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Nerd Vs The World Sprites

Hello guys Smile

I'm Soulfire and the creator of the game Nerd vs the World
Is a 2D fighting game that branding various games characters

So i wanna to share with community some sprites that i created
Its my favorite sprites
Lara Croft
James Rolf
Crash Bandicoot
YoRHa No.2 Type B
Alucard - SOTN
Vivi/Black Mage
Tifa Lockhart
Cloud Strife
Zero Suit Samus

If somebody wanna to know the game, here a Launch trailer:
Thanks guys and i hope this can help some peoples

See ya!  Big Grin

LEGO Super Mario ripping help

I have been trying to rip the models from Lego super Mario, but I don't how.

From the information that I gathered it is a unity game, but the apk doesn't include all the files, on the google play store
it says that it is 688 MB but the apk itself is 44 MB, because google play treats the rest of the data as updates or "additional files"Angry

Because of that i tried to rip it using ninja ripper on nox but it requires android 6 and I think only the old versions work which don't have android 6, so i tried using the new versions of nox and it didn't work. Very Sad

I don't know what I'm doing wrong here and I don't know what to do. Cry

[PAID GIG] Seeking sprite artist for a goofy SNES-style RPG!

Hey everyone... I haven't been on this board in years! This account is 12 years old!!!!!! (I also originally posted this on the wrong board... oop)

I'm currently developing a game for fun and need help with sprite work. The game is being developed with the old software RPG Maker 2003, and centers around a fictionalized story of one of my favorite musicians and his inner circle. Without saying too much, you can check out what the game looks and feels like so far by peaking around my recent livestreams on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/chrisriggs - basically, it's a rap-themed game with the atmosphere of Earthbound and horror RPG maker classics like Ib and Yume Nikki! 

I'm too old and crotchety to sit and stare at MS Paint editing sprites comfortably anymore, but I'm hoping someone on this board might be interested! I'm looking to pay about $50 per sheet and after the initial sheet, I'll inquire about further work and we can discuss rate changes. I'd like the work to be as immediate as possible, but I'm also very patient. Minor revisions might be necessary, too. I can do certain things myself, but after having some lackluster experiences on Fiverr I want to be more specific in my requests.  Wink

A disclaimer: If I hire you, I will pay you (we can discuss how), regardless of how much use I actually get out of said work. Payment can be made via Paypal, Venmo, or I can buy you Steam keys if you just want some games! Credit will also be acknowledged in the game itself. This game isn't going to make anyone any money, and re-uses professional assets. It's a labor of love but has potential for viral appeal. You're helping me create a project I've been bouncing the idea of in my head for years! Smile

Here's a random example of an RPG Maker 2003 charset for an idea of what type of things I'm seeking...
[Image: 42743-afffff040a49352b6a491fe1a9f1f56b.jpg]
I'm looking for 4-directional characters similar to the work above, but in styles similar to Romancing Saga III (SNES) and/or games by RPG Maker legend Calunio. Spritesheets are always uniform and I will provide appropriate templates - as well as multiple examples. The first sheet will be a handful of rather basic characters - all based on real world figures - and I will share images of them. You as the artist just have to create the character models in 4 directions - and potentially (eventually) poses as well! I also have some things already in game that could really use tune-ups.

Please share your work below, and any additional information I may need to know, and I'll PM you if I'm interested in working with you!

Thanks TSR!

Sonic Battle mini-games

Aight, it's not a huge project but I figure I'd work on ripping the rest of the Sonic Battle mini-game sprites.

The remaining mini-games are:
Fly & Get
Treasure Island

Soniclash is what I'm working on atm, since it already has a sheet on the site. After that, I plan on moving onto Fly & Get next, then Treasure Island. 

If someone wants to rip one of the latter two, that'd be neat. Just post something here so we don't try to rip the same mini-game.  Tongue

And if anybody's curious, NO$GBA is the emulator I'm using, 'cause so far it's the only one that can emulate Single Pak Multiplayer. It's VRAM viewing tools are... problematic, but still useful for some things. I've mainly been using screenshots though.

Outrunners Sprite Palette Problem

Finally got the outrunners sprite interleaved. However, the palette is not seen for the sprites in TiledGGD. How can I fix this in order to rip sprites in Outrunners? This also happens for Sega System 32, Sega System 16, and Jaleco Mega System 1 games too. The palettes are located in the CPU files inside.

