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  • 06/10/18--16:53: Sword Knight | Kirby
  • [Image: gCinxha.png]

    Model | Me
    Character | Nintendo \ HAL

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  • 06/11/18--00:29: 3DE format
  • I've managed to extract raw files from several Shockwave Director games, and they contain 3D models in the form of 3DE files. None of the programs I have at my disposal can read these. I've seen several programs that claim they can handle these, but it's very possible that there are several formats with the same file extension.

    Here is one such file I found. I would greatly appreciate anyone's help.

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    i'm searching mobile legends models but i dont know if someone has ripped models from that game, i'm looking for the old fanny "campus youth" skin so if nobody has ripped it already i guess it cant be ripped now since they changed the model so it may be lost forever.

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  • 06/11/18--06:23: SEGA logo from Crazy Taxi
  • First rip, and a simple one at that. I would post something more juicy, but I can't start the actual gameplay without crashing. Regardless, I snagged this.
    [Image: F2Omrzo.png]

    2,668 Tris. Removing doubles breaks the normals, so it needs to stay like this.

    You can download it here if the attachment fails.

    .zip   SEGAlogo.zip (Size: 33.85 KB / Downloads: 0)

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  • 06/05/18--20:31: Mod ideas for games
  • Just wanting to talk about random ideas of mods
    that can be made for games

    Example Friday the 13th the game for the PC
    A mod I would like to see for this game would be
    replace all the characters with Naughty Bear characters.

    Yeah remember that game?
    actually the game kinda did half of that concept
    before Friday the 13th game or Dead by Daylight.
    so it would be funny to see that bear again in those games.

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  • 06/12/18--08:21: Mario Party 4 Model Rip
  • I had used Ninja Ripper and Dolphin Emulator's cheats together while playing Mario Party 4, and I managed to get the giant Mushroom Genie of the Lamp's model, and I thought I'd show it to you.

    However, when I ripped the meshes, it give me the Genie's Model as it were ingame, not a T-Pose, and I may have submitted it in the queue.

    .zip   GameCube - Mario Party 4 - Mushroom Genie.zip (Size: 177.44 KB / Downloads: 1)

    .png   Mushroom Genie (Large).png (Size: 117.28 KB / Downloads: 4)

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    So in light of E3 and recent updates I figure that it would be a good idea to make a general thread for this discussion.

    While it's pretty much Sm4sh for 3DS and Wii U it seems like that Sakurai is actually building on the engine and pretty much going all out.

    -Pretty much everyone is in from all previous games, including third parties such as Snake and anyone from the last game (Horray!)
    -Ridley confirmed
    -Daisy confirmed as Peach clone
    -Inklings confirmed
    -Fourside is returning amongst some other stages, like green greens and Shadow Moses
    -Miis returning
    -VERY LIKELY, but unconfirmed that secret characters will be a thing of the past in light of the character announcements.

    On a side note I could also mention some cosmetic changes that I picked up on during the trailers like how Bass and Protoman appear in Megaman's Final Smash and how Pacman's final smash has been revamped entirely, but I'm not entirely sure if that's major enouhg to warrant being on the list of what we know so far? Either way I'll likely be updating the thread as more things are confirmed far as general mechanics, characters, and stages are concerned

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    I'm in the process of ripping iOS's activity achievement badge models (these things), but for some of the special badges, I need help from someone who has:

    • a jailbroken iOS 11 iPhone (it has to be an iPhone)
    • SSH access to run commands and transfer files off the device
    • unlocked a few, if not all special Activity challenges (like the ones for Mother's Day, Earth Day 2018, Veterans Day and so on, there's also a non-exhaustive list at the end of this post)

    Please run this command on your iPhone via SSH:
    find / -type f -iname "*.bdg.zip"

    You'll probably get a huge list of file paths that look somewhat like this:

    Please go up two levels from every .bdg.zip file and zip that directory (so here you'd end up with 2017_03.zip), then upload all resulting ZIP files.
    I'd extract the files from iOS update files (IPSWs), but those only contain the standard set of badges. The special badges seem to be downloaded on the fly, but I can't figure out from where exactly, so getting them from someone who has already unlocked them seems to be the easiest solution.

    Here's that non-exhaustive list of special badges:
    [Image: how_to_get_every_apple_watch_activity_ba...th_675.jpg][Image: mothers-day-activity-challenge-800x804.jpg][Image: A7h1H.png]

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    The Yoshi model from Smash Wii U doesn't have animations, and I'm wondering if this is because it can't be done, or if they just didn't bother.

