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    i have been trying for YEARS! to get the models from this game Bōken Jidai Katsugeki Goemon

    for the ps2.. and i have had no luck is there anyone out there who can help me get models ripped specifically goemon!? i was going to create 3d printed action figures of the models from the game using my 3d printed but its impossible to get the models! someone if you can please help thanks !

    [Image: attachment.php?aid=51355]
    [Image: 220px-Goemon_-_Bouken_Jidai_Katsugeki_Coverart.png][Image: attachment.php?aid=53474]

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  • 03/20/18--14:12: my stupid undertale art
  • hey! i figured i'd showcase some of my art here in case people still like undertale

    nintendo announced undertale for the switch, and when they did, i drew this little thing of them being on the switch!

    .png   undertale on the switch.png (Size: 402.54 KB / Downloads: 1)
    [Image: X7TiSpQ.png] [Image: LIMlLVq.png] [Image: 7N9TJ91.png]

    here's just a simple little doodle of frisk and flowey

    .png   friskandflowey.png (Size: 334.04 KB / Downloads: 0)
    [Image: X7TiSpQ.png] [Image: LIMlLVq.png]

    oh. and uh. this

    .png   as.png (Size: 3.49 KB / Downloads: 0)
    [Image: X7TiSpQ.png] [Image: LIMlLVq.png]

    that is all for now. may occasionally update this thread with more of my works

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  • 03/20/18--16:17: Hi
  • Just saw there is a welcome treat and thought I post something in here Smile
    I got into Blender unity recently to make avatars for vrchat for fun. Now I gonna try to get into Ripping models that arent uploades somewhere.
    Nice to meet you all.

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    I've been running some tests with the Avi-2-GBA (Meteo) video codec/converter for Game Boy Advance. Just trying to test certain lengths of videos and certain types of videos. This is probably a pointless test since I'm probably the only person that is interested in this kind of thing, but video codecs for hardware that is under powered and/or doesn't have much storage space has always interested me. I still have one or two more tests to run at the time of this post.

    Anyway, here are the results of my tests:

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    So I've been frustrated to no end in my attempts at ripping the actual model for Wuhu Island from this game.

    I know the exact location of the file, I have all the textures, my only issue is the geometry of the island itself. It's a jumbled mess.

    You've got part of the volcano here, the other half there, the road is floating over the island, etc. Here's pictures for reference:

    Is it a problem with the .iso, or did I do something wrong?

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  • 03/21/18--15:29: Apple II
  • So I'm trying to set up the Applewin emulator, except it has no options to change the video mode or take clear screenshots without the monitor emulation artifacts. Can someone help?

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  • 03/21/18--17:12: Sonic 2: Forces Editon

  • Not mine, but I thought I'd share this. (This hurts)

    Incredible features:
    -Classic Sonic's physics expertly replicated from Sonic Forces
    -Epic drop dash thingy
    -Speed caps
    -Weird finnicky momentum
    -Control delays after getting hurt
    -Slopes you can't climb
    -Speed Shoes that last 5 seconds
    -Accelerated drowning times
    -Super Sonic nerfed into the ground
    -Pain and suffering
    -And more!


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    Im not really sure if these have the models in these "ZAP" files but their called "RUNTIME.ZAP" "OVLDATA.ZAP" "AUXDATA.ZAP" "AUDDATA.ZAP". I think at least one of these has models in it but not sure if they do but what would i use to open them?

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  • 03/22/18--20:54: Common Sample Rates
  • Who here wonders why was it made so that multiples of 5512 (11025, 22050, 44100) are commonly used sample rates as far as we can remember?

    I ask because I always found them to be unusual numbers compared to multiples of 8000 (16000, 32000).

    Was it done to get just a tiny bit of extra quality? It's the best reason I can think of.

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  • 03/22/18--22:18: Digimon ripping commission
  • Hello, I'm looking for someone to rip some specific models from some Digimon games but only a few: Basically need Moon Millenniumon model from Digimon Savers Another Mission from PS2 and if is already possible, some Digimon and Human models from Cyber Sleuth and Hacker's Memory, no matter if they're from the PS Vita version or from PS4. 

    If someone is interested please send me a private message and we can talk about some other details and the price.

    Thanks for the attention.

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  • 03/23/18--08:01: bin to dac
  • hi, I'm trying to edit some pokepark textures, the levels are stored in dac files that I was able to open after using ntcompress now that i've edited some textures how do i turn the bin back into the dac file format?

