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The VG Resource - https://www.vg-resource.com

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    In order to combat TMR's abysmally slow model acceptance rate, I decided to make a forum, which could help people who are looking to use and download these wonderful models. I also use Deviantart but updating from here might help get the word out quicker. 
    What I have done: are there benefits of using my downloads?

    • Mesh Optimization. Whole lot of stuff that reduce the amount of clutter, though does not effect the visual of the model what not. Most notable is the the vert count is cut in half. I work to maintain original rigging using various tools.
    • Physic Mesh rigging. Done by me, capes, skirts, and various clothing articles are rigged. I like to think I did a good job on some, but I am no master. 
    • I will often separate models into their own elements, like separating metals from cloth if they are connected. Hinoka had her scarf disconnected into its own mesh due to it being originally a physic mesh, though part of it that wrapped around her neck was part of her overall body mesh. That is an example. This would help with making materials for games and mods.
    • Removal of useless bones. Bones that appear to have no function what so ever. Serve only for functions inside the game itself, and therefore useless outside of its element.
    • Some other more useless minor stuff only a person who cares a little to much like myself even wastes his time doing.
    What is Included
    • Every character will have their Armor Break variants
    • Mounted Characters will have their Mounts
    • Characters whose unique weapon is available will also be included 
    • Anything they might use in attacks, like Minerva's spear. 
    • Original DDS textures, in case there was anything in the alpha or other channels, I might have missed.

    Credits to:
    SciresM - Who provided the model dumps and is probably the sole reason I can even do this.
    DSX8 - Who gave me the opportunity to help with the models as well as helped with many other things
    Tools used where Steven's Gas Machine - to extract the models (using a 2017 version as well as Warriors All Star preset), and 3DS Max 2018 to edit and optimize the model.

    I am working in tandem with DSX8 and his Smash mods so my renders could be used as a cosmetic of some sort, so that's a nice guess on who might be next. DSX8 will eventually run out of mods to do or get tired of doing FeW models so feel free to tell who you want to see next.
    The models I provide is of most a raw output, which you would need to mold yourself to use in, VRChat, Smash Mod, MMD, etc. If anything is wrong with the mesh or rigging, please let me know. 
    Characters so far:

     [Image: kUCN08z.png][Image: wRD8NBC.png][Image: FInEdGe.png] 

    Downloads will lead to my mega.nz folder and are the same files that would eventually be on TMR. Over time, I will upload more as times goes on, since I am doing far more than just extracting models it might be a bit. I may stop doing quality renders in favor putting out models in a quicker fashion, but it all depends.

    Feel free to comment who you want to see next, I might just as well do that character.

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    How can we extract .paks from the vita version. Are they the same compression method as the PS3 version, or different?

    .zip   character_model_000.zip (Size: 613.73 KB / Downloads: 0)

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  • 03/03/18--05:51: The Observer goes Rogue
  • Some posted pixel works may be submitted later down the line, but for now, I don't intend on submitting custom (Official content, of course) work until I'm rightly more confident in my skills. Last time I did any actual sprite work was way back in 2011/2012.

    Well, let's get started!

    I decided to try and hybridise the S3K and Mania styles - use the Mania style with the limited S3K palette, and changed it up to reflect both. S3K in the left corner, Mania in the right corner, and the Hybrid in the centre, with a 2x view at the bottom for better clarification.

    I am fully aware that there are significant issues with at least a few parts of the Emerald. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

    [Image: Hybrid_Style_ME.png]

    Credit to Dolphman for ripping the gem.

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    You know it's very tough to model of this character because lack of model sheets/image references of Tiara Cyberooski.Chis Senn drawed only loads of Tiara Boobowski artworks in Sonic Mars he drawed only few artworks.To be honest I'm 3d modelling beginner,but if I could be professional expert model sheets(Chris Senn probably will never do that-he never did) are neccessary to model for example her character properly.I want at least show you hear my second model of Tiara C. that I made.
    [Image: AgUWybJ.png]

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  • 03/03/18--13:41: Another Reject
  • I got rejected again, but on a Kingdom Hearts model of Jane Porter I had edited on Autodesk Maya. I have the stuff right here. What am I doing wrong? I can't take much more rejection.

    .zip   PlayStation 2 - Kingdom Hearts - Jane Porter (fixed).zip (Size: 319.5 KB / Downloads: 3)

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  • 03/03/18--13:44: Iconoclasts Ripping Project
  • I'm not lessening the Comprehensive Sonic Ripping Project by any means, but I've gotten really into the Iconoclasts game and desired to rip that, too, under the same rules I've applied upon the CSRP, but without the layers and VDP, it'll take just a fair bit longer, not to mention how sprites are at double size upon extraction.

    With that in mind, I'm open to others getting in on this projects, with certain, non-negotiable rules:
    1. Sprites ripped must be contained in a clean, 24 color BMP master file for palette perfection.
    2. Examples and final sheets must be saved as a PNG file, and only once. Want to save that file again? Go back to the BMP master file and 'save as' again. I am not cleaning up after palette mistakes when I've already got enough of my own things to do.
    3. Much like all of the backgrounds and foregrounds in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, they are not static objects! Ensure that you tear apart the parallax and include any underwater effects, heat haze effects or other such effects that occur on either -ground.

