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    I do wish to have all voices, but they need to be organized to certain characters...! :/

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    So I recently found out that someone extracted the whole 1st level of Bubsy 3D with a hex editor.

    I'm wondering how this is done, and would this lead to better and more accurate PSX model extraction than generally using programs like PSXprev?

    I assume it's brutally difficult, though.

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    I've seen it so many times on anime shows, but I have no idea what's it called:
    [Image: 7FUOAHm.png]
    Might be a little bit hard to see due to transparency.

    Edit: Nevermind, this effect is called "speedlines".

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    Does anyone know how to rip a whole map like or
    I've tried using an emulators view function, but that only displays the part that's currently on the screen anyway. I have the exact map files, but I wouldn't know how to convert them to images or anything.

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    Discuss, post, ask for help with etc. coding stuff as long as moral.

    What video game system games get coded with what language?

    For example if PlayStation 2 games are coded with C++ and PlayStation 2's check if right arrow button is pressed code is
    if (ps2_right_arrow_button_pressed == true)
    then mention about PlayStation 2's check if right arrow is pressed coding and also mention what coding PlayStation 2 games are made out of.

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  • 11/04/17--22:56: Deleting Spritesheets
  • Hello! I was wondering if it would be possible to delete a spritesheet. You see, over on the page for Yume Nikki I uploaded some backgrounds from it, but now I want to just post them all into a zip file to save space, so I would need to delete what's up now. Would that be possible? Thanks in advance.

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  • 11/04/17--23:20: Help with a Switch Game?
  • Which is Super Bomberman R, oddly enough. It's a Unity game,
    enough said. The version of Unity used is 5.5, and only 1 asset editor
    can open it. But, I can't technically use any since the .tex files won't
    extract properly. (P.S.: Only PMs though.)
    Any help?

    Example file, 7zip Compressed.

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  • 11/05/17--10:17: Sir Bullywug
  • [Image: 2psexyv.jpg]

    Bugbear paladin to Lliira the goddess of joy

    His backstory is pretty simple, when he found out what happens to goblinoids when they die he ran away from home and begged and pleaded to be brought to a church when he reached a decent sized city, he winded up joining the church of Lliira because the goddess of joy seemed like a good bet for a fun afterlife.

    Sir Bullywug is fluent in giant and gnome, but is actually rather poor at goblin because he ran away at a very young age, he enjoys sleeping under beds

    he is terribly afraid of blankets

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    I am a huge fighting game fan from the likes of Tekken.

    If there were more crossover fighting games, which name or title do you think will sound awesome?

    Example: Hyper Fighters

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    Which Genre is better for Crossover Video Games?

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    Are developers of homebrew games allowed to submit the assets of their homebrew games on the VG Resource sites? If the answer is yes, what are the limitations, requirements, or rules to do so?

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    What Began The VG-Resource And How Did This Model Ripping Situation Got Into Effect. 

    And Who First Founded The Website.

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    Might as well get this ball rolling. Have a look, see what can be done, need any more files, let me know.

    Dropbox Link

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  • 11/07/17--18:43: Wii U/3DS/Mobile problem
  • I can't access this site and others on my 3DS, Wii U, or phone. Why is that?

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    I want to rip some sound effects from arcade games like Bosconian or King & Balloon and other games and stuff... but I can't find anything to use to rip them. Is there any softwares or something for ripping sound effects? If you do help, thanks in advance

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  • 11/08/17--15:36: Help With Ripping Sprites
  • Hello. I want to rip sprites from mario game gallery (or mario FUNdamentals) But i don't know how to rip the sprites. I tried to open the files but nothing.
    Please help

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  • 11/08/17--17:24: Scheduled Maintenance
  • Hey everyone! I probably should have done this earlier but better late than never. As I'm sure many of you are aware, we had some downtime starting on Monday and lasting into a part of yesterday. While everything is back up and seemingly working well, I'd rather play it safe so I have a full set of diagnostics scheduled for tonight beginning at 10 PM EST. I'll be taking the server offline at 9Cute0 to shut everything down and the sites down at 9 to alert everyone that doesn't see this post. I'll bring everything back up either later tonight or tomorrow morning, depending on how long the tests take. Sorry for the inconvenience and the rather late notice but hopefully, I'll see you all soon!

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    Are you watching some anime? You want some suggestions? wanna talk about something on the genre? That's the thread to do it.
    As for me I recently finished watching Kakegurui and enjoyed it a lot, I loved the colour and expression shenaningans, it gives it so much expression.
    I'm started Initial D too, kinda heavy if you don't know all those car shenanigans but it's really cool nontheless.
    What about you?

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    I check frequently the main site, and i notice a thing, that disappoints me.
    The increasing of the nsfw erotic content.
    I understand if a game have some sexy pose, or naked caracter, but accepting esplicit content from games that is all about a CLEAR NSFW erotic purpose, in particular some pc titles, is WRONG.
    This is NOT a pronogapic website, so these things, even with a nsfw notice before, should be cleaned up from the site, the pourpose of the site is NOT that.

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    Add a system toggle in tSR that hides all NSFW content from updates and gallery. Kinda like Google's Safe Search system.

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