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    Hello, I am fairly new to ripping, so go easy on me heh.

    I have been using BRRES Viewer and Dolphin to rip various Wii games (Smash bros, Pokepark 1 & 2, etc)
    I got a Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess rom, and I am curious as to how I can view / export the models, and mainly animations.
    The Twilight Princess rom has  .arc  files, and Ive got no idea how to convert it to something compatible with BBRES Viewer.

    I tried using the  ntcompress.exe  program to try and decompress it, but that didn't seem to work, as I kept getting errors.
    If there's an alternative to ripping the models & animations from this game, please let me know, as Id really like to know!
    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.  Smile Smile

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  • 10/08/17--13:50: brbnk help
  • i need help extracting brbnk files

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  • 10/08/17--14:25: im new at ripping models
  • im never rippied any models before tell me how to do it ok and plus i want too rip the models form nick dance (actial GAME) for the wii

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    Hi folks--first time spriter here. There are some NES games I'm looking to obtain sprites from. The main method I plan to use for now is using screenshots from an NES emulator (VirtuaNES). But I don't want to have to actually play through these games all the way again when all I'm looking to do is just to pick up a bunch of sprites (The Lost Levels and Zelda II would particularly be annoying to play through)--that and I can't play worth a squat on a computer keyboard anyway.

    So are there ways to just cruise through emulation versions of games to pick up screenshots that I need? Maybe a cheat code to make my character invincible/able to hover through stages, something like that?

    Also, while I know I can pick up many of the sprites here on this website (and I have downloaded quite a few sheets), I'd prefer to do it myself simply because I've noticed some mistakes on certain sheets, plus I never know if a sprite sheet is using the exactly correct palette, etc.

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  • 10/08/17--20:18: Hey.
  • I've had this account registered for a few years but I never got around to properly introducing myself.
    Back then I made this account when I was very young and pretty stupid, but I've changed a lot from that.
    I mostly upload sheets from Namco games but I do others as well.

    I guess that's really it.

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  • 10/09/17--16:02: Smash Bros. Megaman in 8-bit
  • I've had this idea of making Megaman with his moves from Smash Bros.4 in 8-bit.I did some editing on the colors and sprites to make it look good,I've used Smash Bros. training mode with the 1/4(Hold L) to get every movement that Megaman's attacks have.This done by me dedicating my time and caring about it including effort to make this happen.This for anyone to use,for those want to see what megaman would look like if he was in his Smash Bros.4 style maintaining his 8-bit look.

    I'm still working on the backward throw for his neutral special so feel free to tell me on what I need to work on.

    .png   Smash Megaman sprite.png (Size: 216.84 KB / Downloads: 4)

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    I can not extract the 3d models with the ninja ripper of many problems I follow everything right in the video at the time of loading the 3d models in the noesis it comes all broken I am Brazilian I do not understand much this well the game that I want to extract the models and the cart fury champioship racing sera that has how to solve this

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    So today i made this sprite of Peacock from Skullgirls in the style of Street Fighter Alpha. I'm posting this here because i want to get feedback on it, and just asking people about it on discord wont do anything.

    Yes i actually posted it on discord, if you see somebody on the VGresource server called "Drag-Art" that is me.

    Anyway. the sprite took probably around 2 or 3 hours to make, maybe longer, maybe shorter. i used colors from various characters to make her color pallette

    I hope you like the sprite, and i will try to continue posting sprites for you guys here in the fourms.

    [Image: Peacock_SFA.png]

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    Does anyone know how to extract persona models of Kamen Rider?! I've been looking for a year because of the language barrier, I've got nowhere to go until the game stops! It ended all of a sudden, and I got only a few character caches. Can someone teach me how to extract them?
    I used to see someone extract them at xentax, but I've tried every one of them, and there's still no sign of reading. I think I understand the problem
    I'm annoyed! I hope to be helped
    I use translation software to interpret my language. If there is wrong grammar, I hope to forgive

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    This project is for rips of sound effects (and music elements!) of games by Q Entertainment.

