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The VG Resource - https://www.vg-resource.com

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    I got the sprite sheets from a NDS game called Super Robot Taisen OG Saga - Mugen no Frontier EXCEED.
    Trying to make sense of the pk2 files which defines each frame/frame to use/offset etc, that goes with them... but can't.


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  • 05/09/18--23:18: Carrie from Castlevania 64
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  • 05/14/18--06:25: Aria "Zelda 64 Beta"
  • [Image: nThG1Av.png]

    Not a prefect rip, she's missing her true eyebrow texture.

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  • 05/14/18--09:56: Ripping Cyberflix games
  • I was wondering if any of your could help me extract the .TRK, .SFX, .SET, .SHP, .11k and .STG files of the games Dust and Titanic Adventure Out of Time. Here are the examples: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1a1FEG4...08QOvKTJmA

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    I am thinking of ripping game models from Avatar: The Last Airbender: Into the Inferno on my PCSX2, but I am having trouble to get the models ripped out. 

    I thought I could try to get Ninja Ripper to help me out, but I'm not so confident that I would be able to get the model I want into a T-Pose. I may need a DX Ripper, not 3D Ripper DX.

    Another solution was going through the files I extracted from Noesis by using these BMS Script below, but I'm not so sure.

    .txt   avatarintotheinfernoPAK.bms.txt (Size: 717 bytes / Downloads: 2)

    .txt   avatarintotheinferno50filestomesh.bms.txt (Size: 656 bytes / Downloads: 2)

    .txt   avatarintotheinfernops2rsc.bms.txt (Size: 565 bytes / Downloads: 2)

    .txt   avatarintotheinfernops2rcb.bms.txt (Size: 356 bytes / Downloads: 2)

    .txt   avatarintotheinfernomeshto3ds.bms.txt (Size: 4.98 KB / Downloads: 2)

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  • 05/10/18--03:37: Master System Project
  • Since there is already a NES Ripping Project, it only makes sense to have a project from its rival the Master System.

    The good news already is that a majority of the games already significantly ripped from this console. What makes it even better is because there are less games on the Master System than on the NES, it is possible and a bit easier for tSR to have the complete library. Also there is some variation in terms of the games whether they are shoot em ups, RPGs, platformers, fighters and yes even sports games so its not as restricted to a genre, even a few classics are here.

    After some calculation, there are 27 games left until the complete US library is done:

    Aerial Assault - WIP
    After Burner - WIP
    California Games - WIP
    Casino Games
    Dead Angle
    F-16 Fighting Falcon/F-16 Fighter (only US Master System game that runs on SG-1000 mode)
    Fantasy Zone 2: Tears of Opa-Opa
    Galaxy Force
    Gangster Town*
    Global Defense / SDI
    Great Baseball
    Great Ice Hockey
    Great Volleyball
    James "Buster" Douglas Knockout Boxing / Heavyweight Champ
    King's Quest (USA)
    Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord
    Monopoly - WIP?
    Paperboy - WIP
    Parlour Games / Family Games / Party Games
    Poseidon Wars 3-D
    Power Strike - WIP?
    Rambo III*
    Shooting Gallery* - WIP
    Slap Shot
    Super Tennis
    Thunder Blade
    TransBot / Astro Flash

    That is the main goal for this year to have the US library done but feel free to do any game on the console. These are the missing games from the rest of the world (e.g. PAL regions, Brazil, Japan, Korea):

