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The VG Resource -
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    got the file somewhat riped but only the cpk part i don't  understand the rest of process  and don't havetime  now with starting my new job if anybody want to take a crack at it  the link to the files is here its a big file though

    also if you want a fresh slate you find the game on reddit just type the name of it and your golden i do not support piracy please support the offical release

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    Still in it's early days here and there's plenty of issues, BUT. I, with the help of many others on Discord managed to extract a model and textures from the game.
    [Image: BeepO2.png]
    I'll go into the issues now:
    The rigging is broken, Some texture formats are still not supported by the converter we used and this only applies to some models but, see the seam down the middle? Yeah i have no idea how to fix that  Sad But im sure someone here might!

    Ripping models has been possible for quite a while now but textures are something that was figured out in this last week.
    The SDFDATA archives the game uses are also a huge issue in extracting anything from the game so it's quite amazing we even got to this point.
    2 months ago i thought me dumping my copy of the game was a waste of time but here we are.
    I'll try to keep this thread updated with news on progress.
    (I take no credit for the work on textures or model ripping, i merely extracted the SDFDATA using a BMS script by aluigi to provide samples to others.)

    A download for the model + textures. No rigging or LOD's, possibly weird UV's.
    Enjoy!  Big Grin

    Aluigi - QuickBMS
    Gh0stBlade - MMB importer for Noesis
    Chibi/Fluttershy - Texture conversion tool
    Mahoroa/WaddleDooFan77 - Initial help

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  • 10/14/18--09:20: Axis' Art Dump
  • I almost forgot that I had an account here lol, might as well share my sketches.

    [Image: Do2NpMbX0A8oiJA.jpg]

    [Image: image0.jpg]

    [Image: DooRFhmX0AAPGjs.jpg]

    [Image: DoShFYDWkAEBJQu.jpg]

    These are my most recent sketches, feel free to give criticism if you want to.

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  • 10/14/18--10:09: Would I include music?
  • So I'm ripping Soda Dungeon sounds, and I'm wondering if I should include the music in it. I already read that thread on why there isn't a music resource, but It wasn't clear if you could post music on sounds resource. Any form of help is great. Thank you!

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    Hello there, I ripped the .mdz files for Disaster Day of Crisis and I'm not too sure on how to open them. Anyone have any ideas? If you need the files, just let me know.

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  • 10/14/18--12:48: How do I add social sites?
  • Aight. I have one more question and I think after this i'll practically master vg resource. I've seen a ton of people with buttons below there name and, once clicked,  redirect you to say there models resource account or there facebook. How do I add those buttons?

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  • 10/14/18--13:00: how to fix?
  • i'm trying to make my wood man superstar saga sprite more better, but how do i fix it?

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    After all these years after the release of this game, I still cannot rip every single piece of dialogue from this game, apparently from the HOG files, I tried everything from all the other forums but they were to no avail. Remember that I want to rip the dialogue from the PSP version, not the PS2, since they censored the shit out of that game, and that is now what I want, I want the PSP dialogue, but it has been so difficult for many years for me lately.

    Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much!

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    Ok so since the last post didn't really work (rightfully so,since i did ask for a lot of help on many different formats),i'll be doing these one at a time.
    To start off,Sonic Boom RoL from the Wii U.The models seem to be inside many files but the only quickbms script to decompress them seems to be lost due to the link being broken.Besides that,i was able to find a handful of information on how to get the models (which are CryEngine .chr files),like an importer for Noesis.Here's one of the files,probably for the main characters.
    The 3DS Sonic Boom games (Shattered Crystal & Fire & Ice)on the other hand are very less documented and there's few info on the .asan.cooked files that are used specifically on those games.However i was able to find a quickbms scipt to decompress them made by someone along with an importer that could import the meshes to 3DS Max,but i have no clue on how or if it's even possible to rip the bones and textures.The script didn't work with Shattered Crystal's models so i guess it's either an older version of the format or i did something wrong.Link to the models from both games on the .asan.cooked format.
    As usual,any help is appreciated.(Also apologies if anything is weird here and there,it's my second post so i'm still pretty new to this)

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  • 10/14/18--19:10: BUILD .skel & .atlas file
  • Hi, I extract some resources from android game, and I found .skel, .atlas and .png respectively, I try assemble this files in spine unity but doesn't open. I am aware that a .json file is needed but that file can not be found, I have attached some files to know if someone manages to open them, especially the .skel file. Thanks greetings.