    Here's an example of sprites from the game, cleaned up. We have a couple of nameless NPCs (the lady caught my attention, go figure, but her animation was so cute) whose animations are in the process of being taken, and one idle stance frame of the protagonist, Robin, the rest of whose idle animation I'm working through.

    [Image: Example_Rips.png]

    And now, I'm going back to play it some more.

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    In spite of the critically panned reception of the English voice over work from Final Fantasy Type-0, I have the intention of submitting those files alongside the Japanese ones (which I have already done), for the sake of a better comparison as well as multilingual and cultural reasons. However, despite installing the game in English and switching the language track from Japanese to English on the launcher menu, the voice files as I had checked them from Foobar2000 are still in Japanese. Is it because the files are separated by language or is there something that I am missing?

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    Any help figuring out how to convert these files?

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    made this thing and i wanted to see any feedback

    .png   CrashBandicoot.png (Size: 1.77 KB / Downloads: 8)

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    So the format itself is apparently a semi-common one and has been featured in several games already, however there's a bit of difference in this one that makes it impossible to load with the given tools that already exist for the format. Here I've included the most common method, a noesis script, and a sample file with it's associated files. I was hoping someone could take a look and help me extract the model (and textures) from the mmb files of this game so I can make renders.
    Dropbox Link

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    Hi! Of course, this is my first post, so I'm bound to screw something up, but I'm going to do it anyways! As I finally decide to register, I feel that I will frequent on VGR for some time, which can be a good or bad thing,but, I might as well explain why I chose this forum. I want to rip sprites (and the very few models) from Irozuki Tingle no Koi no Balloon Trip, that one tingle game that literally noone knew about until someone completed their translation. Having not seen anything about on Spriters Resource, I think I want to be the one to post it. I speak English, obviously, so the only way I can actually progress this game is with the patch, which in turns means I have to use DeSmueME, in my case at least. An option is to PrtSc and Seperate each frame, but what about the times that they are covered up? In reality, I just want some pointers to easily rip DS sprites. Thanks!

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  • 03/04/18--20:27: Hello!
  • Hey there! Name's Erik. I'm 22 years old and I live in the western United States. Some things I enjoy doing are reading, writing, watching the NBA, going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and sleeping.  Smile

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  • 03/05/18--10:02: Ratchet Classic Skin model
  • I'm still waiting for permission of user DemonBoy to upload this 3d model to Custom/Edited Ratchet and Clank Custom/Edited.I didn't play remake of Ratchet and Clank 1,but in the movie/film and video game Ratchet has that casual skin/armour from Tools of Destruction.Honestly Ratchet from ToD and first installment remake is the same 3d model,but still different looking than in original.
    [Image: aNGPhzW.png]

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    I'm planning on uploading my first model, and I need help on how to make an icon for model submitting.

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  • 03/05/18--14:58: Angela Cross Custom model
  • At this time I want to show you Angela Cross classic(refreshed textures) skin for herself.In Ratchet and Clank 2 she's got her casual clothes so at this time I redesigned her in style of Ratchet and Clank Future series. 
    Her classic outfit(Angela's clothes) with ps3 ultra HD aesthetics:
    [Image: rjfoxJo.png]

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  • 03/05/18--21:33: 3D Gamestudio MDL Files
  • for those who dont know, 3d gamestudio is, well, a game making software. it's most notably known as the software for creating such gems as AaAaAA!!! - a reckless disregard for gravity, everybody's favorite gag gift bad rats: the rats' revenge, and a thousand other tech demos released on their official website.
    now that we got the main info out of the way, lets talk about the model format used for 3d gamestudio; .mdl. this file format is different from all the other .mdl model extensions, it only works with one program and thats their very own model editor itself named MED. there is an export button which will allow you to export to a 3ds file but there's one problem, all the uvs get deleted. i have no idea how to edit uvs so thats an option i threw out of the bag very quickly. i finally did find something that can convert the mdl files with uvs, a model converting site. but this brings its own problem in itself: the model's lighting makes it pitch black.
    here it is with lighting (and yes that is a bad rats model)
    [Image: R1fZi9X.png]
    if anybody can help with this issue that would be greatly appreciated
    link to the files

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  • 03/06/18--04:52: I Cannot login!
  • For some reason, I seem unable to login on the website https://www.models-resource.com/3ds/pokemonxy/
    I keep trying to login and it takes me back to homepage and im still logged out, but it works here
    Quite frustrating tbh
    Why is this happening?

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    is there tools to deal with it?

    extract and repacked.??

    .zip   act_allhit_01.zip (Size: 763.29 KB / Downloads: 0)

    .zip   act_guard_01.zip (Size: 533.46 KB / Downloads: 0)

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    Hey does anyone know how to rip the models from Rampage Total Destruction from the gamecube I can't seem figure out the file type there is three types
    and zip and in the zip is another cmg
    so if someone is willing to help me rip the models that would be nice thanks!

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    Hi. I am trying to rip the dialogue files from the first Harry Potter PS1 game. I did try PSound but it mainly not it is not giving me much even though I was told the dialog is in the WAD files. I know it is not one wad file like it is on the disc when it is extracted there are multiple wad files. Any help is appreciated.

    Here is a link to the files:


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