    Ace of Aces
    Andre Agassi Tennis
    Assault City (note: this game has both a light phaser and a controller version of the game)
    Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II
    Bank Panic
    Block Hole (Bootleg/KOR?)
    California Games II
    Castelo Ra-Tim-Bum (Brazil)
    Championship Hockey
    Chase H.Q. (Game Gear version is the same)
    Cheese Catastrophe starring Speedy Gonzales
    Cool Spot
    Cosmic Spacehead
    Cyborg Z (Bootleg/KOR?)
    Dinobasher starring Bignose the Caveman - WIP
    Double Hawk*
    Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
    Eagles 5 (Bootleg/KOR?)
    Ecco the Dolphin
    FA Tetris (Bootleg/KOR?)
    Fantastic Dizzy
    Ferias Frustradas do Pica-Pau (aka Woody Woodpecker) (Brazil)
    Fire & Forget II - WIP
    Flashpoint (Bootleg/KOR?)
    Galactic Protector (JPN)
    Gangcheol RoboCop (Bootleg)
    Geraldinho (Brazil, hack of Teddy Boy) - WIP?
    Global Gladiators
    Great Baseball (JPN)
    Heroes of the Lance
    High School Kimengumi (JPN)
    Incredible Crash Dummies
    James Pond 2: Codename Robocod
    Jurassic Park
    Line of Fire
    Loretta no Shouzou: Sherlock Holmes (JPN, SG-1000 mode)**
    Mah-Jong / Mahjong Sengoku Jidai (JPN, Hong Kong)
    Masters of Combat
    Monica no Castelo do Dragao (Brazil, hack of Wonder Boy in Monster Land) - WIP
    Mortal Kombat - WIP
    Mortal Kombat II
    Nekkyuu Koushien (JPN) [Original Japanese version of Reggie Jackson Baseball but has different graphics]
    New Boggle Boggle 2 (Bootleg)*****
    Olympic Gold
    The Ottifants
    Power Strike II - WIP?
    Puznic (Bootleg)****
    The Pro Yakyuu: Pennant Race (JPN)***
    Putt & Putter
    RoboCop vs The Terminator
    Sagaia (aka Darius 2)
    Sapo Xule: S.O.S Lagoa Poludia (Brazil, Portugal)
    Satellite 7 (JPN)
    Sega World Tournament Golf
    Sensible Soccer
    Shadow of the Beast
    Simpsons: Bart vs the World
    Sitio do Picapau Amarelo (Brazil)
    Space Gun*
    Speedball 2
    Street Master (Bootleg)
    Submarine Attack - WIP
    Suho Cheonsa
    Summer Games
    Super Bubble Bobble (Bootleg)
    Super Columns & Tetris (Bootleg)
    Super Kick Off
    Super Space Invaders - WIP
    T2: The Arcade Game
    Tennis Ace (aka Passing Shot) - WIP
    Tensai Bakabon (JPN)
    The Terminator
    The Three Dragon Story (Bootleg/KOR?)
    Turma da Monica em: Os Resgate (Brazil, hack of Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon's Trap) - WIP
    TV Colosso (Brazil, hack of Asterix and the Secret Mission) - WIP
    Wolfchild - WIP
    World Games
    Wimbledon II
    Winter Olympics
    Wonsiin (Bootleg/KOR?)
    World Class Leaderboard - WIP
    Xevious / The Micro Xevious (Bootleg)

    * - Light Phaser game
    ** - Advertised as a dual compatibility game as in that it works on both the Master System and the SG-1000. Optional.
    *** - Unsure whether it is its own game or the JP version of Great Baseball. Lack of info.
    **** - That's how its spelt, not a typo.
    ***** - Might have same assets as Super Bubble Bobble.

    Luckily for most of the remaining Japanese games they either can be played without any language barrier problems, are baseball games and High School Kimengumi has an English translation patch. Only the Sherlock Holmes game and Tensai Bakabon would have problems with the language barrier due to being adventure games.

    As usual, all it takes is one sheet to have its own section.

    How come some games are missing?

    This is because they are already on the site. Some Master System games re-release to use different accessories so Sports Pad Football and Sports Pad Soccer are there as Great Football and Great Soccer/World Soccer. American Baseball and American Pro Football are on the site as Reggie Jackson Baseball and Walter Payton Football. Some Master System games have a Game Gear version that is on the site that use identical sprites such as Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon's Trap. Some Game Gear games are literally Master System games in Game Gear cartridges, some examples include Castle of Illusion, Out Run Europa and Rastan.