    The following encompasses:
    -the Lumines series
    -Rez (HD/Infinite)
    -Child of Eden
    -Every Extend Extra (or Extreme)
    -Meteos (Wars)

    I've ripped most skins from Lumines Puzzle Fusion and Lumines II, as well as all of the Rockin' Holiday pack skins (Lumines Live). For the sake of archiving them, the Rockin' Holiday pack will come with their background videos. 

    I've tried Meteos Wars rips (anyone is encouraged to try) but have failed.

    Anyone is welcome to try their hand at ripping the other games.
    I haven't uploaded my rips yet, but I'll do so tonight.

    I take requests for Every Extend Extra sound rips. Although it is not permitted by the forums, I'll allow you to post them here. 

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  • 10/10/17--11:11: Piglet's Big Game
  • hey there. has anyone extracted the audio and dialogue from Piglet's Big Game for gamecube?

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    New guy here.

    Been trying to find a way to rip sprites from "Mutants: Genetic Gladiators", a Facebook game, but it's doing my head in. The only files I've been able to get, related to what I need most (which is the characters), are .bin files, which I cannot open.

    Could any of the more experienced people around here take a look and at least tell me if it's possible to get anything from the game?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi I have been looking at a few games recently to put up the models on here but on a number of occasions I've run into an extension less file type and i was just wondering if there is any way to extract the contents from these files.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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    Here is the thing.
    I'm planning on ripping an NSFW Flash game. Iiiiii don't know if there is any space for Flash stuff too.
    The game is Sonic XX, wich has NSFW in various places of it. good thing is that the 3 movies are animation-less.. mostly.
    The game is 9,4 MB acoording to the creator, but i'm just planning on ripping the sprites. there are not many. the BG's are the problem.

    PS:Keep in mind that there is NO way i can find an .sfw of the game (i know there is those downloading sfw's tools, but i don't trust that. should be virueses just hidden there), or at least no file from the creators. and the Newgrounds (Originel) version is the one i were looking onto ripping, even tough there is no alterations in stolen versions.

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    Hi i have managed to extract the whole of HD sonic unleashed but everything is contained in .ar file types which does not get read by GensArchive even after decompression all i want to know is if im doing something wrong or is it just the files are really weird any help would be much appreciated.

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    Just though I'd come back and whip something up.

    [Image: Sally_sprite_v1_zps221blneb.png]

    If you guys like the look, I will gladly do the animation poses as well. Please let me know what you think ^^.

    Also I'm really digging the Halloween theme you guys got going here  Thumbs Up .

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  • 10/12/17--11:29: HELMUT
  • started making some rpg sprites on a whim

    [Image: 15e665457c840e7f2bda5ce5aa8d8fd187328676.png]

    diff color tests

    [Image: 90afebeadf5afdf9a228171f83793027d5921dda.png]

    [Image: 95b18d4be59d784c3cb0d1c69477b488f3dcf8a9.png]

    [Image: f0d37a1f8eabac12dceb16925e762bcefde9dadd.png]

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  • 10/12/17--15:52: Pokémon Ranger...
  • I'd like to rip from the Pokémon Ranger games, but they don't use a standard format. Most files seem to be stored in .dat and .cat files. I'm assuming these are just generic containers. There's plenty from these games that has already been ripped, so does anyone here know how to do it?

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    Anyone have the sprite sheet for the Patra?

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    I have managed to successfully extract the Luigi's Mansion .szp files and found some new files inside .mdl is what i'm trying to rip. I know it's not a Source Engine .mdl file I know that they changed the extension so there would be no hacking of the models. And I have seen lots of ripped Luigi's Mansion models on The Models Resource and I know that they are .mdl rips but I can't figure out how to open and rip the .mdl file. Please show me where to find a program to open the files. Other people have managed to do it because I've seen lots of the downloadable Luigi's Mansion models and I want to open them. PLEASE HELP!!

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