animations themselves, and there's no way for me to play them with the unit's animations besides manually editing in Photoshop or playing the animations in-game and print-screen ripping from there.

    I'm willing to offer financial compensation for anyone who can find a workaround! I have a max budget of 35 USD (PayPal, or e-transfer if you're Canadian) but honestly I'm desperate enough for any sort of solution because someday this game is going to go offline and I will be stuck manually photoshopping in animations forever. 

    I've attached a copy of the program and an example of a model with an animated weapon. Just open two separate file explorer windows and drag-and-drop an ssbp file into "ssbp_viewer.exe".

    Thank you for your time!

    .zip   SSBPviewer-sample.zip (Size: 700.28 KB / Downloads: 1)