.NJ and .NJM model and animation conversion

The reason I ask this is due to the only program I have which can view these models, Noesis, exporting the models so they are they are only textured in said program. In other model viewers and modeling programs, such as Blender, the models are see as textureless despite being set to use .png versions. Only Noesis can show the model with a textures. This applies to models exported as the commonly used .obj, .fbx, and .dae models used here. Plus .obj modelso are exported with out corresponding .mtl files.

.png   2020-08-04 (5).png (Size: 257.67 KB / Downloads: 4)
Here is a model of Kero-Cchan extracted from Cardcaptor Sakura - Tomoyo no Video Daisakusen (which uses the .nj models and .njm for animations).

.png   2020-08-04 (6).png (Size: 256.77 KB / Downloads: 3)
And here is the said model after being converted to an .obj model.

.png   2020-08-04 (8).png (Size: 172.2 KB / Downloads: 3)
And here is the same .obj model from above in a different model viewer without its texture. The same thing also occurs in other programs (like Blender), also occurs with the .dae converted model.

So my question is this, is there any other program that can convert the models and leave the textures intact?

Nes and Snes Lego Mario


Heyo VG Resource! The name's Piximator. I've mainly created this account so I could upload sounds from the old Toy Story Mania mobile game to this site, but I'm willing to post even more resources as I find them. Can't wait to be a part of this massive community!

Can I rip models from The Spiderwick Chronicles (PC)

i have went digging through the files and I belive the files are in .zwd format and I have tried looking up how to open that format and I cant find any tools for it so far. does anybody know anything about zwd? or were I can find something to rip the models (maybe even sound) from the game

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team's Giant Luigi

All right this has been bothering me to no end. I've tried literally every method I can find to properly extract Giant Luigi's model but no matter what program I use it never comes out correctly. I've tried Ohana, Spica, everything else that handles these file formats and I just have never been able to get his model intact with proper UV's and material assignments. I don't know what the problem is and I've been at this on and off since the files could be acquired in the first place. Can someone PLEASE help me get his model properly? Every time I try either the UV's are broken or just flat out don't exist, the textures don't line up to it at all, or there's some other broken problem. I've included all of his related files here in this zip. I really need help with this, it's driving me bonkers!


Bakugan Battle Brawlers (.bin .par)

The .par files are supposedly in a .bin file (which supposed to have the files for the model, textures, animations, uvs, and etc.) and I can't find any tool that works with the .bin and .par formats used in this game.
If you had worked with converting model formats into readable data before, please make a tool that works with these files.

This is just not good

I Get an error because i cant keep getting the models like this..

ERROR: RawArray item size mismatch: expected 8, serialized 12

SerializeBulkArray <- FPositionVertexBuffer4<< <- FStaticLODModel4:UnsureerializeRenderItem_Legacy <- FStaticLODModel4:UnsureerializeRenderItem <- TArray:Unsureerialize: 0/6 <- USkeletalMesh4:Unsureerialize <- LoadObject: SkeletalMesh4'Armquist_power_suit_skeletal_mesh.Armquist_power_suit_skeletal_mesh', pos=1E6793, ver=517/0 (unversioned), game=ue4.22 <- UObject::EndLoad <- LoadWholePackage: /DH/Content/Meshes/Characters/Armquist_power_suit_skeletal_mesh.uasset <- CUmodelApp:UnsurehowPackageUI <- Main: umodel_build=1374 Angery

Polaris snocross

How do extract lobstersled and conceptsled from psx games how do instal savegame

I have files that idk what to do with.

I'm trying to rip textures from kirby's return to dreamland and I managed to get a bunch of files, but I don't know what to do with them. A lot of them have .cmp after them, for example, Bomb.brres.cmp. How do I convert them into something useful? I think I'm most interested in the .brres files. I already figured out how to turn the sound files into .wav files.

I went through all the files and these are the extensions I found: .cmp .breft .breff .brres .dat .brfnt .arc .tpl .mo .msbt

Custom Oliva Sprites?

Okay, So we all know how Oliva is origami...
But I was thinking, "Hey! I wonder what Oliva would look like if she was paper like Mario and such, and still look her normal self ((But less 2D))
I'm going to say this here, DON'T MAKE A FULL BLOWN SHEET IF YOU DON'T WANT TOO!!!!
Only like a few sprites are really all needed, such as front and back, and expressions!* ((Make sure it's in the Color Splash/ Origami King Style!!))
Afterwards, I can continue to make more sprites based off what you did!!

Thank you to whoever would take this request!

*expressions not needed