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  • 03/23/18--13:45: Howdy
  • Heya. I'm WizToad I think. I'm just your average spriter and artist (not really) that also works on a bunch of fangames as a hobby. I'm a fan of Sonic, Mario, and lots of other videogames in general. I'm not really interesting tbh so I think that's all I need to say.
    Here are a couple of my sprites Ive made recently
    Feel free to ask me any questions you want answers for. I'll try to answer whatever I can


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    Here's some Mario textures from TTYD. Tell me if I missed ANYTHING important.

    .png   Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door - Mario.png (Size: 151.63 KB / Downloads: 1)

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    Hello all!

     Pixelmon Generations is currently looking for more talent as we are expanding with over 2 million downloads worldwide. To keep up with the pace we are looking for those that have expertise in modelings while also being able to edit/create textures. We are also looking for some sprite work occasionally as well. About 20% of our models are game ripped at the moment but we are looking to optimize and make them lighter for better performance in game, so if you are capable of doing this, it's definitely a bonus! All of our work is paid commissions and/or if you make the official team you could be salaried every month!

    If you are interested please contact me here or better yet on Discord: PokéNinja#2869

    Thank you very much for reading, if you are interested in our project for other reasons, check out our official Discord channel of over 12 thousand other gamers:

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  • 03/23/18--15:48: I might need help improving.
  • I might need to work on my sprites, i would like to get suggestive ideas. Wink

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  • 03/23/18--18:12: Blade 2 sounds and voices
  • Hey there I just want to ask
    how do I post them?
    these files are huge like over 460mb

    But the way I ripped them they turn out as wav formats,
    and background music and sound effects are one and the same set.

    Example BSOUND_00000 to BSOUND_00070
    are music files, but the rest are like sound effects.

    Then theres a new separated file set
    are mostly mission voice clips with some randomly
    grunt clips

    The "Find this vampire and kill him"
    to "Push L2 button to do this"

    so do I just zip them all as one and just posted them?
    or I have to remove the music?

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  • 03/24/18--12:40: DoomRPG Sprites and Textures
  • Here are the sprites and wall textures I was able to rip from DoomRPG.  I submitted these last June, but didn't think to make a post about it here.


    .png   doomrpg_sprites.png (Size: 223.83 KB / Downloads: 4)


    .png   doomrpg_textures.png (Size: 109.61 KB / Downloads: 2)

    These were ripped as part of a larger project which involved deciphering and documenting all of the various formats used by the game.

    I'd guess that the technical details in the write-up would also be helpful should someone want to rip the sprites from the java mobile version of Orcs and Elves.

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    i have 3d models from yugioh duel terminal and i can't open them convert them or view them properly.

    i have exported the files from .bin files using a bms file from

    i can import the.model files into 3ds max with a max script from
    but due to the way the max script has been made all the objects have been renamed and that doesnt help if you want to get all the bones named correctly so if any one can fix the max script above show us your magic

    i can't import convert view or translate any of the info in any of the .anm or .tanm to get them into 3ds max or even other 3d animation software to convert them and i think the .anm files are animation for the models and the .tanm i think is texture animations

    i can't import or convert the .sk files but i went into hex editor to see if i can read the info and its the skinning for the bones to effect the models i believe and with out any chance to import them and make the model and bones to be the original names given by konami the .sk will not effect the bones witch means the model will not be animated

    this is the url to the site that contains the complete file systems of the duel terminal!p54RRZpQ!KE4GoniuEaoEy...07bCguhctg

    and based of what i have researched there are 749 different models in this folder and each model at least has 6 animations each

    have a good day

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  • 03/24/18--23:33: Xenoblade 2 .ard file
  • has anyone had any luck getting into the .ard in xenoblade 2? im uploading a sample but not sure if i can link it here

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    Hey all! I'm WizToad if you couldn't tell. And I do sprites every now and then. They usually turn out terrible but this Sonic spritesheet I started a while ago isn't as terrible but still not that good. I've been thinking about making this as big as I can in my spare time but I haven't made lots of progress on this so far. Attatched to this post is what I have so far. It would be much appreciated if anyone could give me any feedback on this and don't hesitate to ask me any questions about it.


    .png   round6preview.png (Size: 8.2 KB / Downloads: 7)

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