    Also while tSR does have a few on the site, the MSX ports are not counted in this project as they are not officially classed as Master System games and many were also on the SG-1000 as well, some with RAM adapters. The exception are the Zemina games as they are cross platform between the Master System [Samsung GamBoy] and the MSX as well as Sieco and FA due to the games are original rather than a company adapting a random game usually from Konami or Compile with the copyright changed or removed. Another reason is that not all of the MSX ports are dumped due to their rarity. 

    How can I rip from these?

    There are two emulators for the system, they are MEKA and Emulicious. Both have tilemap (background) viewers, tile viewers, MEKA also has layer removal if you want to capture. For some games, you may need TileMolester to rip them if the sprites are dynamic but for many of the games, these two emulators are basically what you need. Since the Master System only has two palettes with half for sprites and half for backgrounds (even though some game do have palette cycles and changes), it also means that you will have less trouble finding which is the correct palette. For someone who wants to start sprite ripping, it's a good system to start off with like the NES or the GBA. It is beginner friendly, feel free to join. 

    Finally, how come you decide to go through the project?

    After all 11 years ago, my first rip on tSR was from a Master System game. A long time ago, I was ripping Master System games almost single handedly however got burned out since there was a lack of interest. A passionate ripper came along and did an excellent job ripping from the console. After seeing 200 games on the site, it is a case wow how many games are left to do. It would be a great idea to have a complete library from a console on the site, especially from a console that is sort of well known.

    As for rewards, well this is an unofficial project so its mainly more for fun rather than for badges. Now there are no limits.

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    Hello everyone. I am a newbie here on VG-Resources, and I plan on model ripping One Piece Unlimited Adventure on the Wii from the Dolphin Emulator.

    I try using Ninja Ripper, but I am trying to get the Princess of Alabasta Kingdom in a T-Pose like everyone else. I got her textures, but what am I doing wrong?

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  • 05/15/18--13:56: Egg Mobile sprites
  • Hey, I've been working on this new Eggmobile for some time. What do you guys think? Smile

    .png   New Eggmobile.png (Size: 77.95 KB / Downloads: 10)

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    I am trying to rip Transformers Devastation so I can rip the Megatron model and use him to create an updated model from scratch for a project of mine. So far I have tried Ninja Ripper and Noesis but cant seem to find the model. I am having a lot of errors with Ninja and too many random files with Noesis. Does anyone here already has the model?
    Help would be appreciated! (If you have the model please send me a link)

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    O que há de novo aqui é que eles são conhecidos como os modelos 3D de digimon mestre on-line estão livres para ser usados nos meus jogos, não são legais com isso.

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  • 05/15/18--19:28: Howdy
  • I'm the new guy, fresh off the interwebs. I play me some video games. Mostly FPS's, but my whole life has been full of 'em. I grew up with a PS1 and the Spyro trilogy and I still have those games, but I'm mainly a PC gamer now. I will not object to playing a good ol' game, though I'm not the biggest fan of Zelda or RPG's. Smash Bros. is a current favorite, Project M all the waaaaay! Borderlands 2 is another current favorite, and I am sitting on my ass just waiting for Borderlands 3 HURRY UP GEARBOX!

    I am chill until provoked. Then I am cool. Unless there's heat. Then I have a meltdown, but not really. lol

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    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
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    Can someone please do it? If so, I may be able to do you a favour, if you do rip models, could you please upload wrinkly kong?

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  • 05/16/18--06:31: Sly Cooper Games
  • Hi everyone. I have been hard at work trying to make sense on the info I got on how to rip models from the Sly Cooper games. Let's start with the PS3 Sly Collection.
    What I gathered is that the games data is on the sly.wal file. Someone made a wal extracter but it extracts in weird files I can't make sense of it. I can't find the forum where I found it anymore but I think it doesn't matter. I don't think the files are workable.
    I would love to extract the models from the .wal file if it's possible.

    Moving on to Sly Cooper 4. I found this here http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=11229
    I got to the point where you have to use the hex2object and it doesn't work. When I try to load a mesh file nothing happens.

    Do you all have another way to get the models? Can you help me out with the process that already exist? Thanks.

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