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  • 06/13/18--13:50: Starfy Sounds
  • How do i rip the sounds from The Legendary Starfy?
    Not just his voice effects, but every sound?

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    So does this Antiform Sora have all it's character animations? I was only able to find one animation when I open it in 3ds max. 


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    Hi, I wanted to go back with my pixel art, and I'm thinking of posting this pixel art in (The Spriters Resource Custom / Edited) is a version of mega man 9 in the style of (Game Boy) and (Game Boy Color) but... I'm a little afraid, what do you think... is it worth posting this? Question

    [Image: mega_man_9__gb_gbc_version__by_douglasar...ceeotf.png]

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    Hi! I been really appreciating all the love and fixing about the Pokemon X Y, I notice massive missing models from Pokemon Sun Moon in similar of Pokemon X Y. So I decide to come up a cool project: Tribute Edition.

    How it works?

    -The model needs to be ripped completely from Pokemon Sun and Moon.

    -The animation should also come with inside the .dae file.

    -There should be an addition modification of the ripped model that references the official Pokemon franchise. [I.E. A Squirtle Squad glasses in Squirtle.]

    -There should be both Tribute version and Vanilla version [Vallina is the model that's ripped, and no additions and modelling like Pokemon X Y, but both must have at least overworld and fighting animations. [Inclusion of Amie and Extra animations is highly encouraged]

    -The notepads "hint or tips in tribute edition" AND "notice" need to stay in the folder. The hint or tip needs to have basic guide on using animation. Notice needs to have information about additions and extra models about the object.

    -All custom texture needs "[CUSTOM]" at the beginning of the filename.

    -For cool pose for big icon, the progress also needs to be include with .ZIP file.

    -Finally, it needs to be submitted as "Pokémon (#th Gen. Tribute Edition)"

    Here's my first contribution on my attempt to rip Wartortle from Pokemon Sun and Moon! They look incredibly similar to X and Y, so I came up with this fun idea!


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    Soo Chapter Six of Higurashi Hou just came out on steam yesterday and i got it this morning and was wonering if there is a required time i have to wait after a game comes out for me to start submitting stuff to it? Because ive already started digging through the files. Also what happens if an character already has existing sprites on the site but the newest chapter contains sprites for the character the other chapters didn't have? would i still upload them as a seperated file or try to update the existing ones? Big Grin Also i noticed that the ones i submitted from the previous chapters (mainly chapter 1's) are still pending, they've been since may 18th but i know the mods are busy and don't always have time to look at every submission right away. so i won't whine about it too much.

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  • 06/15/18--17:37: Spider-Man games
  • I've been recently digging through Treyarch's Spider-Man games beyond Spider-Man 1, so far I've figured out the formats of Spider-Man 2 and Ultimate Spider-Man. I might take a look at Spider-Man 3 later although I've never played that game. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is a mess as it uses an old version of Wwise Sound System so all we have is sound file IDs with no manifest with the names.
    Meanwhile, here are the sounds and voice I've ripped:

    Spider-Man 2:

    Sound effects:


    Ultimate Spider-Man

    Sound effects:


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  • 06/16/18--11:25: Corpse Party Blood Drive
  • So i was able to rip from corpe party blood drive but i used the mobile version of the game, but the android,ios and vita all use the exact same assets except for shaders and the game hud/gui iirc, would i just upload them under the ps vita and just upload any sprites that were from the mobile port to the mobile section? or will they all have to be under mobile?

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  • 06/16/18--15:47: skylanders model ripping
  • so greetings!
    I'd love to get some help regarding the process of how could one rip models from a skylanders game.
    I have all of the games both as ps3 and 3ds versions, as well as the switch version of imaginators

    there are also couple mobile games, most notably the new skylanders ring of heroes and skylanders creator which are always options, albeit console models, being higher poly, would be prefered.

    the only previous knowledge I have is from ripping the models of the overworld from pokemon omega ruby, and an attempt at ripping models from skylanders creator running through an emulator with ninjaripper, which failed by the result being a glitchy mess.

    any help would be greatly apprecited!

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    Hello everyone,

    I am working on trying to secure everything for King's Knight in order to dump it, as soon the game is going to go defunct. From what I understand, the game is running on a variant of Unity 5, although I am mainly focusing on getting the required files for dumping in the future, such as the cache.

    It is important to archive the game due to the fact the game contained a very short lifespan, although has a lot of content invested into it before its planned cancellation, which is in a few days. 

    If anyone can help me dump the files, it would be very appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    - Ken

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