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    Hi. I'm trying to find a program that can rip the background, tiles of  Naruto : Path of the Ninja 2. Like the desert, houses, everything.  I've tried using Desmume tools, like View Map, Tiles,OAM, and stuff but it didn't do anything. It's like the game window is Main map 1, everything is in the screen. The character, the buildings and so on.
    Shows nothing   Doesn't seperate a thing
    I tried OpenGL I read about. It doesn't change from Soft to OpenGL, I somehow managed to do it after a while, but then Desmume crashes.  It took pictures while playing, but only blank ones  .
    [/url]I was like, okay let's try something else. I used Tinke , and [url=]this popped up  . I searched, looked through the files, but none of them was any graphic file. png,jpg, anything.   I opened some file as Tile HERE  
     and as a Map HERE , but nothing worked.   Please help me    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, or what to do. I just want a program to rip all the textures, tiles, of the map.

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  • 06/06/18--18:19: VPL files???
  • So a friend of mine is ripping models from the new Dillon game [Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers] and when he got the files they all seemed to have come out as VPL files? But I searched all over and all I could find about VPL is that they are related to sound files? So I assume they aren't related to the game models as we are trying to find a few of the character models.

    Is he ripping them wrong or is there a way to convert the VPLs to get the models? He's looking into other ways of ripping them, if any of you know of a good way to get them please let me know! I'd be VERY greatful!

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  • 06/07/18--04:40: Hello... Again
  • Hiya. So I'm active again, pretty sure no one remembers me (which is a good thing really).
    I'm gonna be posting in the forums more actively. So here's a little recap of who I am.
    So I was gonna make a VG resource account when it told me that "SerialGamer" was a taken username.
    I found out that I made a account sone time in 2016! I forgotten about it until recently-ish.
    Worst yet, I checked it's old posts (btw, how can I delete old posts??). I even have a sprite on the Spriters resource from what looks like a really odd game. So uh. Let's pretend those never existed...
    Let me start all over:
    Hiya I'm SerialGamer some teen who's plays videogames a lot. (hence, my name)
    I'm really into retro games because when I was little, I had an NES that I loved to death.
    I really like to do pixel art/sprites and I may show off my work here, other times, I like to mess with 3D models, like rendering and stuff. I sometimes rip stuff from games that I personally enjoy.
    To get things started, I ripped some models which are currently pending.
    I hope I can be a better person than I was almost 2 years ago and make some buddies that can help with work here at the VG resource! Smile

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  • 05/31/18--22:08: Klonoa 2 Wip Model Rips
  • So with me having been able to pull a few characters from klonoa 2 and with help from a super wonderful user SuperMario123311, i was able to start working on remapping their uv's and stuff, so far ive only got lolo started, i cant seem to find my obj file of klonoa now xD and i need to start leorina but i can show off what ive got done for lolo so far, its far from perfect but its getting there! Edit: I sorta finishes Lolo, i still need to make a few touch ups to the dress and stuff but for the most part she's almost done [Image: unknown.png?width=384&height=474]

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  • 06/07/18--13:20: How do you open .ZRC files?
  • Hi! I'm currently trying to rip models and sprites from Kid Icarus: Uprising, since the model ripping community for that game has died..

    Most of the files are .ZRC files and I've been trying to search for a safe way to open them! Like the stages, player models, AR cards, etc etc.

    Help would be very much appreciated! Thank you in response!

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    How are the sprites stored in the ROMs? Is it like Gen I? The final versions of Gen II? Or is it its own thing? Does the compression method  of the Pokemon/Trainers sprites differ from Gen I or the final Gen II? Do we know yet?

    Note:  I'm not actually trying to rip any sprites, but this section seemed the most appropriate for this question.

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    I'm interested in pulling apart the Steam release of ImScared, but I have no idea where to begin. Game Maker Studio is a buggy mess. Any ideas?

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  • 06/07/18--15:47: How do you open .ZRC files?
  • Hi! I'm currently trying to rip models and sprites from Kid Icarus: Uprising, since the model ripping community for that game has died..

    Most of the files are .ZRC files and I've been trying to search for a safe way to open them! Like the stages, player models, AR card models, etc etc.

    Help would be very much appreciated! Thank you in response!

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  • 06/08/18--05:31: Feedback Thingy
  • So I started a thread where I'll show off art/sprites I'm working on. Some may be WIPs or just art.
    I'm doing this because I have too much sprites/pixel art lying around and I don't want 'em to go to waste.
    I also want to receive feedback and gain confidence. I can take constructive criticism by the way!

