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The VG Resource - https://www.vg-resource.com

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    I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to ripping things but lately I managed to extract some files from Happiness Charge PreCure! Kawarun Collection for the 3DS and now i'm quite clueless when it comes to converting the extracted files from .x3d and .ctpk files into .obj and .png files. Does anyone perhaps have a solution to this?

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  • 05/10/18--10:50: Pac-Man World 2 Ripping Help
  • I have extracted the data of PMW2 and the files are in HXF,AMF and TPL

    The game also dumped audio in the SAM,GCB,POO,PRO and SDI file types.

    Does anyne know which programs can open/convert these files?

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    I'm looking for a good 2D art style to adapt to stop motion characters and backgrounds. This is for custom sprites of Robot Chicken (for my own use [I'll probably upload them somewhere online]), I don't have the talent to use pre-rendered sprites, and I don't have the time or money to use digitized sprites. Should I just trace the characters and backgrounds, and hope for the best?

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  • 05/11/18--02:44: Hi!
  • New here, I knew about The VG Resource for years but never quite managed to create an account for it yet.

    My name is Noid, and I've known about this place for about 5 years. It was quite interesting to see what was going on in these forums and I am especially excited about the idea of ripping game assets. I'll attempt to contribute some assets some time.

    Thanks for reading.

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  • 05/11/18--05:23: Crimson Fog (demo)
  • It's been a long time since I posted here. I've been working on my own metroidvania called Crimson Fog via Game Maker Studio. I did show some custom textures for it a few years ago known as Project Aura. You play as a bat named Ralph as he goes on an adventure to obtain 7 Crystal Medallions hidden in dungeons with the help of a cult known as the Crimson Fog. Along the way, there will be quests unlocked in Cedrus Village as you progress through the game.

    [Image: crsj85H.png]

    The only controllers I know for certain installed are the Logitech Precision pad, Xbox PC controller, and the standard PC desktop controls that you'll be familiar with if you've played Terraria. I had some issues with gamepad detection with other computers, so there might be trouble with gamepad connection. I'll try to fix it later on. Details on the controller input are included in the uploaded file.

    I've been working on it for years, mostly because I was learning as I went. I'll likely need someone else to compose music as it's too frustrating trying to make it fit the tone. I made sure to at least complete the first dungeon as well as it's mini-boss and primary boss fights before putting up the demo. The planned scope and scale of it will be pretty lengthy, which is why I don't have a deadline at this point.

    Let me know what you guys think of the content.


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    So i just got the game finally unpacked from the rar and it looks like the game has a single huge ass .assets file which i have unity studio to open it with and hopefully pull the stuff out of, but im not sure if i can even get it open using unity studio yet due to its massive file size of the assets file, but it also contains PSArch file, i dont know if both would possibly contain models or not...but i feel the assets file is the way to go since i know how to open that one easily.

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    So I finally ripped Mike Hatsune from Yo Noid 2 but I can't seem to get the textures right. Is there an easy way I can add the textures so they are right?

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  • 05/11/18--21:43: Klonoa 2 Textures?
  • So i just recently was able to rip Leorina's model from Klonoa 2 and get her Uv's intact and the whole shibang, only thing is i can't find a full set of her textures, i can't get them at once in tex mod because they all come out with messed up alpha channels and are all seperated into pieces which takes even longer to put together, i can't figure out how to use tiledgdd for the life of me either. Does anyone know how i can get her texture out of the files using tiledgdd or any sort of texture viewer? Or a place i can possibly find the entire texture?

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  • 05/11/18--23:14: New Here
  • Hey, just joined and all. Just new, just a basic pointer. Lol

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    How exactly would I do it? I've been looking around for a way to do it but I haven't gotten any luck. I've also seen that sprites have indeed been ripped from that game so I know it's possible. Anywho, how would it be done?

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  • 05/12/18--11:22: Texture Errors
  • I'm ripping models from a .APK file.
    The app I'm trying to rip from is Galaga Wars.

    I got the model, but in two formats, .fbx and .dae

    But here's my issue, I'm trying to get the model to use images as textures. but it acts odd...
    Whenever I open he model with the mixed reality viewer, it looks like this:
    [Image: 4ni7W0.png]
    But ONLY when the .fbx file is in my desktop...
    I'd use Blender to open it, but it won't, so I made a .dae model to open it in Blender.

