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  • 12/24/18--09:27: Super Bowsette
  • [Image: wljnoy.png]

    Hello, VGR! Super Bowsette is a platform game where you play as Bowsette. Here are a few screenshots:

    [Image: uejiop.png]
    [Image: fcqadq.png]
    [Image: cwlrmb.png]
    [Image: tdggsw.png]

    The first beta comes with four complete levels and one secret course. It also comes with full source code.

    Z - Run
    X - Jump
    C - Fire Breath
    Enter - Pause
    Alt+Enter - Fullscreen Mode page
    Download Link
    Feedback is more than welcome!

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    Anyone know how to extract a compressed Level 5 game? 3ds-xfsatool only gets me as far as extraction of the .fa file, and that's it. I am attempting to extract the .xc files, and theres nothing online that helps point me in the right direction.

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  • 12/24/18--20:16: hello everyone ,i am member
  • hello i am a new member, so i don't have friends yet, i want to be with you guys, wish everyone christmas good food
    Thank you


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    I'm new to ripping, so I don't know a lot.

    I've been trying to rip the textures from the Puzz-3D games, starting with Notre Dame Cathedral. I have the .tex files, but that's it. I've been scouring the internet for ways to extract the textures from this file, but nothing seems to work. I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong.

    You can get the .tex files here.

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    Hey! ¡¡Very good to all, I stand before you as Mr.Tucusito, and do not know all the time I've looked for a forum related to pixelart and sprites, I hope to get reviews, help and advice to help me improve my creations , and of course help and support this community ... and also take the opportunity to wish you a very happy Christmas to all! ¡¡

    PD1: I'm from Venezuela, English is not a language that works very well, I'll use the google translator xd

    PD2: If I have some jobs that are large in size (a pixel of 600x600) where can I publish it?

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    (Looking for the previously-pinned Smash 4 Thread? It's right here.)

    Model files
    NUMDLB Model MaxScript
    NUTEXB-to-DDS Texture QuickBMS Script

    Kept you waiting, huh? While our Super Smash Bros. for Wii U ripping project didn't get anywhere, here's hoping we can get more volunteers for its successor. All of the character models are in the links above, no stages just yet as there's still a bunch of folder names that have to be figured out first. As for what the numbers are for? I'm sure you know the answer to that.

    Current claims:
    None, please wait until tomorrow before putting dibs on things, there's a few models waiting to be uploaded already!

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    It's one of the only SpongeBob games to have not been on Models Resource. I'd love to see all of the different models ripped from that game anyways. If you can add that game on Models Resource please let me know, thanks!

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    So, today i got a Kingdom Hearts 1 Disk and ripped all the models, now i am trying to rip the animations and i can rip the KH 2 animations, the thing is, you might know that the KH 1 models are .mdls files and the KH 2 models being .mdlx. Is there any way on ripping the KH 1 Animation files to blender?

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  • 12/26/18--12:04: Pixelart of Tucusito
  • Hello, and welcome to my pixel art section, being a newbie in this area, I feel that I still need some things to improve, and I would like to know your criticism, advice, opinions and questions about my work.


    [Image: RVTsb1A.png]

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  • 12/26/18--13:51: Staying Logged In
  • I can't stay logged in because pretty much every page other than says to log in.


    I've tried everything please help!  Cry

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    EDIT: here are some sample files

    So I know this game runs on unity and i can open and view them in unity asset studio
    [Image: unknown.png]

    but whenever i try to export them i keep getting this error on every single model
    [Image: unknown.png]
    is it just something wrong with my version of asset studio, or something with the models themselves? ive come across encrypted or compressed unity files before (one piece thousand storm) but not even those did this so idk whats up

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    I have been trying to get the [rose Nasty]( models from no more heroes two. Right when I got dolphin to work with 3dxripper to get the model; I ran into an issue (wiimote is not recognized). Keeping me from using this method as the game will not run without a wiimote.

    I dumped the files, but not a single one of the folders have a BRRES file, only .brstm, GM2, and .RSL files. What can I do now? Or could anyone help me in getting the model?

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  • 12/27/18--08:41: My Castlevania Sound Rips
  • As the tittle says, I will be posting here my sound rips from my favourite videogame franchise, Castlevania. In order to cost less space to the servers of this forum, they will be uploaded on Mega, and set for public Download. 

    With all that said:

    GBA Castlevanias
    NOTE: For the three GBA games, the soundfonts will be on the native .sf2 format; and both Music and Sound effects on the .minigsf format.

    Castlevania Circle of the Moon Soundfont + Music+SFX 


    Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance Soundfont + Music+SFX 

    Castlevania Aria of Sorrow Soundfont + Music + SFX

    N64 Castlevanias

    Castlevania 64 English Sounds
    Soundbanks are classified by regions. Inside each region there're three type of files in relation to their respective bank. It is as follows:
    BANK 00 Instrument samples
    BANK 01 SFX
    BANK 02 Voices, streamed sounds

    NOTE: Since the game speeds or slows down the sound samples when they're played back, some of them may be at a different frequency than expected. Special mention for BANK 03 files, since they are at the half speed they're.

    Castlevania Legacy of Darkness English Sounds
    Same rules than in Castlevania 64 English Sounds

    Castlevania Symphony of the Night:

    1. Streamed XA Files (both ENG & JAP)
    2. English Sound Effects
    3. PSP English Re-dub


    Disclaimer: No need for credit when using or reuploading this rips.

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    Hello, I tried to rip the models from Harvest Moon Magical Melody and I got .cdt files.
    So how to convert them to 3DS Max/Blender file?

    Thank you

    .jpg   cdt.jpg (Size: 191.89 KB / Downloads: 2)

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    True Crime 2 voices and The Godfather Voice Files
    I'm really just looking for two files
    True Crime 2 / True Crime: New York City
    "Can't phase me, punk"

    The Godfather Game (2006)
    "Shut up! Shut the fuck up!"

    I just don't know where other sites are that have sound files so I'm asking here

    both videos came from Jerma985 streams

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  • Preferebly from galaxy or later
    Anyone send me a URL as I cant find any?


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  • 12/27/18--17:33: Hello! It's-a me!
  • Hi, I'm Marshivolt!.. Though i made this account before i settled on that name,
    I've already uploaded a few things to the site such as Yoshi from SSB for N64 and Valoo's textures from Wind Waker HD.
    I mainly specialize in character models and sprites, Though i hope to help as much as i can, I'm generally a nice person dispite my disabilities, So i try my best to be polite to everyone.
    Anyways, I look forward to adding to the site!

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    After downloading a .apk of the game and extracting the contents, I went to where the models are and I found them in .ffm format. I used Chargeur FFX to open the model, but it resulted in an error to terminate the application. How am I supposed to open the models? I wanted to get the models because there were some Candy Crush Saga and Soda Saga models out there.

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  • 12/28/18--05:30: NES Color Palette
  • Just a little question about NES sprite ripping; aiming to people who ripped and posted Megaman sprites specially:

    I use the Nestopia and noticed there's lots of different NES palettes, RBG, YUV, Consumer etc..; which is the one you use to rip sprites?

    Thank you and sorry if the question sounds silly.

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    I cannot retrieve the textures, anyone help?

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