    .zip (Size: 404.91 KB / Downloads: 0)

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  • 10/14/18--19:37: Hello
  • Hi, I'm Axiz, just getting into things. Not an experienced programmer or modeler, and I am using this experience as a way to not only rip and record things, but to really expose myself to it, gain knowledge on it, and learn new things. Never done this before so, this is me getting started.

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    I noticed the model resource for this game was lacking on the website, and figured I could try to do some things to help change that. So far, I've only unpacked Spirit of Justice (Ace Attorney 6) models for the 3DS, however, PLvsPW was not created using the same engine, so the same method used to unpack that game cannot be used here, obviously. I do not know how to access the character archive folder (If there is one), and I then want to be able to rebuild said models and textures in 3DS Max. I could not find a solution online, so I am hoping I can get some help here. Where do I begin?

    The most I have done with the game is used ctrtool to extract the exheader.bin and exefs and romfs directories, from the .3ds file.

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    So I was playing around with some Metal Slug sprites to make a custom sprite and came out with this:

    It's supposed to be wearing a jump suit and a mask as it's some sort of Experiment created in a lab. If you have any criticism just tell me it would be really helpful! ^ ^

    ((Sorry if the cropping is a bit wonky))

    .png   Project Z.png (Size: 1.95 KB / Downloads: 4)

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  • 10/15/18--00:18: game content amount
  • how do you plan game content variation relative to game duration?

    like say over 100 hour of gameplay, so how much characters and area,
    with regards to story flow, elements and so on?


    like number of characters, type of weapons, type of armors, builds and etcs,
    what's the math?

    i have the duration planned and the general system using basic physics, but it seems like variation is infinite
    unless somehow limited in a certainset of lore or rules...

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    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-19 PM-973.png (Size: 114.7 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-26 PM-819.png (Size: 138.37 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-34 PM-503.png (Size: 178.58 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-43 PM-628.png (Size: 186.5 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-50 PM-460.png (Size: 72.94 KB / Downloads: 0)

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    i have exported models but textures problems they are not bring exported properly when i import them to 3ds max via actionx importer and try to apply to maerial or textures it says invalid or internal error what to do please help me

    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-19 PM-973.png (Size: 114.7 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-26 PM-819.png (Size: 138.37 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-34 PM-503.png (Size: 178.58 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-43 PM-628.png (Size: 186.5 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .png   Desktop 10-15-2018 3-55-50 PM-460.png (Size: 72.94 KB / Downloads: 0)

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  • 10/15/18--06:28: Extracting .gar files?
  • Ripping Luigis Mansion 3DS remake has been successful so far, however we can't open the .gar files. The unpacker doesnt seem to be working. Is there anything we can do?

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    I'm a french electronic musician, and I would love to use a texture of the game Thunder Force IV for an album.

    [Image: Thunder_Force_IV.png]

    Here is the zone, I would like to retrieve the entire landscape behind. 

    Would it be possible??

    And an other thing, I tried several times to contact Sega to ask them for their permission, unsuccessful. Any tips for contact them? Or is it OK if I use it for a public release without a reply for them?

    Thanks you fellows,


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    So i recently changed my profile pic to the image its set as now but when i go to any of the resource
    But when im in the forums or my own profile page it shows it as normal like this:
    But when i go to the resource sites it displays it as this:
    I don't know why this happened at all, im wondering if something happened in the upload process or if its just a site bug.

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    So i wanted to rip models from teh Equestria girls mobile game which i installed on my tablet recently but i can't seem to locate the games files anywhere, i opened the game and played a bit of the tutorial but im not sure if i have to complete the tutorial or something for it to load all the games files or not. But if it helps im using an android tablet.