    Blender does open the model, but without the texture. So I got the texture file and applied it, but it looks like this:
    [Image: h3Uy3p.png]
    Am I doing something wrong? Is there anything else I need to explain? How do I make sure I'm using the right texture?

    How can I fix this?

    Wait... I fixed it... The texture image was reversed the whole time... Well that's embarrassing...
    [Image: cJ9vbA.png]
    But I fixed it!

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    So im trying to load my heartcatch precure save to get some sprite rips from the game on desmume but i can't get the save to import without it immediatly overwriting it with a new save that doesnt have my data on it, and if i try to overwrite that one im forced to completely reboot the game and let it overwrite because it gives me a data not found error, ive gotten this to work before but i can't remembr how. i really do not want to replay the entire game up to where my save is. which is past the end game. does anyone know what i should do to make it not overwrite the save i paste into the battery folder with the other saves? The mobile emulator i got the save from is Drastic. i dont know what version exactly. I also wasnt sure exactly where to post this since its not directly related to sprite issues, its mainly about trying to import the save and why it won't work but if it's still not the right place to put this, i can move it to the proper fourm section. 
    .png   download.png (Size: 42.5 KB / Downloads: 2) The Text  translates to along the lines of, "the save data cannot be found, please turn of the system and reinsert the ds cartridge."

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    So I've recently been trying to contribute to the Models Resource via submitting some models. So I've been trying to in particular rip the tingle model from majoras mask 3d.  So I extracted the romfs, and found the Tingle .cmb file. However, there were some issues when using the tool N3DSCmbViewer to dump the model into a .dae file. The body parts were messed up and not in the right places, like the watch that Tingle wears for example, was not placed correctly, as well as a part of his face, etc.

    If anyone knows how to fix this problem with the tool, or a alternate tool to N3DSCmbViewer, that would be greatly appreciated!



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  • 05/12/18--21:50: Waluigi's hat on Mario
  • Waluigi's hat on things is one of a million lackluster Waluigi related memes, your mileage may vary, and all that. But it got me thinking, we could do this on the original NES if we just change the pallet of the top two 8x8 Mario sprites. Why not change Mario's whole pallet? Because I don't want to be Mario-dressed-as-Waluigi, I want to be Mario-in-Waluigi's-hat, that's totally different!
    .png   mario2.png (Size: 3.88 KB / Downloads: 0) After:
    .png   mario2w.png (Size: 3.29 KB / Downloads: 0)

    Anyways, my question is: how taxing would this be to the system? I know many games used the Megaman cheat to get more than three colors on their characters, but it ended up using two of the four allotted sprite palletes just on the player. And while Megaman's screenshots looked awesome, I seem to remember his games flickering a lot more often than, say Mario or Zelda games. Though that could also be because he was three sprites wide instead of two.
    For reference:
    .png   megaman-cheat.png (Size: 2.07 KB / Downloads: 0)

    IDK, is there any real way to find out other than actually reprogramming a physical cartridge and playing it on a NES IRL? I was just curious.

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    I have noticed that this site has the sprites and textures from the gex series but not any models. (Other than the 3 n64 models).

    I am looking to change that. As the games are large (i.e lots of areas,enemies, etc). It would be nice if i could get a group together to rip them.


    • Gex in Toon Tv (Rabbit Costume)
    • Gex in Gilligex Isle
    • Gex in Sea Span (This is an n64 exclusive model, it is his wetsuit)
    • Gex in Anime Channel 
      Gex in Army Channel

      Gex in Tut TV

    • Gex in The Media Dimmension
      Gex in The Pre History Channel

      Gex in The Rocket Channel

      Gex in Kung-fu Theatre

      Gex in Gexzilla and Mecharez

      Gex in Mystery Tv (Both the Sherlock and Vampire Models.

    [*]Toon Tv

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    I would like to learn how to rip models but i have no prior knowledge on how to do so, if its simpler i would rather just get good software and learn how to use them thanks.

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  • 05/13/18--19:31: Hello, world! I am here!
  • I signed up to this sight a couple years ago but then proceeded to absolutely nothing. But I feel like coming back to this place and hopefully I will be active this time around. Anyway, hello everyone. I hope I can find a place for myself in this community.

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