    Okay, so I'm making a sheet of a pokėmon I like, Lycanroc! I'm going for 2D platformer styled sprites all of it's forms. I'll be starting with my (obvious) favorite form, midnight.
    I've only made one sprite so far...
    here it is:
    [Image: IMG_4297.png]
    Tada! (sorry it's too small I couldn't resize more than 10x without runining it's quality!  It's real size is 48x48 px btw!)
    In my opinion, I think that the idle sprite is the most important sprite in a sheet
    so I gotta make sure it at least looks okay.
    Side note, it's a heavily edited sprite from Sun and Moon:
    [Image: IMG_4296.png]
    (Why did this one resize well!?)
    ... So any thoughts?

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  • 06/08/18--09:30: On-Site Section Headings
  • Hey guys,

    I'm trying to think of a better title for this, but this will do for now. Basically, I'd like to make a list of the major sections we have on the site within each game and their hierarchy. This will also tackle some of the exceptions and will make it easier for submitters to know what section they should list things under. Plus, it will help us organize a bit better.

    Not every game will have all of these sections. In fact, most won't.

    1. Playable Characters

    Let's start with an easy one. This is where the playable characters of the game go. Even if there is only one character, we can label it "Characters" just for uniformity. I was on a kick a few years back and put "Character(s)" for grammar purposes, but it looks dumb. 
    -Depending on genre, this section could also be called "Racers," "Fighters," or something else.
    -In some games (Fire Emblem, for example), hero and enemy units may look identical, but with a palette swap. In these rare cases, we can list all of the sheets under a single section called "Units."

    2. Non-Playable Characters

    This is more in the RPGs and maybe in some Platformers. We should spell out the phrase, because "NPCs" just looks bad on the big banner.

    3. Enemies & Bosses

    These can be included together, unless there are 1) Several of each (Think Castlevania. Those games have several enemies and several bosses), or enough overlap that combining them makes sense (Like Beat-em-Ups. Those game reuse bosses as normal enemies at points. Splitting Enemies from Bosses in this case can get messy.) If they're split up, Enemies should always be listed before Bosses.

    This is where things get messy.

    4. Backgrounds

    This is where the physical space the Playable Characters interact with goes. It can sometimes be called "Stages" (for Fighting Games), "Tracks" (for Racing Games), etc. In some RPGs, there may be separate backgrounds for in- and out-of battle. If there are enough of both, we can list the sections something like "Battle Backgrounds" to differentiate from "Map Backgrounds." This can also be split into "Backgrounds" and "Foregrounds" if necessary.

    5. Tile Sets

    Tile Sets are just background tiles, but not as intuitive to use. Naturally they'd be right next to the regular Backgrounds section.

    6. Special Effects

    Some games use all kinds of complicated Special Effects. These are mostly RPGs. Earthbound is a good example of a game with a big special effects section.

    7. Cutscenes

    Some games, like Metroid Fusion or Phantasy Star can have several cinematic cutscenes. This is a rare section for pixelated games, but some do exist!

    8. (Sub Games)

    The name of this section will vary depending on the game. For Sonic 3, it is called "2-Player Competition." In Mario and Luigi (3DS), it is called "Minion Mode." This keeps the main game from becoming cluttered with unnecessary sheets.

    9. Miscellaneous

    Everything else. This, in most cases, will be the last section on any given page. This is where "Introduction" and "Items" and "HUD," etc. go. This is also where a single  "Special Effects" would go if there aren't enough sheets for a whole section. The general idea is that if the Miscellaneous section is too big, there are probably ways to make the page look cleaner.

    10. Unused Content

    Things that didn't make it into the final game. They're not a part of the accessible game, so they get their own section.

    For some good examples, look at Chrono Trigger or Super Mario RPG. 

    (This post will be updated)

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    I  would like to know why some retro video game graphics were redrawn, while others were converted. I mean not only, in the case of from platform to platform, but in the case of the same platform. For example, Super Street Fighter II on the Commodore Amiga  redrew the graphics to be smaller, and Super Street Fight II Turbo on the Amiga used arcade perfect graphics.

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    So I've seen a few topics of this around various places and they never seem to  last long. I want to find a proper way to extract 't-pose' models of Navis with their textures. Bones and rigging is optional. I'd appreciate any help in this. Here's an archive of the Navi files from the game fsys.

    Dropbox Link

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    I have converted one of Tornado Outbreak's models into a .dat file. Is it possible to import .dat files into Maya? or convert the .dat file into a .obj or fbx?

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    I'm trying to extract sounds from Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization (PC) with CriPakGUI but it crashes every time.
    Is there any help?

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